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  2. That said. We had a spell last year like this too. Just not out of the gates. I'm still confident that we will be fine, once the puck starts going into the net again.
  3. It was a good game. Could have gone either way. I think we dominated the last 1\2
  4. story of the season.
  5. and another loss for my last game day thread. If somebody else doesn't make one from here on in we won't be having one.
  6. Making other team's goaltending look good. You have to score to win.
  7. just so everybody knows I am don'e making GDT's. they lose every time I make one.
  8. Telly you should be studying my friend - wasting time with the Oilers right now I'm afraid
  9. Awful change by McDavid.
  10. 2 bloody minutes left and they don't realize to play a strong defensive game
  11. Game over
  12. Oilers are not the team they were last year. I guess we do miss Sek and LD more than we thought.
  13. Grrrrrrrrr........ Somebody lost their check .....
  14. I guess you guys have lower expectations then. See, I clearly remember Nuge when he was drafted, why he was drafted, and how he played the first few years after he was drafted (save that terrible 4 goal season he had that was injury riddled). He wasn't drafted first overall for playing like this. Oh,he's been much better this year than last overall, but he's still not making plays. He used to be creative, what has he 'created' lately. Go ahead and find it on You Tube for me - I"ll be here. Prove me wrong
  15. He is one of the few guys that actually controls the puck in the neutral zone. When a forward carries the puck out of our zone watch who it is
  16. More than most. Philly is playing a very tough D game.
  17. turn to sports net. Oilers are playing Philly.
  18. I agree with Yuke.
  19. What has he done today?
  20. We are not watching the same game
  21. when you're wrong, your're wrong. Go RNH
  22. lol how we supposed to argue when you end it so politely... you are too nice!
  23. o.k
  24. I'm hard on players when they play poorly too. But when they play well they don't deserve to be dumped on IMO. I've been very hard on Nugetn hopkins in the past but this year he is playing well and deserves to be commended for it.
  25. Terrible PP though - McDavid looking for the back door play and no one there or even close
  26. Wow ... the referees are calling some interference for once. Who saw that coming?
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