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  2. Ryan Strome etc.

    The thing, in my mind is, despite the lack of depth at D, our primary problem is up front. We have some D that we need to keep. Larsson is one of them despite a bit of an off year. Sek, Larsson, Nurse and probably Klef, though I'll give you your points there. Previously someone said, and I agree, that teams need to grow their own D. Nurse is an example. Maybe that big swede who wants to come here will become an NHL player. Regardless, I think that we could have had Doughty, Jones, OEL, Weber, Burns, Subban and whoever else and we still would have sucked and let in all those goals this year. I had to stop watching because the whole team was playing pathetic defense. A goalie can't be left without someone to pick up rebounds but Defense can't cover 4 or 5 guys by themselves, and that is what I saw happening last year. Our forwards did not know whether they were coming or going in our end last year. No structure, no discipline, major, major holes allowing opposition a free ride way too many times. Sadly, that to me says a coaching problem as well as some freaking wingers who know which net to shoot the puck at. Maybe I'm wrong, but I hate all this "we need a PP d man" "We need a shot from the point." Nurse can shoot from the point. Frack, Burns gets a million points/yr half of which are weak wrist shots from the point. Bloody Detroit has a 5'8'' 180 lb. guy, five games in playing on their PP and looking just fine. He came from Victoria Royals only two years ago (Joe Hicketts). Maybe we have bigger problems, maybe scouting etc. Point being, yes pay attention to the D. Klef was playing injured all year. If he's healthy I think we have at least 4 NHLers. Work on the next two but don't give up too much for it because without fixing the forward problem, it will make 0 difference in my mind. Up front is where we prioritize, I think. That's our real mess.
  3. Future of the Flames

    I will be seeing him play this week as they will be playing the hurricanes starting tomorrow night. Gonna be going to the Tuesday and wednesday games in Leth this week.
  4. It looks like the cap site you posted uses 75 million as top cap and to be fair you should have given the 78-84 million $ estimate.
  5. Ryan Strome etc.

    Yeah. Freaking out and repeating yourself is your thing, so it makes for an odd couple. But i like it.
  6. Ryan Strome etc.

    You do that. It's your thing.
  7. Ryan Strome etc.

    I know. I'm just pushing the button.
  8. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Budgeting begins with the most conservative of estimates. You run into problems when you use the most optimistic numbers while they are just conjecture. The Oilers could really, really, use that extra 4 million though. ..... just for some breathing room.
  9. Ryan Strome etc.

    Because trading the ONLY supporting cast players that aren't crap, only makes the team worse. Especially with how Peter Chiarelli and the Red Wine Summit make trades. If the right GM was in control, I'd say "Sure. Have at 'er. Send Klef, Lars, and Nurse packing to get 2 CONSISTENTLY good defenders who were capable of playing top 2 minutes, and putting up a few points every once in a while." IF the right GM was in control, and not the guy who has only won one trade since being signed to the Oilers, and then sent that player away for a worse draft pick than he used to acquire him. I've got no problem with trading anybody, if it makes the team better. I just don't have any confidence some players being traded would make the team better (McDavid and Nurse are about at the top of that list).
  10. Ryan Strome etc.

    Are you hesitant to trade players from a crap team? Why is that?
  11. 78 million is the low #. Some are saying between 80 and 82. I guess we wait for an announcement
  12. Ryan Strome etc.

    Strome has arbitration rights this summer, but the Oilers do not have to offer a raise on his salary, as he makes over $1M/year. That said, a non raise proposal probably wouldn't make it past an arbitrator. I'm guessing that he'll get signed for $3M or less, but am not sure of how long of a term that Edmonton will offer. He'll be a UFA after just 2 more seasons. Nurse has another year before he is eligible for arbitration; this is the contract that I think the Oilers should play hardball on. I'm thinking $8M over 3 years, that would leave one remaining year before Nurse reaches UFA status.
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  14. Future of the Flames

    The Swift Current Broncos, and their captain Glenn Gawdin, shut out the Moose Jaw Warriors 6 - 0 in Game 7 of the WHL Eastern Division Semi-Finals. The Calgary Flame's free agent signing scored 2 G and added 2 A, and was a +4 for the game. Gawdin finished out his WHL regular season with 67 GP, 56 G (1st in league), 69 A = 125 P (2nd in league). The just turned (March 25) 21 year old, 6'1", 192lb, RH/C also racked up 101 PIM and was a +61 on the season. So far, Gawdin has added 20 points in 14 WHL play-off games, including 3 GWGs. It is an almost certainty that he will be playing for the Stockton Heat next season. I hope to see him playing on RW for the Flames in about 2 years from now.
  15. Ryan Strome etc.

    As RFA's neither has any power beyond holding out. Bridging both (possibly only 1 year deals) becomes the ONLY play available, that doesn't see a trade.
  16. Managing the Cap - 2018/2019 edition

    For Me, the two biggest problems facing the Oilers and the Cap: NOT McDavid and Draisaitl's contracts. BUT 1. No Movement Clauses on 16 million in salary to Russel, Sekera, and Lucic ... making all 3 virtually impossible to move to gain cap space, with very questionable/iffy return on all three. No evidence any of them will be better than they were this year. Only hope. 2. Cam Talbot. After how horrible he was this year (16 first shot goals against) Gotta get a backup that could become a starter if Cam sucks again .... but can't afford to with the other noted holes. Fingers Crossed time that someone can return to even average form.
  17. Ryan Strome etc.

    Yeah, my guess/hope is a bridge deal for Nurse as well. He had a good season but there is more to prove before cashing in on a long-term deal. In theory the upcoming season is probably the tightest one for the cap since the the cap goes up and it is first year the Oilers take a 21 million hit for McDavid and Drai.
  18. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Oilers are staying the course. "The Plan" must be adhered to. "The Plan" is good.
  19. Comparing the Bruins to the Oilers

    I'm not a betting man, but I would guess that this transaction, and its subsequent ending point (losing GR for nothing to the expansion), is likely the most humiliating moment in Oiler Management history. Getting worse every year that those two picks pile up accolades for another team. "Saving Face" only made the whole thing worse, with words that should never be spoken aloud to media, for fans and foes to hear. Forget Firing. Tar and Feathering would be more appropriate.
  20. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Calgary is going after Bill Peters imo
  21. Managing the Cap - 2018/2019 edition

    At this point, if either one waives, the 10 teams selected have ALL the power. No trade will be made without a very low return, with maximum salary retention. Both have lengthy term left .... on high dollar values. Sekera coming off a substandard return from injury, at an age (31) that he may never recover. Lucic coming off a substandard season, when age (29) has already been noticed to be regressing his career. 10 teams selected will likely be playoff contenders who will not be desperate to add risks or lofty contracts. End result would be a minimum salary dump, while lowering total Cap, with little to no return in assets.
  22. Ryan Strome etc.

    I think the Oilers will play hard ball with both Strome and Nurse. Offer Strome the minimum 10% raise on his current contract, and fight for it through arbitration. These decisions will be made out of necessity .... They are hard up against the Cap, and the Lucic, Sekera, Russell NMC millions handicap them tremendously in options to create space.
  23. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    yes. they did. After they gave those picks to other teams, Just after the draft where the Oilers lost one of the picks but the other one hadn't been made yet (but still remained owed - now also gone). Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
  24. Ryan Strome etc.

    I should have added Nurse & Nuge to the short list of players that actually performed this year. My oversight. Totally agree on Seks. Regardless of whether he overachieved last year (I think he did), based on the injury, age & lineup reentry timing his dropoff should have been anticipated better (although I dont think anyone expected him to struggle as much.) Also, he should have rehabbed in Bkfd first. Your analysis makes sense with players like Letestu and Looch who have a decent sample size of years to look at...but young players with very little track history like Benning, JP, Nurse, JJ it falls apart. And if we are looking at Looch specifically, last year was not a career year and he did fall off drastically this year. With this year's team, I firmly believe the point totals are misleading (I believe you are using points as your measuring stick.) Almost EVERYONE's rating is down., which means this team was scoring at a clip close to last year but letting in many more goals. Not a recipe for winning hockey as we saw and . And in the case of Benning, he scored more points this year AND his rating was actually a miraculous +5 (only 3 worse than last year) but ask anyone subjectively and they would say he had a far worse year this year. All I am saying is there's more then simply year end point totals in determining players performance and contribution towards winning hockey.
  25. I believe they changed that rule right after we game up a 2nd and 3rd.
  26. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Both the Flames and Rangers have already fired their coaches due to disappointing seasons. But no team in he NHL under-achieved as much as the Edmonton Oilers. If the Las Vegas Knights' success wasn't such a great story, the 2017-2018 NHL story-of-the-year would be the Oilers utter failure. Chia is playing it coy, but I cannot imagine he can slough this off and leave it pat. Best to take Vigneault off the market and let Calgary give us a draft pick to sign McLellan.
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