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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  2. I can't stand watching Rangers play. For some reason their games seem slow, boring and not flowing smoothly. It seems to me they are always comfortable with a 2:1 lead. I know defence wins the Cup but they'll be run over by a skilled high-scoring offence (Pens, Caps). That said - go Sens! Senators are definitely an underdog going in.
  3. This will be a different series. Grittier and harder overall. Ducks have a great mix of size and skill like us. They are missing some key D which could effect them early. Anaheim is a strong home team we will need to start strong on the road.
  4. Rangers in 6
  5. Preds in 5
  6. Pens in 6
  7. Nice!
  8. No true shut-down D pair on the ducks, so I'd expect a higher scoring series than the last one. Kesler is going to be a pain though.
  9. Welcome to pro sports in 2017. And, as a matter of fact, amateur sports in 2017. Even my brother's crappy atom AA team has 15 team sponsors, individual jersey sponsors, and a title sponsor for each period of play. This is never going away. Its only going to get worse.
  10. The biggest hurdle is Gibson/Bernier. They have been playing extremely well. Jones played great as well and eventually we got to him enough. And deservedly so. Need to be as good if not better against the Ducks tenders. Not sure if Fowler will be back in time, anyone have details?
  11. No, is the answer. He's a RW I pity the Foo who doesn't pick his childhood team
  12. This is gonna be a fun one. Best 2 teams in hockey right now, its a shame they have to meet in R2. Would make a great final. Too bad the league doesnt use a 1-16 system. Washington in 7
  13. Hope he signs!
  14. Huge series here. Of the usual "big fish" in the west, only anahiem remains. If we pull this out, there is a guaranteed unexpected western champ. I really hope we can come out and take game 1. Very different animal starting on the road.
  15. Today
  16. Does he play center ? Is always the question .
  17. Need Maroon, Kassian and Lucic to do what they do the first 2 games and get out with a split. A longer series favors the younger team. I'm hoping for a game one win - 2:0 for the good guys.
  18. I concur sir. 4-2 Road Warriors. Can't wait! GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt, C2G..
  19. Game on boys! Start hard and fast from the drop of the puck!
  20. What an amazing time. We got so use to being out of the playoffs in November that this is truly a treat. Imagine, not only did we make the playoffs, we have also made it to the second round. This is all gravy but who knows? After a hard series with SJ we should be in tough against the Ducks but who knows? Could we make the third round? I think we are capable but to be honest, I'm just so excited that we made it this far.
  21. Oil steal home ice advantage and ride it out. Oil in 6. Game 1 goes 3-1 Oilers.
  22. Nashville in 7
  23. Rangers in 7
  24. WESTERN CONFERENCE Date TIME (MT) #1 Anaheim vs. #2 Edmonton GM #1: Wednesday, April 26 8:30 p.m. Edmonton at Anaheim NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports GM #2: Friday, April 28 8:30 p.m. Edmonton at Anaheim NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports GM #3: Sunday, April 30 5 p.m. Anaheim at Edmonton NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports GM #4: Wednesday, May 3 8 p.m. Anaheim at Edmonton NBCSN, Sportsnet, TVA Sports GM #5: *Friday, May 5 TBD Edmonton at Anaheim TBD GM # 6: *Sunday, May 7 TBD Anaheim at Edmonton TBD GM #7: *Wednesday, May 10 TBD Edmonton at Anaheim TBD Might as well get the discussions happening!?......All I know is we're going duck hunting!
  25. The Flames aren't built to succeed in this division yet. When the games get rough and tumble the advantage goes to the bigger team. We don't have that same problem this year. Plenty of Oiler bodies that are willing to crash and bang with the ducks. The game isn't easy to play when you're getting nailed to the wall every 30 seconds. Decisions get rushed and less concise. The Flames just don't have that kind of impact on teams; the Oilers do.
  26. What's your problem iGibb? Are you mad or something at the Oilers? So, in your esteemed opinion, which I should take over hockey insiders btw - this isn't ME talking - that the Shark series was called fair and square - and the player who was #1 in the league in drawing penalties wasn't fouled once and therefore no calls were to be forthcoming. Patthetic? I've seen calls made in the last second sir, obviously you haven't. Guess you're not as 'experienced' as you let on. FYI - a penalty is a penalty - with 1 second left, or 1 second in. And you never did comment on Draisaitl - you sure pick your spots don't you? But don't worry about it, you got your (outside of San Jose you're very much in the minority) opinion, and I have mine with an overwhelming non partisan viewpoint that the officials were not calling it fair. I take it you're an Oiler fan through and through, from day 1? If so, I do have a LOT more experience than you. Check my handle again. I grew up in WPG and seen lots of unfairly called playoff series from the other side. Maybe that's the difference? But anyway, no debate here - you have your views - I have mine. Neither will change - but again ask yourself how it's possible McDavid couldn't draw ONE penalty. You won't answer because you got none - that's ok
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