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  2. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    thanks for posting. Always interesting to read about the rumors this time of year. For the most part these sound like 2nd rate speculators throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks.
  3. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    So this guy is saying Lucic bought a new house in LA therefore we should expect him to be traded to one of the three California teams? That's not the way it works, you don't buy a home in the place you want to play before you get traded lol Before he signed here, he said he loved LA and he goes there in the summer. This is much ado about nothing IMO. The only way we can trade him is in a scenario where it's one bad contract for another and we end up in the same situation as before, but hope and pray the bad contract coming in will have a rejuvenated start in Edmonton. If anything, I'd just stick with Lucic. He had one bad year, let him atone for it. Everybody goes through this at some point
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  5. Lucic signs with Edmonton
  6. Trade proposals?

    There will be contracts ending along with 2 mores years of cap growth and who knows what deals will be done between now and 2 years. what will or will not happen is purely speculation and anyone who tells you different is full of it. We bridge Nurse and see what the landscape looks like in 2 years. Maybe our draft picks all over achieve and we have lots of young talent to draw from to fill holes. a lot can change in 2 years. I just don't want to see Chiarelli do nothing again.
  7. Trade proposals?

    Definitely - I had posted earlier that IMO it's no coincidence that McDavid hasn't missed a game since Lucic signed here. And yep, I meant the 2 Mil more. Late 30's - I'm talking about Weber in a few years, not now. If you trade for him you may be stuck with him for the full length of the deal, which takes him to 40 years old. I don't think I'm exaggerating or twisting anything either. If we have Weber, then we have three players making 30 million a year. We still need another 20 players on this roster, and with a cap of 80 million (if it goes that high next season) that gives you 50,000,000 / 20 = 2.5 million per year average for the other 20. But as you are aware you can't do that. There are injuries and callups that occur. I don't know what the cushion is but I'm sure it's around 4 million or so to plan for those kinds of things. That's average, so if you factor in salaries that Klefbom, Sekera, RNH, and Russel make, not to mention 5 to 7 mil for our starting goalie after Talbots deal is over next year that 'average' will drop well below 2 million. No way the cap will go up high enough for us to afford Nurse in two years, not unless we dump another big contract without taking money back. I'm not a 'cap' expert - but I can't see how this works. If you can show me the math - where we can re-sign Nurse for his value in two years if he becomes a stud dman (lets say he's a 6 million dollar player in two years) and keep the big three with a realistic cap (86 million) I'd love to see it. right now I see about 8 NHL players and the rest - Rob Klinghammers making 700k a year just to make it all work.
  8. Trade proposals?

    Right now Weber is 32, not in his late 30's. He's got a lot of good years left. at this time he is worth his salary. Oh and it wasn't 1.9 in savings, it was only 1.9 extra we have to come up with. The cap is going up probably at least that and we can always move 1 player to free up some cap space, if needed. There is absolutely no worries about losing Nurse that way, not at all the way you twist it to appear. The problem with my scenario is only that Montreal wouldn't do it and Weber wouldn't agree to it, probably. I don't think it would hurt to ask though. Lucic did not mess with McDavid but he certainly added a physical element that we needed and did do some scoring his 1st year. I thought he helped the team.
  9. Trade proposals?

    It pretty funny - a few years ago (year we drafted McDavid but before finished that low to get him) someone floated getting Lucic - I said no way - his best days were behind him and he would be a waste here. My attitude changed when we drafted McDavid and traded Hall - but for whatever reason Lucic hasn't been able to mesh with McDavid which is too bad. I bet when he retires, if asked his biggest regret, that will be his answer. I get what you're saying - but paying a guy 8 million a year when he's in his late 30's is crazy, I don't care about the name on his Jersey. Above Johnny T mentions, Chara, but again Chara's best days are behind him, I don't want to pay a guy for something he did for another team. He's still an NHL dman, but he's no where near worth his salary anymore. Oilers have a lot of money tied up in younger players. You mention the 1.9 mil in savings but you are forgetting we still need to sign Darnell Nurse. Sure, Nurse will most likely get a 2 year 'bridge deal'. But if Nurse keeps improving guess what happens? You now have traded Lucic, Yamamoto, and Darnell Nurse for Weber, as we'd never be able to afford Nurse's contract demands coming out of his bridge. I'm not saying that Weber wouldn't help us next year, or even the year after. But his contract will compromise this team after that and be an albatross just like Lucic's contract is. What we need TBH is a 22 year old Shea Weber, not a 32 year old. We aren't winning the Cup next year (and depending on what PC does this off season maybe not even make the playoffs) so that's where I'm coming from. If were one or two players away from being a cup winner, and one of those players was Weber, then I'd be all for it. It's a good suggestion though - I just can't see Mr. Weber waiving his NMC to come here unless PC really works some magic to make us a contender for the Cup in the next couple of years. We are, right now, by far, the worst team in the league, Worse than Ottawa, only the brilliance of Connor McDavid prevented us from finishing dead last this past season
  10. Trade proposals?

    5th round pick for Duclair?
  11. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    If Chris Wideman hits UFA, i think that would be a lovely signing to help the powerplay, Maybe find a trade partner for Kassian and sign Grabner, adding speed and helping the pk.
  12. Trade proposals?

    With Lucic going that would only put the Oilers down 1.9 from where they are now, move another contract and presto and that's not taking into consideration the cap going up. I know this is just "what if's" but the best part is if it were to happen I have a good friend at work who is a Habs fan and absolutely hates Lucic. Oh the fun I could have teasing him that he loves Lucic now. I'd add "and he can thank the Oilers for that little gift".
  13. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Fans are Fans no matter where you go. When you travel and experience a whole variety of sporting situations over a variety of sports and venues, you see that Edmonton fans are just like the fans of everything, everywhere. Certainly no better or worse than the hockey fans in ANY Canadian City, and a good many hockey mad markets in the States. When players are asked about where they prefer not to go, regardless if the question is asked with the word "City" attached, their answer is certain to take into account Club and Organization, Chance of winning, TAXES, and then ..... yes .... Geography, and where their wives and girlfriends might want to be. Fans are so far down the list they would barely register. The one truly exceptional thing that I see from Edmonton fans that I don't see elsewhere, is the insistence of some fans to deride and blame other fans for the team's lack of success.
  14. Trade proposals?

    Yeah sure . But they still have cap concerns and need to tread cautiously .
  15. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    this is so true. Many Oiler fans should be fixing themselves before complaining about what needs to be fixed with the team. This isn't to say all Oilers fans are bad because it simply isn't true. Most are great loyal fans, but the bad ones are.... really bad.
  16. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    which NHL cities are the most unpopular among NHL players That means the city...but you can always make it about management....And, I never said bad fans. I've said they're entitled because they sit silently, staring at home games, and then publicly embarrass their best players, and then run them out of town, and then call them quitters for wanting to leave, and then become I-told-you-so's when they have success on another team
  17. Trade proposals?

    Shea Weber shoots right, has a lethal shot, runs the PP, is a great defender and is only 32. He has some good years left in him and he was out most of the season last year only. The 3 previous years he only missed 4 games each year. 7.9 for a top defender is not that bad if you compare him to Subban or in a couple of years that won't look that bad at all. If at 39 or 40 he can't keep up anymore, then we put him on injured reserve. It's a problem we won't have to face till 2024 or 2025. Until then we would have a top defender and a great mentor for Nurse and Larsson any other young defender coming up and paying attention. Montreal won't move him if they are smart, but it's fun to wonder "what if".
  18. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Two of these three are also commentator renowned for having the worst two management structures and groups in the league. Players, being people, don't like to work for dysfunctional organizations and bad managers, just like everybody else. Go figure. The poll doesn't say why those destinations are unpopular ..... just that the players don't prefer them. Making the stretch to "Bad Fans" is just that .... a stretch.
  19. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    I'm not saying I think Edmonton rates highly in such a poll, I'm saying city isn't a huge factor as free agency has decreased in importance. Maybe it helps in certain trade situation but overall it isn't a huge factor. What you need to do is draft and develop well. Edmonton has sucked not because of the city itself but because their drafting and developing has been the worst in the league the last 10+ years (and actually they have signed all of the young talented players they have had long term). Winnipeg has drafted and developed well and they were just in the final 4 and are poised to be a league power for years to come btw.
  20. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    APRIL 6, 2017 AT 8:35 PM CDT | BY MIKE FURLANO 8 COMMENTS ESPN conducted its annual poll (insider link) of which NHL cities are the most unpopular among NHL players. This year the Winnipeg Jets took the top slot, with the Edmonton Oilers placing second and the New York Islanders finishing third.
  21. Trade proposals?

    Cap is high yes, for a long time, yes That injury nonsense is just that. I see people writing off Karlsson also Weber 2 years ago was a revelation on what was a comedy show of an NHL team. He was dominating regularly till the TEAM hit a brick wall, and lost Price, their ONLY other top tier player. Everyone else caved but him. They got lit up 10-1 one game and the guy was still even( I says pardon) It frustrates(and I love ya OJF) when I see this type of nonsense, writing off elite players cuz of age, injury without context I recall when people said Chara was a write off 5 years ago, and that contract. He was buyout bound by many Weber is an elite player(small %tile) who got traded to an abysmal team, who got hurt. Tracking this guys career, it should be slanted more towards that he still has game vs writing him off imo If he wastes away on an abysmal Mtl team being the only plug on a leaky ship...then I can't fault him Put him on a good team or/contender, that contract will stand up till almost the end imo It's like slapping McDavid in Ottawa for the next 4 years, No doubt in my mind he will get slagged with overrated and not a leader tags also Weber was having one of his best seasons 2 years ago on an abysmal Mtl team. He was regaurded as one of the best players, and made Nashville relevant for years, without a single center to write home about
  22. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    I don't think the city is a huge deterrent. Detroit isn't exactly a ideal, picturesque city either and they had a great 20 year run, as another example. These days free agency isn't a big factor anymore, if you draft and develop well you can build a winner, it took a long time but Winnipeg is finally starting to show those results to.
  23. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Did not know this or at least do not recall. Thanks Edm is a small city and certainly not a first choice, until we start winning and continue to do so we will be way down the list.
  24. Trade proposals?

    You realize Shea Weber has a cap hit of 7.9 Million until 2026 right Tea? Not to mention his best years are behind him and he's not been very healthy these last couple of years. I wouldn't trade Yamamoto for him straight up, nvm Lucic as well. Not with that contract.
  25. Trade proposals?

    I thought I read somewhere a while back that the Habs had interest in Yamamoto. Lucic and Yamamoto for Weber and a 2nd round pick.
  26. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Oh yeah...Fleury too. After much criticism, that worked out ok
  27. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Win a couple of Cups and be on the cusp of another couple and things might change. Tell me how management in Pittsburgh did that? They drafted high and got Crosby and Malkin. We drafted high and didn't get as lucky....#itstheplayers
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