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  2. Yep , pretty obvoius. Writing is on the wall right JT?
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  4. Sure poor line mate....Point is is that Eberle is paid to be better than the other RW's on this team and he was , as you said identical to the other line mates McD had , which is even worse because those two line mates made a hell of a lot less than Eberle for the same production? That is your defense? And this isn't about Eberle's line mates. This is about Eberle not bringing enough to the table when he isn't scoring. Quite frankly the playoffs showed that he was a liability if he is not scoring. So much that TMac reduced his ice time in the playoffs big time.
  5. Well, I can't remember who said this, but it was very wise, and very true. If Eberle were on another team, and was available, would PC be looking to add him to our roster? Not a chance - Eberle is not a PC player. He's not tough, he's not strong on the puck, and he plays afraid. I'm almost 100% sure that PC will be working very hard to move Eberle in the off season. I believe though we'll have to wait for after the Expansion draft for sure. Maybe something happens at the entry draft but even then there's still lots of time before training camp on what to do with him. I don't believe he'll be given away - don't forget both Nail and Justin were pretty much at rock bottom and we got 3rd round picks for them - Eberle in a bad year still had 20 goals and 51 points. I'm still thinking we can get a 1st round pick in a weak draft for him. Not a top 10 mind you but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to get 1st rounder from someone who's looking for scoring. With only two years left on his deal, though overpaid, it's a contract a lot of teams could afford - especially when everyone is already losing a contract to Vegas.
  6. Ummm nope - Kris Russell is a UFA - they can negotiate with him two weeks early I believe (before we can) and sign him AND draft a player from our roster. UFA's are not part of any roster and don't need to be protected. At least, that's how I understand it. RFA's (Like Zack Kassian as an example or Griffin Reinhart) do, UFA's are just that - free.
  7. Playing with a poor linemate is the topic. How hard is that to understand? The stuff that's get said on here is plain false half the time. It's pretty obvious in many cases. Like saying he wasn't good in any aspect this year. Now who's taking cheap shots? You do know that there is more stats in hockey than just goals and assists? Kunitz made a career of having a center inflate his stats. We saw prime example #1 with Maroon this year. We saw how poor Letestu was in a 3rd line role last year But only in Ebs case is he the sole result of his own play and nothing affects him. I guess when people talk about Crosby making his wingers better that is just some myth Man it must be tuff being Ebs playing all by himself against 23 man rosters Then the myth gets tossed around that he can't play with McDavid, yet as proven his stats with him are almost identical to any other of McD's linemates Anyway, when articles get written on Ebs highly improved defensive play, I'll believe those. When he himself admits he took alot of pride in getting better defensively, I believe him. And when Chia talks about how much Ebs creates for his linemates...again, I will listen to the man who gets paid notice stuff like that I could care less if Ebs gets traded tomorrow. I just respect the team enough to not give him away for arguably one of the worst players in the NHL this year in Eakin. thhat would be terrible asset management
  8. I know it is typical of you to attack RNH when you run out of defenses for Eberle , you have done it for almost two years. If you are trying to do it to make me get angry it won't work. My stance on RNH is exactly the same as it was at the start of the year : We needed him last year at the time until we knew if Drai was for sure ready. Drai is , RNH can now go. As far as stealing money in compairisson to Eberle : The first time Eberle blocks a shot on a pk or drops the gloves to protect himself or a teammate , or be 3rd in ice time amongst forwards I will buy that , Eberle was our worst forward in the playoffs , that simple. IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS RNH AT LENGTH I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO SO IN THE RNH THREAD. This is the Eberle thread so let's keep this on topic. Eberle was not good enough in any aspect of the game this year , that simple. Again , Eberle thread , not an RNH thread , keep on topic will you?
  9. I see both Ebs and RNH in the same light. Both players under performed, period. Both were not that impressive in the two rounds we played but lets be a little realistic here. We played two very big hitting teams. If we were playing say Pens or Sens, Sleppy may not even have seen the ice. Nuge and Ebs would have been far more suited to that style. this is why lines get mixed up at times, some players get changed out for others. You cannot have continued success in the playoffs without a flexible lineup. It's called team depth.
  10. Hey Bronco, hope you're enjoying the good weather. I'm surprised you responded to this...character. You did raise some very good points, there is only one aspect I think important enough to bring up. That is that Crosby is in his prime playing years soon to start the downward slope. Crosby was continuing to improve his game by improving his physical condition very publicly for the first few seasons. I remember I think it was his 3rd or 4th season when the news made a big story on the size of Crosby's legs over the off season. He is now at the point that he has to keep his fitness in check and he plays with years of quality experience. On the flip side we have McDavid who is just coming off his 1st play off run after a year and a half regular season experience. He has much more growing and physical development ahead of him. How good will McDavid be when he is in his prime years? My money is on him being more of a standout compared to his closest competitors, although the Leafs boy wonder might give him some competition.
  11. The NHL has a thing called the postseason. Although it's far shorter than the season, it's far more important. Nuge was directly at fault for one goal that I remember. He was also used in a shutdown role, killed penalties, and had extended periods where he was the driver of his line. If it weren't for a couple posts and the knob of Gibson's stick, we'd be talking about how he actually had a decent playoffs. Eberle was directly at fault for at least one goal that I remember. He was also benched for extended periods of time, got knocked off the puck often, and tried deking to his backhand every time he had an open shot. I don't see either player spending much more than one season on the Oilers moving forward. Nuge supports seem to be alright with that, Eberle supporters not so much...
  12. Nuge had a terrible season. He regressed in every aspect of his game. Looch and Ebs were his most common linemates, who both also had their worst years productively...yet nobody wants to play connect the dots. A center who can't win draws and was a possession nightmare yet Looch and Ebs get blasted for their seasons....hmmmmm lmao. Just last year we all knew how Letestu didn't help his line 5 vs 5, yet Nuge gets a pass for his attempts in the playoffs. The NHL has a thing called a season. It's 82 games. Some people tend to forget that ^^^ and only have a 6 game span to boast about cuz they got nothing else. Oh wait. My bad. Nuge got demoted in the playoffs also,,,but it was all Ebs fault Being a 44% FO center and a blackhole possession wise had nothing to with it
  13. The improvements to Eberle's game during this last season (and only after he was put onto the "Salvage your Careers" line at about game 27 of the regular season), Nuge had already improved upon in the two previous seasons ..... Nuge is much younger and was by far the superior player in the playoffs, and though neither carried the letter on their jersey's very well all season, at least Nuge was putting his nose in, and his should down. It was clear that Eberle was the boat anchor on that line in the playoffs, and that it was him that was holding Nuge back. Nuge doubled Eberle's point totals in the playoffs, and would have done even better without Eberle or Pouliot ... the two worst players on the Oilers.
  14. Difference is Ebs improved on many parts of his game throughout the season. Nuge regressed in every aspect. He is getting alot of praise for trying tho. Kinda like kindergarteners. I wonder if TM put scratch and sniff stickers on his locker
  15. The difference being Nugent Hopkins was recognized for increasing his play in the Playoffs whereas Eberle disappeared. Both had 0 goals but at least Nuge showed a little promise.
  16. Uninspired hockey. That is Nugent-Hopkins. Did not improve in 1 single stat this year. The Oilers should charge him for fraud for stealing their money
  17. This is very debatable. I agree they play a very different style, which makes any actual comparison very subjective. Crosby is a beast along the boards and with possession time. He sees the ice exceptionally well and knows exactly where he needs to be all the time McDavid drives the net. His strength is his blazing speed and ability to control and dangle the puck at light speed. His ability to be at the right spot before opponents even realize he's headed there are what give him the time and space needed to create scoring chances. So, who's better? I'd say McDavids style will gift him with more career points. the con is that like we saw in the playoffs, a dedicated "shadow" from the opponents that take away his time and space will limit his ability to score. Crosby's style gives his entire line more possession time and room to play. The con there is that the physical demands of his playing style results in more injured time off, and could shorten his career, he's already one head shot away from calling it a career.
  18. 2 points in 13 games against playoff teams to finish the year .... zero goals. Worst forward on the team ... by far. That is what Eberle is. His last 7 games showed that he is not a player capable of going to that next level .... he doesn't help the Oilers get to that next level. If the Oilers want to get to that next level (which they do) they will need 23 men who can help get there. What do you want? a) 50 points (mostly in soft games) from a player that contributes nothing else while costing the team 6 million in Cap hit? ..... or b ) 50 points (many in hard games and hard minutes) from a player that brings all kinds of other intangibles, while costing the team less Cap dollars? .... I take choice b ) every day of the week .... and so would every GM trying to build a champion. The team is getting better. Eberle plays worse on teams with expectations. Whether or not he is gone this year, those facts will always be there. Maybe we should have traded him 2 years ago when his value was higher?
  19. Ebs is an improved player in many ways but the problem I see is that he is not willing to get dirty or go to the areas where he needs to go to produce offensively. Yes he is smaller but lacks the drive like a Gallager or Marchant does. He does produce but most of the time he does so by floating. When it works that's cool, when not then he does not add the above to his game. He was not willing to get dirty in the playoffs which is why he did not produce. To take the next step we need a second line that can produce. One or two players are holding Lucic back depending on the night. If the line does not click then that adversely affects the other line mates. Ebs has value but not sure what it is. He got 20 goals, he has been consistent in doing so so this shows plenty of value. His contract is on the high side, that's where the value stops and GMs would think twice in acquiring him. See what happens, we cannot afford Nuge, Ebs and Pou with the given production, something has to give.
  20. Better for their team? Eberle soaked up 6 million a year for very uninspiring play all season and in the playoffs was our worst forward period. I never suggested picking up Gagner , not once , again just showing that I hold no grudges for most players when they leave here and hope they do well when they are gone. Simple as that. You are taking this to an extreme defense of Eberle. I am just stating that if he is gone I wish him no ill will.
  21. Gotta say Suprmon. Hats off to ya kid. You are the only self proclaimed Oiler fan who works diligently to prove that McDavid is not the best player in the NHL and Drai is just a hack. Hats off to ya!! One of a kind no doubt. I know I know that several NHL players have said McD is the best in the world right now, What do they know? Most Oil fans want to believe in their players, naturally...but not you buddy. You consistently try to establish why our players our are 2nd rate talent. Your posts are an inspiration and keep things in check. Thanks bud Oilers players will never be elite..garbage compared to the rest of the NHL. Might as well fold the team Guess we all should cheer for ANA or TO now
  22. Leon is a 40 point player. Book it The biggest games of the year were also in round 1. First time in 10 years, He was was with Leon. Fact check
  23. Its a fact man. First of all, Crosby is better than McDavid and plays a much different style ggame. And in the biggest games this year mcdavid was with cags and maroon Mcdavid with cags and maroon and hes a 70 point player, and half that is pp.Eberle is not much better than cags.
  24. LOL. Like all his rants about Russians? Crosby plays with 3rd tier players alot of his career and still pops up 100 points. Guess he's the exception to the rule.? I just posted McD's points with and without Ebs....practically the same...but on a much smaller sample size. Yet you think Leon is the only player to be able to play with McD. Unbelievable that we drafted the next generational player but he can only produce with Maroon and Leon. The Oilers are the cursed! Why oh why do we get such bad luck? McDavid is a bust!! Trade him asap for Matthews while we still can. He is doomed Giroux. Tavares...anybody!!! McD 70 points lol. Coming from the guy who said Leon is nothing more than a 30 point player? You really think your evaluation on this point is accurate? You could compile a list of your posts right now and the Oil would be the worst team in then NHL. You're a realist...remember
  25. Eberles play spoke for itself these playoffs man. He was terrible. Small, slow, soft. If the Oilers dont play drai with mcdavid next year, and mcdavid has eberle, he will have 70 points rather than 100. Eberle gets tons of ice and pp time. Cags could possibly put up 50 points with that ice for 800k. Eberle and Nuge contracts will drag the oil down Cherry is right. And he is on cbc for a reason. He knows what he is talking about. You are just a hater. Eberle sucks.
  26. Don Cherry. The voice of reason? His resume is botched beyond comprehension As is Pierre Macguire's, who also called Ebs them perfect fit for Tavares. Lets split some hairs here
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