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  2. I assume they are worried about some sort of liability to being associated with them? Likely that someone would get trashed on one of the boards and they might be liable if hey sue? (Clearly the big $$ it costs to run a board isn't the issue for their deep pockets.)
  3. Yeah, surprised us too. You'd think the NHL would be encouraging fan participation, but what do I know.
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  5. Lines for tonight: Jurco - Marody - Currie Granlund - Cave - P. Russell Benson - McLeod - Hebig Gambardella - Malone - Peluso Nurse - Larsson Samorukov - Bouchard Manning - Bear Starrett Wells ---------------------------------------------------- Ferland - Pettersson - Boucher Goldobin - Gaudette - Ferraro Pearson - Sutter - MacEwen Arseneau - Graovac - Virtanen Edler - Myers Hughes - Biega Sautner - Chatfield/Rafferty Demko McIntyre
  6. Another nail in the NHL coffin for me. The game is changing to my dislike and now the NHL has decided to stop fan interaction. Oh well, My wife will be happy.
  7. This is unexpected to say the least. It's been fun while it lasted. A bit surprised that the NHL would make such move.
  8. it's a rather large web forum with subforums for every team in the league
  9. Just google HF boards NHL discussion and you should be good. Hope to see you there Telly
  10. https://hfboards.mandatory.com fun place, far more active than here even on the team board.
  11. I joined up there maybe a year ago, there’s some good discussion there, hope to see many of you make the switch.
  12. This also ties into the struggle I've had getting the mobile application working properly again. It's sad to see it go after so long, but I also understand there are more ways to communicate and follow the team as well. The mods here have put in so much time and I appreciate it so much you guys. We have had so many regulars around for 10+years but this one is out of our hands. I can try to extend the message board, but we just won't have any support from Invision on issues I cannot adress myself. Will keep everyone posted.
  13. Sad. Oh well. See you guys at the games.
  14. Thanks Bronco. Like you said, gonna miss this forum and indeed I consider most of you as friends as well.
  15. I don't know anything about the HF boards. If its not affiliated with the NHL I doubt it will be affected. Go ahead and add a link here if you want.
  16. For now? Larsson-Nurse Persson-Klef Benning- ? (Russell when he can be approved to play) Drai-McD-Kass Gags (not convinced)-RNH-Neal Granlund-Sheahan-Chiasson Gambar-JK-Arch I'm not exactly sold on this lineup just yet. Pre-season is going to be important. We need a forward and a Dman to step up. A surprise would be great in the next two weeks.
  17. What a bunch of crap. See you all at HF boards or is that history too?
  18. this... going to miss the GDT's and following along
  19. You have all become more than just discussion board members to me, you've become friends. This forum was like home, it's heartbreaking to see it go.
  20. With pressure from Smith IMO we should see an improvement
  21. Just found this out. The message board will come to an end at the end of this month. No more. Gone. The NHL has made the decision not to continue supporting message boards around the league. It's an expense the Oilers organization did not want to take on. There will be other outlets still available for the fans. Twitter- https://twitter.com/EdmontonOilers Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Oilers.NHL/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/EdmontonOilers/ It's been a great run. I'm going to miss you guys.
  22. Lucic does not fight as often as he used to, if he did he should have beaten up Gio because he was the one that injured McD but the play on its own, while a penalty still happens once or twice a game. The crap Tkachuk does.....embarassing. If he was just a hard nosed player who didn't run(or turtle) after his antics I would love the guy, as he is now, I honestly rank him with Sean Avery because when his career is done the clown show crap he does is what he will be remembered for.
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