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  2. Me, I've never put RNH in the same boat as Eberle that's not to say he won't get traded as our circumstances have changed but to me RNH has exhibited different 'habits" than those of Eberle. Here's how I look at it, the league in general is becoming more offensive minded or at least less goony and having a player like Nuge who can provide offensive from say the 3rd line is a real benefit moving forward. I believe our 3rd will be critical in years to come as the opposing teams will be forced to throw everything they have at the McDavid line and then the Driasaitl line leaving a real weak spot in which our third line can exploit providing they have the offensive skill to do so. In addition RNH is becoming a solid "all round" player, entering his "prime" years, can move up the lineup if needed, can play PP and PK. These are skills that can make or break a team when injuries occur and RNH is a suitable player in times of need.
  3. I understand your first two sentences, then it gets hazy for me. When you say "PC is making that clear by his strength down the middle" I'm assuming you are referring to the addition of Strome? I don't disagree there and it's no secret RNH is on the outs, but I believe it's more due to cost.. "salary dump" as you say, then not being an efficient player. Personally I really like the looks of JJ-RNH-JP as a 3rd line to start, I think there is potential for great chemistry and I see a fit here, maybe I'm wrong. Strome can be LD's mirror man bouncing from 1RW to 2C in the meantime (while RNH remains a player on our team) unless one of the kids snag that 1RW spot. I'll get used to RNH not being in our line-up when he is in fact NOT in our line-up. Edit) next year I reckon we will see Strome as our full-time 3C, perhaps sooner.
  4. No banking being done. Remember just a first glimpse, nothing concrete, whatsoever, at all, let's be clear. Agreed third line looks undersized ...swap Sleppy and Yammy and that solves that. Personally I see Yammy in the AHL next yr anyway but who knows he may indeed surprise. And hey you won't find a bigger Letestu fan on this board then me plus I love C depth, if we can keep him then by all means! Testy is aging but he's a huge team player, I think he'll sign cheap and hope he's around when we hoist our next Cup.
  5. I guess my belief that our lineup will look something like I posted is based on LD at center which I have long thought is a lock. With his pay day, he will be called on to anchor the second line which he will do very well. My lineup just shows that there really is no place for RNH. PC is making that clear by his strength down the middle. In addition, RNH will be a salary dump. We already have a precedent in Eberle. It will happen so we should just get use to him not in the lineup.
  6. for me there's no way not to think Maroon won't play with McDavid and if this pairing can "carry" I use that term loosely Strome or Caggs bonus. for me there's no way not to think Lucic won't play with Leon and if this this pairing can "carry" Shelpychev or Iiro bonus. for me there's no way not to think RNH won't play with Jokenin and if this pairing can "carry" Jethro bonus. for me there's no way not to think Letestu won't play with Kassian and if this pairing can "carry" ? bonus.
  7. I'm not excited with that 2018 roster. Have to find a way to keep Letestu if he will sign cheap. That 3rd line is awful and very undersized. You can see all the rookies and prospects NEEDING to play important roles. Tough to bank on.
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  9. Good article here. First glimpse at our potential 2018/2019 lineup that comes in at just under a 77mil cap. Works for me! How this cannot get a fan excited I am uncertain. I for one am not gonna start worrying about 2020 just yet, that's for PC to do. I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the ride, cross dem bridges when we get to them Yahoooooo!!!
  10. I like this post 2011. Here's my core and wouldn't ya know it most are locked in long-term.. McD, LD, Lucic Lars, Klef, Sek Tbot. Those are my locks. I believe brass has Nurse on their list too. He was on mine too at one point, and though he's trending up, with 3 core pieces on D now with the addition of Larsson, Nurse may end up lost in the midst. I doubt it though, I am still optimistic he will be a legit top 4 Dman in the league with potential to be 1-2. He's young, intelligent, strong as an ox, all arrows point up. Sekera is aging and it would be awesome if Nurse can slide into Sek's role down the road. Pretty confident he'll be an Oiler for quite some time. Huge year for him. Edit) and like you say 2011, Benning could very well do the same (what a gem we've found in this player), though I see his ceiling a bit lower then Nurses. Time will tell.
  11. Oh Telly old friend you make me chuckle, so is this your starting lineup atm or what you'd like to see? Surely not your starting lineup as RNH is currently still a member of the Oil whether ya like it or not. Anywho, without getting into a RNH debate I will say as the summer winds down I'm beginning to change my tune a bit and starting to think I maybe should not have made that bet with ya on where LD will play most the season haha. I was of the opinion that if it ain't broke don't fix it (Maroon-McD-LD) and I wanted to see them together to start season and make changes only if necessary. However, perhaps I've read too much but it seems the masses have convinced me otherwise, we need to spread the love throughout the lineup and if LD as 2C is the plan then pitter patter let's get at er, the sooner the better. The quicker we figure out our wingers the better and if it costs us a few goals at the beginning of the season so be it, our first couple weeks of the season are on the lighter side (imo) so this bodes well, hopefully our lines will all be sorted by end of TC. Feeling Happy today.. on that note, we are still a ways away but HEY SHARPIE, you know it, put me down for 6-1-0 for our squad to start the season. Let's see if the boys can pull it off, again! Now on to those lines... My tune will change by end of TC I am sure (I think Yammy and Auvitu both have a chance to crack starting lineup) but going with what we know today I'll take a shot. ..starting lineup: Maroon-McD-Sleppy/Drake/Strome Lucic-LD-Sleppy/Drake/Strome JJ-RNH-JP Sleppy/Drake/Strome-Letestu-Kassian Wingers are anybody's guess at this point. Where I contradict myself here is that I still think PC sees Strome as a center first, however with RNH here I don't see a spot for Strome with LD as 2C, which is fine, Strome can take ownership at C when and if RNH is moved. Or RNH slides to wing which we've been over and I still don't see that ever happening. Wowee I love our depth at C and interchangeable parts on our team right now. Versatility, variety, options. All good things, feel the flow Happy, it's circular. PC has also recently mentioned we may look to have a couple invitees join camp so the plot may thicken...
  12. High or low picks, what's the difference we need to develop all our prospects regardless of draft position. Having said this we have a number of positions and key position essentially filled for close to a decade which does allow for some "free" time. 1C, 2C, 1D, 2D 3D, 1G all are in the right positions and "locked in". Nurse has been developing and could be next in line for a top 4 spot, Benning could also do the same, Jethro has the pedigree and physical tools so he could be another filled position, and if it's possible to keep RNH as a 3rd line centre he'd do nicely. Lucic is locked in as well, older than the rest but a needed part. So looking forward as early as this season we have many of the critical spots filled. ? - McDavid - ? Lucic - Leon - Jethro ? - RNH - ? ? - Letestu/Strome - ? Larrson-klefbom Russell-Sekera Nurse-Benning Talbot ? we of course have other good/solid pieces signed but what I've listed is a very respectable core for at least the next 5 years, allowing recent and new picks to develop in the AHL.
  13. Let's hope so!
  14. My point is... Bakersfield needs to create players out of these lower picks and the Oilers need to be patient and let these guys mold into role players
  15. Agreed. Finding the gems in the later rounds, you need a little luck too. There's 30 teams to compete with. Most do not turn out, few do in comparison. As long as some of the picks turn out whether higher or lower picks. We are a bit thin in Bakersfield, a few real good prospects but we are not stacked for the future by no means.
  16. Thanx for posting SD. I record Tim n Sid everyday but don't always get around to watching, probably my favourite sports talk show. Anyway, seen this link and I quickly turned on the pvr recording haha. Love Leon's tone. He also kinda leaked that it was himself that wanted a long term deal, which tells me he was/is All-In on our Oil. These boys are hungry and I can't wait! Thanx for workout link too, looking good Leon keep it up, I was exhausted just watching.
  17. I agree but disagree with your drafting well position. If you look at the Penguin for example, many of their players were drafted in the later rounds and played in the minors for years. What makes them special is the way they were "seasoned" there. Much like the Red Wings of old. Our farm team training is vital to this team being successful. Also, Penguins traded well. Filled holes with mid range talent, lower paying veterans.
  18. Tell me, who isn't completely jacked up for this season now that we have Leon and Connor signed.
  19. What are you talking about Lol. Talbs has played well for the past 3 years including in NY. He has not been hit and miss like Drai. Drai was sent down his first year, he did not play good. We can all agree on that. The second year he played good for a stretch then it stopped. Now a breakout year so yes one stand out season out of the 3. The name of the game is to sign players under the cap and be able to keep as many of your good players as possible. That's the goal. To bring up AHL talent and hope they progress due to your cap restrictions is not the ideal formula. A few teams have done it, sometimes there is luck involved. Whether I like it or not it's done. If cap goes up great. If not it will be hard to find new and keep existent talent to compliment our top 2 centers. This situation is fine if you draft very well. So there is your stipulation. If you draft less than average then good luck remaining a top team. Have to keep in mind that the cap may go up minimally and may not help out much moving forward. it's a possibility. PC might be thinking the cap will shoot up in the next couple of years. Maybe, but this is venturing into the unknown. For the cap to rise significantly the NHL would need to add a new market, as in China/Europe. There are some rumblings, see what happens.
  20. They won those cups with good drafting and good depth, our drafting record is sad. They were forced to let go of their winning depth due to their cap situation and they are much worse now than they were when they won those cups due to the massive contracts handed out afterwards. I predict that they won't be winning any more cups the next few years. At least, Toews and Kane brought Chicago the cup and was justly rewarded, McD and Drai has brought us no cups yet and already we can forsee our roster getting worse and dismantled in 2 years. Too much, too soon. We would have a much better chance to win had PC signed him to a 2 or 3 year bridge deal 6-7 mil "show me" contract. Drai is one of my favorite players but rewarding players who have had 1 good year, won nothing yet, unproven elite consistent play with massive long term contracts ? Again ? I think this will bite management in the quantum singularity the same way it has in the past. I thought PC would be a bit smarter and frugal but it seems he is happy to overpay. I am not suprised by the number but I am very disappointed that we could not do better than 8.5
  21. If everyone plays well and we cannot fit some under the cap we will be making trades and picking up a boat load of picks.
  22. Everyone has good points on here. I personally am just happy LD and CM are signed here long term. Of course it would be nice if there contracts were a little less but the reality is that's what it costs to keep great players. I believe that LD will continue trending up. There is more at stake as far as he goes. He is looked upon as a rockstar in Germany so I do not feel he would let them down as well as his teammates and fans. He does not have the type of personality to sit back and take it easy. Him and Connor are good friends and both have a very deep desire to be the best. We are very lucky to have both long term. I'm stoked!! BOOOOOOOOM!!
  25. Is Jesse going to become an NHLer? Not doubting Tabby, but I've been saying for a long time that goalies are a sucker bet, and as Windsor so often points out....he's only had one good season as the #1 I like how it would be terrible news if all these guys played well Yeah, they're not all going to fit...that's the game.
  26. I've expressed skepticism over the whole idea with a few friends about a hockey team in LV. A few of them who frequent Vegas told me they think the team will do well financially. People from all over come to Vegas as a revolving door. And sure, they hit the casinos, but not ALL the time or it gets exhausting. The tourists often want to kick back and try something else once in a while. Whether that's enough to make the Knights an ongoing profitable franchise, well, I'll wait and see. It would be really sweet for us if it did.
  27. yeah, they won 2 Cups and finished first in the West the last 2 years and got bounced. I desperately look forward to these kinds of problems. It will happen. It's why the salary cap, and draft, and free agency are structured the way they are. If anything Pitts and Chi bucked the system by their picks turning out and UFAs taking discounts for a chance to win. This is the 30 team marketplace (selling entertainment-buying players services) that exists and the Oilers are competing in. Nothing last forever, good nor bad.
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