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  2. I clearly remember Hall speeding down the left wing taking a 50 foot wrist shot or losing control and turning the puck over taking on 5 defenders solo (this would occur at least once a shift) or watching Eberle button hook just inside the blue line only to find himself pinned against the wall and then making a line changes way to late or at completely the wrong time (when a little hustle was required to back check). Me, I never found that line to be effective even though they'd me matched up against weaker competition and sheltered for years. RNH has some hockey abilities he played above those abilities early on in his career but now that Connor carries the bulk of the workload I think Nuge will find his rightful place a little deeper down in the pecking order and will fair just fine. And, in addition he's also shown a willingness to improve his overall game and contribute to the teams effectiveness a part from his face offs that is. I also believe that it's more difficult for us who have watched him grow into an NHL player over the years, what I mean by this is if he played for a different team and we traded for him today I think it would be a good move. He provides uppper end versatility at our centre position, kills penalties can be effective on the PP and has/is developing into a solid 2 way player. These are some of the things we need from that 2C position especially now with Connor at 1c and Leon still figuring out if he's a centre or winger.
  3. Nobody has ever been run outta Edm? Was Hall lying when he said he he can go outside and not have to hear about himself every 2 seconds in Jersey..or about his game?
  4. so the media and fans dictate value in the NHL? Huh?
  5. How exactly have they used the savings?
  6. I'd love to get Faulk, but let's not hold our breaths: https://www.pensionplanpuppets.com/2017/6/23/15858038/toronto-maple-leafs-carolina-hurricanes-defence-rumour-trade-lebrun Maybe go after Dumba?
  7. Snow offered Hamonic/1st and a prospect for Duchene by multiple sources. Sakic declined No, I do not believe Duchene value took a hit. Teams will make low ball offers at first but as the summer goes by...GM's will know what they need to pay. Sakic is holding out and dictating his value. Same as Yzerman did with Drouin. Same as Snow did with Hamonic during his trade request. All instances seem to be paying off (BTW Hamonics presser all but confirmed his trade request was still in play. He was being traded no matter what. Had he been traded last year the return would have been lower) As long as there is no immediate reason to move said player, as clearly in instances like this, you can influence the return and set a barometer Hamonic was absolute dog crap last year and he returned more than what he would have gotten last year in the midst of a trade request No, the Russel signing and Drai played no factor imo. The Oil have 19 mil still in cap to sign Drai and Kass after the Russel signing. How does Drai's potential 8mil affect that? Also..every team has insiders. The amount of trades that happen exactly as insiders leak happen. We saw it with Druion in sources saying Stevie was not gonna trade him till he got a fair return. We saw it with Johansen and a specific trade. Stauffer, Edm's most trusted insider came out last month telling the world Chia was looking for a forward with a smaller cap hit So anybody claiming they knew Ebs value or we got exactly what he is worth..I challenge that. That return was as staged as any reality TV show If Chia balked at all offers coming his way and dictated a top 4/5ish dman is the only way Ebs was gonna be traded and stood fast..no doubt in my mind some team would have eventually blinked Again...you can look to multiple examples over any year with GM's doing the same thing..yet for some reason it seems different here when suggested..You just get attacked for not going with flow
  8. I'm hoping to Foo-Get-it even happened
  9. There was a long period where 4-93-14 was a heckuva line. Is there a measurable for "positive energy"? Something I could watch for and see. I think it's mostly just you cheering for him Likeable guy. Ineffective, but nice kid
  10. You guys are acting like two Foo's
  11. Reading problems still? lets make a deal. Same as you and JT. Don't respond to my posts and I wont to yours Ps. Same old Deutsch. I don't drink but nice assumption
  12. It's hard to calm down ... when you were never riled up .... but, I hear you SD. I couldn't respond to the last post if I wanted to ... I can't understand any of it. Summertime at the Lake .... and a few wobblies ... good times.
  13. Ok guys, let's calm down a little here.
  14. Last post for the night. Been the usual from you. I asked the question if he was asking for guarantees and you came up with your speculation. When asked to show me where you got your info you came up with "he is making his selection on Monday or Tuesday". Where is the proof you claimed. Where in here does it say he has zero demands/ guarantee demands? you have given me some info on what he is looking for. Have you sent me a link for that? Sorry if you took this wrong but it was in a joking manor. So, am I right about all those links you sent? Do they say his demands? And now, good night Deutsch.
  15. So the more I see these draftees actually wear our new jerseys the more they seem to be growing on me.
  16. Seriously Yuke? You are the one who said he was "asking for guarantees" with NO proof..... while "wondering why he hadn't signed" anywhere. ... I answered your question .... no 'busting your balls' ..... (re read my original post ... it was just providing info ... no commentary) Your response was snarky, and demanding where I got my information, while calling me out as "his agent" ... I give you a number of sources that I've been reading all week, with a bit of ... "back at you" ... and you call me out with some back handed "history" comment, while admitting you haven't read anything ..... You did that. You need to consider sometimes that it is YOU who are reading into things, based on YOUR preconceptions and bitterness, and responding inappropriately.
  17. Hey man. You responded to my post. A conversation I was having with OJF. How many times have you failed now trying to bust my balls.
  18. I agree .... at this point the UFAs should be coming to the Oilers looking for a last kick at trying their hand at Lord Stanley .... and without having Cap Friendly demands, they should expect to be laughed at as the phone line goes to dial tone.
  19. No, I don't think we should be looking to overpay for any UFA right now. It's taken nearly 2 years to undo the wrongs of past management contract wise and until we know where Leon and McDavid are coming in at I say we hang tight for now plus I'm not sure how many roster spots are open anyways.
  20. I never said "he has any demands" only that he had "a tonne of options"..... re-read my post .... . If you don't like reading ... don't shoot off half-baked responses, spewing half truths and venom (your history) ... while asking questions you don't intend to read the answers to.
  21. Since I'm out relaxing at the lake I'm not going to go through any of those sites. I would bet though zero of them state if he has any demands. Just your history tells me your trying to turn the topic
  22. I know the Oilers shouldn't and that's all that matters, this has proven to be a losing proposition for the team and player alike.
  23. http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers/college-free-agent-spencer-foo-will-decide-if-he-wants-to-sign-with-hometown-edmonton-oilers-next-week http://oilonwhyte.com/2017/06/20/edmonton-oilers-spencer-foo-make-nhl-decision-soon/ http://www.tsn.ca/oilers-flames-in-the-mix-for-prospect-foo-1.785060 https://theathletic.com/68620/2017/06/19/source-red-wings-on-short-list-for-top-college-free-agent-spencer-foo/ http://thehockeywriters.com/will-spencer-foo-sign-with-edmonton-oilers/ plus half a dozen others. It's called the internet Yuke .... you should try it. It's got all kinds of information.
  24. I guess for me it boils down to a simple equation and that is e=mc2. I've always found Nuge to be a positive energy and his wingers the weaker link sure I admit if he was a "star" player he'd be able to lift the play of those around him however I think he needs slightly better/different wingers than he's had in the past I don't believe he and Eberle provided positive energy together or even him and Hall for that matter.
  25. Hi Foo's manager. Ok, ok. You know this how?
  26. He hasn't signed because he has a tonne of options (probably 31) ... and he's likely waiting to see who has the best team, while still having a viable competition for a starting job on RW. No point in signing with a team that has ZERO chance of advancement. His camp has said all along that Monday or Tuesday they will decide.
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