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  2. I agree he is finding guys a few feet away and boom were out of the zone
  3. Has the addition of Brandon Davidson turned out to be a shot in the arm for the team? His work is very sound and he doesn't send pucks up the boards to lala land...finding passes quickly.
  4. I didn't do anything! oh..wait...sorry
  5. Special teams won this one . 2 PP & 1 SHG . And the team played well in front of Brossoit . That's all it takes . Well done .
  6. Lol. I'm glad I'm not on the dark side because I love watching !!
  7. Skipping a few more games just in case. Life is better this way.
  8. Everyone on the team deserved to be a star in this one.
  9. Honorary star for JJK....stepping up when Foligno was yanking McD.
  10. JP has been reborn on this road trip. He's finding success with his board work, passing and shooting....putting his whole game together. Keep up the good work!
  11. McPizza looking good
  12. I think we are starting to see our team come alive.
  13. 4 vs CBJ... moves from 11th to 3rd in the scoring race. Good enough?
  14. I think the key to their effort is for me to not watch the games. 3 efforts for the last 3 I skipped so far. Wins are nice but consistent effort is the main key.
  15. Great win . Made it a bit interesting in the third (OK still a bit of trauma from Calgary game. But that's what therapy is for). Keep up the great work guys!
  16. what was Seth Jones tonight. -4?
  17. McD was tied for 11th in scoring... Now he might be as high as 3rd...
  18. This is the team we’re used to. If they keep this rolling with the way they’ve been playing the last few games, the next 50 will be fun. And help is on the way with Larson, Talbot and Sekera. I wonder what happens with the D though? I really like the Davidson - Auvitu combo. They compliment each other and move the puck with speed
  19. okay. now we need to do it again next game.
  20. Very impressive!! Now we need an effort like that every time until the end of the season
  21. ...kinda impressive.
  22. way to go Zac bring on Folgino
  23. PJ worked his butt off on that shift. Well deserved goal!
  24. Wow !!! Rock and Roll
  25. r we still a lottery team? McMagic
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