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  2. Peter Chiarelli

    No thanks, The Oilers have enough D who give away the puck to the other team
  3. Brandon Davidson is back

    PC keeps finding ways to lower my respect for him to the point that now respect is no longer the proper word.
  4. Peter Chiarelli

    This isn't a Perron for a 1st before the halfway of a season. This is Brandon Davidson, 3rd pairing to bench warmer. Bring up Gryba if we need to.
  5. Peter Chiarelli

    Good question, but a better question is why move Davidson if all you can get is a 3rd round pick next year? I would have rather have kept him, a decent defender on a bad defensive team. So now we have a weaker defense and a 3rd round pick for next year, woopee! Wow, PC is sure showing us how you build a solid team around a generational player like McDavid!!
  6. Brandon Davidson is back

    Yeah eh?...PS doesnt wannna trade his alumni i guess.....Caggs will be another one who wont be traded...even though Benning n Caggs should be the first to go...
  7. Peter Chiarelli

    What are healthy scratches off a lottery team worth?
  8. Peter Chiarelli

    Agreed. Why not move Benning or Auvito? Davidson has the making of a good solid defenseman who is hard to get good value for. A 3rd round pick is not so hot, especially with this club doing the picking. I would rather of kept him unless he was used as a throw in for bigger fish. Chiarelli is losing my respect one trade cat a time, I have very little faith in him after this one move, one I was hoping he wouldn't make. What's he doing to my Oilers?!! He better have a hell of an off season or I'll be calling for his head.
  9. Peter Chiarelli

    Team just got worse. Organization has a really negative track record in turning draft picks into improvements. NO evidence that THAT is going to change any time soon. Trade Deadline for a lottery team ..... to be expected I guess. But it would be preferable to trade away players who are healthy scratches more often, especially when there are clearly worse defenders than Davidson in the current 23 man roster. Hopefully ALL the chaff is moved. It will have to be to see any improvement next Summer.
  10. Peter Chiarelli

    PC is a genius. Start turning those picks into winners now. Good luck to you PC. We had 10 years of losing, 1 year of winning now back to losing. Get on it and do it right! We also need character on this team. We need players that play well together, like a good marriage not a separation or divorce. There is a difference... As in finding suitable players to play with McD and Drai. Not players that struggle with them. Thanks in advance.
  11. Peter Chiarelli

    It was all Davidson's fault
  12. Peter Chiarelli

    Decent trade for sure. 3rd pairing LHD are dime a dozen. Not sure why all the hoopla over a Davidson trade.

    FINALLY Rattie is getting his chance. I hope he's in the line up
  14. Brandon Davidson is back

    Snow will get that 3rd Rd pick back when he fleeces PC again in the future. PC can't resist dealing with the Isles
  15. Back to business, folks, as the Oilers take on the Kings tonight as they start a 3-game road trip. Sekera has been activated; Rattie has been called up, and Davidson has left the building. Not sure how the lineups will shake out but likely they will have a few twists. Hopefully, McD will add to his 71 points tonight and continue the climb in the scoring race. GO OILERS !!!!!!
  16. Today
  17. Brandon Davidson is back

    I would have rather seen benning ir Auvitu go as I think Davidson has played well for us. Anyways good luck BD!
  18. Peter Chiarelli

    He also likes to puck watch and leave his man wide open in front of the net as well. Just a pure beauty
  19. Peter Chiarelli

    That can be fixed. Skating? Not when speed, quickness AND mobility are the issue for a mid 20s athlete.
  20. Peter Chiarelli

    He also likes to pass the puck to the other team lots.
  21. Brandon Davidson is back

    Too bad Davidson is gone again, have always rooted for the guy, from an asset management standpoint the move is brilliant though. Waiver wire pickup becomes a 3rd round pick. Doesn't mean much though, unless the pick gets packaged with something to bring in more immediate help.
  22. Peter Chiarelli

    Problem with Matthew Benning is ..... he can't skate at the current NHL trend level. At 24 next year, he won't be improving his skating any more. Perhaps he bounces back to last year's form, but there really isn't going to be a massive increase in his performance any more. You could say, he is "who he is" as well. He is in line for a raise (just to qualify him) from his current 925K. He will be OVER 1mill next year. He hasn't earned it. The league is moving toward skating as key (its already there). And the Oilers are, ONCE AGAIN, finding themselves behind the times. What gets most of the fans down on the players having bad years is .... they are ALL in contract years. This is them trying to earn a raise. Not very promising.
  23. Peter Chiarelli

    We are going to have countless problems for at least the next couple years. Don't expect more playoffs.
  24. Peter Chiarelli

    OJF....I've got a big question mark regarding Sekera going forward. He's 32 and coming off injuries usually means the player's effectiveness suffers. That may pose a problem for us next season and beyond.
  25. Peter Chiarelli

    It's sad because Davidson was genuinely happy to return to the Oil . I wish him the best with the Isles . At least Chia got a decent return for him considering they got him for nothing . What next ?
  26. Brandon Davidson is back

    LOL! At the rate they're going that actually makes sense. I hope there's a big master plan behind all of this. But if history proved anything I won't be holding my breath. We can't draft, we can't trade, we can't coach, we can't develop. FML.
  27. Peter Chiarelli

    I think the reason they traded Davy is probably because they are stocked full of LHD and I don’t see him moving Russell or Sekera with those contracts. Ugh just please get rid of Benning and Klefbom and I’ll even accept John Scott and Grant Clitsome as a return for those two plugs. Anything
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