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    My point being is you mentioned them in the same sentence having the same issues. #4, yes but not from the same type of hockey. Wondering how anyone of us would turn out without proper guidance. Maturity has a lot to do with environment, do you not think?
  3. that's great, doesn't change the fact that at this point it is a way overinflated contract that the team would be better off without
  4. Eakins coach of the Ducks Karlsson gets 11.5 million for 8 years. He's 29 already. He's injury prone. Lucic contract is not so bad... Crazy contracts. He's good but been fading. We could do Brown from TO for Benning Need a decent FA winger on top No Strome so still have a hole at 3C. So who knows... One rookie D slides in at the #6-7 Get a decent back up All doable. Still like Nyquist or Dzingel.
  5. Holland on Sekera: “I always reflect back on my Detroit days. You know you look at Sekera whose a really good veteran, I look at the impact that Niklas Kronwall had on Dennis Cholowski, had on Filip Hronek. Sekera can have that role."
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  7. Your point being? I am not quite so down on Yammo as I think he was drafted at 18 (?)…………..shouldn't we expect a bit more of a #4 pick than 18? Hence my focus on JP, I await development and improvement with both players, especially as they play in a position that we are desperate to fill. We can only hope they will both be successful, eventually...……...but will it be with the Oilers?
  8. Exactly correct. You can't import "leadership" it has to earned by sacrificing your body (blocking shots or standing up for your teammates) while on the ice. Once that's "earned" then and only then can that "leader" start to say things in the room. And yes Matt Hendricks was a perfect example of that. leader, he gave everything he had every time he played. When we lost him (thanks Peter) that really hurt us.
  9. I feel like you can't import leadership just like that. Hendricks was here for a while, and while he had some of those qualities before he was here, he became that person here. Even if you can find a "leader", I don't see how he can "lead" from day one. You have to be part of the team first, and that takes time. IMHO.
  10. sekera, russel both should be gone, even if we can get picks for them id be happy to clear the space. They are not much in the leadership category thats clear. sekera is a band aid and i think russel might be a mute. if we can get rid of lucic or kosk on a buyout id be happy, because im pretty sure that 1.2 million we would get, could be better spent on a 4th line guy that would put up better number than what lucic is projected to do this(12 pts) year or last(20pts). Also wouldn't be a cancer in the room. we all know we let our best leader go in to FA a while ago in matt hendricks. say what you will but his leadership really shown whats missing in the room. and no, broadziak is not a leader. on a side note you want an old guy with leadership quality for cheap. dave bolland is available, eric fehr, Deryk Engelland( a d man but a good leader)
  11. You put it that way, I would rather trade Klefbom. 1 good year, often injured, will get more for him, Nurse can easily fill his role, Sekera is top 4 and make his partners better (Russell and Benning).
  12. Actually it was being discussed that Sekera should not be given away to clear cap space and I entered the conversation saying he should be given away and I am right about that.
  13. Anyone with at least half a brain would know that in order to dump a contract like that, we'd have to take salary back. It's common sense. Plus, Russell's 4M might be easier to move without taking equal or more salary back.
  14. I would like Sekera's 5.5 million cap hit off the books, I am surprised that you find this to be a weird opinion. Just to clarify, if the Oilers didn't have Sekera right now, you think it would be a good idea to give a 33 year year old defenseman that has played 60 games the last two years a 2 year deal for 11 million?
  15. I don't know. I'm not sure how you claim to know the mentoring skills of Sekera vs Russell and would actually question if he is the better example at this point. After the last two years I don't know why you would bet on Sekera being better than Russell this year. What I do know is that the Oilers could certainly use an additional 1.5 million in cap space, that is indisputable.
  16. So, just to clarify, you think Russell would be a better mentor to Bouchard than Sekera?
  17. Love it when fans create holes by filling others. Next years thread, let's trade for a Dman who can control the puck
  18. we'll disagree on how the Oilers would be better served
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  20. Next summer will be fascinating when Hallsy is due to become a UFA since there are reports that he doesn't want to sign long term with the Devils.
  21. Oilers...don't sign him please! He is well past his Best Before date.
  22. It was good to see the Eskimos win their 1st game but boy, do they need to clean up in many areas. Way too many undisciplined penalties kept the Alouettes in a game they had no business hanging around in. Our new QB, nearly 450 yds passing, great performance.
  23. Sekera is a better mentor than Russell. Throughout his career he's been a more complete defenseman than Russell, therefore would be a better mentor to players like Bouchard, Jones, and/or Bear, who might be making the jump over the next couple years.
  24. I'm not saying it's right lol. I'm saying we've seen the market work that way many times in the past.
  25. The only reason Benning is the top plus/minus guy is that he plays a lot of his ice time with Draisaitl/McDavid who keep the puck at the other end of the ice about 80% of their shifts .... oh, and score a whole bunch. Benning is put in the neutral zone and offensive zone to defend from there, rather than in his own end. But that is no different than anyone else's #6/7 D. But wingers - that is where the ugly is - and bottom six forwards as a whole. And Goal.
  26. You have a good point but we need him for leadership and we need him for mentoring (as mentioned) our younger guys. You really can't put an intangible on that. I heard (from Dredger though personallyl In can't see it) the Oilers were interested in Zaitsev. Well, that would be a hockey trade if say they would take either Sekera or Russell for Zaitsev I may do it. But as Holland says, we need wingers, and we need another goalie. We don't really need anything on defense. When our defense is healthy, it's actually pretty good! Not spectacular or anything but a healthy D looks like: Klef / Larsson Nurse / Benning Sekera / Russell I know a lot of folks around here don't like Benning but he's our leading plus / minus guy last year and is fine when he is not playing in the #1 pairing. Bouchard will take over for Benning after next season anyway so 1 more year of Benning isn't too bad. But wingers - that's where the ugly is - really ugly. We need at least three IMO. Guess we'll see pretty quick though as I think there will be lots of player movement at the draft. Can't wait to see what we do
  27. It’s apparently about to happen, DE as HC of the Ducks. HAHAHAHA.
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