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  2. That's why I said "intangibleS" as in plural. That's just he biggest benefit. I also said a few other things like he still should be a 20 goal 45 to 50 point guy. But the league has changed, quite a bit - you don't have to fight anymore. And I still remember a few penalties that were called on him for good clean solid body checks. For some reason he's a bit of marked man so he had to be careful. He does us no good if he's always in the penalty box. I'm not justifying his salary, as I said he's overpaid. But he's not useless either, not like a Gadzic or a Macintyre.
  3. Yeah - I looked it up later and saw that. Baseball I think does that too (or did). The worse seeded team gets the first two games at home which IMO is just dumb. I get the travel and the savings etc. but for me it's about the money. What if it's a sweep for the lower rated team? Now they get TWO home dates and the team that finished better than them only got ONE home date. Luckily we split which means they gotta beat us twice at home but to me it should be 2 / 2 / 1 format. Oh well, like I said, they split so that's good at least
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  5. Money is a motivator when playing for a contract. Most athletes have a competitive edge to them. Be it playing hockey or ping pong in the dressing room, they want to win. Question is, has the game passed Lucic or is Lucic another casualty of the Oilers style ( on and off the ice).
  6. Benning has heart and competes, he was +11. Is he perfect, No but I have yet to see him not try his best and fight through adversity. I see a few other players I would target before pointing fingers at Benning. Also he is 24 years old playing the toughest position in the game.
  7. I look at it this way...if the Oilers could land a winger who could score for the second line ,a couple of bottom 6 who could chip in and fore check with speed...a decent Back up if Koskinen goes in a funk ....Then you certainly have a team that would take a run at the playoffs. we have three prospects on defense waiting to get their shot in the NHL.. Can this be attained in the off season...of course. As much as i do not like what this management has done since 2007 for the most part...they do have a very good core here that is as good as anything in the NHL. Yes they have flubbed trades and spun their wheels in areas and have been a coach graveyard...but the core here does give me hope....if some support players can be added which i think they can playoffs next year are possible. Look around the league...yes we have been bad and sidetracked...but look at the islanders record...wow when you look at what they drafted and traded away it is somewhat shocking...look at the panthers...we are not alone in misfortune. we have to get it right this time however. 10 to 14 years ago so many in this city loved the Wings and now I cannot find anyone who supports this team...where did all this band wagon jumpers go? Same with the Hawks.... I used to talk to people and the Hawks were their team. Sometimes i think i should stop in at Value Village to see if there is racks of Wings and Hawks jerseys.
  8. Would Julien Gauthier be expansion-immune if we packaged the #8 for him? I'd love to have him as Connor's RW.
  9. It's not just about McDavid missing games for goodness sakes.
  10. Blue over Red. All day everyday. #stayinschooldon'tbeafool #Happyknowsbros GO OILERS GO!!
  11. holy crap. That's got some tempo
  12. yeah man! Can't believe this is still going. So many chances
  13. Preds and Stars going to OT. I already crossed the Preds off my prediction list so I guess I'm going with the Stars, and then handshakes
  14. Yeah, I don’t buy the Hitch wanting rhetoric for a minute, PC wanted Manning and that’s what I believe. Petrovic? I didn’t know much about him and was willing to hope he was a good acquisition. He wasn’t though and it was apparent quite fast. Stilll though, we played Jones at first line minutes and Larsson didn’t look so good. Not sure how to rate that but bottom line is we were 4 games over .500 and finished 4 games under .500. For me, a lot of blame goes to Kos and Schwartz, his glove is hideous and if we make the playoffs and that’s a big ‘if’, Koskinen’s glove is still a problem
  15. There's a TV commercial right now with kids playing street hockey and Bowen's loud obnoxious mouth doing the 'play by play' over it. I don't know what the commercial's for because I always flip the channel as fast as I can just to shut him up, but it's never fast enough.
  16. Agreed. And correct the series is 1-1. All remaining games are in Bakers. First round is best of 5.
  17. Cool that Evan Bouchard is on the roster. Hope he gets in too but not at the expense of losing a game. So the series is 1 to 1 then?
  18. Remember though - it takes two to tango. I wouldn't fight Lucic - no matter the circumstance.If he started throwing them at me, I'd turtle and go in the fetal position. I think a not of NHL players are in my boat. They don't want to fight him. And my argument still stands, how many games has McDavid missed from 'cheap shots' since he got here. ZERO (and I don't think Gio's 'trip' was a cheap shot either). Sometimes a players value can't be measured by goals, assists, or PIM's / fights. I do agree though that he could have still been more 'engaged' on most nights and 20 goals and 45 to 50 points, along with the aggression and intangibles he brings makes his contract worth it. What he's doing for us he's still overpaid by about double. But it is what it is. He's going no where.
  19. You should probably look into stuff before you tell other people to look in to it, because in the first 20 games, Benning had less than 12 minutes TOI 6 times, including the game where he got injured and missed a week. the other 5 games...10:27, 11:41, 11:41, 11:49, 11:54 so, he consistently played 12 minutes or more when Russel and Klef were in the lineup, and he has ZERO games ALL YEAR in the 8-10 minute range that you claim were the norm. Look it up. But, GO FLYERS!! AMIRIGHT!?!?!!!
  20. You're right of course Yuke - but you're presenting the glass half full argument. Problem with Burger Bob is that he now has competition. See, running Team Canada, the competition is zero,or actually, negative. People are going to HIM, schmoozing HIM, not the other way around. You can make your career as a coach or GM of Team Canada. How many coaches of the World Junior team have gone on to the NHL? And the GM's of that team? Then look at World Cup and Olympic rosters. How do you think those guys get those positions? #1 of course is they have success in their current roles, but #2 (and not all that far behind) they do a lot of suckingup to the man in charge - Burger Bob. But now, it's Burger Bob that has to do the 'sucking up', the 'schmoozing'. You're right, 100% right, he's learned. Oh, and btw - hiring PC was extremely easy. He could have had his pick from dozen's of potential candidates. We had just won the lottery for McDavid, remember. Now, for the first time in a long time, Burger Bob actually has to work for a living. Remember though, he' still pretty much clueless on how to 'build' an NHL team. That's why he stayed out of PC's way. He's an executive who pretty much has been getting a reall real nice paycheck to do whatever the chaiman of OEG does. And I guarantee you the Chairman of OEG has about as much to do with the Oilers as he does with the Oil Kings or the Condors. I'll bet he spends more time hobnobbing with Garth Brooks then he ever did with the operations of all the hockey teams combined (but you know he went to Palm Springs for all the meetings on the 'Golf Course'). So this is where Katz is at now. Lets see how much Burger Bob has 'learned'. I'm still pretty sure he'll be jumping to the IIHF once the new GM is hired anyway.
  21. Manning and Petrovic I believe. Hitch wanted a vet LHD to fill the void- only problem was Manning was worse than anything we had on the farm. Rumor here is twofold - first one I read was that Hitch specifically asked for Manning (which I find hard to believe btw because AFAIK he's never coached him) and second one is that in the summer PC wanted ot sign Manning as a UFA but Todd M told him he wouldn't play him if he did. I think I believe the latter, and I also believe Hitch was pushing for an LHD with experience but not Manning by name. He sure didn't play him much when he got here did he?
  22. It's a Toin Coss! But my money would go to the champs. Parody...
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