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  2. I look at the dysfunctional past of this management with one positive....we have Connor,Leon,Nuge,Nurse,Klef,Kassian,and some promising prospects.... not a terrible core to build from and it could be much ,much worse. The one part I hate is Hall not being part of this core. A review of the past clearly indicates this franchise was utterly mismanaged....Let's embrace this change and celebrate Holland's efforts to continue the much needed change.
  3. Bruins and Blues. I actually got a round right. Rask vs Binnington, tough call but I’d like to see St.Louis win it all.
  4. No chair shuffling with Holland...the way to culture change....there is the door!
  5. Gawd if this good news continues were are going to have to add a new word to the Oilers vocabulary....Accountability!
  6. Hahaha. Awesome. Thank you so much for this great news. Edit: Just read that Howson may be retained?! He was apparently also given an hour to pitch on prospects. Two questions then: 1. How was he allowed to speak for an hour? 2. How can he possibly be retained after talking for a whole hour?
  7. Blues and Bruins. Should be a great final.
  8. Winds of change continue blowing as pro scout & VP of hockey ops Duane Sutter is shown the door.
  9. What is happening this year?!? Happy for Maroon!
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  11. So for 2 months one year he’s a ‘good to great coach’? Lmao. If Pisani didn’t come out of nowhere, and we didn’t have Peca, Pronger and Roli we never would have gone on that run. It wasn’t MacTavish, it was the trap, any idiot can coach that.
  12. yup, firing Krueger over skype, are you kidding me? that was outrageously bad. And then thedarkangel said that Tambellini is the worst and he could be right too, although how can we even call ST a GM when he didn't even make any GM moves.. at all. Senior VP of sitting on hands might be a better title for him lol. How sad is it when it's been so bad that we can't even agree on who was the worst GM because they were all THAT bad. very sad.
  13. 5-2 Storm win. Off to the semi-finals at the very least.
  14. Wow, a little hurt feelers there I see.He did a good to great job with what he had and was given. Who coached the Oiler's to their last Stanley Cup finals and would have won if the goaltending was healthy?
  15. It's sad that there is valid debate about who our most terrible recent GM has been, I'd say Chiarelli. Not if you figure in his work in Boston but if you look only at his work in Edmonton he was the worst due to his volume of franchise crippling moves: Reinhart, Hall-Larsson, Lucic, Eberle for …… Spooner. That has to take the cake. Chiarelli's blunders have long term impacts, MacT was awful in that his free agent signings were horrific and his coaching decision beyond horrific but the impact was shorter term and he did pick Draisaitl at #3 over Bennett.
  16. MacT off to Siberia, Krueger back in the NHL, probably a case of poetic justice.
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  18. I'm watching the game too and agree with what you say. I'm excited for this guy. Meanwhile Philly should be excited for that Ratcliffe, BIG kid who can do it all. This game could go either way by the looks of things so far...
  19. Guess we'll know our new coach soon enough. In Ken we trust...
  20. Agreed, good stuff fellas. All this talk about all our other D prospects meanwhile Day sorta flew under the radar and ended up having a solid season. I followed the Condors their entire season and I didn't even realize he finished tops in pts amongst Dmen ha. Congrats to the kid and keep it up!
  21. Watching this Guelph vs PA game. Sammy looks like he has some things to learn in his own end, but the offense runs through him when he's out there. Not outstanding skating, but good hands and very good vision. Setting up plays and getting shots through looks like it comes naturally
  22. Good. He earned it. It's nice to see a kid get rewarded for his hard work and good play.
  23. The Oilers signing/trade track record when Sutter ran the pro scouting group speaks for itself. It had to be done.
  24. Hmmmm, interesting but #1 why would Detroit need to pay 'more'? I don't get it. RNH's best year, prior to this season, was back to back 56 points seasons 4 season's ago. I don't / can't see Detroit making this deal for two years of RNH when they have AM for three more years. Maybe they do do this deal straight across, I don't know, but I don't think they need to sweeten the pot. We have a shot at Dach already, the USA U18's did such a great job at that tourney - Dach is dropping like a stone because he has foot speed issues (though so did Draisaitl which is why we got him at 3). I think Dach will be there for us - no idea if we pick him though. But every year it seems, there's a top 4 or 5 guy that for whatever reason, drops. I think this year it will be Dach as those USHL kids who participated in the U18 has seen their stock rise quite a bit. As an example, because of his size many pundits thought that Cole Caufield would be there easily for us. But based on his scoring prowess, the way the NHL is going, and the success of a Johnny Gaudreau and Alex Debrincat, some have him going as high as 4 or 5. Seems like the USHL is taking over for the CHL as the place to draft - as the vast majority of these kids go to college for a least a year as well, if not two - and US College hockey is a much better development place then the CHL. There are a lot of 'men' in that league (guys that are 21 to 25 years old) vs Junior which is rife with 16 and 17 year olds. Plus they get a ton more practice time there. Guess we'll see - but IMO RNH for Anthony Mantha straight up would be a great trade for us, not so sure how it would work for Detroit. But hey I'd take a 3rd round pick in addition (to make up for the Petrovic trade).
  25. It's not just about trades. It's signings and losses. His signings were absolute knee slapping laughable, as were his over aggrandized statements about those signings. His firing of his coach over Skype after sending him on holiday with his family to Europe was about as rotten/disrespectful of a move as a GM could make. Sure he acquired Perron through trade, then lost him for worse than he gave up to get him. NONE of the goalies, defenders, or forwards he acquired were worth a salt lick to dead buffalo. It is subjective, as you say, but "Bold Moves" MacTavish deserved to be fired, bound, and sent to Siberia in a Fed-Ex cargo plane.
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