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    Next shift Looch needs to skate up to Tkachuk and say "You drop the gloves or Johnny gets beat" Then beat up Johnny when he doesn't fight. Next shift, Jujars turn, fight or Johnny gets beat....next shift Nurse.
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    I thought Draisaitl's "slewfoot" was a clean hit. I thought Larsson's "hold" was a mere push that didn't deserve a call. And I thought Kassians TRIPLE minor for 6 minutes should have just been 2. Besides, wearing blinders on the other teams infractions are just as bad as calling fake ones against our team. The officiating was terrible in that game, any other profession would fire their employees for that shoddy of work.
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    Regardless of which team a member here is a fan of, everybody has a right to post as long as it is within the sites rules and regulations. CalgaryFlamesAltFan and 420Since1974 you are both welcome to post here as much and often as you like, frankly it gives us more to discuss especially concerning the BOA rivalry, and honestly thank you for doing so. Regardless of how somebody may feel about the team that somebody cheers for, we should at the very least give them the respect to post what they feel is relevant, especially in a thread created for the very purpose of discussing that team. There are some pretty mean things said about our organization in the Oilers thread on the Flames forum, but this thread seems to have taken a different turn where it's members posting actual information and stats about the team, and frankly it's good for us to be more knowledgeable about opposing teams especially the one we have had a 4 decade long rivalry with. Besides... it's a "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" type of a thing lol!
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    Talbot IS part of the problem . His save percentage is brutal . He is fighting the puck , gives off big rebounds. The defence is not physical at all including Nurse . Larson is average at best and CH traded an MVP for him. You get rid of GOALS , ( Hall , Eberle ) replace them basically with none . I can go on . THE organization ‘s scouting is BRUTAL . Scouting is probably the most important part of making a team . I have cheered for this team since they were in the WHA . I’m close to giving up . I watch just to see 97 . Feel sorry for him as a player . I can’t think of one “ diamond in the rough “ that scouting has discovered in over a decade , you know a late draft that turns into a gem . The owner as we know seemed to idolize old oilers and let them ruin th make up of the team . CH as GM tried to build a team not based on speed and failed th see the trend of the nhl going to speed .
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    Glad to see 20 year old hockey minds are ruling the roost...maybe they should STFU and do what the coach tells em to do. It's worked so well for the Oilers so far....
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    Yes after hearing Hitch's usage plan I'm not concerned about McD's #s taking a hit, don't really care anyway tbh if it's in the name of winning. He's gonna see a ton of ice and you're right about the turnovers and creating them. I think under Hitch we're gonna see our team hunting that puck down much harder in our own zone when we don't have it and we're gonna see it on McD's stick more often when leaving the zone. Encouraged, yes.
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    FIRE CHIARELLI! For the love of the Oil. Make the bad decisions stop. Was never a TM fan, but Hitch!? Can you image McDavid being told to play the trap?? Oh wait, we won't have to imagine it, we will see it in action very soon.
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    I worry about Leon. I don't see this as a very good match.
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    Put a guy in a position to fail and fail he will. Best of luck McClellan.
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    Chiarelli has to do something to save his job here. This is a tipping point where it’s early enough it can be saved.
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    Lots of us are feeling the pain...... The team went back to last years performance about 8 games ago. Lots of rumors that TM will be fired. Most of us who have followed this decade + of despair now see its repeating scenario. We need the whole upper management changed like Toronto did a few years back. No other fix will work.
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    The coach IS a problem, But I totally agree...... not the only problem. Nicholson has to be the first to go. When he put his support behind Chia after last season it blew my mind. This won't be fixed by firing TM. The real problems are higher. But getting TM out of here might salvage this season....... You can see that they can compete when they want to! They just don't don't have the proper motivation to do so.
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    Consider and contemplate the teams we beat this year, and how we played in those wins?...And that was "pride" for the most part......Imo the team is quite capable but for what ever reason TM cant motivate them.....
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    Coaching or management...hmmmm....kind of like choosing between the twin girls in "The Shining".....both scare the bejeebers out of me!
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    Totally agree, TM knows he's in jeopardy and is going to burn out his top players trying to win. But, as I said earlier the blame is really PC's this team has too many AHL calibre players. TM needs more talent to truly compete! Trade Chiarelli, Mclellan, Nicholson, Lowe, Mactavish and a couple of Gretzkys for Nylander...lol! Yikes, just writing those names you see how much cash Katz is doling out and what they are accomplishing??? I'd gas the whole lot just to be sure I was getting the systemic problem.
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    With the legalized pot now does anybody think they may have passed a joint around after the 2nd explaining the 3rd period performance
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    Well the day has finally came this season with the very strange schedule. I hope to read a lot of flames bashing on here today. Edit: Oh Yah by the way FLAMES SUCK!
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    I wouldn't mind if they started with Tkatchuk myself.....Hopefully, Looch will grab him by the throat early and explain to him how things are going to be for the night ....wouldnt that be funny!?.....
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    I got to the second period yesterday again and turned off the T.V. on the Avalanche game. I just can't watch this painful exploit of going through the motions. Over a decade and probably close to 1000 games of hockey, draft opportunities to select the best incoming talent ahead of your peers in the game,Numerous coaching changes,GM replacements, complete roster overhauls.Once in the last 11 years has this team made it to the playoffs. If there was an award for marketing to get fans Hope's up and to fill the seats this team would be a Dynasty! The Roster has changed,the bench has changed,some would believe as we are told management has changed although the same three villains of the wheels falling off the franchise lurk in the shadows and are accompanied by more ex Oilers they played with from their past glory days. If you squint your eyes watching a game from 2008,2010 to the present it is hard to tell just what exactly has changed. This franchise has not become a offense juggernaut nor has it become a defensive beast. This team has somehow managed to be lacking in the same areas that drove it to the basement....some inconsistent offense,poor defense,suspect goaltending,inadequate coaching and management.The results of the last 11 years are this team continues to struggle. The one common thread through these past 11 years is the ability regardless of roster,coaches and the management is to ice a team that cannot play 60 minutes of consistent hockey...some nights you have one player show up,others a handful but the fact is more often then not we never see 23 players playing hard or consistent. This fan no longer can even guess as to the answer to correct the inept product in front of him. I often ask myself with my inner voice watching this team...if I knew nothing about the history here or any of the players would I be thinking these 23 players were just thrown together as they seem to lack chemistry,commitment and emotion. As the Owner of a small business which is nothing compared to the scale of operating an NHL franchise I can' t help but wonder if the message is being lost here by having to many hands and voices in the plan. I look at successful businesses or successful teams and the common denominator is always the goal. It often is one voice defining the goal or a committee of brains agreeing this is the goal. Once a solid plan is developed you have to stay the course to achieve those goals...nothing ever goes as planned but you do adjust keeping the sights on the overall plan. I don't see that happening here with our team, I witness a seat of the pants response and a clear ever present misjudgment of talent. The trades of Hall and Eberle speak to this,the signings of players speak to this... a unsuccessful team panicking thinking this is the only option right now so we have to jump at it,even when they know it is a bad choice and hope for different results. I believe after all I have witnessed this is not a roster or coach problem even though that is what is apparent. After 11 years of the same situations repeating themselves through different rosters and coaches it is beyond what is on the ice. This is a management problem.The culture in management is the only common denominator here. The roster and the coaches have changed and this product looks and achieves exactly the same. The same mistakes are being repeated over the last 11 years. What in the last 11 years is this team good at that has a record of consistency...I cannot name one thing positive,Can you? We can replace a coach or make another boneheaded panic trade but after the immediate impact has worn off we will be back to square one wondering what's wrong. My belief is this team needs one strong hockeymind with a vision that answers to No one and is allowed to operate.The sooner all former ex Oilers are shown the pasture and have their influence removed from this franchise the better. Those involved in the failure need to go and need to go now. Katz needs to realize this and until he does it will be more of the same.
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    Wow this is exactly how we need to play night in and night out! Great game by everyone!! Geez I really wish Looch would score. Feel bad for the big guy. He's trying hard and on Nuge's goal he was driving the net and took both defenders with him giving Nuge the space and time to pick his spot. Tonights win was the perfect Birthday present!!
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    Here I am! You found me, good job! Actual retail price is 97.87, OPF, Come On Down!!
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    Like there? he had to "track the puck" about 8 times before the other guy who was standing all alone batted it home. The team is horrible. You can blame the goalie all you want but I guarantee you this... This team as it is now will lose no matter what goalie is between the pipes. They give way too much away to opponents... no goalie will save this squad.