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    Little birdies tell me the Beaner fam and PC are buddy buddies soooo.... yeah, no getting rid of Matty, hence why he's still here. Whatever. Happy's New Years Resolutions: 1- care less about this poorly ran organization. 2- scout other teams for a potential new team to follow. 3- kick own arse for ignoring resolutions 1 and 2 while I continue to cheer for this gong show. Quack Quack... Happy New Years Folks! at least we have each other...
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    Wow, giving them up after 31 years. This says it all to me and I don’t blame you one bit. Congrats on vacationing more though that’s what I would do at this point if I were in your shoes. This organization slaps all fans in their faces every single year. Oh and to add, I’m sure the ticket prices will go UP another 10% or more for next season!!!!
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    Anybody been out lately? I've punched about 20 holes in the ice so far this season and have a piddily 2 fish to speak of. One was a tiny Jack, the other a tiny Bow. Many missed bites, I gotta stop pinching my barbs. Anyway, Super Weak Sauce. Pathetic, I know. Not sure what the trout's problem is, I might have to invest in a flasher. Something to be said for finding fish without technology however, but I can only stare at a hole so long without action... New moon should be happening soon, I'm hoping to get out again this coming weekend, I'm certain the trout will be more active. Sometimes if I close my eyes and listen carefully I can hear my flyrods crying... "Why God Why". #CanadianWinterEmbraceIt
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    Seattle is going to start the recruitment process for a GM before too long. The candidates that come forward could also be considered by the Oilers.
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    Let me point something out here though. After McD,Drai and Nuge who has led the Oilers in goals in the last 1.5 seasons? Caggulia. This was just an outright bad trade unless Norell works out. Manning is a very overpaid #6 LHD.....Gravel can do the same job and a far lower price point. We added more salary and added less skill into our line up. I loved the Petrovic deal....this one not so much.
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    Wouldn't it be ironic if PC's tenure with the Oilers ends in San Jose just like TM?
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    Better effort, same result. This roster just is not good enough.
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    Just want full effort for the whole show. That crap from last game can't happen again.
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    Would have been nice if Drake left Dri some of his grit. Traded one of the few players, who played, like he wanted to play for the Oilers
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    Lines and pairings at practice today: Khaira-McD-Rattie Rieder-LD-Yam Spooner-RNH-JP Looch-Brodziak-Kassian Jones-Lars Nurse-Russell Gravel-Benning Not sure if any of the new guys on D or Gambardella (called up today) will be in the line-up? Big Buff is out for Winnipeg so that's a bonus for us. 10-1 Oilers, Khaira scores 6, RNH the other 4. GO OILERS GO!! ...thx for gdt Rap... Edit) And a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve to all my fellow OMBers tomorrow night!
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