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    Yeah because every goalie needs to slide across the crease with his blocker out of position because his paddle needs to be down. Geeze, most of you guys need to go for a beer and relax a little. Sounds like a bunch of whiney girls on here.
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    This is sort of a two part post...and rather lengthy, so bare with me... I promise I make some good points... I think there's an inherent disturbance in the force on this club, and has been for some time. When I see Connor get elbowed, shoved around, and Larsson almost get shoved into his own bench...and no one responds, and opponents don't have to answer for it...this team is broken...and/or the league to some degree for various reasons... Where is this train headed..? I'm 41, so I've been watching the game for the better part of 30 years. All of which I've cheered for the Oil. Its not just the Oilers I have issue with at this point, but the game itself... Which probably started in earnest since the 2017 playoff run, and how it ended. And that's after a decade of suffering through extreme disappointment, as we're all well aware, only to be disappointed again by poor officiating, on and off the ice. And ridiculous rule changes like challenging offsides, when your paying good money to two linesmen to make those calls in real time. If they don't catch it, it's a good goal IMO. This challenge should only be used to challenge goaltender interference...but unfortunately we got shafted there too... Of course these are examples that resonate with us as Oilers fans, but I'm sure other fans have they're own injustices... I'm not against rule changes as a whole. Everything evolves to some degree, and changes are sometimes necessary. The athletes themselves have evolved over the years, and perhaps dictate change. But when changes intended to make the game better, make it worse, and nobodys there to hear the tree fall...Is the league not taking a look at all of this..? Do they think everything is great the way it is..? I sometimes wonder..? OFFICIATING/RULES The decision to cut down obstruction, had the right idea in an era that had too much clutching and grabbing. But now we see calls being made if your stick even touches a player, even if it's not impeding the opposing player. Yet we see many other more serious violations not called. Not to mention players immediately selling a supposed violation as soon as they even feel some type of contact. It makes me sick. I don't want to see games decided by chinsy penalty calls any more... I get how fast the game is, and how hard it is, more than ever to officiate it. More on the games speed below... And these non - penalties in past eras are now being called because the officials are mandated too...but is this really helping our game..? I see stars like Connor obstructed all night long while possessing the puck, and the officials don't call it because we'd have 10 power plays a game...but then call some chinsy hook or supposed hold on a player, just jockeying for position, unclear which player is actually impeding the other, without the puck, no less...That used to be called hockey. Instigator rule - otherwise known as I can't come to the defense of my teammate if I think the player in question won't man up to their actions, and drop them, so I have to choose someone who will. And I better be sure they will comply, or I'm really putting my team in a bind, my night is over...and they get away with whatever they want...rule. Now to be clear I'm not saying bring back the 70's. Quite honestly I don't think half this league could play in that era. I don't think they're tough enough...but I think that's a generational thing, and perhaps society has evolved somewhat to the point, that type of aggressive play has been for the most part bred out of these kids...Im just saying the players still need to be able to police themselves to a certain degree... Removing the red line - huge mistake. At the time I never thought too much about it...I thought let's see how it goes...maybe it'll opens things up a bit. And it did...but it also dumbed the game down so too speak. Now instead of actually having to skate the puck out and make a play, you can just throw it down ice from your own hash marks to a teammate at the opposing blueline to tip it in...or flip the puck rainbow style to a foward for a breakaway...maybe hail mary football fans appreciate this, and perhaps I'm just old school, but this is not as entertaining or thought provoking to me...The other hot button topic regarding the removal is the speed of the game...how it's made the game faster. Some proponents love it. I'm not one of them. I believe all its done, is suck a lot of both team play as a unit and individual play out of the game. Those two terms may seem contradictory...but I hope you get what I mean by that...I guess you won't if you've never seen a two line pass...Its also made the game somewhat more dangerous, which coincides with Equipment topic below... I already gave my 2 cents on the coaches challenge, so I'll move on to equipment... EQUIPMENT I'm just old enough to remember the padding we wore in the good ol' 80s. Those leather elbow/shoulder pads certainly weren't as protective as the new molded plastic variety, but they weren't weapons either...Now with the increased speed of the game partly due to missing redline, and padding a Roman gladiator would salivate after...no wonder there's as much injury and concussion as we've seen in recent history...Im not saying there wasn't before, and we certainly understand head trauma more now than ever before...but the speed of the game and gladiator equipment are definitely contributing factors...that should IMO be addressed. I should make mention of goaltender equipment. As a fan, visually I think the recent changes are spot on. I'll give the NHL and the men doning the equipment full marks for that. Back to the Oilers... I see a team with the best player I've ever seen weild a hockey stick, with no real identity anymore, but desperately seeking one. I certainly don't agree with probably half of what Chiarelli has done, but I'm not going to rip him here. That's not to say I wouldn't like to see the reigns handed down to Keith, or a fresh face. My guess is that will surely happen without us fans holding pitch forks and torches...IF the Oil don't make the playoffs. Im usually the eternal optimist. Almost always trying to find the positive in a player, acquisition or lost season. Except when it's quite clear, the acquisition just can't get it done...I even understand why PC brought in Looch. We were getting man handled all over the rink...It was embarrassing, and this was a player that all of us wanted for his character, leadership and ability to make a difference. It gave the team some swagger, it hadn't had since the likes of Gator, Prongs and Laroque patrolling the ice...Unfortunately the contract as we also knew was horrendous. But Looch came as advertised and provided exactly what he needed to too, physically AND on the score sheet the 1st season. In a way, at the time I saw the deal as Larsson AND Looch for Hall. I thought Hall - even an underperforming Hall with some apparent issues...was a steep price to pay but getting the most skilled enforcer in the game and a top pairing Dman we sorely lacked just reaching his prime...would be for the greater good of this teams push back and identity. I just never thought Looch specifically would only have a shelf life of that 1 storied season...I figured we'd at least get 3 good years out of that contract...Now it sounds like I'm just picking on a player who's had the misfortune of a quickly evolving game passing him by...but really this teams lack of real depth upfront and lack of talent, especially offensively on the blueline has really killed this club, and shaken it's confidence to compete consistently. Unfortunately bad contracts like Looches don't help matters. When your handcuffed, and can't make necessary hockey deals to improve your club, and have only to resort to lateral moves that may or may not pan out...its not an enviable position to be in as management or a fan. Of course Management has put themselves in this situation, so I'm not holding any telethon's for them any time soon...Especially when fans are paying $200 bucks for nosebleeds, while certain other franchises are practically bribing folks into seats...Theres gotta be some happy medium there, but that's a whole other story...as I digress. Going back to my point above, in the good ol' days, players were individuals who had very specific roles on teams that made the group as a whole complete. Now what I see is a lot of individuals playing like individuals, and not as a team. Which couldn't be more true for this group. These teams now are so cookie cutted, and sterilized, it bothers me, as a hockey fan. When Looch was able to effect game, was confident, and other notables were progressing, this club had real swagger and optimism...Unfortunately with the decline of those two aforementioned strengths of this club, so too has the identity of this club been lost... However I don't think it's all doom and gloom...I think there's been some real improvement for this club in the form of recent draftees and signings playing on the farm...that we haven't seen in years...so of the myriad of deals that went sideways on Chiarelli, he can take solace in that I guess... Can't wait to see a kid line next year, and hopefully linemates for Nuge that can actually produce...like Ferland and Dzingel...And a top 4 that looks like a top 4. Maybe a whole season of Klefbom...Im just throwing all this out there, hoping the universe will answer my prayers...lol If you actually read this rant in its entirety ...kudos to you! Thanks for your time.
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    No problem with complaining about a bad goal,, but a deflection is very tough to stop. Your body and mi d are already committed to doing one thing and then in a split second it changes.
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    Talbot should of had that. Puck was 15-20 ft away and his stick wasn’t on the ice. Baahahahaha
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    like on that last deflection? looked a lot like that first goal didn't it. Where are your complaints about the goaltending on this goal?
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    I get the sense you all just want to give up on this front office's 30 year re-build plan? We need to have patience!
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    good for Milan. He's honestly one of our bright spots this year... ok so it's as bright as looking at a candle on the moon from the center of new york city, but it's a bright spot. Glad for him.
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    What another great showing. Looks like another year without playoffs. Living up to expectations as usual...
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    I agree, I will be there with ya....I bet there better then this team in their first year.
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    Katz needs to be the boss and fire the employees of his that have been garbage at thier jobs. It’s TYPICAL OF ANY JOB.
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    man I bet other GM's just start licking their chops when they see the Edmonton area code come up on their call display.
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    Not impressed with the D play that period and zero physicality on them. Letting them off easy after playing last night.
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    exactly... it's certainly not that Rieder/Lucic/Brodz/Spooner et al are trying to be ineffective... Many teams can hide 1 or maybe 2 dud players (I have absolutely no idea how Pontus Aberg has what? 7 goals? for example) because they play with better players... here we have bad players playing, more than not, with other bad players. All that is on Chiarelli and whoever is responsible for signing off on player evaluation the last 10-12 years.
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    Being better than just average would be nice, and a big save once in a while would sure help. But ask yourself how Donskoi got from behind our blue line with the puck, got around Jones like he was standing still, and watched Russel flop to the ice like a dead fish while he skated on by... unobstructed in front of the net btw while 2 other oilers watched, to score coming across the front of the net from 3 feet out. How'd that happen? Oh right, Talbot didn't stop him. Yet another big save would have been nice, but sometimes we should be expecting the team to play some NHL level defense too. I get being critical of goaltending but you guys take it to a whole new level.
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    A deflection, a penalty shot and 2 defenceman get beat by one guy and your pointing the finger at Talbot? Wake up or go to bed
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    Sorry every average shot on net that goes in isn’t talbots fault at all. I forgot that is a thing with you.
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    They both shop in the Women's department! No Offence Bronco but then again no Defence either! The spring collection is comming out and it's all Orange!
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    for who? Jones who let him skate right on by, or Russell who did his usual dive straight to the ice and watched him skate around for an in tight goal. Typical blame Talbot for all this teams ills is all I see.
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    they gave the sharks WAY too much room crossing the blue line. 4 of our guys backing up leaving the sharks all the room in the world to work. The goal wouldn't have happened if we'd have used two of our guys to stand them up at the blue line.
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    McKhaira and McKassian are gonna McProduce tonight!! Pregame speech from the coach to the boys seen here : -thx for line-up Rap.
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    the only "loyalty" these players need is loyalty to each other. That's the loyalty that matters.