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  1. LovingdaOil


    He needs to teach Tkachuk a lesson on Friday, 1st shift on the ice and it's ragdoll time.
  2. LovingdaOil

    Officially Excited!

    Mark Spector ‏@SportsnetSpec 4m4 minutes ago Versteeg's issue in EDM: If Puljujarvi proves he can play, Versteeg becomes a 3rd-liner. May want more Top 6 opportunity elsewhere Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 2m2 minutes ago Sources indicate Versteeg deal will be 1 yr, likely under $1 mil. Sucks for sure, I was excited for him to join.
  3. LovingdaOil

    Officially Excited!

    Jack Michaels ‏@EdmontonJack 5s5 seconds ago (Correction) Oiler lineup for tomorrow: Lucic-McDavid-Eberle, Pouliot-RNH-Draisaitl, Maroon-Caggiula-Puljujarvi, Pitlick-Letestu-Kassian... Jack Michaels ‏@EdmontonJack 2m2 minutes ago (Projected lineup 2/2) Klefbom-Larsson, Sekera-Russell, Nurse-Davidson. Talbot starts, Gustavsson backs up. Slepyshev, Fayne, Gryba extras. That line up looks sexy. SportsCentre ‏@SportsCentre 2m2 minutes ago UPDATE: @NHLFlames to sign F Kris Versteeg, who was on a PTO contract with the @EdmontonOilers (via @DarrenDreger) #TSNHockey Boooooo!
  4. LovingdaOil

    Officially Excited!

    Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 9m9 minutes ago Gryba's deal in EDM is $950K in NHL, or $250K in AHL, but he has guarantee of $450K. Will go on waivers and if he clears, start in AHL. I MORE DAY!!!!
  5. LovingdaOil

    Nail Yakupov

    Until this kid take some responsibility for his own failures with the Oilers, he will never move forward. Hope he does well, but glad to see him go.
  6. LovingdaOil

    Connor McDavid youngest captain in NHL history

    I thought the same thing, there are much better pics I have seen.
  7. LovingdaOil

    Connor McDavid youngest captain in NHL history

    It's when we aren't getting roasted I would be concerned.
  8. LovingdaOil

    Welcome to the team Hunter the Cat

    Kids do already love him, it's the adults that are being the wankers about it.
  9. +1 I missed the 3rd, but I hear Maroon looked pretty hurt?
  10. LovingdaOil

    Welcome to the team Hunter the Cat

    Over 2,200 students from kindergarten through Grade 9 were surveyed to identify the most popular of the mascot candidates produced and Hunter, the Canadian Lynx, was “far and away the most popular” according to Harrop. The other day they took the newly created Hunter to one of the schools used to test market the mascot to show them the result of their input. “Thursday we went back to one of the four schools we did that market research with Hunter and they absolutely loved him,” said Harrop. Why, after all these years, would the Oilers decide they needed to have a mascot? Why would they decide to make him a Canadian Lynx? And why would they name him Hunter? If there’s going to be controversy about this, it probably won’t come from the answer to the third question. http://www.edmontonsun.com/2016/09/26/terry-jones-meet-hunter-the-new-oilers-mascot View image on Twitter
  11. LovingdaOil

    Training camp conversation

    You would be correct.
  12. LovingdaOil

    Training camp conversation

    HOCKEY IS HERE! I can't wait to watch the games tonight.
  13. LovingdaOil

    Welcome to the team Hunter the Cat

    I love it, it's about time we get a mascot.
  14. LovingdaOil

    Rookie Tournament 2016

    Baby steps