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  1. Matt Benning has made some errors this year (name one defensman we have that has not) however I will point out that he does lead the team in +/-(flawed stat I know) and has been a plus player his whole short career. He was forced because of injuries to play above his head but he is a reliable number 5/6 defender that has not even played game number 300. He is actually not our worst defensman this year despite what others think, statistics tell a different tale. The fact is is that defensmen get paid to help defend and Benning statistically is doing just that.
  2. Oil_Dude

    GDT: Rangers @ Oilers 3.11.19 - 7 PM (MT) SNW

    Right? I think Klef has had one healthy season since we drafted him.
  3. Drai/McD/Kassian....That would be okay fro the rest of the year.
  4. The defense looks so much better with a healthy Sekera and Klefbom. Too bad they were both out for extended periods, might be talking about playoffs.
  5. He has been playing with a lot more hustle lately.
  6. Kass is a top six forward when he is on his game, when he is off....you could pressbox him.
  7. Exactly. We gotta quit eating our young here. Give the players time.
  8. There big arguments are that he can be lazy defensivly(fair point) and that he cannot drive his own line at his price point. I say who cares. We have a great duo for the top line. Grab some wingers for the second line and suddenly we have two lines.
  9. There are a lot of folks on this message board.
  10. Why do people want Drai traded?
  11. 26 years old and making it good in the bigs, what a story.
  12. Nor should he. He is paid and is used exactly where he needs to be.
  13. I would keep him until Bouchard replaces him. I like Benning as a 6 - 7.
  14. His skating is ok. HIs decisions with the puck or positioning is not good. But he is still young enough(24) that I would not give up on him until he reaches that 300 game mark.
  15. I wouldn't quite cash in on Benning. As much as people rag on him he is a plus 9 on a team that bleeds goals and he has not even hit 300 games. We have to get out of the habit of trading low on players.