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  1. Lucic does not fight as often as he used to, if he did he should have beaten up Gio because he was the one that injured McD but the play on its own, while a penalty still happens once or twice a game. The crap Tkachuk does.....embarassing. If he was just a hard nosed player who didn't run(or turtle) after his antics I would love the guy, as he is now, I honestly rank him with Sean Avery because when his career is done the clown show crap he does is what he will be remembered for.
  2. An injury to those four? If McD goes down we are done.
  3. I am going to Ireland in a week does that count?
  4. Sometimes they were not there in body.
  5. I don't think we have used 4 lines in a decade.
  6. My take from last night's preseason game and I know it is pre season: - Skinner - Needs to work on rebound control but not bad at all - Nuge/Neal - dominated, Gagner looked good too - Chiasson - looked ok out there, I love that he shoots first - Benson- Need more from him - Klefbom/Perrsson - I really liked what I saw here, I really hope Klef can stay healthy this year - Cave/Sheahan - I would not be uncomfortable if these were our two bottom six centers Cave looks quicker this year Been kind of lurking on the Flames board and they seem to think that Lucic's brutal skating was blown out of proportion, I think they need to remember that if he looks "ok" against some preseason scrubs he is gonna look real bad come real games. Neal looked like a dominant scorer out there which is what I would expect out of veteran NHLers, if that deal gives us two solid top lines we win big time.
  7. The pads got smaller and some goalies did not adjust well to it.
  8. You think we might actually have two lines this year?
  9. Meh Gio isn't a dirty player, I hate that Lucic was on the ice when that play happened to McDavid and did literally nothing, not even a word with Gio(And that was a trip and a dangerous play from Gio). And yes Tkachuk is dirty, easily top three rats of the game......cannot wait until he is the face of the franchise.
  10. Nurse deserves it. Someone that plays all 82 games? I would take that.
  11. 1 - So our playoffs are going to hinge on Klefbom being healthy?!?! We are screwed. 2 - Do you want to compare Chia's good moves vs his bad ones? 3 - I never once stated Klefbom is not important to the line up and if moved we had better hope that one of our other defenders is ready or that we move him for another top 4 defensman that can play 75 - 82 games per year
  12. 50pt players making 5.5. About time the NHL caught up to the Oilers MO for contract signings.
  13. That is pure speculation but you are right GM's do tend to overpay by a lot in the open market so yes Klefbom would get 5+. The reality is with the amount he plays he should be a 3 million dollar player (that is actual math but it might be wrong but if he is paid 4 mill for 80 games but he only plays 60 he should make 3).
  14. 4.1 for 60 games? I would really think that as a GM or owner you would rather pay for 80 bloody games. A 2-3 DMAN THAT ONLY PLAYS 60 GAMES A SEASON EVERY SEASON AND PAYING HIM 4+MILLION IS A RIP OFF IN ANY LEAGUE. Imagine if you lived your life that way?!?! Let me ask you this: If you bought a decent pizza(not great but pretty good) but the catch is is that you have to pay full price for it and 25% of it will always be gone no matter when you order it would you still buy it? That 4.1M could be spent on a more versatile and durable defensman.
  15. Open your eyes, the punk is in the top 3 dirtiest players in the league right now, but he is talented. He deserves more.
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