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  1. 6 million is the right price now for a player like Nuge. Anymore than that is throwing out money. Most on here would probably know that I am one of RNH's biggest fans but I cheer for this team first and overpays are trouble. RNH is a decent 2nd line center and can quarterbck a PP. He is a very intelligent hockey player but there are cheaper options there.
  2. I actually agree with you on this. I really like Nuge at 6 mill, at 8 I would say no thank you although the way contracts are going nowadays 8 million might be a decent contract.
  3. Not opposed to the idea, I was just pointing out that we have one that will be better. I thought we were stupid for letting Petry go originally, and that should be a lesson for everyone that we as a fan base should not be so quick to eat our young here and let them develop.
  4. I think we are going to have someone better than Petry already and that is Bouchard. I do believe that we need to move Nuge before his next contract negotiation, at 6 million I really like RNH but anymore than that I dunno.
  5. That is what I see too, except I was going a little more recent with Cogliano.
  6. Personally we should be looking for functional toughness like we had with Maroon.I don't think Jujar is going to be that guy but Nurse already is.
  7. 100% agree. I have no idea what Chia and company were thinking with that contract. If Koskinen was in his early 20's the gamble might have been better. Trying to retrain a 30 plus year old goalie to switch habit this late in the game is a little too tough.
  8. You seem to key in on Nuge all the time, get some new material. Lucic is one of the hardest back checkers in the league because he has to be, he has NHL speed at top speed but it takes him(much like most bigger bodies) more strides to get up to that speed.I don't think anyone really questions the work ethic of Lucic, his skill level has dropped off a cliff though.
  9. It is not bad, the only issue is that it opens up a pretty big hole on the 2nd line, which would cause us to move Drai to the 2nd line.....I really like him and McD together. If we could pull off a deal that involves us getting a 2nd line center plus this deal I would be all for it.
  10. I didn't mind the Petrovic trade as the cost was low enough( 3rd rounder) but he was hot garbage as soon as he arrived. There is no forgiving the Manning trade, Cags was not exactly a world beater but he was one of the few guys not named McD,Drai,Nuge or Chiasson that could actually put up points. Manning is outright not even a #7 AHL defensman. To recap we sent out a top nine forward for a #8 AHL defensman.......mind you it is close to the Reinhart deal where we traded away assets(in one of the deepest drafts in history) for a guy that we did not even attempt to protect in the expansion draft and is not in the NHL anymore. Those two picks might have fixed our forward depth for a decade and instead.....NOTHING.
  11. Eberle for Strome, Strome for Spooner....
  12. The rumor mill is coming with the Erickson for Lucic. I would not trade Lucic for him. Niether one is productive right now but Looch will at least stand up for guys on the roster.
  13. Four horse race for me: OBC connections : Keith G and Billy G Outside of that : Hunter and McCrimmon. I like Guerin but I think the time has come to outright cut ties from the past.
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