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  1. I'm gonna go 4-0-1 for 9 pts with the loss coming in Winnipeg
  2. I pick my spots...surgical meme placements FTW
  3. Some say that underneath his racing suit, is a full body tattoo of an Edmonton Oilers uniform.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo

  4. Boys looked a little off guard in the first minute, but they calmed down quick and dictated the play for most of that period (from what I saw Ive been cooking)
  5. I just wanna see some goalie masks...
  6. some say that his year long disappearance was due to an alien abduction; all we know is he's called EviLeo

  7. Thanks Fogs, its been a while hasn't it. The last time I was active on the board our Boys went to the Playoffs; last year i missed out and so did they. It's like Im a lucky charm or something...?
  8. Oilers hockey. Was working up north most of the season last year, night shift and missed pretty much everything. But now, new job, no nights, can plunk down in front of the TV and scream like a meathead at EVERY SINGLE GAME. Oh, and rejoin my fellow fans on the Boards. Ahh, its good to be home.
  9. Some say when he gets excited, his nipples glow blue and orange.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo

  10. Some say that he naturally faces magnetic north, and that all of his legs are hydraulic.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo

    1. LAkid


      sometimes i can get the wifey looking at the Northern star also 

  11. Some say he's wanted by Greenpeace for some "actions" taken against a renegade narwhal.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo.

  12. Some say he's got a tattoo of his face, on his face.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo.

  13. The writing was on the wall last night, that's for sure. Now, the question remains, is LB our backup for good? I for one say no. I will agree he's proven he deserves it, and being up in the big club so Schwatrz can have more 1 on 1 time with him can't be bad. HOWEVER, if Talbot gets hurt, we could be staring down the barrel of an LB-Gus tandem, and I'll be perfectly honest, that scares the bejeepers outta me. In my opinion, we need to start no-so-quietly shopping around for a CAPABLE backup, and we need to start yesterday.
  14. Some say, he doesn't actually watch hockey, he's just a giant fan of Gene Principe.  All we know is, he's called EviLeo.

  15. Did I stumble on to the wrong thread? I'm sure this one was titled "Ryan Nugent-Hopkins"...
  16. No, it's not all Lucic, starts at 5:15, ends at 44:16
  17. https://art19.com/shows/roenick-life/episodes/b8350d08-fe2e-4568-9a05-3409f7c26a03 Great interview with Lucic. Seems like he's going to be a major voice in this locker room, he sounds like he really wants to be the one that changes the culture of the team, both on and off the ice. Man, I can't wait for opening night!!!
  18. Say what you will, but a line of Lucic-Hendricks-Kassian when things are getting a little chippy will sure quiet things down in a hurry
  19. Listening to the Shero interview on Leafs Lunch ( it popped up on my Facebook feed, gimme a break ) and he doesn't sound very confident in his defense without Larsson...he recogises he is getting a great player back in Hall, but sounds shaky when asked about what he is going to do about his newfound hole on the backend ( lol )
  20. http://www.tsn.ca/video/shero-breaks-down-hall-for-larsson~902367 Shero really has high praise for Larsson
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