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  1. OK i saw it from another angle Fog.... I can certainly see why they made the call now.
  2. looking at the replay, I can't see pads being pushed, at least in any meaningful way whatsoever. Ovie is outright furious. This is not going to be the end of this....
  3. lol funny! You are quite the good sport there 420... next will be better for both of us let's hope
  4. wow did Washington ever just get ripped off. That is going to cost them the series on a scored goal that was waived off because of the "Intent to blow" rule. terrible call.
  5. Lots of blame to pass around, yes. However this organization always lived by two rules. "It ain't our fault we are signing good players" and "we aren't winning, fire the coach" In fact the only people that always seemed to get a free pass from the management is in fact the roster that they assembled.
  6. I'm standing right beside you man.
  7. Apparently Mark Hunter has had a second interview.
  8. Once again we find ourselves having to put a warning in a thread. We absolutely will not permit abusive posts on this board. The name calling stops, now.
  9. After teasing us for years about our jersey tossers, there were three Flames jerseys tossed onto the ice in Calgary tonight. hashtag Karma.
  10. Hey all it's a month late but I just found out myself. Rival fan but awesome forum member here FlyerFan52 has passed away peacefully at home. He will be greatly missed.
  11. Look at it this way... Even after some of their fans (not 420 or Altfan of course) gloating how they won conference and were way better than us, and how we were such a horrible team. Even after they ran us down at every chance they could on their forums and in the media while giving the Flames all the love in the world. Even after that team pulled all their crap with ours on the ice... They still only won ONE more playoff game than we did this year. ROTFLMAO! Reminds me of the call i got last week from Giordano. He called me up and asked me to go for drinks with him and the team, he even said if I buy the first round of beers they'd pay for the rest of the night!! I of course said no, because everybody knows they never stay past the first round.
  12. https://nationalpost.com/sports/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers/jones-krueger-on-oilers-gm-job-thats-a-chapter-you-just-cant-reopen/wcm/1c243dc1-a6fb-4270-8c99-741544fbaf7c?video_autoplay=true
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