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  1. I agree, it would stand to reason that he would pick this team. His childhood favorite, a team proving to be on its way up, the best player in the world on the roster, his actual home town. One would think it's pretty much a given. Next question is, if (when) he picks Edmonton, what happens to the roster? He is a right shot right wing, exactly the same as Jesse P. My gut says management is planning on RV making the team next year with Foo taking his spot in the AHL.
  2. According to Glen Campbell the Oilers are in the running for Spencer Foo, the Edmonton right handed right winger who idolized the Oilers as a kid. This could be huge for us. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2017/04/spencer-expected-decision.html
  3. Hemer. I'm not trying to be rude, but you clearly do not understand what charging is. Yes it's a jump, nobody including me ever claimed it wasn't. However, the jumping motion occurred at the time of contact and Kassians feet had not left the ice yet until after contact was made with Couture. To be a charge the player has to leave the ice BEFORE making contact. Had Kassian done this, then yes it's a charge. But he didn't. Contact is clearly made before he left the ice.
  4. It's not worth arguing any more, but this is completely wrong. Contact was made before Kassian left the ice. He left the ice after contact because he hit Couture so hard that he went over top of him as Couture was going down to the ice. Hitting somebody really hard is not charging, a players actions prior to the hit make it charging. Kassian in this instance made no actions to call it a charge.
  5. I believe the rule is a player that takes more than three strides to make a hit without gliding before making contact, or leaving the feet before making contact. Kassian glided for at least 10 feet before making contact, and was still on his feet when contact was made. If the official would have called him for charging, the call would have been in error.
  6. you are down to talking about milliseconds now (despite the fact that contact is already being made in that picture), you and Hemer are seriously arguing that a charging should have been called based on that? Kassian did not leave his feet until after contact was made, period.
  7. ya ok man, you go with that.
  8. Again, I disagree. Here is a screenshot of the hit from the 26 second mark camera view:
  9. For starters, a still is the only way to get an IMAGE of a fast moving video. secondly, the image wasn't "cherry picked" it is a still taken at the exact moment of contact. There is no other possible image to pick other than the one at the exact moment of contact, so how you think it is "cherry picked" is absolutely mind boggling. The feet of both players are at the same vertical location in that picture. Kassian left the ice, but he didn't leave the ice until AFTER contact was made. And finally, if the picture isn't enough for you, here's the video, although I can't imagine why you couldn't just seek it out on your own.
  10. Kassian did not leave his feet. He didn't target the head, he didn't charge, he broke no rules of any kind. It was a perfectly clean hit.
  11. IGibb... despite how it may have appeared, I didn't actually mean or believe it was the "Best Idea Ever". It was a kneejerk reaction and it wan't posted as meaning I want to set a petition in place and force the officials to face cameras after a game. I fully understand that it would be an impossible endeavor, and one doomed to fail.
  12. at least the calls would be moderately fair and even.
  13. man I got the winner right and the goals right... but somehow my finger slipped when I pressed the 6 and the 7 got accidentally pressed instead.