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  1. Very heartwarming story, and congratulations on getting the stick Ryahnhoff! thanks!
  2. We never once had this game. We were down a goal a half a minute in and never even got back to even.
  3. chalk up another one tonight. This team is making a habit of it
  4. you guys Puljujarvi made several mistakes in that third period from giveaways to bad passes to being outright thrown to the ice. Should he have been on the 5 on 3? maybe so, but he played himself off of it beforehand.
  5. lesson learned... never let your guard down. Play hard and be on your game right from the opening faceoff What am I thinking, this bloody team gets taught the same lesson almost on a nightly basis and NEVER learns.
  6. Draisaitl is hot garbage tonight. he needs some time off man he's lost something and can't find it
  7. yup that post is all Mclellans fault.
  8. TM elected to go with experience. You need experience to stand at attention in a semi-circle that well.
  9. this team better wake the heck up. Toronto skating circles around us in our end and are right on us in their end. They played last night too, and are missing some key players too. Disgusted with how this team will play well one night and then just don't even bother showing up the next night. They should be ashamed of themselves, I'm certainly ashamed of them.
  10. By the looks of things thus far I think we will be lucky if we even score.
  11. win a game, nap for the next one. Awesome routine
  12. he had ten feet of room to shoot. we are already playing back in our end. gonna be a long night.
  13. Mathews was a game time decision and they decided to keep him out of the game. Too bad for Austin who is a blast to watch. they are only 4 points behind last years pace... they have more than a chance IMO
  14. Yup... I think we are only like 4 points off the pace from this same point in our season last year. This team can do it.
  15. You are absolutely correct here, and I've said the same. No GM should ever sit back and think "good enough", like ours appeared to have