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  1. bronco73

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  2. Thanks everybody! see you when I get back
  3. thanks! got every day booked solid so we are seeing pretty much everything there is to see lol haha.... I might just stay there to avoid the pain.
  4. thanks wish the Oil would allow me to leave on a high note lol. I'll take tons of pics and vids, I'm looking VERY forward to it
  5. New Zealand. Leaving Thursday
  6. all i wanted was one bloody win post-PC before I am gone for a month. so they lose 5 in a bloody row. I'll be honest I might not come back. So done with this crap.
  7. Connor right now would be nice
  8. hahah that's our once or twice a year last second goal!!!!
  9. well at least we got our standard 1 goal per game.
  10. detestible no movement whatsoever