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  1. Peter Chiarelli

    well yes Karlsson is A big trade being discussed right now and I have no doubt we are not in on those talks... but he did mention multiple trades floating around and the Oil are not in on any of them.
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    what also frustrates me is his quote from his media availability yesterday when he said "There's a few big deals being discussed around the NHL right now, and we're not involved in any of them" I really get the feeling he truly believes this year was nothing but misfortunes and bad luck, and that with a few tweaks he will have a great team. He's wrong.
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    I do agree, PC has made the team worse. I don't care about individual arguments about this trade making the team better or that trade filling a need... in the grand scheme of things this team has gone in the wrong direction. Last season was the outlier, this season shows us what we've got.
  4. Peter Chiarelli

    That's not what he said. He said he's willing to move some roster players at the deadline but he doesn't want picks coming back, he wants prospects or players that are NHL ready now or close to it, and goes on to say that IF he gets picks back for any players moved at the deadline then he would use those picks in the offseason to find NHL players.
  5. so you guys are saying I'm behind the times? I'm a fossil? A lemming??
  6. kopitar was pretty fast in his prime... Is Drai faster? definitely not yet but he's improved his skating a ton since being drafted so ya I could see him continuing that trend
  7. and I honestly agree with you. I was racking my brain trying to think of a comparable and Kopitar struck me as the closest... but ya Drai probably has not as much speed but better skills IMO
  8. Drai will soon = Kopitar in his prime
  9. Terrible aim from Klefbom there..... he missed the boards with that shot
  10. Peter Chiarelli

    what's wrong with that? SERIOUSLY? You've been preaching from the rafters for MONTHS how it's McLellans job to talk to the players, to motivate them, to MAKE them want to play hockey right..... now you are saying it's fine for players to not listen to him? wow man double standard or what?
  11. We were right (in my opinion only of course). Intentionally losing to get better picks is cheating in my books, and it promotes a losing culture that emanates through the entire organization. despicable.
  12. and so maddeningly frustrating. I will remain on my island, still getting both mad and upset when they lose, and still getting elated and emotional when they win. It's how I roll.
  13. and I would hope that it never does.
  14. honestly I'm getting to this point anyways. I know I keep harping on this, but this team gets screwed over every single night. There isn't a single game where they are called fair, or where the opponents don't get the benefit of a call, a ref review, a disallowed goal, or something. I'm at the point where I wish the Oilers to show a protest would just forgeit a game or not play, or stand on the ice to make a point. Why win when the league clearly doesn't want you to and will do what it can to not let you win.