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  1. makes sense, I just can't stand being a manager and having to sit players that are actually playing that night in order to keep under the max games played. Maybe we can just bump it up a little bit then?
  2. This happens all to often to this team too. Seems like former players always have something to prove. Heck Tobias Rieder scored more goals against us on one shorthanded penalty kill than he did the entire season playing for us. The problem with the Lucic trade though is beggars can't be chosers, we know or at least are pretty certain that this management was actively looking for trade partners for Lucic for quite some time, it is most likely that this trade was the best deal they could make. And frankly, it looks like a deal that should work out for both teams. The biggest question is will Neal come back to form or will he continue to slide. After looking at the lack of opportunities given to him in Calgary, my money is on a Neal resurgence closer to his former form.
  3. Yup I'd love tkachuk on the Oilers which is probably why I can't stand him on the Flames lol! I was a huge Tkachuk cheerleader when he was drafted, I badly wanted the Oilers to take him. He has that edge that the Oilers are almost devoid of. It will be interesting to watch how Tkachuk does as he matures and gets more experience in the league for sure.
  4. Honestly I think that Gaudreau and Drai would produce far more than Monahan and Gaudreau do. Monahan is a great all around hockey player but I think Drai has better playmaking and scoring touch so to me it's a wash. While McDavid can bump up anybody's numbers, Drai and McDavid seem to fit very well together while I don't see Tkachuk/Mcdavid as such a great fit. When Tkachuk is along the boards digging his stick into somebody's ribs to try and draw another penalty McDavid would be looking around the ice for where his winger went while trying to make a play to the net. McDavid and Tkachuk just don't play the same style while Drai and McDavid do. They think the game the same way, I just don't see Tkachuk as that type of a player. He'd be awesome to have on our team and we all know it, but I sure wouldn't sacrifice Drai to make that happen. IMO Drai is markedly better than Tkachuk at this point.
  5. late to the table, but on the Draisaitl/Tkachuk comparisons according to NHL stats in 2019 Goals Drai 50 Tkachuk 34 Assists Drai 55 Tkachuk 43 PTS Drai 105 Tkachuk 77 PTS/Game played Drai 1.28 Tkachuk 0.96 Shorthanded G-A-P Drai 3-0-3 Tkachuk 0-0-0 Hits Drai 57 Tkachuk 104 PPG Drai 16 Tkachuk 11 PPA Drai 13 Tkachuk 13 Shots Drai 231 Tkachuk 207 SH% Drai 21.6 Tkachuk 16.4 FO% Drai 50.5 Tkachuk 46.2 TOI Drai 22:35 Tkachuk 17:36 GWG Drai 5 Tkachuk 2 Shifts/Game Drai 25.9 Tkachuk 21.2 Blocked shots Drai 26 Tkachuk 13 PIM Drai 52 Tkachuk 62 So the only thing Tkachuk outperformed Draisaitl in was PIM (personally I'd rather have my guy actually ON the ice) and hits, approximately 0.5 hits per game more than Draisaitl. This despite Tkachuk playing on a superior team that scored way more, won way more, and went to the playoffs as conference champions. I think as far as what each player brings to the table, Draisaitl is unquestionably the better choice. I shudder to think how dominant Draisaitl would be if the two players had swapped the teams they play for.
  6. Yup. It's not like we haven't seen that story many times before with it's awful ending
  7. He played the bulk of his time on the third line with Bennet and Jankowski, neither of which were very impressive, and the defenders he played with were mostly valimaki and anderssen. He wasn't just expected to score with that line, he was expected to be THE scoring. He was set up to fail in Calgary after a very short stint with Gaudreau and Monahan that didn't work out. But what does stand out is he took 141 shots last year in Calgary, which is quite a bit for a third liner. his scoring was down, his shooting percentage was way down, and he played with energy guys not known for scoring prowess. I was never going to work like that. But, IF he can mesh with either of our top two lines, look out.
  8. This simple graphic is very telling. We could have a real diamond here.
  9. Here's a better look at the leaked 3'd jersey. I still like Bl4nkf4ce's way better lol
  10. I LOVE this jersey. Well done Bl4nkf4ce!
  11. That I do agree with. I'm no fan of the new orange, the previous deeper orange to me was far more appealing
  12. a white background on the crest, and maybe a white strip centering the orange strips on the arms with another complimenting the ones on the bottom and wrists and that would be a nice jersey
  13. it's deeper than that even. Apparently so often we was so absolutely clueless on the ice that some players even requested to not play on his line.
  14. Yahoo sends us an email when things are getting ready to go, usually towards the end of August
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