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  1. This is very debatable. I agree they play a very different style, which makes any actual comparison very subjective. Crosby is a beast along the boards and with possession time. He sees the ice exceptionally well and knows exactly where he needs to be all the time McDavid drives the net. His strength is his blazing speed and ability to control and dangle the puck at light speed. His ability to be at the right spot before opponents even realize he's headed there are what give him the time and space needed to create scoring chances. So, who's better? I'd say McDavids style will gift him with more career points. the con is that like we saw in the playoffs, a dedicated "shadow" from the opponents that take away his time and space will limit his ability to score. Crosby's style gives his entire line more possession time and room to play. The con there is that the physical demands of his playing style results in more injured time off, and could shorten his career, he's already one head shot away from calling it a career.
  2. I think that's the biggest difference though. Some players take it upon themselves, and Draisaitl is one of them, to work on making themselves better. They don't need to be told, they actually strive to be better. Some players however seem to believe they already have what it takes and take no further initiative to improve.
  3. he's amazing. You can tell he wants to be the best and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Works his butt off, and it shows in how vast his improvement in every aspect of the game has been. There are passengers on this roster that should take note.
  4. I don't care what anybody says, I will go to my grave knowing we were robbed at 9 wins
  5. haha... lots of or's and I love it!
  6. mine too but I just keep falling further and futher
  7. So to be clear, you are advocating getting rid of Darnel Nurse at all costs, yet doing everything possible to keep Nugent Hopkins? and you are saying this with a straight face?
  8. This thread has been reduced to little more than bickering, there is no real purpose to it any more. Thread locked.
  9. totally agree. It stings every time I watch Cogliano moving like the wind all over the ice.
  10. In my opinion he is the clear winner of the Vezina. Too bad he plays in the west and for the Oilers, thus he won't even get a participation ribbon.
  11. next year WHEN they are gone and replaced with other names, you will be eating crow.
  12. Congrats to the Ducks man, they wanted this game more. Hell of a series for sure.
  13. He wore skates, that's about as far as that went. Imagine getting three guys that can bruise and produce with those three contracts. The Oilers would be unstoppable.
  14. Nothing to be upset about man. This is the first year of the REAL rebuild. Peter Chiarelli has built a real team with real coaching and I guarantee he isn't done yet. This team took us to within 1 game of the final four in that first year. Hell of a future coming for this team, book it.