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  1. Random Oilers stuff

    yup I heard that too. I'm partial to the orange.
  2. Random Oilers stuff

    Congratulations to Milan and his wife Brittany on the birth of their son.
  3. Year End reflection

    Yup. This year was an epic failure, and it cannot be put on one person or one aspect of the team. The entire organization failed us.
  4. Oilers sign Koskinen

    The rumors were true, and the Oilers did in fact agree to terms with Mikko Koskinen on a 1 year deal.
  5. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Maroon, Lucic, Kassian as well. They needed to be way better than they played.
  6. Oilers 2018/2019 potential drafts

    You have a good point, but I don't see our cap situation as dire as you and others IMO, and in any case I think it's best to wait and see just where the cap gets set before we judge ourselves to be in cap hell. That being said the intent wasn't just to say "move picks for roster players period", package deals are always a good option. A high pick and/or existing roster player and/or prospect could be a really good package to either move up in the draft or find and existing player to improve our roster.
  7. Oilers 2018/2019 potential drafts

    or try to trade them for immediate gains.
  8. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    bouchard has everything we are desperate for in a D, if he drops a spot or two we might just get lucky on him.
  9. Oilers 2018/2019 potential drafts currently ranked 8'th. if he slips out of some radar he could come available to us.
  10. Oilers acquire Talbot

    what a cinderella story hey? trade away all of their vet stars for a young basically unknown team who were not even supposed to be close to a playoff spot.. and here they are making waves. And a great team for years to boot. GO CANES GO!!!!
  11. Oilers acquire Talbot

    His first year here he stopped 917 out of every thousand shots he faced. The next year he stopped 919 out of every thousand. Honestly I wouldn't call allowing 2 more goals on every thousand shots faced far worse than the following year. Meh, we are really just arguing semantics here. We both know what needs to be done to start fixing this team lol
  12. Oilers acquire Talbot

    The point wasn't to predict an exact save percentage that he will achieve next year. You'd need a crystal ball for that, and if we had that ability we'd be buying lotto numbers instead of talking in here. The point is to show that this year is the outlier. He's better, he knows it. His history proves it. I agree, get him a reliable backup, which is what the management seems to be looking at doing right now. But don't assume Cam cannot or will not bounce back to his normal play because of one bad year. Fix the real problem, the D in front of him, before we "fix" his goaltending.
  13. Oilers acquire Talbot

    This is the reason he *SHOULD* bounce back: 2017/2018 is literally the worst season that Cam has ever had. THIS one is the outlier. He's better than he showed us this year, and he knows it. I am willing to show a little faith in him.
  14. Oilers acquire Talbot
  15. Oilers acquire Talbot

    I understand your misgivings, and frankly I have the same ones as I alluded to. But honestly 30 is not "old" for a goaltender. They typically don't really become fully developed until around 27/ 28 or so.