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  1. lol how we supposed to argue when you end it so politely... you are too nice!
  2. I'm hard on players when they play poorly too. But when they play well they don't deserve to be dumped on IMO. I've been very hard on Nugetn hopkins in the past but this year he is playing well and deserves to be commended for it.
  3. 9 wins 3 losses against Chicago is meh? ok then.
  4. Nugget seems to be holding his own now though
  5. yup, could be jussi's last season as an NHL'er
  6. what a gorgeous goal man. Outworked and outhustled 3 players at once. beautiful
  7. well every team seems to play clean against us so we wont be seeing any power play time
  8. well they can't really skate and generate any less so ya
  9. those new penalty whistles where they call everything on slashes and hooks et that were supposed to help us so much? We are third last in the league for power play opportunities this year.
  10. Yam is working his tail off at least.
  11. TB we can't even get possession of the puck
  12. in his defense, the whole team has been useless thus far in this game
  13. you are famous we've had 1 game so far this season where this team has scored the first goal
  14. lol.... injury disclosure from NHL clubs is more secretive than area 51 it seems. It's nuts haha!
  15. that's awesome! have a good time!