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  1. truth
  2. Totally get you JT, and honestly I just see this as a difference of opinion. I see two players that needed a change of scenery to possibly find their game again. You won't be viewed (at least by me) as a Strome hater. You are taking the same position on this trade that I took on the Hall/Larsson trade. I didn't hate Larssen, I hated the trade. I was dead wrong of course but that is neither here nor there. I'm with you, I hope to heck the trade works out, I'm just of the viewpoint that at worst this trade will keep this team at status quo.
  3. 4x4 is too long and too much IMO
  4. JT you are really confusing me lately lol. My post that you replied to had zero to do with Strome fighting. OJF said that Strome will give us what Eberle gave us, but it will cost us 3.5 million less. I said he and Fog were right. That has nothing to do with Strome fighting, or nurse fighting, or posting videos. It was a comparison that THEY made with Eberle, and I agreed with them.
  5. This post here says it all. You and Fog are bang on.
  6. There is still hope, we have Yakupov!
  7. already been spoken about OJF, feel free to look up at this post: but thanks for telling me how to do it the right way
  8. yup, Strome is just as soft as Eberle. Yuppers.
  9. I remember saying that very thing. I'm not about to say it this time. History has been littered with high potential disappointments that got traded for a fresh start and became stars. A wait and see attitude is the way to play this one.
  10. I think it's poor discussion when people tell others to "fact check" their arguments when they themselves haven't done the "fact checking" either. Not one thing I said in my reply to you was factually in error. Further to that, I said nothing about defensive play for either player. I said nothing about "softness" for either player. BOTH players have struggled, and both are in need of a fresh start. The intangibles are really there and are as I stated. Strome really IS bigger, stronger, faster, has more desire, and does score fewer points than Eberle. If you want to bring softness into the discussion, I'm fine with that. But you had better be prepared to defend why Eberle has less than half the hits per game than Strome does. Strome is 257 hits in 258 games, while Eberle has only 275 hits in 507 games. and your trade "fact" is a complete falsehood and you know it. Chia traded a first and a second for a player that he did not protect and got claimed by vegas. Oh well. What we DID do though is trade Jordan Eberle's incredibly weak play and attitude for somebody with fewer points but is bigger, stronger and faster with more heart.
  11. lol... I'll miss the bare chested guitar selfie for sure
  12. How? When the Oilers traded Hall for Larssen your argument in bringing in Lucic was that those moves were necessary and Lucic was more than just points, that the game he plays would make the team better. You were right of course, but what I don't understand is why the reversal now with this trade? Strome is bigger than Eberle, stronger, faster, more physical and scores around 1 point every 4 games less than Eberle? Maybe Strome gets fewer points than Eberle, but the team will be better with him on this roster than Eberle. He will "mesh" better with this roster.
  13. worse? I'm sorry but I don't see how anybody can see Strome as a worse player for THIS team.
  14. In light of Eberle's recent trade, we will be moving this thread to the general NHL forum shortly. We will leave it up for a day or two for people to complete their discussions and then move it. Thanks for everything Jordan Eberle, and best wishes in New York, you are moving to a team that fits perfectly with your style of game!
  15. So the one and only person to be fined by the league for diving this year is the very one that wins the lady byng? hashtag whatajoke