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  1. bronco73

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  2. Thanks everybody! see you when I get back
  3. thanks! got every day booked solid so we are seeing pretty much everything there is to see lol haha.... I might just stay there to avoid the pain.
  4. thanks wish the Oil would allow me to leave on a high note lol. I'll take tons of pics and vids, I'm looking VERY forward to it
  5. New Zealand. Leaving Thursday
  6. all i wanted was one bloody win post-PC before I am gone for a month. so they lose 5 in a bloody row. I'll be honest I might not come back. So done with this crap.
  7. Drai is so deceptive
  8. fun overtime DO IT GAG!
  9. Connor right now would be nice
  10. hahah that's our once or twice a year last second goal!!!!
  11. well at least we got our standard 1 goal per game.
  12. detestible no movement whatsoever