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  1. The LA Kings have bought out the remaining 2 years of Dione Phaneuf's contract. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/kings-buy-contract-defenseman-dion-200236963.html
  2. Perron wasn't rejected by the Oilers, it was the other way around. That being said, I'm still happy for both of them, and especially for St. Louis for ending the drought.
  3. Exactly. It's a ridiculously stupid trade idea.
  4. This exactly. I'd be furious at a RNH for Petry trade. Aside from the fact that for the first time in a long time with this team our D prospects and pool are actually looking pretty good, let's just look at how things will have come to fruition with this RNH for Petry trade: So... we trade Petry to Montreal for a second and a fourth (A ridiculously stupid trade to start with, and I said that back then) Then we trade that second round pick to the Rags for Talbot who we traded to Philly for Shane Starrett, and take Caleb Jones with the fourth. Now we trade Ryan Nugent Hopkins to Montreal to get Petry back So, as far as I can tell when all the dust is settled we essentially trade RNH.. a first overall pick averaging 60 points per season, hard working two way centerman for Caleb Jones and Shane Starrett. And we all sit here and wonder why this team can never gain any traction. Sorry but this trade idea is ridiculous.
  5. Personally I don't like that deal at all. Where's the benefit? Is it because Lucic is getting old? Well Neal is older is it because Lucic can't score? Well Neal got ONE goal more than Lucic despite taking 70 more shots than Lucic, and Lucic had more assists. Is it because Lucic is snakebit? Well Neal shot a 5% this year while Lucic shot 8% Lucic's bad +- ? Neals is worse. Neal is tough? He had 46 hits this year compared with Lucic's 259. Is it because Lucic is bad on the power play? Well he scored the same amount of PP goals as Neal this year Blocking? Lucic had more. Lucic outplayed Neal in every stat category except one and in most of them quite handily and the only stat he lost in was goals... by only ONE goal on half the shots, despite playing a minute and a half less TOI per game than Neal. All this, yet Lucic played on a worse team, while Neal played for the conference champions. dumping current slumping roster players for has been's is exactly what got us in this predicament in the first place. It's time to break that trend. If a trade doesn't make you better in the present or the future, you don't make the trade.
  6. Might take a while to get back to form, but I think he can do it. We all loved what we saw before his injury, and I'm looking forward to watching that Sekera again
  7. Fitness level and skill level are two different aspects of a players game.
  8. Including Tippet? That number would be 9.
  9. For certain? I don't. However I do know that the media reports that he does, and his team mates say that he does, and that's as much as I know. However, the converse could also be asked of you, how do you know it isn't true? In either case Lucic is still worth more than Eriksson every day of the week. Lucic still makes the starting roster on every team in the league, Eriksson would have a hard time getting a PTO.
  10. exactly. Eriksson doesn't even want to play any more. If the idea is to unload a person that is perceived to be unmotivated to play at a high level, why move him for somebody who has zero interest whatsoever in playing at ANY level. It's a ridiculous trade idea that I wish would just go away. I agree with Deutch. Lucic is very motivated to play. His problem isn't his desire. He puts in the time and effort, in the off season he works hard to be in form. I think we see a resurgence from Lucic this coming season. (Yes for full disclosure I did say that last off season too lol)
  11. bronco73


    My God what an amazing comeback!!!! YES RAPS!!!! Leonard is the best player in the league right now, but Lowry is the heart and soul of that team. GO RAPS GO!!!!! WIN THAT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!
  12. apparently Hakstol is a favorite candidate to become one of his assistants.
  13. I'm hoping and trusting that JP's hip injury was his biggest hindrance to success. Since the surgery was successful I'm betting on a huge comeback for him this year.
  14. and don't you eberlet them forget it!
  15. Word is Tippet will sign and the announcement comes tomorrow.
  16. Everybody. Recently there was a video posted here that contained content that goes against this forums rules and regulations. Please remember that the rules of this forum extend to everything you quote, link, and post.
  17. I wouldn't be giving up on Yamamoto yet. the other three I will be happy to see leave. But.... had Rieder only scored 10-12 goals it would have been a completely different story
  18. Holland has great history with European players, and we have 3 Swedes on our team already, plus can guarantee him more ice than CGY can. I like our chances.
  19. pretty good read on our assumed new coach https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-look-dave-tippett-according-ex-players/
  20. yup, too bad, I would have had him on my shortlist too.
  21. AV signed on as head coach in Philadelphia like a month ago.
  22. yup, firing Krueger over skype, are you kidding me? that was outrageously bad. And then thedarkangel said that Tambellini is the worst and he could be right too, although how can we even call ST a GM when he didn't even make any GM moves.. at all. Senior VP of sitting on hands might be a better title for him lol. How sad is it when it's been so bad that we can't even agree on who was the worst GM because they were all THAT bad. very sad.
  23. http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Craig_MacTavish/184 http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Peter_Chiarelli/284 This is entirely subjective, but look over MacTavish's trades and tell me one trade that shows he should be outright fired and never allowed near a hockey rink again. The worst one I can see is Dubnyk for Hendricks, but Dubnyk was an absolute trash fire for us at the time and Hendricks was a heck of a leader, or Perron for Klinkhammer but Perron demanded a trade out so he was handcuffed.... then look at Chiarelli's and tell me if you can even keep that same bad trades count under 5. Schultz to PGH for nothing (if we count the Dubnyk trade we have to count this one), 1st and 2nd for Reinhart, Hall for Larsson, Eberle for Strome then Strome for Spooner, Davidson for Deharnais, Maroon for Dudek, Caggiula for manning, WAY overpaying for Lucic... And those are just the worst of the worst. Neither GM could find a home run king to boost a bad roster, but MacT took a bad team and kept it treading water. Chiarelli took a bad team and made it worse, way worse. Again, I know it's subjective and I know trades are viewed differently by everybody, but Peter Chiarelli seemed to be wilfully and purposefully making this team worse. MacTavish at least seemed to care and when he made trades they weren't on a whim and a handshake and his moves were an honest attempt at making the roster better, rather than Chiarelli's strategy of waiting till midnight and throwing those crooked plastic darts at the one remaining half inflated balloon on the last night that the carnival is in town.
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