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  1. pillotte

    Oilers vs Devils March 13

    What I've seen is his puck handling has improved, skating is much much smoother and more efficient. That being said he is still young and I'd have a tendency to maybe point a finger at some of the other players that have not played to their expected level ( Lucic, Benning, Nurse, Larsson, Koskinen, Rattie, PJ, Rieder, Russell. In addition I don't believe that even McDavid has been as consistent as he has been in the past. How many times this past season has his man been able to get free and score from in front. The only players that have been consistent or maybe playing at a higher level Drai, Nuge, Klefbom, Cave and a couple of more. But back to JJ, he can't play in a top 6 position, the play develops to quickly. I agree about the scraps, but it could be he plays with an injury not sure but the last fight he didn't really bring it, but neither did Lucic when he fought. In the past when he fought the other player would look like he's been in an accident. Don't want to give up on him yet.
  2. pillotte

    Oilers vs Devils March 13

    Mess you and I will probably never agree on Kharia which is ok. I've seen some good improvement this year with JJ (IMO). Will he ever be a top 6 - no. Which is probably why when he gets elevated to a top 6 position things don't work well for him. He is and will always be a bottom 6 player - one that provides some grit, toughness and can once in awhile chip in with goals.
  3. pillotte

    What has changed since the 2016/17 season?

    One of the ingredients that is now gone is Hendricks - which is probably why Winnipeg brought him back from Minny. The guy is a leader on and off the ice. He leads by example and raises everyone's game to another level of effort. When PC let him go a large piece of heart left and now someone has to replace that ingredient. At this time I really don't see which if any player is providing it. I'm not talking of skill I'm talking of someone that doesn't have the skill nor talent but leads by effort giving everything he has, by blocking shots or by protecting his teammates backs. Hendricks was that guy we had him and let him slip away.
  4. pillotte

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    OK Missed your connotation regarding turning on the jets like Hemsky.
  5. pillotte

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    Are you kidding me about Hemsky?? The only time our goaltenders spoke or saw Hemsky was in warm up, after that he never came into our zone. McDavid is twice the player Hemsky ever was. McDavid is learning a game now ( 200 foot) that Hemsky chose never to learn,did'n't like the corners because they were too scary.That statement is one of the most ridiculous I've ever heard on this board.
  6. pillotte


    I am definitley NOT a Benning fan - never have been never will be - BUT last nite I have to give him some kudo's. He did play a decent game. Didn't see any real bonehead plays and he even blocked a shot. Now that blocked shot was: he either stepped in something and slipped in front of the shooter or he just couldn't get out of the way, but he did block a shot good for him.
  7. The Canucks seem to know exactly how to play the Oilers, be patient and wait for us to try and push the offense, then they seem to be able to score. Markstrom is playing as well as any goaltender in the entire league right now, so patience and lots of shots, both screened and tipped. Their defense is not particularly big but they do move the puck well. Watched that game last night against the Leafs, fast both ways with the "Nucks winning in O/T so we need this game in regulation. If we do lose it will be extremely tough to catch up to anybody above us in the standings.
  8. pillotte


    Thank You! Those are my exact points - he is a detriment to this team. I do not understand why they're not playing Gravel unless he can only play on the left side.
  9. pillotte


    Best way to avoid the majority of them is to get rid of Benning
  10. He's still a piece of crap
  11. pillotte

    Wish list additions - 2019

    I LIKE IT !! Billpayor for GM!!!!
  12. If Benning's playing it'll be 6-2 Columbus and he'll be on for 3- 4 against.
  13. pillotte

    The Next Coach

    He gave more than enough rope for JP, what exactly has he had to work with young wise that PC left him with? Nothing more than waiver picks and over paid players that left our cap in a mess.
  14. pillotte

    Confirmed : Spooner for Gagner

    Next year or 2 Khaira will be the next Simmonds at a lot less $
  15. pillotte

    Oilers at Senators Feb 28

    Or maybe he afraid of skating over his tongue