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  1. It is (was) frustrating to watch what's going on on the ice. McD getting mugged and no one responded. Does Gaudreau and Monahan have a "you can't hit me" sign on their back? If they take liberties with McD splatter the little b-----d against the boards somewhere. Didn't see much emotion anywhere. I know when Hitch answered the q about McD getting abused and his response of "he can take care of himself" was only a no start fire answer. We have the best player IN THE WORLD and we'd better look after him, because eventually he's going to get injured (hopefully not seriously) and then is not the time to say "We should have,,,,,,,". Carolina watched the game last night I'm sure and saw that nothing was done so we'll continue with the same game plan as Calgary with McD. The positive is we've got games in hand and we're only 1 point out of the playoffs. Come on boys old time hockey let's go!!!!!!!!
  2. We're hooped - Benning's in
  3. pillotte


  4. pillotte

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    A lot of teams (Winnipeg, Calgary particularly ) use a man in the mid slot who can one time the puck. What it appears the Oilers have done is to use a 2 man in front, one man in the low slot and the last man covering the points. It's a 1 - 1 - 2 type formation. Winnipeg bring the puck down from the point to a man in the corner or closer to the net who then makes a quick pass to that man in the mid slot Usually Scheffle from Winnipeg or Monahan from Calgary. This setup stops or doesn't allow that play to develop. Next time watch Winnipeg if that pass across to Laine isn't available the they'll go to the Sheffle play down low. Th 3 men down lower form a triangle which simply rotates back and forth wherever the puck travels. It is also effective in stopping the puck from a cross ice pass to the winger set up for a one timer like Laine or Ovechkin do.
  5. pillotte


    One of the main reasons he does get injured is the fact he gets involved in the play. His last injury was simply blocking a shot, which unfortunately caught him in the hand. The only one that was not related to his involvement was his foot becoming infected and the subsequent blood poisoning situation, his laces had cut into the ankle and became infected.
  6. pillotte


    Jones over the last few games has been struggling - one on ones, picking up wrong man, out of position. Looks like he's been working with Benning (lol). Maybe just have him sit a bit once we get some of our D back healthy. He is going to be very good for us. but let him sit and get some confidence back.
  7. pillotte

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Hope I'm wrong but I just don't see him getting much better than he is now. If Hitch has to teach him what to do and where to go at this level - I'm sorry but maybe we could use him as an asset and trade while he has some value.
  8. pillotte


    If there was any positive in Klef's injury was the accelerated development of Nurse. After Klef returns (hopefully to the level prior to his injury) Nurse's game will give us a pretty solid 1st and 2nd unit D corp. Then we wont have to watch Benning cr-p himself and turn pucks over in our end so much. Even better Petrovich and Manning could be our 3rd pairing which would be great and ship Benning over to the KHL.
  9. pillotte

    GDT: SABRES @ OILERS 01/14/19, 7pm MST, SNW

    Benning's playing - we're done!
  10. pillotte


    McD may have been advised by Orr (who is in town) to phone in sick. If he doesn't play tonite it might be "oh oh"
  11. pillotte

    Where's this train headed..?

    If Orr is in town to tell Katz and the boys "either get this mess going in the right direction or we're outa here" that should get somebody's attention. Connor can't keep carrying this wreck much longer.
  12. pillotte

    GDT: Coyotes @ Oilers - Sat, Jan 12.19 8PM (MT) SN

    We're in trouble Bennings playing - no more to be said.
  13. 4 games in 6 nights on the road. Game over at 10:30 - on the bus to the airport at midnite. Arrive at destination and into bed at 3am. Up at 9:00am for breakfast team meeting and pregame skate back to hotel for a pregame meal and a pregame nap. On the bus to the rink by 4:00 pm. Game time 7:00pm Then do it all over again. Physical conditioning has absolutely nothing to do with what Hitch was referring to. It is mental tiredness as well as a body that overall is just plain tired. The western teams have a distinct disadvantage with the distances between cities.
  14. pillotte

    Where's this train headed..?

    Exactly and half way through the ride ya wanna throw up lol
  15. pillotte

    Where's this train headed..?

    This is OUTSTANDING - Congratulations on this. Your only point that I have to think more about is your position on the elimination of the red line. It did open the game up from the constant trapping by teams. That was like trying to watch a game being played in glue. This game has evolved with the players being bigger, the speed is incredible, more skilled, they are never ever out of shape, they are technically almost perfect. The only thing I feel that would improve our game and eliminate some of the injuries ( particularly concussions) would be to take out the first row of seats in every rink and make the surface larger and more room. The owners of course wouldn't go along with this because of a loss in revenue and it's not their butt out there. We're playing our game in 2019 on an ice surface from the 1920's. 100 years ago. Back then they played with 6 skaters but as the game got faster they cut the extra player out to 5 skaters. Well done on your comments!!