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  1. Exactly correct. You can't import "leadership" it has to earned by sacrificing your body (blocking shots or standing up for your teammates) while on the ice. Once that's "earned" then and only then can that "leader" start to say things in the room. And yes Matt Hendricks was a perfect example of that. leader, he gave everything he had every time he played. When we lost him (thanks Peter) that really hurt us.
  2. pillotte


    Ooow! Good one (lol) Naw Don't really care for Red Wine. My only real point was that Hitch came in at a time when the Oilers were struggling and a change had to be made. He came out of retirement and by his own admission really wanted to coach the Oil because of him being from here, they were in trouble and he thought he could help. The accusations of his demanding Manning are without any basis and I don't believe that to be factual. Your statement of our unable to withstand 2 injuries is absolutely right on and pinning that on PC and the OBC I believe is true. The trade for Manning was ridiculous in giving up Cags. We probably could have had him for maybe 4th round if our new GM was at the throttle. Now we are on a new path with a very good management in place. I like the selection of Tippett. Now on to the draft. Next season is gonna be great as we now have some stability and the OBC is evaporating slowly.
  3. pillotte


    Unless you were in the meeting between Hitch and PC you have no idea what went on. It was at a time when 2 D were down (Klef and Russell) and we needed replacements. Hitch probably went to PC to find out what could be done and what was available with no room cap wise. Petrovic and Manning were NHL defensemen and available to temporarily fill the holes. Dumping on Hitch is ridiculous by saying he demanded Manning. If you remember we went 9 straight when Hitch took over then -Bang! - injuries to our weakest area hit as well our goaltending went in the cr--per. People were saying that when Hitch took over MCD and Drai's game would suffer because he's too defensive minded. All Hitch said was their games will become a 200 foot game with more touches of the puck. H-m-m-m-m Mcd and Drai had their most successful season's EVER. If you're going to be critical of someone then at least get the facts correct from a reliable source and not just hear say over a coffee or several beers.
  4. OOPS forgot - Thanks
  5. Another player in this coaching selection just may be Alain Vigneault. Has has had reasonably successful career, knows offensive hockey and seems to get his players to "buy in". All coaches do move around and obviously after a time the players seem to tune out.
  6. Each and every time an NHL player steps on to the ice he is taking a risk of injury. If he doesn't then he will not be playing in the NHL. McDavid's risk of injury is even higher and is probably the highest of all players due to his approach to the game and particularly his speed. The event was a hockey play, which could have been even worse should he have gone into the boards. The net moved which helped minimize the damage. We've all seen players going into the boards and snapping ankles, fracturing legs and tearing knee ligaments, which would have required major surgery. This injury is minor compared to what have could been and will certainly not inhibit his game in any way. We all blame Giordano, we can't, he is paid to play at his highest level, his instinct is to defend, which is what he did and it doesn't matter if it was game #1 or game #82. He feels bad about what did happen due to a meaningless game.
  7. Geez Mess you and I will never agree on JJK but I guess we'll have to wait until next season. By the way how's the little one?
  8. Unfortunately I do agree with you on his slight improvement. HOWEVER he still is not an NHL level skater and consistently is beaten to the puck, way way to slow.
  9. Thanks Bronco - Just curious if we can bring him up before next season
  10. Didn't want to start a new thread. Should the London Knights get knocked out of their playoffs would Bouchard be able to join the Condors in their playoffs?
  11. This has nothing to do with this thread but I didn't want to start one just for this question. If the London Knights get knocked out early can Bouchard go to the Condors for their playoffs?
  12. Yes I really would like to see Hitch return and coach this team from start to finish. Hopefully if he does coach he will have a large part of the input as to which, what and who players we select not only in the draft but also free agency and any trades. Only then would we have a true NHL caliber team. As of right now I believe there is too much space between our top 5 and the next level of talent on our roster.
  13. Evidently Hitchcock has been signed for 2 years with the Oilers. He will be in some capacity. It will be decided by the new GM if he wants him back to coach. If you have a choice what would you assign Hitchcock to.
  14. Why is it then he continually makes bonehead errors at critical points of the game. His skating is not good both too slow and does fall down a lot. His coverage in front is terrible and continually lets the opposition inside rather than boxing out. Is out of position continually and always gives the puck up at crucial times (panics). In tonights game focus on him when he is in our end and watch what the Blue Jackets try to do with him ( make him handle the puck, then pressure). The main reason his +/- is higher is he's not on the ice (minutes), he plays against the bottom opposition, and rides on McD / Drai's back because Larsson, Klefbom and Nurse are on the ice against the top lines.
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