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  1. Does anyone know if the 2015 Young Stars classic is being streamed or televised?
  2. With another season down the toilet and the Oilers showing no improvement, we need to find something the Oilers are good at... Time for an Arctic Circle update! Honourable mentions: BOYD GORDON -11 TAYLOR HALL -11 (even as leading point getter on Oilers) Now for the leaderboard: ANTON BELOV -14 (this guy made team Russia? no wonder they tanked) ANDREW FERENCE -14 (turn over machine at key times) RYAN SMYTH -15 (wily old vet can still keep up with the pack) JEFF PETRY -15 (key cog of the Oilers defence plug-ification program) JORDAN EBERLE -15 (sigh? so much promise at one point) JESSE JOENSUU -16 (ouch) JUSTIN SCHULTZ -17 (this offensive defensemen leaks like a sieve) RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS -17 (chilling on a number of levels) SAM GAGNER -20 (arctic circle club veteran) AND our leader (not only team but LEAGUE WIDE)! NAIL YAKUPOV -33 (draft bust)
  3. Time for an Arctic Circle update! Last couple of games have definitely cooled things off for some of our leaderboard. Taylor Hall -7 (chomping at the ice block to get back into the lineup) Ales Hemsky -9 (witness to some pretty icy numbers in his time, shows the new guys how it is done) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins -9 (the Nudge continues to slide in at -9) Nail Yakupov -10 (ice solid contender) Justin Shultz -10 (last year's champion at a chilling -17 and now trying to separate from the pack) And these guys are holding their own against the overall league leaders: Nail Yakupov -10 Justin Shultz -10 Marc Stall -11 Mike Weber -12 And just think, Winter is coming...
  4. This years leaderboard for the Oilers Arctic Circle club. Look for ongoing updates! Ryan Smyth -4 Andrew Ference -5 Justin Shultz -6 (last year's champion at a chilling -17) Taylor Hall -7 Ales Hemsky -8 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins -9 Can anyone reach the bone chilling numbers 2009-2010 when Patrick O'Sullivan hit a league leading, all-star -35! They must still be thawing out from that season. Anyhow, I could care less how anyone analyzes them. Read into this stat what you will. This is meant to have at least some fun with what has been another disastrous and disappointing start to a season. Might as well find some humour in this mess that is the Oilers.
  5. And he is still here because the owner has a man-crush on him and wants to give him a blumpkin.
  6. Well, the Oilers have inspired me once again to go and take a dump. Time to go and fire out a greaser...
  7. The "kids" are just going to grow up to be glorified line plugs.
  8. This team was built for another time and another league. I expect to hear the same old drivel from coaching and management about this mess. Just wait. It is early in the season. We will be decent soon. We just need to "learn". What a joke. This has been dragging on for way too long. Looks like this rebuild is going the way of the Atlanta Thrasher rebuild. Flush.
  9. All overrated anyhow. Just comes with getting drafted high and playing on a team that is extremely thin on talent.
  10. Total deja vu from just a couple of seasons ago. Guess never too early to start planning for the draft. So, who can these clowns draft number #1 since that is the only thing they know how to do.
  11. Maybe Eakins can take them out for a jog tomorrow.
  12. This franchise is a joke. Can they just disband these clowns and get a whole new organization in place. This entire outfit is an absolute embarrassment.
  13. This team needs a lot of "legitimate" things. Center, scorer, goalie, defenceman, coach, GM, etc, etc
  14. Same old, same old. This Oilers team is just brutal. It is like a pre-school fire drill out there. This is an ownership, player, coaching and management problem. It takes a lot of parts to make a super loser like the Oilers. Brutal. Hire a rookie NHL GM and a rookie NHL coach. Great move morons.
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