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    Lucic is one the 1st line????
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    Who will score first?

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    20 games in 30th place

    I think this is the bottom line. All I read on here is rationalizing. Blah blah, "visually better", "losing by 1 goal", "injuries". Same old stuff, year after year. We are LAST PLACE people. AGAIN. Totally, utterly, unacceptable. And yet, Kevin Lowe and MacT are still around. Howson - I have no idea. When the Oilers talk about accountability, they need to look at themselves in the mirror. These jokers have made this organization a laughing stock, make no mistake. Read an excerpt from Kevin Lowe's bio: "Lowe has been instrumental in the renewed success of the team, both on and off the ice." This reeks of total incompetence on every level. Are they even on the same planet?? Renewed success?? We are the worst team in the NHL consistently!!! When these clowns are gone, then, and finally then will I think this franchise is serious about winning. Until then - I can save myself a whole lot of time and skip watching games and just take a 2 secs snapshot of the standings every week and confirm this. 30th place and strong
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    Lowe is gone!

    So the guy builds a terrible franchise, and then gets promoted. He then hires crap GMs who built terrible teams, and he gets a new job. How on earth does this guy still exist?? He probably did the worst interviews I have ever seen...the fans hate him, and yet, when Chiarelli talks about coming here, he mentions no one else but...Lowe. It's really unbelievable. Can we please for the love of anything just FIRE KEVIN LOWE???
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    I have faith in Mac T in dealing with our roster. I mean just look at his assessments as head coach. He was probably the only hockey manager out there who realized the true potential of Toby Peterson, comparing him to the likes of Joe Sakic. And yes although he had to step down, he spent that time refusing all the offers from other NHL teams that were desperately after him and instead focused on finishing his presitgious MBA online. I am sure all those courses on organizational behaviour and quantitative analysis will do wonders on him realizing how truly amazing the management structure that has been built under Kevin Lowe. As for Kevin Lowe, everyone is quick to forget he took us to the cup with his trades in 2006. This alone should allow tenure for life. And we all know that infamous letter describing how Pouliot, Jacques, Stortini were going to be part of a stanley cup. This man has vision and should be allowed to continue course. Keep faith! Oilers are on track!