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  1. WindsorOiler

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    No one is mentioning Benning's great play lately. Even i have been up and down on him, he seems faster and more decisive playing with Sek. He's young, once again a bit early to give up on a player. He's scored in 3 straight and helping us win games. Defensively he has been better also. He had an injury earlier on as well that he had to play through as reported. Good for him.
  2. WindsorOiler

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    Last game, a goal goes in off Garlund or whatever his name is head. Was the difference plus he got the winner... Game of inches. 4 point game tonight, we lose we are done. Simple as that. There is no way we run the table after if we give away these points to the very team we need to catch.
  3. WindsorOiler

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    Not the case. If our D was healthy without Sek we would have been fine. Still don;t think Klef is the same even with all that time off for his hand. Gets hit in the same hand then recently takes a shot in the groin. He has not been 100% since he came back. you called this, you called that. Big deal. Of course WE ARE NOT fine with 3 top 4 D out for much of the season. Of course not. This is not a team issue, it's a health issue. If we were healthy, different story. JJk had 10 goals last year. Now he has 4. Reider how many 2nd line players in the league have no goals? He has proven to be a 15 goal scorer on a crappy AZ team, not sure what his issue is. Imagine if he also had 10 goals on the season? Even if he was having an off year, 10 goals with those top 6 minutes would be an off year. That's 16 extra goals just between two players that should be playing decent. Even if you called Reider a bust 0 goals is the absolute extreme worst things could be for a top 6 player. 16 extra goals, wonder where we would be in the standings if this was the case. Gloat away. I'm not happy with most of our wingers and the injuries to key players on the back end. Talk about bad luck for Klef. If you predicted the injuries through your crystal ball, good for you. Gloat away. Add all the stupid moves PC did on top. Where would we be if we kept Strome, I was up in arms when he did this. He finally got on track, on another team...Petro and manning, they aren't even playing. Poor decisions by PC and that was called off the bat. Where would we be if PC did not make those poor decisions? You predicted that too? Wow, your the best. PC was making stupid moves, desperate ones to try and save his job. You know darn well some of that garbage cost us some games along the way. To say you predicted it, that's bs. Look at the Klef stat foggy posted above. Not bad, even without Sek. If you recall klef and Russell went down in the same night. Russell was not out a game or two, he has missed 9-10. Yes, it make s a difference.He's not a depth guy, he's a main guy. Too many main guys.
  4. WindsorOiler

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    What foggy said. Even with Sek out we were doing fine until Klef and Russell went down. We even sent Bouch down early even though he was looking more than capable of playing some minutes. Sek out 3/4 of the season Klef out 1/4 of the season Russell out quite a few games too. We were winning plenty before they went down and loss plenty after. Who in their right mind would expect to see Reider with 0 goals, JJK with 3, Yammo and Pulj with 5 between them. If you could predict that good for you. If we are healthy we are good, but big injuries at D especially is not something we can afford for long obviously.
  5. WindsorOiler

    FA's That Would Choose Edmonton

    Depends how much money we clear. If you do not have $ for top end talent then no one will come anyways. If they continue to believe in players with 0 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals or players that are just too slow to eventually resign then that does not leave much for FA's... No use wishing unless we know what $ we have to work with.
  6. WindsorOiler

    GDT: Rangers @ Oilers 3.11.19 - 7 PM (MT) SNW

    It's reverse psychology
  7. WindsorOiler

    GDT: Rangers @ Oilers 3.11.19 - 7 PM (MT) SNW

    Every time Coffey posts the game day thread we lose. Just an observation.
  8. WindsorOiler

    Anthony Stolarz Will BE Our NEW #1 GOALIE

    in each of the 10 games required to remain RFA he has to play at least 30 minutes per given game. If I recall what I read. So even if he came in relief and played one period that does not count as a game.
  9. WindsorOiler

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    Drai since he was called out on not covering Kane has been very good both ways. On the pk too, he is doing it all and doing it pretty well. Gotta give him credit, without him we would have no chance in most of the wins. McD has scored a couple but it's Drai carrying us. McD is making silky passes yes, but no use making those passes if the other guy can't finish. Drai with McD and on his own line has been performing
  10. WindsorOiler

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    1 shot, 1 goal, works for me. Kass is playing better and at least we have two scoring lines now instead of just one. Right? Can't count on Reider for anything. Hitch wants to move JJK up, not sure why he thinks that. Maybe 3rd line, not top 6. 12 goals and 20 points from a 1.95 mil player. That is more than acceptable. Most of the year he has played with plugs and most of last year. Put him with better players and he's playing better Will he disappear for stretches? It's a known commodity with him as it is with Gags. I agree. We shall see.
  11. WindsorOiler

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    He's not being asked to play that role right now. As a 3rd/4th liner he is asked to check and add energy. Now his role is more offensively orientated. You remember Kass from 2016 in the playoffs right? He is capable.
  12. WindsorOiler

    Who keeps deciding that Kassian isn’t a good fit for McDavid?

    McD won't let him. So there's one difference. Kass is a 1st round pick and he played on the top line minutes before with the Nucks. As said, don't think McD will let him slack off.
  13. Exactly what i was going to say. If we win our game at hand we are 5pts out. 6-1-2 and not making up any ground.
  14. WindsorOiler

    Bakersfield Condors 18/19

    The@Condors win for the 19th time in 20 games with an 8-4 win in San Jose. Have now won 10 straight road games. Oilers prospects: Tyler Benson 1-0-1 now has 5-8-13 last 11GP Kailer Yamamoto 1-1-2, has 6-2-8 last 9GP Cooper Marody 0-2-2, has 4-9-13 last 11 GP
  15. WindsorOiler

    GDT: Oilers @ Sabres 5 PM (MT) Mon, Mar 4.19 SN1

    When he signed i said I would never be on his case if he gets 70 pts a season. That would be minimum production wise to earn that contract. His two way game has improved and obviously has no problems reaching that goal. Have no reason to complain. Give him some wingers.