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  1. WindsorOiler

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    As per Hitch and I agree, back to backs don't matter, especially when the team is doing well. Flames have been winning so there is plenty of fuel in the tank. Confidence helps to keep the foot on the gas. Oilers opposite with slow starts, etc and chasing games which saps energy. Flames have not been chasing games. They are fully healthy and we are missing a key guy or two.
  2. WindsorOiler

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Just joking around and trying to keep the mood light. JP still has time to figure it out. There's a difference between the big ice and the small ice. If he can learn then he still has a chance. Hitch said the same thing whereas Yammo is further ahead of Pulj in this regard. Wishful thinking probably. Pulj has some tools, just needs to not be so soft and make quicker decisions. Yes it's asking a lot but Nurse even with my criticism in some areas has upped his game offensively, even after 200 NHL games. Defensively he has to be more careful (might be slightly worse but look at his minutes). Still Nurse has improved even though the NHL won't let him use his size and meanness and hope he continues to do so. Let's not forget Pulj only has 130 NHL games total. If he improves slowly but surely will have to be happy with that. So far no dice...
  3. WindsorOiler

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    I'm looking for positives, trust in PC and company to do their jobs come draft day Don't doubt our management please.
  4. WindsorOiler

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Only WindsorOiler's and Wildwood sports opinions matter Quite the pickle with Pulj. It wouldn' matter if Yammo came to play but since they are both fringe players making things tough right now. The good news is Pulj ELC is over and at best he will get a cheap bridge contract. That's the good news.
  5. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Drai will be a bargain (as long as he stays healthy that is) Top 12 in scoring, wish he could center his own line better but let's not forget we do not have much for winger depth, not yet. Eichel 10 million Nylander 7 million on the books (7.5 million actual pay) for 6 years, not 8 like Drai Marner will make at least Drai money if not more It's the Sek contract (even with Lucic) that is really hurting us right now.
  6. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    You would give away our 1st for an excellent player but one who probably would not resign here? We do want to make the playoffs and take advantage of McD right now but that's on PC to also draft and develop players. Our 1st + any prospect would be very expensive on a rental.
  7. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    https://thehockeywriters.com/edmonton-oilers-columbus-blue-jackets-trade-theory/ Would love a Panarin but sacrificing the future for a rental? As foggy said you do want to win now. Panarin would be da bomb here. Price would be high, future would be fine if we excelled at drafting and developing to make up for it. But this has not been the case.
  8. WindsorOiler


    I remember but Talbs couldn't stop a beach ball. That was the biggest problem back then.
  9. WindsorOiler


    Klef ain't it eh. Ok... This was a fluke injury. Notice all the wins then he goes down then all the losses. He's a top 2 defender. Nurse's play has improved also but have to look at all the chances and shots against us the past dozen games. We are worst in the league for shots for vs against past while. It's called getting by, with Klef we were not just getting by.
  10. WindsorOiler

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    That's fine, and how have our waiver wire players done for us so far? Not too well. Hitch said Zykov was exactly what we needed, well so much for that, among others. No need to call anyone clueless, was asking a question.
  11. WindsorOiler

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    Then why was he put on waivers? Dumb move to get rid of our 3C by PC, if this solves the problem I am all for it. JJK needs to get going, Lucic has passed him and for him to play his best he needs to play wing. That's why bringing in this guy is two fold.
  12. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Hitch said exactly that Manning is our 7th D at the moment. Last game or the game before. If we had an all star D that might be a compliment, since we don't it's not saying much.
  13. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Yes the old Simmonds.... As PC said he was after Manning last year also. At his presser saying he disagrees that Gravel is better than Manning and why he brought him here. Manning is the one sitting... over 2 million this year and next. Gravel is just as good if not better for $650k. Pc respectfully disagrees with most everyone else though...Now the LTIR money has been wasted. Whatever little we could spend with the injury to Sek, gone. Who he likes is not good enough. Sleppy, Pulj, Manning, Wideman, Spooner over Strome, Rieder. Can go on and on.
  14. WindsorOiler


    The problem is Pulj and Yammo have not taken the next step. It was key JJK 2 goals, Spooner 1, Kass 2, Reider 0, Luc 2, Rattie 2, Brodz 2. Plus the two players above. If these were the goal totals after 10 or 20 games would be fine. Over half way through the season not fine. Paying McD and Drai means can't afford much for quality wingers. This was the concern and is showing it's hand now. Highest paid player in the league and one of the higher paid players in the league. Nothing but crumbs for the rest. Cap needs to go up. Will still watch the team but the Yotes game was it for me. Going to retire for awhile probably and come out of the woodwork if the team surprises. Very disappointed. People complain about Luc but look at Spooner and Reider. These guys have scored plenty in the past, have speed and the necessary tools but can't get it done. No boost at all to the scoring to help out unless you count 1 goal being an accomplishment between those two. It's an embarrassment. Spooner did not expect much, Reider and Rattie expected much more. And one of Pulj or Yammo. Nothing. Moves and drafting not good enough.
  15. WindsorOiler

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Think they should call up WindsorOiler, it's not saying much but he can play better than our two goalies are playing right now... Talbs usually plays well the second half of the season, well officially it is now the second half. Make or break that he plays well and gets some help.