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  1. If anyone listened to Drai's interview yesterday there is an iffy sense to Pulj. When asked he said "not really". It wasn't a clear cut no. You see how Pulj and his agent are acting like a baby, just imagine if there was a little bit of that going on in the dressing room. No one is going to say anything just like the Nurse/Drai fiasco. Now that Pulj has both hips in order he may be a different player. It's a risk. You can't give a player desire and heart though.
  2. The problem you are ignoring is Klef's injury or injuries, specifically to his hand and shoulder. When you have broken fingers this will definitely affect your play. It was not a careless injury but quite unlucky. The shoulder injury should speak for itself. The skin injury, what can you do. Hopefully the guy can get over the hump with these injuries. When Klef is healthy he has shown to be a very good player. When he's healthy our team win % is much much higher, do not have exact stats
  3. Thread title should be changed to Jesse Poolparty unwelcomed thread
  4. Haha you guys... Let's throw Maroon in the mix 27 goal season gets a pay decrease on his next contract. Good solid player and gets another pay decrease signing with Tampa after winning a cup.Some things cannot be explained, certainly Maroon is worth more than his paltry 950k. The lower cap has put some teams in more of a bind this offseason for one. I have not seen Duchesne light it up in Columbus, he did not stand out in the playoffs.He reminds me a little bit of Kyle Turris. In other words decrease in play in my eyes. Nuge has been getting better every year, give him some good linemates to show what he can do as well. Neal and Nuge might be a nice fit.
  5. I'm sure the qualifying offer is 1 mil +, who says he would play in the AHL? If only he would show some drive to be the best he can be then it might be worth a shot. He knows enough English to get by now, it's the desire to compete in the top league that is in question. And not distract your teammates with the entitled attitude he has.
  6. Well we don't want his attitude that's for sure. It's been hinted that teamates did not want to play on the same line with him. McD said that those that don;t really want to be here to leave. This has to be somebody... Previous poster was correct, in Finland he will make around 200k which I'm sure is not all that appealing to him. Attitude and lack of work ethic makes me question whether we want him here at all.
  7. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/islanders-sign-forward-derick-brassard-one-year-contract/
  8. Didn't know Tampa and Carolina were crappy teams. If young players can play and contribute, even in a limited role they play. Jones, Persson, Benson, Currie, Marody and others could be ready on our team. Gambo got some experience, there are several. Notice we are not mentioning yammo or jp. Guess we shall see
  9. With what money? Our need is a 3c. We had one but we let Strome go. Still our biggest need at the moment unless drai plays c
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