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  1. WindsorOiler

    Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    You forgot Pulj and Yammo. He made some good picks too but given our cap the team is dependent on not missing out on quality players come draft time. Hope is not lost but so many players from those draft classes have made a huge impact for their teams already. At least one was counted on this year to bring it, part of the reason why we are on the decline.
  2. You watched the game. Koss played well, Rittich played lights out. The waving was to motivate his team and his team responded, Prior to that and if it wasn't for him the Flames had no business even being close. Same with the FL game. Koss is 4-2 Talbs is 5-8 Same team in front of them. One goalie has been steady, the other one has been leaky.
  3. The great goal tending in the 1st and 2nd is what led to the 3rd period outburst in Calgary. You hear or see what you want to see. Did you not see Rittich waving his arms or not? After he made all those saves and kept them in it. Same thing in FL. Goalies keep their teams in, sometimes until the team wakes up then they take it to the other team. It's called momentum. Momentum leads to offense, improved play, less mistakes, wins.
  4. As a whole. Missed some of the action last night, had to turn it off. As a whole he has not been sharp. Stop spinning things like I am just talking about one play or one game. Every player has a bad game. Talbs has been off. In the past when he's on, he sucks all the pucks in and can be solid. But that's way in the past now since we've seen any consistency. A great performance was the Chicago game this year. There he was splendid.
  5. Wish I knew. But not looking at just this game, looking at most of them as a whole.
  6. Talbs is out of position. He's not following the play, he loses sight of the puck. When a goalie is on his game, pucks find ways to hit him. Deflected or not. He's down early every time. He's not even reacting to many of the shots. You are not acknowledging the fact that Riddich kept them in the game. His body language to get his team going and everything. When a goalie is confident, it radiates throughout the rest of the team.Talbs is doing the opposite, his stats show it. His body language shows it. He's garbage. If our back up wouldn't have won us some games we would be as bad if not worse than last year in the standings. Listen to McD interview after the game where he uses the word "deflate". I rest my case.
  7. Fleury made lots of nice saves. Ours didn't, hard to respond when your goalie can't stop a puck. That's goal tending. 6 goals against won't win you many games. if the team wasn't deflated, they would play better. When I shut the tv off he let in 4 goals on 11 shots. That is absolutely terrible. We NEED goal tending. Did you see the 1st two periods? Flames had no business being in that game. Koss played well enough, the last one snuck through but who was the difference and gave their team the confidence to respond? Who was waving his arms after 3 breakaways and multiple saves TELLING his team through body language that "hey I got your back and the team needs to respond now". Is that not the message he was sending his team by waving his arms like that? That gives a team confidence. Talbs not even flinching until the shots get past him. Then his body language after. The look of defeat. The look of "I am letting my team down". Yep that will always inspire your team. Talbs is now #55 out of the 70 goaltenders in the league in terms of save %. Your hilarious to keep defending him. Our defense have not been the best lately but they have been fine, need to make a save, period.
  8. Q won't want to come here. If TM goes it will be one of the assistants promoted. That's what fans should expect. Does this sound any better? That's what many fans are crying for, for a change but they won't like the change. Word is Q and Stevie Y are going to Detroit. Not sure if true. Q is making 6 million to sit at home. Oilers would have to make a no can refuse offer to get him. And I'm sure lots of other teams are in on him already. It's wishful thinking.
  9. There are jobs on the line here, don't want to call out your goal tender and keep it professional. But the temptation is there, the body language is there. The players do care, not sure what it will take for Talbs to get back to something. Getting Koss was good for us but seems bad for Talbs. Management got insurance and did not show faith in him, it's pushing him to be worse, not better. If mess or anyone wants to keep defending Talbs go ahead. He is absolute garbage. Cannot win games with a goalie playing like that. Spooner as mentioned, now will give him time and won't beat on him. He was on the ice for 2 goals against the Flames and he was a -2 last night as well. Not seeing his offense yet but his liabilities are showing themselves already. Have to be sound defensively or not put in any of those situations AT ALL. Can't ask Spooner to fill in for Strome on the defensive tasks. Spooner not winning us games, he's costing us. As called and cannot see that changing regardless of if he pots some offense for us. He will give it back if put on the ice and asked to play defense.
  10. You can't win if the goalie can't make a save. His body language shows it. His reaction to even try to make a save is not even there until the puck is in. Deflating to the team and hard to move forward. We scored enough, 3 goals is enough. Goalie has to let in 2 not 4, 5, 6
  11. 4 goals on 11 shots? Unbelievable Even the worst teams with bad defence get some saves. Not good.
  12. WindsorOiler

    Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    3 breakaways and numerous other good chances and couldn't bury them. Refs could have easily called several penalties on the flames for their antics but didn't. I don't get it but it is what it is. Difference in the game. Not sure why Drai keeps shooting low on his chances. He's had multiple breakaways and always takes the shot and it's at the pads. Gotta bury some of those and not give teams chances to get back in. Same for JJK's breakaway.
  13. WindsorOiler

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    refs... call it fair!
  14. WindsorOiler

    Oilers Trade Strome to Rangers for Spooner

    OK enough with the nitpicking. Tm does not play mcd much on the pk. He already plays 25 min a night. So for the most part it's still 5. We struggle on the pk, this trade made us worse in that area. That is all.
  15. WindsorOiler

    Oilers Trade Strome to Rangers for Spooner

    Rather not have McD on the pk much. Rieder is out for a month So that's 5 guys now. Brodz, Kass and JJK have not been too good, hopefully they improve. They have been giving away the open lanes and not being very good with their sticks or blocking shots. Not blaming it on the goalie, these guys need to do a better job and will be forced to now. Then we can move up from 27th