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  1. Holland did say and think he said 250k for each round of the playoffs
  2. Injuries past two years. He cam back healthy in the playoffs in the AHL last year. Not much different than Benson.
  3. Winning in the regular season is meaningless isn't it? Giving up your 1st round picks is not that smart imo. In Barrie they have a one year rental. There is plenty to critique with what he's been doing. We could use a 3c and scoring winger, not enough cap. If some idiot didn't let Strome go then we wouldn't have that problem would we. Holland has to work with what he's got and needs some time. If only a couple of our youngins can step up this year. For the leafs it kapanen and Johansson, we need some contributions from our young players too. Make a huge difference to a team success
  4. Kadri is on a value contract and 20 to 30 goal scorer. Barrie is good but one year left and he's UFA. That's where the trade is meh. No 1st round pick this year or next. No cups, no won playoff rounds, nothing in a long time.
  5. Went through this a year or two ago... Oiler fans are passionate. Let's try to respect one another either way. Not going to say who did this or who did that. It would help a bit if you were more positive at times instead of gloom and doom. So it goes both ways. Hopefully this post is constructive. Jurco was detroit's top prospect drafted by Holland. He has had injuries. Once healthy he tore it up in the playoffs last year. Sounds a lot like Benson who finally had a healthy year last year. It would be nice to sign Dzingel (with Manning $ buried). Granlund as said by Holland is calculated to get double digit goals and help defensively. Now if one of Jurco, Haas, Nygard can surprise would be nice... and JJK getting back to double digits. He really had an off year last year. Overall we have improved but other teams have improved also. No long term contracts and huge money handed out on older players so that's well done by Holland in my book. Yes we are paying for Sek but two years in a row unhealthy, getting older, too expensive to be a 3rd line guy. I can understand Holland's reasoning to free up cap space now and next year. Hopefully we see that Dzingel or another player come in before the season starts with that money. Then we will have a much stronger roster.
  6. WE need more speed, still hoping for Dzingel
  7. Jackets lost on on Panarin, offer was reported 8 yrs 96 million They threw more money at Nyquist as a result. He turns 30 in September. 4 years isn't too bad, have seen worse.
  8. Zuch 6 mil Nyquist 5.5 It's also the term these older players are getting. Good that we are not getting sucked in. 29-30 yr olds gett ing 4-6 year deals. We complain about Luc and his downward trend, well for most players this is going to be the case.
  9. Tomas Jurco signs with the Oilers 1 yr 750k We have 6 mil to spend still with Manning buried. Gravel has signed with the Leafs, 700k
  10. Everybody pretty much off the table. Connelly, Nyquist, Zuch, Donskoi. Lots of overpays... Dzingel is left, pretty please no overpay please
  11. Chiasson resigned, 2 yr 2.15 mil per
  12. Going back to Detroit... so much for that
  13. Rumblings of Chiasson resigning and Filppula
  14. Sek rumored to Dallas at 1.5 + 500k bonus (potential). Not far off from our buyout savings vs if we traded him and retained. Only 1 yr deal though, clearly the term and modified NMC was an issue.
  15. 1.3 mil. Fresh start. 3C but can also play wing. Has produced in the past also. No Connor Brown, he's with the Sens now.
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