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  1. This is Todd's last chance to gain the ground with the players. He needs to meet with them individually and get the message across clear and loud. He needs to understand what's really going on and why nobody plays to their full potential for the Oilers. Sure, PC has assembled a questionable team year after year and made some costly mistakes but at the end of the day the effort on the ice is what counts and it's just not there. It is not an issue of individual players but how the players gel together and create a team. Right now, the Oilers don't have a team. With that said, I suspect McLellan will be gone by Christmas time if they don't win at least a half of the next 16 games.
  2. Well, per THN's Ken Campbell it's both. For once, I can't disagree with him... https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/fire-the-coach-fire-the-gm-yes-yes-and-yes?fbclid=IwAR3iPdTWjD4qxUPVRrTFTrzPXRGhB3hBzx_VvugxVOFzYcqayW-XLw0t8g0 "McLellan can’t control the fact that Cam Talbot has not been able to give the Oilers the big save when they need it. His GM responded to the latest swoon by swapping underachieving Ryans with the New York Rangers, acquiring Spooner in exchange for Strome, a player he acquired for Jordan Eberle, one of those aforementioned players who was rewarded with a big contract and responded by playing his way out of town. The litany of trades and other personnel moves that Chiarelli has orchestrated that have blown up on the Oilers is well documented. The Milan Lucic contract that looked suspect when it was signed is aging very, very poorly. Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson, when they might have been able to get P.K. Subban instead. Pontus Aberg has six goals in 16 games for the Anaheim Ducks this season, which is more than the Oilers’ bottom-six forwards have combined. But he was given away on waivers last season after the Oilers acquired him for Mark Letestu. Justin Schultz for a third-rounder. We’ll stop there, you get the idea."
  3. Greyone

    Oilers Trade Strome to Rangers for Spooner

    It's a fresh start for both players as they have struggled recently. Not a blockbuster deal but remember Chia traded Ebs for Strome less than a year and a half ago...
  4. Greyone

    GDT: Oilers @ Hawks Oct 28 4:00 MST

    I hope they don't regress and become too comfortable with the recent results. Now that the initial frustration period is temporarily behind the team they should really focus on coaching the team and individual players and build on the foundation they laid. There are no long breaks between the games now so it's time to hit the stride and keep rolling. Hopefully, the increasing confidence level will slowly show what this team is capable of. Knock on wood.
  5. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    Thursday’s 9-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins was Calgary’s worst home ice loss since Nov. 26, 1996, when they lost 10-1 to Edmonton. Just a heads up, the Oilers are coming to Calgary on Nov. 17.
  6. Since defense and special teams were the biggest weakness last year, here is a summary after the first 6 games. Clearly, the sample size is not large enough to make any calls but it looks like the defensive woes have not been eliminated (to nobody's surprise here). At least the PP looks to be pretty productive so far: GA/gm 2018: 3.17 Last season: 3.20 PP 2018: 27.8% Last season: 14.8% PK 2018: 77.8% Last season: 76.7%
  7. Greyone

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  8. Are they playing in blue jerseys tonight? Anybody knows?
  9. Greyone

    THE SOLUTION ( the winning formula)

    Again, I have to agree with you. The commitment to put the hard work in, stay focused and work ones quantum singularity off day in day out culture is what I think is missing for the Oilers. It has been proven several times that players who underperform with the Oilers move elsewhere and thrive. On the other hand, you can see successful players join the organization and turn mediocre with Lucic being the best example. This goes much deeper than game time coaching, or line combinations. The whole system including staff is infected.
  10. Greyone

    THE SOLUTION ( the winning formula)

    Agree. It's about the mental preparedness. All these guys are capable it's just a matter of getting their best performance out of them with the right coaching on and off the ice. I feel like the psychological aspect of the game is neglected by the Oilers. BTW anybody saw Brossoit play last night? Wasn't good enough for the Oilers.
  11. Greyone

    GDT: OILERS @ bruins

    That. The first 10-15 games of the season will be hard before they hit the stride as a team. They may be in a too deep of a hole come mid-November but on the other hand a .500 start was probably too high of an expectation.
  12. Tell me about it. I picked him #1 in my fantasy and so far not much to show for it ... ahh, the agony!
  13. Honestly, if they come out with more than 3 wins in October I'd be positively surprised. The schedule is tough.
  14. Boston has already played 3 games and they are in the season mode already. Oilers on the other hand came back from a nice vacation in Europe and haven't played a game for almost a week. My prediction is 6 : 1 for the Bruins.
  15. Sure, I'll keep the faith but I'm also realistic. I don't have any outrageous expectations for this team. They should be better than 78 pts last year but probably not by much. They may get to 85 - 87 points if we see a notable improvement in the special teams play but that's probably it. Unlikely they'll make the playoffs but let's watch them fight for it. Probably the last chance for Talbot with the Oilers this year.