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  1. Greyone

    Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Talbot is definitely not a top 10 goalie. He's probably average among starters (#15) so bringing Koskinen in was supposed to give the Oilers a strong 1-2 combo since they don't have a dominant nhl-star caliber #1 goalie. Koskinen is a black horse in that nobody's really sure what he's capable of behind the Oilers' defense while having very little NHL/AHL experience. Transition to north american game at the age of 30 is something you don't see very often so I'd say there's probably a higher probability of failure than upside. PC definitely overpaid for this experiement.
  2. Greyone

    Laurent Brossoit

    I'm surprised the jets are happy having Brossoit back up Hellebuyck. Hellebuyck played 67 games last year plus the playoffs. Sooner or later he'll hit the plateau similar to Talbot. If they look to play Brossoit 15 - 20 games this season I think he'll be challenged to match even Steve Mason's numbers from last year.
  3. Greyone


    In the meantime, I hope Yamamoto and Puljujarvi get enough ice time to push for that #1 RW spot. Puljujarvi's size could be especially useful to add some physical presence to the first line if he uses it right.
  4. Greyone


    The hole on RW still baffles me. Our top RW is supposed to be Ty Rattie who played a grand total of 49 NHL games in his five-year NHL career. Is PC saying that basically anybody can play on top line with McDavid and succeed?
  5. Greyone


    Two years at $3.2 million? Not bad at all if you ask me. Good job, PC!
  6. Greyone

    Joe Murphy

    I wish the NHLPA would reach out and actually help in this case. Heck, even Oilers organization could probably find money to get him a treatment of some kind. He's only been with the Oilers for three seasons but won the Cup here.
  7. Greyone

    Jakub Jerabek

    I've read that they offered a PTO to Brandon Davidson but he declined. Jerabek really is a player to plug a hole.
  8. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    With all the signings and trades this off season, I'm surprised the Flames did not address the backup goalie situation. Is their plan to start the season with a 36-yr old injury-prone starter and two unproven young goaltenders (assuming they will sign Rittich)? The Oilers were a prime example last season of how inadequate goaltending can bring down the whole team.
  9. Greyone

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Just to add some more perspective, Puljujarvi just turned 20. He's only lived in North America for two years (mostly Bakersfield, CA and Edmonton, AB of all places...) and was drafted by a team that's been notorious for mishandling young talented players.
  10. Greyone


    Seeing Rattie as our top line RW is making me very concerned but I guess beggars can't be choosers. That right wing is very shallow to say the least. I don't see Reider listed. I bet he could occasionally play on top of the second line. Yeah, this does not look like a playoff team unless they gel magically and start off hot. This team basically needs to win 10 more games compared to last year. That's not entirely impossible but to achieve a 20 point improvement the things would have to turn around pretty dramatically.
  11. Greyone

    Trade proposals?

    The Oilers' cap space is currently $4.9 million so basically his agent is starting as high as he can. Signing Nurse for that kind of money could unfortunately bite the Oilers a year later when they will need to resign Khaira, Rattie, Puljujarvi and both goalies. The cap crunch is probably coming no matter what and PC will need to trade or buy out some more expensive players to make room. Sekera, Russell and Lucic might be on that list midway through the season.
  12. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    Hanifin and Lindholm to be signed. The Flames have also qualified Garnet Hathaway, Mark Jankowski and Brett Kulak. They still need to sign Gillies and/or Rittich but I don't think that addresses their backup need. With over $12 mil in cap space left they should be OK. However, I don't see the team improved on paper.
  13. Greyone

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    I doubt they are trying to reach 50 contracts. It will most likely be around 45 if that. I think 2018-19 roster is pretty much set unless there's a big trade involving Lucic. There are several prospects that have a legitimate shot at making the team, which is good.
  14. Greyone

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    PC did a good job so far. No jerk trades just for the sake of making a trade. Next step is to sign Nurse and Strome asap. I hope the Lucic situation will calm down and both sides agree to hit a reset button. Unless they decide to trade Lucic I don't think there will be room for any major acquisitions ahead of the start of the season. The RW depth chart is really shallow in my opinion but we knew that going in.
  15. Greyone

    Ryan Strome etc.

    Strome is only 25. A lot of room for growth with proper coaching. He's been a regular NHL player for 4 years already so he must be doing something right. A cap hit of $2.75 - 3.0 mil for 2-3 years would probably be adequate. Compare to similar RFAs in his category: