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  1. Greyone

    Can we go 10 - 0?

    Yeah, no playoffs again this year. They'd need at least 45 points in the remaining 37 games, which is highly unlikely to happen. I don't see any catalyst that would spring the team up other than getting Klefbom back eventually. The recent losses to Vancouver (2x), LA and Arizona have been very sobering.
  2. Greyone

    Where's this train headed..?

    It's not a train but a rollercoaster. The expectations are high before each ride, then we go through ups and downs and end up exactly in the same place where we started.
  3. All trades are futile if the players don't work hard and play as a team. If the Oilers miss the playoffs this year I believe that's it for P. Chiarelli. Hello, Ken Holland?
  4. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    I was just teasing. Imagine if the two teams do end up playing each other in the playoffs this year. We can dream I guess.
  5. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    Ha! So you are a Flames fan not an Alberta fan! I knew it all those years!
  6. Greyone

    WILD @ OILERS - Dec 7 - 7pm mst, snw

    Surprised it's Talbot again especially since the Wild got 4 shots past him on 28 shots (.857 pct) on Oct 30.
  7. Greyone

    Welcome Home! Coach Hitchcock

    The more defense oriented system is what the team desperately needs. Unfortunately, McDavid can kiss his Art Ross good bye - an I'm totally OK with that.
  8. There was an article on oilersnation yesterday why they should claim him. I guess it's another low-cost shot and finding a viable right handed winger as Chiasson is currently the only one. He'll probably start in Patrick Russell's spot?
  9. Koskinen is the starter tonight. Looks like Talbot will have to earn his starts going forward unless he gets traded soon.
  10. Greyone

    Oilers sign Koskinen

    Yes, Koskinen is in the process of taking over as the #1 and Talbot seems to be only watching his starting job disappear.
  11. Greyone

    GDT: Oilers @ Sharks 8:30 PM (MT) SNW

    Also worth noting, Katz bought the Oilers for $170 mil in 2008. The most current estimated value is $520 mil per Forbes.: https://www.forbes.com/pictures/5a1c09744bbe6f37e6587a58/12-edmonton-oilers/#4d031c994e1d
  12. Greyone

    GDT: Oilers @ Sharks 8:30 PM (MT) SNW

    He just said in an interview that he knows what's wrong. By the sound of it he has a very clear understanding of the situation. He did not promise any major improvement overnight but he said within 8 - 9 days we'll see start seeing the changes.
  13. Greyone


    Hockey is not a democracy. A group of 20-something players who have been in the league for less than 5 years would by no means be qualified to make such decision.
  14. Greyone


    Yes. I'm afraid we'll see a wave of trade requests from the players who refuse to adjust their work ethic but that's a price to pay.
  15. Greyone


    The playoffs are not out of the question yet so it's encouraging to see a change happening at a time when the season is not completely lost. The Oilers have been out of a realistic playoff contention by Christmas time in the last two years. All they need is 75 points from the remaining 64 games. It's not an easy task but not unrealistic.