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  1. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    They don't have a chance against the Sharks or Vegas in the second round anyway if they make it there. Other than the 2003-04 run to the Finals, they won a grand total of 1 playoff series since 1990. Anyways, my favorite part of the year is approaching.
  2. Greyone

    Do Or DIe On Saturday vs Leafs?

    Either way, does anybody really believe this team can win 12 of the remaining 16 games? Not impossible but very, very unlikely.
  3. Greyone


    One jersey toss leads to another usually. Come summer, people start reevaluating whether to spend on season tickets. That's how the fans voices are heard.
  4. Greyone

    Chiarelli Fired!!

    Mike Johnson had an interesting opinion the other day. Daryl Katz has been an avid fan of the 80's Oilers and now he gets to work with many of them OBC at the helm. It may be too hard for him to let go and realize that his idols are not good at managing a hockey club in the 21st century. I think it's a valid point but sooner or later he needs to initiate the changes that are badly needed. I hope Katz did not buy the Oilers as a collector's memorabilia.
  5. Two points. One, there's nothing wrong with having your ex-players work in hockey operations as long as they have results to show. Oilers don't have the result. Two, the legacy of the 80's dynasty is not relevant anymore. None of the players are old enough to actually see any of the 80's stars play. The pride of the 80's champions has disappeared and it is not a solid foundation to build on anymore. Might as well scrap it all and start from scratch. It's painful to watch Flames succeed like they have done so far this season but even more painful is watching Canucks doing just fine without the Sedins. Those of us who expected 5 years of terrible hockey in Vancouver are surprised.
  6. Greyone

    Where's this train headed..?

    I meant Talbot...
  7. Greyone

    Where's this train headed..?

    Controversial but: - the Oilers should consider trading McDavid in a Lindros-type deal package and get 5-6 solid NHL players. Otherwise, it will take 4-5 years to form the team to support McDavid and seriously contend. - Montoya should get a 1-yr bridge so there's stability in the net - since the Oilers can't afford any high profile goalies hitting the market this summer anyway.
  8. Greyone

    Chiarelli Fired!!

    Agree. It's not going to be a process of finding the best GM but a GM candidate willing to take on the Oilers in their current state knowing it will be an uphill battle. Somebody that has bare minimum qualifications but no other prospects or shot at an NHL job and nothing to lose. I feel like that's how PC got his job in the first place... Either way, we are in for another 1-2 seasons of re-shaping the roster, addressing the cap crunch left behind by PC, re-defining the Oilers' identity, finding a new coach, a new system - i.e. no playoffs any time soon. I'm surprised people still spend their hard earned money attending the games as high as the ticket prices and concessions are. At the same time, it's January and the Oilers are still within a shot of the wildcard spot which is positive compared to last year.
  9. Greyone

    Chiarelli Fired!!

    So what are some long-term GM options out there? Any guesses?
  10. Greyone

    Rebuild v4.0

    One thing that's hopefully clear by now is that the coaching is not the root of the problem.
  11. Greyone

    Can we go 10 - 0?

    Yeah, no playoffs again this year. They'd need at least 45 points in the remaining 37 games, which is highly unlikely to happen. I don't see any catalyst that would spring the team up other than getting Klefbom back eventually. The recent losses to Vancouver (2x), LA and Arizona have been very sobering.
  12. Greyone

    Where's this train headed..?

    It's not a train but a rollercoaster. The expectations are high before each ride, then we go through ups and downs and end up exactly in the same place where we started.
  13. All trades are futile if the players don't work hard and play as a team. If the Oilers miss the playoffs this year I believe that's it for P. Chiarelli. Hello, Ken Holland?
  14. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    I was just teasing. Imagine if the two teams do end up playing each other in the playoffs this year. We can dream I guess.
  15. Greyone

    Future of the Flames

    Ha! So you are a Flames fan not an Alberta fan! I knew it all those years!