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  1. According to hockeyfights.com, Tkachuk registered a grand total of 7 fights in his 224 regular season games if that's what you call a history of fighting. In 2018-19, he fought twice compared to the total of 15 fights the Flames players were involved in during the season.
  2. At this point, with all the comments and rumors in the media coming from both sides beyond what you typically see in RFA contract negotiations it really looks like JP's days in the Oilers uniform are over.
  3. I agree that in terms of points (G+A) during the entry-level contract Tkachuk is right there with Gaudreau and Monahan. Gaudreau now makes $6.75 mil per year. Monahan is at $6.375 mil. If Tkachuk gets more than $7.5 mil the Flames may have a new top line LW.
  4. So the odd man out? Stone or Frolik maybe? Both have modified NTC.
  5. Are they seriously considering trading Lucic to the Flames???
  6. Dzingel would be a nice addition but I believe Holland will be looking to add complementary players to strengthen the depth. Riley Sheahan, Deryk Engelland or Ben Chiarot maybe?
  7. I wonder how much they offered to Tkachuk. He could easily be asking for $4-5 mil if not more.
  8. Good luck. Eakins has his work cut out for him for sure now that the Ducks enter the new era of no Perry, no Kesler, declining Getzlaf, and defence in shambles...
  9. I'd like to see Puljujarvi for Ho-Sang.
  10. He's just turned 21 in May. Still a lot of potential to become a regular NHLer. On the other hand, he never scored more than 15 goals a season in his career so maybe the expectations were a bit too unrealistic. I think it's just a matter of finding the right role for him in the roster. With his size he could be a valuable role player. Seems odd to give up on the team after three seasons but maybe he (or his agent) feels he'd progress better elsewhere. Either way, he seems to be a great teammate and overall a nice guy in the community. I'd hate to see him leave.
  11. I was reading the rumors about JP signing with a KHL team. I would really hate to see him leave NHL. Oilers have definitely dropped the ball on properly developing him but I think he has a huge potential. Would do great with many other NHL teams IMO. I hope he's smart enough to believe in himself. Signing with a KHL team is a one way street.
  12. Sound like Coffey is on his way out: https://oilersnation.com/2019/05/28/oilers-part-ways-with-paul-coffey/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3fDlqoVYaEAgukiettlpPfpoMdh32BEP0KIKl7H_Aba5RAk8NZlAOiTJg
  13. Agree. Most importantly, Tippet is Holland's hire. Oilers need to stop firing coaches every year or so. To me, the coaching history only shows that either they suck at hiring the right people or can't stick to the plan and make jerk coaching moves too early. I doubt this will be the case under Holland.
  14. I wish him well, and hope he turns things around for the Sabres. A very similar situation to his stint with the Oilers. A lot of potential, a rising star and a lack of winning culture. Also, I wish Todd McLellan does well with the Kings, and Eakins with the Ducks if gets the promotion he deserves. Both are facing some major adversity. It will be interesting how these coaches do and if it is in fact the Oilers culture that is the problem in Edmonton.
  15. Would be sweet if it was against the Bruins in the final. But quite possibly it might end up being Blues vs Canes for the cup, which I would have never thought possible in my wildest dreams. This is one of the craziest years in a few decades.
  16. Anybody heard about this? I hope it's not true.. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2019/04/rumor-leaked-edmonton-oilers-3rd-jersey.html
  17. There's no comparison between Gaudreau and Martin St Louis. Gaudreau is 165lbs on a good day. St. Louis was strong as a bull and despite his size played a power game. His legs were so strong it was impossible to push him off the puck. It was the work ethic and mental toughness that made St. Louis successful. Frankly, Gaudreau doesn't seem to have it. He's a finesse player with fine hands but not particularly fast.
  18. Same here. Tampa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh gone. Nashville hasn't looked too strong so far. If Vegas wins game 7 they might be able to go all the way. Or the Caps are set of the repeat who knows. I'm having terrible prediction record. For all I know it might be St. Louis - Columbus in the final. NHL has become very unpredictable. More fun to watch.
  19. I wonder how the Lightning now feel about extending Jon Cooper.
  20. It amazes me how unpredictable NHL playoffs are these days. In Tampa's case it's most likely mental block of some kind and the team has fallen apart. I wish they'd prove me wrong but highly unlikely they could win the next 4 against the Blue Jackets at this point. I can see Stamkos never winning the Cup, which would be a shame but that's the way it is. Same for Joe Thornton and Henrik Lundqvist. The teams win the Cup not the stars.
  21. West seems wide open. Jets, Preds and Sharks have not been playing that strongly lately so really anything can happen. Leafs v Bruins will be a great series to watch for sure. There's a chance for yet another Pens v. Caps in the second round.
  22. They don't have a chance against the Sharks or Vegas in the second round anyway if they make it there. Other than the 2003-04 run to the Finals, they won a grand total of 1 playoff series since 1990. Anyways, my favorite part of the year is approaching.
  23. Either way, does anybody really believe this team can win 12 of the remaining 16 games? Not impossible but very, very unlikely.
  24. One jersey toss leads to another usually. Come summer, people start reevaluating whether to spend on season tickets. That's how the fans voices are heard.
  25. Mike Johnson had an interesting opinion the other day. Daryl Katz has been an avid fan of the 80's Oilers and now he gets to work with many of them OBC at the helm. It may be too hard for him to let go and realize that his idols are not good at managing a hockey club in the 21st century. I think it's a valid point but sooner or later he needs to initiate the changes that are badly needed. I hope Katz did not buy the Oilers as a collector's memorabilia.
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