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  1. All quiet on the good ship Oiler. Media and fans calling for the GM,Coach,Nicholson and all Ex Oilers to be removed. Every board expressing utter despair over the last decade of incompetence that has seen no real improvement for this franchise. 4 years in for McDavid and the only thing the team has managed to raise is almost being at the salary cap limit. The problems did not just happen in the last 7 games nor was it a tough start to the schedule...this presented itself last season and has continued and has festered. I can understand bringing in a goalie to challenge Talbot... what has happened to Talbot? Is it confidence or is it the goalie coach? I have never in all my years watching hockey and playing hockey where a goalie is on his knees as often as Talbot. Butterfly style is one thing but on your knees before the shot?...on your knees for a icing when the puck is not near the crease? On your knees hugging the post when you know the player is going to pass across the crease to the open man on the other side of the net? It is impossible to kick off to get to the other side of the net when you're on your knees. Should the goalie coach not see this and break this terrible habit that has invaded his game.... Talbots focus following the play started last year...watch his head and where the puck is...you will see where I'm going with this. Tunnel vision or failure to read or both. Talbot is a good goalie but it has been a decline and some bad habits that were never in his game being allowed to be ever present. Most fans celebrated when Nicholson came in only to find out it was a complete joke and more chair shuffling...the smoke and mirror show continues...let's bring Gretzky in...unless he has returned to form and is dressing for the game what is the point? Coffey as a coach with no professional experience but he coached his son.... Celebration after celebration of what was achieved in the Dynasty years with former Oilers telling stories of what was achieved well over 28 years ago..... I can just imagine the pressure being put on these young players by having this around and trying to have your own team identity....impossible to say the least. Look at the ego of Lowe towards the media and fans...can you imagine what is said behind closed doors to young players. We all jumped for joy when we heard a billionaire was going to save our team.Katz was the savior and white knight who came in to save our love ,our Oilers. I understand the friendships he developed with the players of the dynasty teams and the loyalty amongst friends. Katz has proven to be absolutely true to his friends. Katz is a smart man and successful but after a decade of wheel spinning when does the man begin to question the journey here... is it as long as the seats are sold then I can be as patient as I want? Does Katz want a successful team or successful season ticket sales? I understand the ex Oiler friends have introduced him to every aspect of the game and people involved in it....it would be hard to turn your back on them and as far as I know he has been given the same hope every year that us fans have been given...2016 was a success that happened immediately and disappeared just as fast.it was hard not to get on board with the excitement...10 years after the last success. Katz is the one who changes this... I would suggest the Toronto model, Tampa with yzerman leading the vision or what Detroit did in the past. Katz holds the key.... after more then a decade of inconsistency and year 4 of the best player in the game still in the basement there should be cause for concern. This step back has been going on for over a year...will it be the revolt of season ticket holders that end this or McDavid wanting out...the day will come if this continues. Another season in turmoil and no plan,no panic ,no reaction..all quiet on the Oiler front. Will another coaching change help or a GM replacement or will it just renew false hope to carry on the celebration of former glory.
  2. I totally agree....all the sideways moves and absolute failure to address the basics of team building over and over is distressing. This management thinks it is a home run away from being a great team. Poor defence,inconsistent goal tending,poor coaching, poor trades,I would not say poor drafting but poor development. Mistakes from the past are ever present...nothing gained in all the lessons of the past. I think there is more hands in this then the obvious ones and somewhere down the road it will come out that people were handcuffed here to do their jobs....give it time, the truth will surface. Oh I know, Posthugger is ranting about past management and ex Oiler influence....my suspicions have been confirmed by one of the absolute greats in the Oilers Dynasty years ....not Sather but just as important. What was their input....Katz needs to clear house as the influence is tainted.
  3. There will be no firings tomorrow or the next day.... the indecision and poor management here has everyone second guessing themselves....the committee of the round table of dynasty thinks this will solve itself because they drafted McDavid. That's fair,he is unbelievable.
  4. As long as the seats are sold this will continue....trying to build by luck is not working so well. A decade of this and no relief in sight.
  5. Eakins an TM....hated their post game talk
  6. This team and gretzky are more concerned with getting Lowe into the hall of fame while the team is going into the hall of shame. Exciting times to be an oil fan.
  7. If Talbot is in net and TM on the bench Hughes and McDavid together could not save this.
  8. They missed trotz...... the big fish got away.
  9. Season ticket holders and top tier fans are sure getting their monies worth again this year.
  10. I wish you were Katz....then we would all have hope!
  11. Yes....at this point I would accept Mac t and the wheels of lines
  12. I think because this could be better then what we have witnessed.
  13. Talbot on his knees more then a carpet installer.
  14. Lol, I would do a call up and ride Koskinen for the rest of the season Look at Niemi, sure he let in 6 goals but probably stopped 10 amazing chances.... Talbot has struggled for a year and a half....how many first shots has he let in? Or he losses focus and were down by three. Honestly Talbot wont have to worry about a NHL contract.