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  1. I'm impressed how quickly Holland has hit the ground running here.He not only identified the short comings but rapidly addressed repairs with some interesting players without making this a cap burden. Most of the players brought in are on a upward trend at little cost. I get the feeling he is not done tweaking just yet. Pulujarvi and rumors of Russel being moved has yet to be addressed... I get the feeling we will see a d man and a center come in before this is set.
  2. If this doesn't give fans confidance in Holland I don't know what will. Lucic's contract was deemed almost impossible to shed without giving up the farm. Holland must have worked incredibly hard to achieve what many thought was an impossible situation and a contract that literally handcuffed the franchise. Holland has literally erased a stranglehold of a contract regardless if Neal fails. This is a huge move and step forward to which this franchise has not seen since Lowe acquired Pronger,Roli,and Peca or Sather used his skill to manage the team. This is already a win and if Neal rebounds it will be looked back on as a real glowing moment of an experienced Hockey man finally at the helm here.
  3. I bet that would stop traffic if they put it out front of the arena....thanks that made me roar.
  4. Who could have predicted those few involved in our success would ultimately be responsible for the absolute gutting of this franchise destroying a culture and making us the laughing stock of the league. Katz could have stopped this a decade ago. PC did not even have a clue who Reinhart was and the OBC pushed him to make this deal,not that PC wasn't a disaster here but to blame him as the architect in this deal is not the truth. We need Gretzky and Lowe around the team just like the leafs have had Sittler and Clark....yeah how many cups and playoff runs has this formula produced? My thoughts...if the Cross cancer institute stopped treatment when 85% of the cancer was abolished we would see a lot more sad people attending funerals. Once you start to clear house or battle a cancer you fight for 100% removal. Why is Gretzky on stage for our draft....ever since McDavid came here he is trying to be Howe....go back to L.A Wayne, go hang off your son in laws success and leave the Oilers alone. We should rename the road back to Capilino freeway with an exit off the bridge into the river called Lowe's way.
  5. If he is Sideshow Bob will let us know it's all his fault.
  6. He might push Kos but also might push our d men when he has more assists then them....
  7. I guess the bright side to all of this maybe we are going to be able to protect our good players when Seattle starts robbing teams of talent.
  8. I thought Elliot or Mrazek as back up. Thought Connor brown was a given, hoped for Connolly,Donskoi,Pirri. I would pursue Bruins Accari and Heinen as both can skate,hit and chip in. Typical July 1, lots of money thrown around. Well to me this day proves Holland has his hands tied with the mess here and we are going to have to draft ourselves out of this just in time for Connor and Leon wanting out.
  9. Brown is included and going in the deal for ceci to Ottawa.
  10. So Smith is going to push Kos ....that is quite the tandem....I thought originally elliot would be the back up here or Mrarek. Benning for Connor brown....nope he is going to Ottawa in the ceci- zaitzev deal. Corey Perry.... talk of he could be a good middle addition and might be the wing for McDavid and Leon....lol has anyone seen him play lately....all I can say is Thank you Dallas! Honestly what is next....Spooner cleared waivers.
  11. The top line and most of their forwards failed to show up as well....besides the d...it was spectacular to behold.
  12. My thoughts on Benning and brown are if this deal was so good for both teams why did it not happen? Benning I believe led the oil in plus/ minus.
  13. Maybe not outstanding but good. I would not call their d overrated. On most nights they kept the opposition to 28 shots on average in the regular season. Smith was pretty much the only flame who showed up for the playoffs.
  14. If Holland was the defence minister would signing Smith be the equivalent of outfitting our soldiers with black powder muskets..... I sure hope Smith proves us all wrong who are being negative .
  15. It is funny how a glimmer of hope in northern Alberta can so quickly start a massive forest fire. First shot out of the cannon is let's sign a 38 yr old goalie with a .898 save percentage earned on a team with outstanding defence because you said a month ago we need to upgrade the position.... should I say it now? Who are we drafting next year and will we win the lottery? Gawd am I missing something as this really seems like a huge massive longshot.
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