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  1. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    One thing is certain... hold a media event and plug the plan but not have a clue what the plan is. This is the guy reporting to the owner... no wonder this franchise is a basement dweller.
  2. The incompetence here is brutal. The old boys club has a voice and they should be no where near this franchise let alone give it direction. We have ex Oilers who failed for over a decade still inputting. We have other ex Oilers who failed at coaching and others hanging around looking for entitlement when they have no experience other then being on a winning team decades ago. Nothing will change until Katz stops this stupidity. I can't criticize PC Or Todd as it sure sounds like the shadow voices dictate decisions. One day we will hear Reinhart was ex Oiler decisions and not PC.
  3. Year End reflection

    Nicholson....he has to be the dumbest spokesman for a Nhl team as I have ever seen. I can see why Kevin Lowe wanted him to hide behind... Bob let everyone know today after there years of denial... Kevin Lowe has input into decisions. So much for all those speeches that Lowe is on the business end and has nothing to do with the hockey side of the entertainment group. This crew makes Ballard look like a hockey genius! Settle in folks it is not the hockey gods or a curse... no it is an owner allowing ex players who were once good players but lousy hockey team building people out of touch with the game operate and navigate this franchise. The mascot here should be an iceberg....cause the good ship oiler has become the titanic. To bad Conner has to be the captain of it.
  4. Does Having the Best Player in the league help?

    Having the best player and the old boys club influence gives you a basement dweller....after another few years I wonder if McDavid and Leon will want out or become shells of themselves. Old boys club cancer is alive and lurking....
  5. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Paul Coffey...yeah here's your silver spoon. You coached your Bantam league son well next stop Nhl head coach...give me a break. The problem here is the input from ex Oilers.Get rid of all ex Oilers and I will guarantee this team will be a force in three years. Katz keeping the old boys club around has made this one of the worst franchises in a decade... numerous top picks and even though the names on the backs have changed the overall product performs as dysfunctional as ever. PC getting input from the chairs Kevin and Wayne.... Nicholson said it. Kevin the puppet master still influencing his ability to keep this franchise in the basement. I can't wait to hear the truth once this current coaching staff and GM are handed their walking papers.... they will spill the beans on the interference to do their jobs!
  6. Year End reflection

    Nicholson... PC will decide but get other input.... from the chairs Kevin and Wayne! This team will be doomed and is doomed by the old boys club. I have said all along this is a smoke and mirror show. Until Katz decides he no longer wants the shadow idols voice this team will never ever win a cup. Might make the playoffs but that is questionable. The old boys club voices explains much to the sideways moves and totally unbalanced team.

    This is sports... people are passionate. Public entertainment will draw both good and bad responses. Americans are more vocal with nasty thoughts at the games. Canadian fans follow their teams and are crazy analyzing every aspect of the game like stalkers. Unfortunately you will always have a few who go to far and are idiots... players get paid huge...suck it up and grow some thick skin as this doesn't happen often. Oh the media is tough when your not playing well....maybe you should have become a doctor and committed malpractice or a cop and accidentally failed on the job... yeah no one else gets backlash when not doing their job. McDavid handled it one ear and out the other. Ebs it was tough hearing the media here... duh after years of failure I'm guessing this would happen any where... it was often not pointed at him but the team.

    I think McDavid handles himself just fine. Lol at how he handled hecklers when he went for dinner. These ex Oilers like the lime light and riding coat tails so they can hang around and brag...egos gone wild. Best thing this team could do is banish all ex had your celebration of ego stroking now show yourself the door or get a restraining order to keep them away. No other franchise has players who have done nothing in their career after they've hung up their skates hanging around ....this is a joke!
  9. Oilers Coaching Coffey as coach....this story made me throw up into my own mouth. For the love of this franchise please tell me this owner is not going to continue to allow ex Oilers with no experience or developed success use this team as their own personal PlayStation.

    Any strides forward with Ralph Krueger,Todd Nelson were abruptly cut short by ex Oilers. I can't wait for Todd and PC shelf life to run its course here as I bet we will here about constant interference like Tom Renney alluded too. Some things never change..... Nicholson thinking a couple tweeks will have them in the hunt for a silver mug is about as realistic as me adjusting a couple of my lotto max numbers expecting to win the big one next Friday.
  11. Oilers Coaching

    Zero experience... look at Gretzky awesome player and walked into a job as nhl coach failure. A few ex Oilers are out there actually working from the ground level after their playing careers to have experience. All the ex Oilers here are given these positions and not because they have a resume of success or any track record. Too many unqualified ex Oilers has been the legacy of this franchise failure for the last 18 years and with more and more coming in the Ballard years in Toronto will seem short.
  12. Oilers Coaching

    Exactly.... nobody in this league is or has knocked at the door ever for Lowe, Mac T, Gretzky after he coached, Coffey, Mess. Howson returned after his blue jacket stint... If it was not for Katz no franchise in this league would want any of these players involved. Lowe and Mact have the most experience out of the bunch as they were gifted entitled positions without any accountability or track record. Most franchises would have fired them years ago. The rest of these ex Oilers have no experience or history ..... Coffey coached his! Mess did a potato chip of the year material. What a joke this franchise is.
  13. Oilers Coaching

    Yeah a coach with no experience. Mess thought he was entitled to be coach of the Rangers..Sather said No! If the Oilers hire Mess as a coach then this franchise doomed worse then ever. Mess was a great player but has not done anything to earn any position .....

    Nicholson proved one thing...he is window dressing. We are evaluating...really? Can Nicholson be involved in this? His response on exactly what Gretzky and Coffey's roles here are about as clear as interviewing a concession worker in the building. Let's face it Bob Nicholson was brought in When the fans finally demanded accountability. Nicholson was a very convenient target with Hockey Canada credentials but what most fans missed was here was a man with personal relationships with both Lowe and Gretzky. The first long evaluation proved Nicholson was a pawn as Lowe and Mact were protected from blame and yet again awarded new titles but they had to clarify Lowe would not have any influence on team. We all witnessed Lowe's ego thinking his rings make him an authority on building winning teams as well as total lack of understanding thinking their is two tiers of fans and only season ticket holder are the important ones...really who actually believes this ego would stick around with no say in the Oilers? Mact So a new GM would want this guy as his right hand man. This has to be the most ridiculous stupid move to accept for any incoming new GM. Then we get the Reinhart trade....PC eats the blame. It is well known Green and Mac T had love in their hearts for this former Oil King. After witnessing Reinhart not being capable to make an Nhl roster it would appear to be right inline with the former inept management influence and poor selection of talent. Howson...yup another inept piece with a new title Yes Nicholson sure cleared the house... We Have Mess hanging around,Gretzky ,Coffey. But Nicholson has to provide PC is in charge when he cannot explain what the two former Oilers really do here. Yeah I don't think McDavid needs Gretzky to help him understand what being a superstar is....McDavid has grown into this from early in his career. I would not doubt that the focus and attention on the Dynasty years as well as all these celebrations have made are young team feel they have expectations they cannot live up to.... This is an Rich owner who for some reason thinks his friends and idols of the glory dynasty years will help him achieve the same success. Other the luck in 2006 playoff run that they stumbled into because the Canucks fell on their face this team has not achieved success. Lowe,MacT and Howson have had many attempts and all have failed....How many players did they project would lead this team from the basement who no longer have careers? Now let's add Gretzky into the mix who had no success as a coach. Let's add Coffey as he coached his son in Bantam....well our team looks like a Bantam team at times. Look how these former boys on the bus absolutely failed to recognize or address holes in the team for years..... look how this continues...short on defense.. no back up tender.... poor assessment on players. Look what left the team last year and the replacements..... The cancer has not been removed nor is it in it is operating in the shadows. The inept management lives and has grown with more former Oilers in the group....yes they were a dynasty team but have no proven success in building a success full team. If you think these former Oilers are hanging around with no influence on this team you are sadly mistaken. As much as the marketing tries to deceive the fans the truth is present. As long as the seats are full,buckle up for another decade of despair.... This owner clearly has decided his former Oiler idols get to play franchise builder even though there has been no resume of accomplishment or success.
  15. Jeebus like Talbot hasn't had his confidence rocked this year then he gets to enjoy a game where they give him this wonderful non existant defensive coverage. Nothing like having players camped out waiting to slide a pass into the net...a free for all.... I have seen bantam teams have better defensive coverage.Gawd this team is so broken.