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  1. Posthugger

    GDT: Coyotes @ Oilers - Sat, Jan 12.19 8PM (MT) SN

    Wow Bronco, thanks for providing this....a couple days ago we were sitting around talking about this and how even an average management and scouting team should have been able to have assembled a safe,productive and consistent roster throughout the rebuild...opportunities were clearly missed and bungled on a huge scale. I do not think this Owner realizes what has been lost and has just too much trust in his advisors here. Loyalty and friendship is one thing but there should be alarms going off for this owner because this franchise is headed for a cliff and just because the dollars are rolling in right now another year of this it is not hard to imagine a building struggling to fill....and by then it will be to late. Brutal team building to say the least....a bus load of fired coaches.....mismanagement on a grand scale. Only Katz holds the key to this and if he ignores it this franchise will be in serious trouble within 3 years or less. Then it will be selling g it off to a american market because fans did not support it.....this will be followed by an absolute boycott of the ice district and anything Katz has his hands in....He is playing with fire here and once the turn starts it will be rapid.
  2. Posthugger


    Over a decade of watching this Owner allow his ex Oiler players and idols play team building...Guess what it was a failure then and it is a failure now. This franchise has been ruined for rewarding the likes of Lowe and MacT and Howson to remain and shuffle chairs....now we have Gretzky,Coffey and Nicholson along for the ride of your performance does not matter with the circle of friends. PC....Does he really run the team.....the Reinhart trade has MacT and Bob Green all over it... Koskinen was kurri telling Gretzky. This dysfunctional management rewarded for failure or no experience or success has led to a continuous bottom of the league success....no fancy building or ice district can hid the fact this franchise is the laughing stock of the league.... Everybody knows what is happening in the management and it is not the city or the climate as to why players do not want to come here....ask Dan Heatley. This team purposely failed to rebuild with top draft selections and somehow bungled that...the league had to change the lottery rules yet those that led this franchise to failure still operate and have control. As long as fans continue to fill the seats no real change will happen...ask Chicago and Toronto when their owners held them hostage. This last decade has been worse then the trade of Gretzky.....the franchise has been tarnished. Playoff talk....how about clearing management from the top down and building a proper team. If we can start winning....this team is disabled after maybe five players.....wake up!
  3. Posthugger

    GDT: Coyotes @ Oilers - Sat, Jan 12.19 8PM (MT) SN

    I did not watch the game....waste of time with this franchise....12 years and no accountability what so ever. An Owner who doesn't care as long as the money rolls in he allows his ex oiler idol failures to team build. Enough already.
  4. Well thanks to a few of you for some awesome laughs on another bitter loss. Let's hope the headlines tomorrow address this brutal management. To all a good night.
  5. Are we going to pull the goalie ?
  6. No your going to suffer with the rest of us....no one leaves the island even if its sinking.
  7. Now I'm buying the wife an Oiler Jersey tomorrow!!!
  8. Yes.... this is what happens when the wife has fed me soup bowl sizes of Boston international coffees but way stronger.... eases the pain of another season down the tubes.
  9. Well at least there is only 9 minutes left.....we want double digits.....seal the fate of chia tonight.
  10. An enforcer with the nick.....Huggy Bear..... I liked his heart though as those times were lean on heart. If that is true he has no regrets....
  11. I still will never understand why he is a Hab.....
  12. Should have never traded our future Norris defenseman Schultz.
  13. Were not swarming enough or this game would be tied.
  14. If the Oil didnt have bad luck they'd have no luck.bounces and passes hate us.
  15. That comment made my night....lol