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  1. The NHL is really losing credibility with regular season and now playoff games decided by officials. If you start to watch these games as a neutral observer you can clearly see often this is not just one missed call but several actions to impair one team vs the other. It is calls or missed calls against one team to undermine the fairness in the game. I like to record games often and gave a chance to go back and forth through the game....what I witness is not just poor officiating but a severe attempt to alter the outcome of the games. I am an Oiler fan and noticed this on occasion with my team however there is a league wide failure against many teams. I have watched countless plays where officials had a perfect view of being right on top of clear violations ignoring a call....I have a hard time to believe that the percentage of missed calls from people who are trained observers in their job could miss this so often from right in front of them. Yes humans are not perfect but the video and the percentage of these episodes would indicate more is going on here. I have witnessed video reviews where the broadcaster has shown a quick clip of what transpired and after a couple minutes with NHL review that clip is clearly never shown again and we are fed a worse impaired feed to determine what happened....you are kidding me right? How is it the NHL does not have access to every footage taken! You can watch other sports and sure a call is missed once in a while but the NHL in the last 4 years has become a regular occurence and often several per game,what is alarming is there always seems to be the missed calls or the calls against the one team....it now is not hard to guess which team will get screwed by the officials. Greatest game on earth is quickly becoming a sideshow for who does the NHL and officials want to handicap.
  2. He can move, but he will not be able to walk out of the corners like that in the NHL. He will have to really adjust his game because those headman passes are going to be met with d men closing the gap not backing away on a big ice surface. He has skill and certainly can move but it will be an adjustment to the ice surface and big fast NHL d men wanting to show the speedster big mass and velocity equal danger.
  3. New coach,new GM,solid swede signing...some old wood leaving franchise...I'm optimistic. The franchise have had some real good coaches here so i don't expect this to be a shocking turnabout but if he stays around a few years that stability could be the big pay off. I think the Nygard signing was a testament that players see opportunity here and i hope this also includes Proven NHL players...ultimately Holland and Tippet carry a lot of respect throughout the league so i think players will want to come and teams will be willing to conduct meaningful discussions. Some of the OBC are gone but I real think they need to continue and have them all far ,far away from this franchise to show the hockey world we are open for business. The key now is the support players and youth that can step in and how much of the dead weight can be moved from the roster... Overall I like the vision Holland and Tippet preach...sounds like they understand today's game and with it will come the new culture. Reasonable assessments of competing every night with hopes of a playoff spot... no lets get our rings sized now and have a parade..no announcements of Bouchard winning the Norris trophy before he has played 50 NHL games. so far so good.
  4. I look at the dysfunctional past of this management with one positive....we have Connor,Leon,Nuge,Nurse,Klef,Kassian,and some promising prospects.... not a terrible core to build from and it could be much ,much worse. The one part I hate is Hall not being part of this core. A review of the past clearly indicates this franchise was utterly mismanaged....Let's embrace this change and celebrate Holland's efforts to continue the much needed change.
  5. No chair shuffling with Holland...the way to culture change....there is the door!
  6. Gawd if this good news continues were are going to have to add a new word to the Oilers vocabulary....Accountability!
  7. lol,that would be a full circle.
  8. At this point I'm Happy to see someone who can steer this ship instead of having 3 or 4 people who know about winning all tugging at the wheel at once.
  9. I laugh when it is suggested Holland had an easy opportunity. I look at what Lowe inherited from Sather and for a few years Lowe did quite the job as GM before it went off the rails.
  10. I'm optimistic however some are reporting Mac T had this in the works before Holland was hired. I think fans need to see more house cleaning and some new people brought in to restructure operation before we can ultimately claim the OBC days are behind us. I know a couple people,one in the media and one very important person from the dynasty era. I reported early on that the OBC had tremendous influence and was called a conspiracy theorist ...these musical chairs were designed to buy time. People were hired to tow the line and a couple who went against the grain were fired. I used to think Lowe was Master of the universe as my posts in 2006 can attest then I had an evening of drinks with a couple media people,a former player and this one important person from the dynasty era.... let me say it was eye opening and I could not repeat some of the things said but it did paint a picture that was 180 degrees from where I started. Stuff about Comrie and on and on...the egos that were present before it came out....and when it did it just confirmed what these gentlemen shared. The problem here was never a small market,the city or the winters...it was the management. Until the page is fully turned and this chapter closed I will not get to excited. I will wait to see a full restructure and once that happens my full support and dollars return.
  11. I really hope Katz has given the green light to Holland...Katz has done incredible things here and the only thing that has tarnished the story has been lack of success of the team and failing to hold his friends running the team accountable... Katz is loyal to the core with friends but after more then a decade of this sideshow he may have had enough. It is time to wash it all away!
  12. Higher Vodka sales for sure! Gawd lets hope...there is still 4 more people I would love to see replaced.
  13. well it appears the wind just blew Mac T to Russia...
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