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  1. I'm hoping that there are people on the message board that might be able to help me. I'm trying to navigate the Canadian processes for work permits, visas, etc. My mom is likely in renal failure. She and I want me to move to get a job and move to Vancouver.
  2. Everybody needs to turn out to the service at Rogers Place and, afterwards, have a cold adult beverage in his honor. He did so much for the team and the community and enjoyed it.
  3. Semenko was one of my favorite Oilers along with Gretzky and Lowe. Cancer is awful. I know that it is his family's decision but...maybe have his services at Rogers Place. It was the place that made him the happiest. RIP Dave.
  4. The bolded parts are what I agree with. For Hall, Ebs, Nuge, or any of the other young players to get chosen, they will have to start playing like a captain, playing for the team, and leading by example when things get tough.
  5. Nikitin and Schultz are paid far beyond their capabilities and it's going to bite the Oilers in the bottom at some point. Effective cap management and signing players to contracts that representative of their abilities (especially 3rd and 4th line players) hasn't been a strength of the Oilers.
  6. I agree. This is one of the reasons why I think that McDavid should live with Ryan Smyth. He can show McDavid how to be an Oiler.
  7. If the captaincy is taken away from Ference, the Oilers should probably trade him because it could cause the chemistry in the room to become toxic. For right now, keep Ference as the captain and see if he, together with McClellan, can get the guys to play as a team for each other and not just themselves.
  8. I think that there are four people and a unit that will have lots of pressure on them this season. I think that there will be pressure on Taylor Hall to stay healthy and generate offense. I think McDavid will have pressure on him just because of all of the hype that was generated leading up to the draft and people wondering how well and what his offensive production is going to be in his first season with the Oilers. If the highlight of Hall and McDavid from the BioSteel camp is any indication, I think that he should do well with Hall, etc. This is the season that Yak needs to be constant, improve his hockey sense and prove to people that the Oilers didn't make a mistake drafting him #1. I also think that there is going to be pressure on Todd McClellan to get the players to play his systems and, most importantly as a team. In the past, it has been evident that the players are playing for themselves and not for each other. For the Oilers, to succeed this must change. McClellan has some pretty offensively dynamic players on his team and if they can be made to buy in to his systems and teaching then the fan base could finally get the results that we've been hoping for throughout the rebuilding years. I think that the one units that will have the most pressure on them this years in the defense. In order for the Oilers to succeed, the defense must play smart and not miss their assignments on the ice. If the Oilers defense, starts playing poorly and the goaltenders start getting peppered with shorts each game, the team will be trying to dig itself out of hole each game. I think that Hall and company will be able to generate more offense this year with McClellan behind the bench. I don't think that they can be counted on to score 6-8 goals a game as a result of the defense playing poorly, the goalies getting hung out to dry, and the opponent getting a huge lead after the first period.
  9. Very true - also disagree 100% completely with Hall being rushed. The man just won back to back MVP's in the Memorial Cup - there was nothing left for him in Junior and he was NHL ready. The reason some people feel he was 'rushed' isn't because Hall wasn't ready, it was because the Oilers weren't ready for Hall. He was thrust into a 1st line role his first year - that's not Hall's fault nor should he have been 'punished' for it by losing a year of NHL money. The bold part sums up what happened with Hall. I honestly think that there was a bit too much expectation wise put on Eberle in the beginning because of the position the Oilers were in at that point. I think that Hall, Eberle, RNH, and McDavid will do well under McLellan. The players that he had in San Jose were good enough just not motivated enough to win the Cup. A bit off topic...in regards to McDavid, I think that living with Ryan Smyth is a good idea. Ryan could show him the heart, proper attitude, and other intangibles that it takes to be an Oiler.
  10. The bold parts sum up my thoughts on Yak. If he didn't want to go back to Sarnia, that was fine. He could have worked on the parts of his game that need work over in Europe and come back to the NHL. His time with the Oilers has not helped him that much as far as helping his game improve and, I know that the Oilers have not had the best coaches recently, but I don't think that his talent, overall hockey sense will be worthy of the #1 pick even with the right coach. Yak, like Hall, Eberle, and RNH was rushed to the NHL too quickly because of circumstances with the team at the time that they were drafted. If his game really doesn't improve much over the next couple of seasons and they don't move him, do they risk only being able to get a 4th liner and some mid level prospects for a former #1 pick?
  11. I think with Yak that it came down to the hope of significant contributions offensively. As a #1 pick, he hasn't contributed as much offensively as a #1 pick should have by this time in his career. The attitude issues last year didn't help change my opinion of him either. Some of that could be because the boys were each playing for themselves last year and not for each other. It could happen this year that is things don't go the way Yak wants them to or if McLellan benches him for some reason, there could be issues again. My thought process on that draft is this: Ryan Murray may not have been as shiny as Yak when he was drafted. He would have filled a pressing positional need for the Oilers and I think that over the long term he might have been a better fit that produced better long term result for the Oilers. With Yak, there is always the worry that he has issues with his playing time, line mates, the coach, being put in the press box for a game or two etc. is he going to tell the Oilers that he's going to the K? That possibility is always there. If that ever happens, the Oilers lose a former #1 pick, and asset and have nothing to show for it. He offensive production hasn't been spectacular and not really worthy of a #1 pick. If this season has a rocky start for Yak, I think that Peter Chiarelli should look at his option as far as possibly moving Yak and getting something for him while he still can. This season is definitely a make or break season for Yak.
  12. But they didn't so why mention it? Pro sports are about skill, size, development and confidence. There is more than you reading this. Yak will do just fine, in fact I think he gets its going under TM. I mention it because Yak has been a bit of a disappointment so far. I honestly expected more from him and I think that Ryan Murray would have been a better fit and addressed a pressing positional need for the Oilers. Yak is basically one dimensional and his offensive skills have not been constant.
  13. I still wish the Oilers had taken Ryan Murray instead of Yak. The Oilers needed a defenseman more than they needed another winger.
  14. It is the same principle at work, but there are reasons why Talbot is a better bet for us. First off, the comparison of Scrivens and Talbot as average talents behind elite Ds is not quite perfect. In LA absolutely every goalie seemed to do well. Jones, Scrivens, and Quick all had similar numbers. Over the years, there have been a few other goalies besides Talbot who played below Lundqvist (mostly Biron), and Talbot was the only one who put up consistent numbers for the Rangers and inspired them to let Lundqvist have nights off once in a while, and for their team to remain consistent during a Lundqvist injury. Lots of Ranger fans have pointed out in the past that the Rangers D is not nearly as elite as the Kings D. The Rangers have trouble suppressing shots and even quality chances, while the Kings are tops in the league in all defensive categories. Also, in a direct comparison of Scrivens and Talbot, Talbot has given quality play more consistently and for a longer period of time as well. Second, there is reason to believe that Dubnyk and Scrivens weren't all that bad for us. When you play D as badly as we have, no goalie will look good. Both Dubnyk and Scrivens played heroically at times, but the extreme work load and constant losing eroded their confidence over time. Dubnyk excelled away from us. With some new D and a new coach, and general team improvements, maybe Scrivens will look better and Talbot will have a good chance to at least come close to his numbers in New York. Talbot is an upgrade for the Oilers and will be able to bail out the defense more than Scrivens and Dubnyk who require good defense to do well. The Oilers need to have players with good hockey intelligence at all of the positions who are constantly improving and don't give up on each other when things go bad each game of during the season. Todd McLellan will help turn things around on the ice and in the room and the boys have to put in the work. If they don't, the Oilers goaltenders will have another rough season.
  15. You raise some very thought provoking points. Can he will he develop a two way game. Does he even need to? This could just be a prime example of a rare one/one who made the NHL too early. I think certainly we all agree DE did not help but maybe he did in some ways. This season is going to be so interesting. There is just something about him that says "give me a little time Ill show you". Bottom line is if he does get it going to the potential he has the Oilers could benefit hugely. I think that Yak will have to really work at developing a solid two way game. Until the Oilers defense is #1 in the league, he's needs to develop a two way game. Yes, Yak was rushed to NHL too soon along with some of the other young players but Oilers management had no choice because the team need them in the lineup right away. Everyone thinks things were rough with Hall, Eberle, RNH, and Yak in the lineup, if they were allowed to properly develop in the AHL, as they should have been, things would have been brutal for the Oilers. I also have my doubts whether Yak would have reported and willingly played in the AHL or gone to the K. In my mind, this is the season that Yak has to play well or management needs to look at moving him and getting a decent ROI (good positional player to fill the most pressing need) for the asset (player) while they can.
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