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  1. Nice to see that line do some good stuff. DD had a very good game last game. Hopefully more to come.
  2. It was mentioned that we will most likely get both. Pretty huge considering where we've been the last ten years.
  3. They'll come. I don't know if it will in a series like this. I think they wanted the responsible play and heaviness with the ability to finish if set up. He had a few chances but nothing terrific in terms of quality. I still liked the line.
  4. They really played well together I thought. Could be the start of something good. I also liked how it made it harder for SJ to line match. I still am not comfy with that DD line but he was better on the wing I thought. Still, they had a solid game I thought. I love Slepyshev on McDavid's line. I've been wanting to see that all year and it made it a heavier line with good skill on it still. Slepy has one of the hardest shots on the team. That's a combo I really liked. Benning and Nurse were matched against the top line by SJ most of the game and did terrific. Man, that was really a perfect game by the boys. Agreed Fogs. I thought it was a much more balanced line that they couldn't key in on to shut down one. Slepyshev is so under-appreciated IMO. He's gonna be a big player for us for lots of years I think.
  5. For sure. Don't want to play with fire though. He's not really a factor but it's a temptation once he gets going and agitating.
  6. For sure. Gryba is steady and a really good 7 guy IMO. Plays to his size and intimidates.
  7. I tend to agree. Still, the idea of putting in Hendo is one that makes some sense. He's solid defensively, plays a big game and you won't be giving up anything on speed between him and DD. Hendricks know how to hit to hurt too. That's pretty much all he did in Washington.
  8. You know how much I like Lander. Not in the cards I guess. As much as I don't like DD I don't change a winning lineup unless forced to do so. Pretty much. He'll take a dumb penalty and then not play the rest of the game. Hopefully he provides us with a PP goal.
  9. Yeah, just keep up the same thing as last game and clean up the penalties.
  10. You just want DD off the ice. If this game is like the last one, DD will only play about 3 minutes in the first period. The point is Haley has pressure on him to deliver something to his coaches. That can be taken advantage of because he'll be over-zealous on his attempts to create something. It gives us the opportunity to get an early PP and have him stapled to the bench and have them down one more skater. If we can punish Thornton early, they are down two skaters. Couture, three skaters. So basically we use the same template as last game and hit at every opportunity and it will create this IMO. Bringing in a guy like Haley to do the obvious rarely works out for the team that does that, especially in the playoffs. It's a desperation move IMO.
  11. Yup. He'll be eager to drop the gloves. Chirp him and pretend to move towards him then just skate away. He'll fall for it and look like a fool. It's the ONLY reason he is playing and he's gonna want to prove to the team that he will do his job. He'll be trying too hard IMO.
  12. Insurance and preparation experience for Reinhart. Too bad Oesterle is out because he's a much better D man IMO. I keep harping on it but this is where the loss off Davidson is really not great but DD had a decent game last game so hopefully he builds on it. Other than Reinhart, we don't have any D men who are close that can fill in but Gryba is still an option too so I think we're okay. Simpson I guess would be the next guy.
  13. I hope they do. With a bad knee he won't be able to maneuver very well on the PP or otherwise. This creates the opportunity for us to rush his plays and hit him to create turnovers. I hope they play him because him and Couture are one solid hit away from being done for the season. If we can hit him early, he'll likely sit the entire game and that just creates a hole in their roster. Haley is in and you know he's only there to try something in the first ten minutes. Obvious player insertion to try and get Kass or somebody out of the game. He'll be running around and trying to create something early but we have to ignore him. He'll be stapled to the bench once the game gets going.
  14. Seemed like DD was used very carefully in game two. Only super safe situations and for very short shifts. Still, that line had a decent game. Nice to see.
  15. Haha! That's awesome.