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  1. There's no trade coming. What we have is what we have unless Chia decides to pick up a turd floating on the waver wire. Windsor's right about us being up against the cap too. Also, Nuge isn't going anywhere.
  2. The sea is thirsty my friends.

  3. I had him auditioning for the top line on a "every third shift" basis. I know people will laugh but he's got the makings to be a great winger for either of the top two lines, even more-so with McDavid. He's big, fast, gritty, has a great shot and goes to the hard areas. He's also very good on the backcheck. Him with McD and Maroon would be terrific. I think Strome is the obvious guy to try there to start since he's a bit more of a finesse guy but he does have grit too and is more of a "veteran" even though he hasn't fully established himself yet. I wouldn't put Strome a lot higher than Sleppy on my depth chart though.
  4. Not sure if you're trolling here and I'm pretty experienced with that variety of creature. So how are we so bad when we all know that we actually beat the Ducks in 5 games but the refs gave them the series? Seriously, you're looking at a team that should have been in the conference final but got robbed by politics. Now we're better. Please tell me why our wingers are so poor and our D is questionable. Also if you could reply with some actual numbers that would be appreciated.
  5. That Leon Draisaitl got pretty messed up the way we handled him too. Damn shame we did the exact same thing with PJ.
  6. Kovy is a nice to have. Not sure the dollars would makes sense though. That's my biggest concern with him. Plus his knees are going so it could be a good contract to avoid IMO.
  7. Man, what a game by Larsson last night. Two great goals and great in his own end. Just a great addition. Love this guy more and more each game.
  8. I agree 100%. I think he will be kind of like Kreider once he's full time.
  9. Nice to see that line do some good stuff. DD had a very good game last game. Hopefully more to come.
  10. It was mentioned that we will most likely get both. Pretty huge considering where we've been the last ten years.
  11. For sure. Gryba is steady and a really good 7 guy IMO. Plays to his size and intimidates.
  12. Insurance and preparation experience for Reinhart. Too bad Oesterle is out because he's a much better D man IMO. I keep harping on it but this is where the loss off Davidson is really not great but DD had a decent game last game so hopefully he builds on it. Other than Reinhart, we don't have any D men who are close that can fill in but Gryba is still an option too so I think we're okay. Simpson I guess would be the next guy.
  13. Seemed like DD was used very carefully in game two. Only super safe situations and for very short shifts. Still, that line had a decent game. Nice to see.
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