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  1. I'm getting slaughtered this week. And I don't even feel my team has been that bad.
  2. Totally missed the draft, that's ok I suck at picking anyways.
  3. Yup. As well as 10:30 my time. Where do you live Iceland?
  4. I did the Poll, like in the deal. I can probably make the 21st work, that's 630 my time right?
  5. My guess would be as soon as Arizona wants to start winning, they will waive Reider.
  6. If and it's a big if, Hall and Mcdavid play over 75 games, I think they will both be around 90 points.
  7. The head coach and the gm are different, so it's not out of the realm of possibilities that either of Dubnyk or Petry would come back if the situation worked out for them. In saying that I doubt either do. Dubs should stay in Minny cause he doesn't want to go to another team and find out he just hit lightning in a bottle. And my guess is Petry wanted out of here a long time ago. Will probably sign in Detroit.
  8. It's a bold strategy, let's see how it works out!
  9. While I would be pretty shocked if Philly actually hires him this soon after his epic failure. If Eakins does get hired again, it wouldn't surprise me if he has more success the second go round. I'm sure there's a long list of coaches who fell flat on there face there first chance they got to coach and went on to have success. But just for optics it makes 0 sense for Philly to hire Eakins this soon after, unless of course there intention is to tank. As I'm sure it was in Buffalo when they hired Nolan.
  10. watch the insults in here. I'll get a mod up in your quantum singularity Sounds like his ideal Saturday night! Certainly a FUN time for Bronco.
  11. I got Jets, Canadians and Flames all canadian baby! At least if I remember correctly.
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