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  1. Moving here with his family so yes.
  2. Because nuge had 70 points this year and Mantha had 48.
  3. A young OEL and an old Doan is all he had. Trotz with Gallant and Quenneville as assistants couldn't have coached that team into the playoffs.
  4. Agreed. Need more guys who can pull the trigger in general though.
  5. That is an absolute steal! I looked into it in Cuba and St. Lucia and both times it was 450 bucks a head +. Mexico it is i guess.
  6. Interesting. One year left on his contract is unsettling though.
  7. Edit : I don't think I am allowed to say that. Anyways that is hilarious coming from you.
  8. What was our PP? Like 9th? what was our PK? 31st? Oh and yes subtracting your two best players does make your PP substantially worse....
  9. lol clearly that went right over my head.
  10. If you don't mind me asking. How much was your fishing trip in Mexico?
  11. We agree on something. Should we like take a picture or something?
  12. So your "facts" that he had a losing record with the WORST lineup pretty much ever for 3 years is why he isn't a good fit for the "present NHL"? That is not support for your position. Tippett not being able to coach an old Doan and a team full of Tobias Rieders to the playoffs means nothing. If that is your whole argument then is the Oilers having a losing record under Nelson all on the coach? Or perhaps the lineup? You haven't proven Tippett isn't a fit for the current NHL or brought up any proof to support that Nelson would be. Edit : Sorry if I came off a little condescending here
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