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  1. TeamEllis

    20 Game Status/Analysis

    What a whiney thread.
  2. Flames are destroying Vegas haha
  3. Or maybe... just maybe... koskinen is playing better then talbot.
  4. I agree.... Including Talbot. Darn I thought you heard something I didn’t and I was getting excited.
  5. Point being talbot didn’t play like garbage? Is there a press conference?
  6. Talbot was garbage last night.
  7. Lots of articles about Todd’s job this morning.
  8. Talbot ranked 49th in goaltending . Yikes.
  9. I don’t think they have the parts to fire TMac
  10. Yes benning goal side ways talbot no shot mcdavid far ice
  11. I agree but something needs to happen. Unacceptable play.
  12. I have been a defender of Todd but he needs to go. Something needs to happen.