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  1. A young OEL and an old Doan is all he had. Trotz with Gallant and Quenneville as assistants couldn't have coached that team into the playoffs.
  2. Agreed. Need more guys who can pull the trigger in general though.
  3. That is an absolute steal! I looked into it in Cuba and St. Lucia and both times it was 450 bucks a head +. Mexico it is i guess.
  4. Interesting. One year left on his contract is unsettling though.
  5. Edit : I don't think I am allowed to say that. Anyways that is hilarious coming from you.
  6. What was our PP? Like 9th? what was our PK? 31st? Oh and yes subtracting your two best players does make your PP substantially worse....
  7. lol clearly that went right over my head.
  8. If you don't mind me asking. How much was your fishing trip in Mexico?
  9. We agree on something. Should we like take a picture or something?
  10. So your "facts" that he had a losing record with the WORST lineup pretty much ever for 3 years is why he isn't a good fit for the "present NHL"? That is not support for your position. Tippett not being able to coach an old Doan and a team full of Tobias Rieders to the playoffs means nothing. If that is your whole argument then is the Oilers having a losing record under Nelson all on the coach? Or perhaps the lineup? You haven't proven Tippett isn't a fit for the current NHL or brought up any proof to support that Nelson would be. Edit : Sorry if I came off a little condescending here
  11. TeamEllis


    I was sort of cheering for the Raptors until I watched Tim and Sid. Tim basically said he is MORE confident the Raptors are going to win the series after they lost game 1 to the bucks. This reminded me that they are the same idiots who drool all over the leafs all year and they are the exact same way with the Raptors. Leonard is apparently the next Jordan and they can't seem to admit Lowry is an absolute dud in the playoffs. Also "load management" Toronto Sports Network never shuts up about that. Leonard looked absolutely gassed last game. I am glad they are down 0-2 in the series.
  12. He had multiple 100 point seasons with a good roster. He had one of the worst rosters in recent memory and not one coach in the world could have made the playoffs with that team. Tippett does fine with high end players and saying he brings them down is just completely false. Oh and Nelson hasn't made the playoffs EVER. I would like Nelson but the arguments against Tippett are ridiculously misguided.
  13. Our Power play is fine could be a bit better. Our play in our OWN end/PK is an absolute disgrace. Under Nelson how do you figure he would change that? I can tell you how Tippett would but I am genuinely curious about your answer first.
  14. Why not Tippett? And don't say the false "He kills offence" reason.
  15. I am sure there will be changes after the draft. Our Pro scouts definitely need to be shown the door but i am not convinced the amateur scouts do. Our prospect pool hasn't looked this good in years. (I know it is not saying much). The Condors are absolutely stacked on the blue line. Bear, Bouchard, Lagesson , Caleb Jones with Samorukov (Who might be the best of the group) joining the log jam next year. Lagesson being the most likely to make the jump to the NHL next year. Also can't forget about Joel Persson in Sweden who is going to be a stud. Forwards were a little thin this year due to injury but still have Gambardella , Currie, Benson, Marody, Yamamoto, Polei, McLeod with Maksimov coming up the pipe next year. Add another forward that is drafted top 8 in this years draft (top 10 prospects are absolute studs to my eye) and we have even more options down there. Not to mention our goalie pipeline looks pretty good as well with Starrett, Skinner and Rodrigue. With Hollands reputation of developing prospects properly and Keith's surprising eye for young talent. The future just might... i repeat JUST might not be so bleak for the Edmonton Oilers.
  16. He sure got lucky a lot. Not to mention Detroit's old contracts are going to expire soon and Yzerman is going to be stuck with a plethora of young talent and tons of cap space. Larkin is signed to soon to be steal of a contract. Not sure what you are talking about. Who would be the right guy in your mind? Hunter? Also he spent some time with Craig but he spent way more time with Keith. "ere's Hoping KH 2.0 has more initial (pun intended) success than 1.0 ... " You mean like more than 4 cups?
  17. Don't put words in my mouth. Of coarse he can eventually do it. He just not a shoo-in. Manning sucks we can agree on that.
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