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  1. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-competition-committee-recommends-video-review-tiebreaker-changes/ First of all, regarding the "other proposed changes" in the article, I see these as petty details coming from a millenial culture that seems to think we need to change the rules every year. The officials can't get the existing set of rules right so I see absolutely no reason bring in anything other than a more simplified set of rules and then locking the rule book for 5 years or so before even considering any amendments. As for reviews, if the referees on the ice question their own call clearly they should have the ability to have another look at full speed, and neither coach should be able to challenge more than once. Frame by frame decisions are deceptive and do little more than complicate matters. In the event that there are multiple cases during a game there needs to be some type of accountability measure that occurs off of the ice. Still the best way to officiate the game is to establish a clear and simple set of rules and then leave them alone for a prolonged period of time rather than continually tinkering with the soup.
  2. Too bad that there has been more discussion on poor officiating than the play on the ice but justifiably so. I have decided that I will not be watching game 7 of the cup final this year because "the best team wins" is debatable regardless of who that ends up being. Too bad the game is tainted. Also, the fact that the NHL wants to drag out the season as long as possible is a joke. There is no reason why the games could not be played every other night and maybe 1 extra day in between rounds. I do not support the current mind set.
  3. neufab


    New president, new GM, new coach. The organization has made some positive moves and I see no reason the Oilers cannot be in the thick of it come next spring. The success of the Blues shows that no matter where a team sits at Christmas a solid run can get you to the dance when its a "team" effort, especially when goal tending becomes a pleasant surprise instead of a disastrous disappointment. I look forward to seeing personnel changes on the ice over the course of the next few months and have made a few short notes on some of the guys: McDavid & Draisaitl - looking forward to see them as a dominate duo Nuge - key long term Oiler with production in the same range as Tarasenko, Duchene, Couture and ahead of Skinner, Horvat, Barzal. Nuge is the guy you keep and able to help out the team in many facets of the game Chiasson - career year and I would not expect him to score 22 next year, still would like to see him on the team if he doesn't price himself out Kassian - good production last year and when he plays on the edge is exactly who the Oilers need as a 3rd line winger Gagner - smart player who can help out in various ways including taking some interviews when things get hot Klefbom - must stay healthy because the team suffers when he is out Sekera - must stay healthy because the team suffers when he is out Nurse - bright spot on the blue line and has made steady improvements year after year Larsson - good player but never able to live up to being traded for Hall, also, the PC poster child ... that's enough for now
  4. neufab


    Very few people in the organization have done a good job which is verified by the lack of success of the team. At no point have I been a fan of PC and I am glad he is gone but angry that he screwed this team. I was also not a Hitchcock fan but I am glad he came and think he served his purpose. I have no issue Keith Gretzky nor an attachment... more like meh. For several years I have approached the start of the season with suspicion. Now I am optimistic that Holland will make the Oilers better and in a playoff spot within the next couple seasons. On a different note. I think the Stanley Cup should go to the officiating team this year. The way hockey is played and called makes the Stanley Cup less meaningful than ever before to the point where they may want to consider a revised kindergarten approach where the final 4 all get a mini Cup. That said, I hope the Blues win.
  5. Holland and Tippet as a tandem are as good a combination as anyone could have hoped for. I was never completely sold on TM and definitely not PC. The attitude, experience, and track record of Holland and Tippet should turn the Oilers into a playoff team. If not, I may as well just give up on hockey altogether. The hires this off-season so far have exceeded my expectations.
  6. Regarding the D, Bouchard is a guy that can make an impact in a year or 2 and there are also a few others in the AHL. I am curious to see the D-corp in September because there is no way we can move forward with status quo considering that the Oilers allowed 5 or more goals over 20 times last year --- combined failures from goal tending and defensive ineptness. Although the future shows promise, key injuries exposed a major lack of depth and must be corrected next year if this team is to have any success. Furthermore, to maximize the potential of the prospects not only do they need seasoning in the AHL, as clearly understood by most, the right pieces for a mentorship program needs to be in place to insulate young players during their transition years. I agree that JP does have great potential and the right scenario - new coach, and GM included - and reliable line mates could make a big difference. Giving him away just to see him "figure it out" elsewhere would be a kick to the groin that Oiler fans do not need. I hope that the hip thing is a non factor by training camp and that some new faces on and off the ice translates into an atmosphere that benefits JP and other top prospects. JP is a guy I would love to see succeed as an Oiler. A lot of "if's" here so a solid contingency needs to be in place where the team can succeed without him but would benefit "if" he breaks out.
  7. I would not have expected Holland to be the new GM of the Oilers but I am glad it turned out that way. Babcock and Yzerman both benefited with their time in Detroit under Ken Holland and with a little digging it would be easy to find others. Some have suggested that Holland simply rode a ship that was already in motion, to which I completely disagree. It is unrealistic to think that a team could have as much success as Detroit did by simply "riding it out." The consistent appearances in the playoffs, regular season success, even turning a guy like Dan Cleary into a solid and reliable player when it seemed as though his NHL career was over is an indication that a much higher standard of professionalism was at work than simply riding the backs of a few good players. Seeing that Holland has "a few good players" to start with I fully expect the Oilers to be competitive next year. The degree of success is directly linked to how KH deals with the existing cap mess and plethora of under whelming personnel. I do not expect to see rookies handed a roster spot because of the need to ice a complete line-up. My largest frustration over the last decade or so has been with the development of assets which I hope and believe will be different under Ken Holland. What I hope to see is Holland fixing the cap mess, icing an NHL caliber team that is more competitive, allowing young assets to develop in juniors and AHL respectively, young players earning a roster spot rather than being gifted a spot, and no more down-grading the team with stupid trades. ..... wow, if that happens I might have to write more positive posts.
  8. I guess at this point I would prefer to see a Columbus - St. Louis final, aside from that I hope the remaining teams beat the crap out of one another and loose the maximum possible amount. No one worth watching left but it is likely a Betman fantasy final.
  9. The 8th overall pick should be in play as part of a package to achieve 2 goals in 1 move: Acquire an upgrade for immediate help on the roster, and, create cap room.
  10. I am not aware of any other professional sport that has changed as much as the NHL over the last decade and even more so since the Oilers "glory days." I have no illusions that the 'good old fashion hockey' that I grew up watching and came to enjoy will return at any point. Penalty minutes have been drastically reduced as stated in another thread, equipment technology has significantly improved, the game itself is much faster, the overall skill level has evolved noticeably, and yet my frustration with the game itself (not just a bad Oilers team) is at an all time high. I am not a fan of the Betman vision of the NHL. I started this thread for a general conversation about the NHL or any of the points presented here. - The need to play a heavier game in the playoffs than the regular season will affect how successful teams are built. - A clear understanding between defense and goalie once existed where the general rule on a 2 on 1 was to leave the shooter to the goalie and the defense eliminates the other player from the play. I say the belly flop approach results in a failed attempt removing the defender and leaving both the shot and the pass in play. - The gimmicks, commercial antics, and on-ice theatrics, most noticeable with southern hockey teams, contribute negatively to the sportsmanship and integrity of the game. - Questionable officiating is far too common and in my opinion a direct result of complicating the game with a dilemma between 'the letter of the law' vs. 'the heart of law' and then add in coach challenges and video replay to add greater complexity. This dilemma also results in inconsistent officiating. Questionable officiating is also caused by continually changing the rules. - The draft lottery format is a joke and only the bottom 5 teams should be eligible for the lottery. An attempt to minimize tanking needs to continue and having some form of lottery achieves that to an extent. Chicago, a team with relatively recent success, having the 3rd overall pick, with their core players still playing effective hockey, should not have occurred. - The ability to self-police must be recognized as an important aspect of the game to address things like the Brad Marchand lick, embellishment, and otherwise cheap and dirty play that often goes unchecked. - The willingness to compromise the flow of a game to satisfy network producers with TV time-outs should be eliminated and commercials should be slotted into natural game stoppages. I will stop there for now and may add some other points as the conversation progresses. I look forward to reading your responses and ideas.
  11. These were nice, and so was the 3rd jersey with the gears. I will not buy an orange jersey! The orange jersey is ugly.
  12. Is there actually a point in bringing in a good coach as long as the roster is a mess? Thing is I have lost all confidence in the organization until the day it becomes clear that the wine bibbers aren't screwing around with the authority of the GM and coach. They are better off having a lottery of forum posters and bringing in one of us as a figure head with pre-determined speeches NOT written by BN so that the upper brass can continue running the show. Bringing in a good new coach and/or GM and screwing him over is last thing that should happen.
  13. Actually I would have no issue with Kruger as coach. He never got a fair shot and, all things considered, actually did reasonably well in a shortened season. Problem is he would not have much of a roster to work with and would simply end up being the next goat for the slaughter. My guess is they will bring in Woodcroft.
  14. I completely understand what you are saying and the best course of action should be to lower expectations, and like you say keep the farm team together and bring in UFAs until some of the Oilers bad contracts clear the books. Any more failed attempts will only turn an ugly situation into an even more ugly one. The issue is that the upper brass will want to create the illusion of having 'fixed' everything. Add to that the fact that the request for fan patience several years ago has blown up in their face and all patience has been exhausted. More so, having 2 guys break 100 pts creates a new type of pressure and expectation to succeed. The scary thing is myself and many other fans do not think that the right course of action will be taken. I do not look forward to the expected outrage when a "new" GM and coach are brought in and everyone above them keeps their cushy lounge chairs with full service wine delivery.
  15. Great post Deutch. BN should not be permitted to speak
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