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  1. Sorry Johnny, the NHL is NOT a development league. You pointed out some examples where guys mature and grow up in the NHL but this is certainly not the rule. Other leagues exist for the sole purpose of "developing" players. You might be hell bent on arguing it but that doesn't make it so. Elite players do mature in the NHL and hit their prime once they play in it a few years and that does not make the NHL a development league. Players brought into the NHL are "developed" prior to coming to the NHL, they are "developed" in lower level leagues, then 'discovered' then brought in. Once they figure out how to compete and play they mature and get better which is a natural evolution of maturity and self preservation. If, as you mistakenly say, the NHL is a development league, how many players in the last 40 years played soccer or anything other than hockey, were brought into the NHL to be developed into NHL hockey players? NONE! NHL players are "developed" elsewhere and THEN brought into the league where many of them grow into men. I am unaware of any NHL athlete that has a background in tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, football, or any sport other than hockey, only to be brought into the league to be developed into an NHL hockey player. I can explain all this to you, but I cannot understand it for you.
  2. Gotta say that over the last 2 decades Detroit and Edmonton would be the polar opposites of seeing this into fruition. The good teams that develop their players in other leagues have more success then poor teams that rush their prospects into the league. Few players in their teens jump right in with immediate success and are more an exception than the rule. The reason the juniors, ECHL, AHL exist are to be development leagues. Even after being "developed" in other leagues, good, well balanced teams somewhat shelter their prospects while poor teams feed them to the wolves.
  3. they have lots of practice golfing
  4. I am rooting for Garner, I think he brings some underestimated intangibles and still has creativity and skill to help the team. I would like to see Chiasson play with McDavid and Draisaitl, and Gagner with Neal and Nuge. Gagner intangibles: a previous Oiler fan favorite - great with the media and able to take the heat off of others - intelligent - experienced veteran - eager to stay in the NHL - likes it in Edmonton and fully aware of what it means to play here.
  5. Agreed. Those were the best. I always thought it should be copper and blue... not orange! I didn't mind the '01 alternate. The proposed 3rd jersey looks like a cheap knock-off that some dude should be selling out of the trunk of his car across the street from your Mexican resort destination.
  6. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/oilers 10 roster players including Koskinen are signed beyond this upcoming season. Holland has done just fine to this point considering the circumstances to give himself a little breathing room and hopefully put the team in a better spot. The fact that a lot contracts are expiring should a positive thing since the guys will be playing for a contract. This certainly makes for an interesting season and the potential for significant re-tooling next season. Many of you already know this, yet I find it interesting to see who is on that list.
  7. The Draisaitl/ McDavid pair has dynamic chemistry and breaking that up last year did not work! The only way I see that changing is if Neil works out, and another 2 wingers develop and gain significant traction as NHL players to the point where the bottom end gets squeezed out. If we assume the "pair" philosophy works then the Oilers would have 3 scoring lines with Nuge, McDavid, and Draisaitl each driving a line and the 4th line becomes the checking line that we typically attribute to the 3rd line. Under this scenario, the Oilers would then be a regular playoff team and have success in developing their prospects. This is not something to expect this season.
  8. Well that sucks, looks like we can't get rid of the agent.
  9. Ah crap, I was born in Mexico and my hometown doesn't have an NHL team... does that mean I have to stop watching hockey? I would like to know what it would take to ensure this agent never gets another taste of the NHL.
  10. I fully expect the new management to handle the development of players better. I can appreciate your perspectives on this and maybe we agree to disagree. The reason I disagree is first of all the fact that the previous decade and then some has a poorly respected track record of developing prospects and throwing them into the fire too soon. I am not prepared to give the previous management the benefit of the doubt and point to the fact that several have left or been fired for that reason as well as failing to ice a legitimate NHL team. Secondly, everything following Jesse's rookie year is largely the result of how he was mishandled from the beginning. Thirdly, is there any evidence at all that the hip issue goes back 3 years? The development philosophy should be a scenario where there should have been NO expectation that he would play in the NHL the year he was drafted which hindsight shows us, but early signs should have made this clear also. Instead, Oiler brass fell in love with the idea of what they thought they just gained and suffered from tunnel vision instead of objective analysis. At the very least this needs to become a lesson learned. As a result of that lesson the action plan would be to bring in a respectable and relatable mentor fluent in the language of the prospect before that prospect ever hits the ice. Europe has many players that thrive on the large ice yet are unable to translate their success when there is less room, less time, and the game comes at them faster. Only a few elite players make the transition seamlessly with immediate success. Also, the language barrier is a real thing both when it comes to speaking and actually understanding what is meant. As for Jesse, he has not shown the determination or willingness to adapt his game or to commit to the team. The way he, and/or his agent, has handled the current situation lacks professionalism and even lacks best self interest! Therefore, I maintain that this mess is 50/50.
  11. A major point of frustration is that JP "seemed" to be the consensus pick in a fairly strong draft class at the top end. Expectations I feel exceeded that of Yakupov who was thought to be the best pick of a perceived weak draft class. What completely confuses me is how he was gifted NHL ice time WITHOUT getting climatized to North American hockey... which should have included an English teacher for a minimum of 1 full year. Either way, there is equal guilt on both sides. Previous management completely messed up the development, and the player has not shown the willingness to be an effective NHL player. The Oiler brass fell in love with what they "thought" they were gifted in the draft and the player seemed to think that he could simply hit the ice and continue with the success he experienced in Europe. The entire situation is a complete and utter mess!
  12. The top 6 guys... unless someone is clearly unseated after the 10 game mark of the regular season should be: Draisaitl - McDavid - Kassian Neal - Nuge - Chiasson The battle of the bottom six waits to be seen in training camp, but enter in the Rattie situation where pre-season was in no way an indication of regular season performance. Either way, the Oilers are in better shape now than they were at any point last season.
  13. I guess the retraction comes from me. I was wrong. As for the trade, you guys have touched on the significant points and explained the "conditional pick" which is what makes this trade work. Getting rid of the "immovable" contract is huge for this team. I think Neal will do well and training with McDavid in the summer is a definite positive. As long as Neal is motivated, which I think he is, there is no reason he cannot do well with either Nuge or McDavid as his center. Good job Holland on acquiring a top 6 forward for a bottom 6 forward. Now we wait and see how this plays out but my level of optimism has increased. As for Lucic, I like him but only at about a 6th of his current price tag and with Nurse, Khaira, Kassian I think there is enough toughness on the team with guys who skate better and are on the upswing rather than in decline. Calgary fans don't seem to like the trade much which makes me like it a little more.
  14. Not holding my breath until it's official. I seriously wonder if this is any more than bored hockey writers needing 2 stories - 1) the "trade," 2) the retraction.
  15. I do understand your point and tried to draw attention to some alternate misconceptions. Everything you say is true and I do not dispute that, except for maybe some of what I experienced from Calgary citizens - I guess that could have changed in the last 7 years. The anonymity perspective is a factor in multiple NHL cities and again not exclusively an Edmonton problem. Edmonton and surrounding area has many great things to offer, albeit, not the same things as other NHL cities that have their own unique qualities both positive and negative.
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