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  1. Thanks Fog, it's mostly dumb luck and a whole bunch of tinkering.
  2. GG Steve, hope everyone had another fun year of fantasy hockey!
  3. Thanks Happy, congrats on taking home the Keeper Championship!
  4. Honestly, I'm pulling for Steve here, I've won a couple times now and I'd like to see another first time champion. With that being said, I'm not leaving anything on the table, you're going to have to earn it Steve. Should be a good match up here, best if luck!
  5. GG SD, close right till the end. If only Kane and Karlsson were healthy and Price didn't let in 8 goals. Oh well, best of luck the the rest of they way.
  6. Playoff time kids, big 10-2 wins over Nocchi and Alice in the last week in our leagues. Bye week in the yearly and a round 1 match up with SD in the keeper. This one is going to be a battle, best of luck SD.
  7. I needed some faceoffs, looked like you could use a LW, worked out nicely.
  8. Due to inactivity, Tran has been replaced by Alicenchains, welcome to the league Alice!
  9. Who would you want for him? I'd be interested in him or Hornqvist.
  10. Looking to move one of my goalies for some assists and or shots, position doesn't matter too much for me on this one. Any one of my goalies Bobrovsky Crawford Dubnyk Quick are available for this.
  11. Time for some GMing, I need a goal scorer, anyone selling?
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