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  1. All right, I'll push the trade through when I get home from work today.
  2. I can put through the trade, to make it work though it has to be player plus pick for player plus pick.
  3. Draft date works fine for me. For the time being my Keepers will be Benn Karlsson Stamkos, though this might change by the deadline date.
  4. I can't recall any specific trades that felt like collusion, our leagues are just for bragging rights really, so there would be no real point in it. A trade between 2 consenting GMs is their business and their business alone as far as I'm concerned. Besides if we make the change and it doesn't work out, we can always adjust it going forward. I think commissioner voting should work just fine, I'm rarely without my phone so I'd be able to approve trades relatively immediately.
  5. Put together an offer and I'll consider it, nothing can be done until Yahoo opens up, but I'll honor any verbal agreements posted in this thread. For future reference, the guys on my Keeper list are Benn Stamkos Karlsson Scheifele EKane Price and Weber. Final 3 not yet chosen.
  6. Yahoo still hasnt opened the leagues back up yet, we'll let everyone know when it's ready to be set up. Scheifele is one of the guys on my list to consider keeping, but I'm not sure who I want to keep just yet, I may be willing to trade him to you for a high pick, or perhaps a player depending on who you are intending to keep.
  7. Not the biggest fan of roto(which I'm sure you're all aware of haha), but I love me some fantasy hockey. Count me in.
  8. Could be my all time best roster, not counting the first season we did this where only a handful of managers were active. Can't wait to get going again and hopefully defend my throne
  9. Hey guys, hope you all had a great summer, yes we are doing 3 keepers this year.
  10. Thanks Fog, it's mostly dumb luck and a whole bunch of tinkering.
  11. GG Steve, hope everyone had another fun year of fantasy hockey!
  12. Thanks Happy, congrats on taking home the Keeper Championship!
  13. Honestly, I'm pulling for Steve here, I've won a couple times now and I'd like to see another first time champion. With that being said, I'm not leaving anything on the table, you're going to have to earn it Steve. Should be a good match up here, best if luck!
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