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  1. Is Jesse going to become an NHLer? Not doubting Tabby, but I've been saying for a long time that goalies are a sucker bet, and as Windsor so often points out....he's only had one good season as the #1 I like how it would be terrible news if all these guys played well Yeah, they're not all going to fit...that's the game.
  2. yeah, they won 2 Cups and finished first in the West the last 2 years and got bounced. I desperately look forward to these kinds of problems. It will happen. It's why the salary cap, and draft, and free agency are structured the way they are. If anything Pitts and Chi bucked the system by their picks turning out and UFAs taking discounts for a chance to win. This is the 30 team marketplace (selling entertainment-buying players services) that exists and the Oilers are competing in. Nothing last forever, good nor bad.
  3. yup, I've been saying all along that I understand how the cap world works in the marketplace
  4. that's the thing...the contract is as much, or more, about 5 years from now as it as about last year. So, what will be the AAV of a 26 year old, 70 point center, be 5 years from now? 60 points? 80 points? more? well, we'll still have Drai for 3 more years at 8.5, there's that
  5. look at the players those guys had around them. Do you think the lineup is a little better now? All of this is risk management, and lowballing a big young 70 point center, is probably not going to work well out in the short or longterm. It would be great if the Oilers could wait till he proves himself, but that's not the reality of the market
  6. I'm not worried about your rules because they seem somewhat detached from reality. And now that you're on the other side, it will surprise me if Drai ever lives up to his contract in your eyes. PC didn't inflate the price. I don't think anyone with any knowledge thought for a minute that McD was going to make any less than what he got.
  7. we offer sheeted him for 8+. Leverage?
  8. hey look at that
  9. I'm happy about this. The money is right around what I was expecting, and I love the term. Once PC figures out how to fit Karlsson in for 4 years, we'll be on our way!
  10. exactly man. Some talk like it's a Drai and the Oilers conversation, but it's a Drai and the 30 team market conversation
  11. even when you're in it, you're not really "in" it
  12. Father. Husband. Grandfather. A great hockey man. Coach of the Year. Executive of the Year. Gone too young. Thanks Bryan. Good shift. What did I do to achieve my goals today? To make my life great? To make a difference?
  13. I'm having a hard time remembering my team, but it was AWFUL. I'll try to do better drafting than my I have the first pick because I was last?
  14. no comment about the Flyers. I just thought your "we have a long way to go" was funny One of my best buddies is a diehard Flyers fans....when something's real important he says "I swear on Rick Tochet", sadly, I know more about the Fly than I would like to admit
  15. the Flyers have a long way to go? I thought all these guys were still Oilers...