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  1. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    which NHL cities are the most unpopular among NHL players That means the city...but you can always make it about management....And, I never said bad fans. I've said they're entitled because they sit silently, staring at home games, and then publicly embarrass their best players, and then run them out of town, and then call them quitters for wanting to leave, and then become I-told-you-so's when they have success on another team
  2. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    APRIL 6, 2017 AT 8:35 PM CDT | BY MIKE FURLANO 8 COMMENTS ESPN conducted its annual poll (insider link) of which NHL cities are the most unpopular among NHL players. This year the Winnipeg Jets took the top slot, with the Edmonton Oilers placing second and the New York Islanders finishing third.
  3. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Oh yeah...Fleury too. After much criticism, that worked out ok
  4. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Win a couple of Cups and be on the cusp of another couple and things might change. Tell me how management in Pittsburgh did that? They drafted high and got Crosby and Malkin. We drafted high and didn't get as lucky....#itstheplayers
  5. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Does EPL have an option to live in a sunny beach town, where you can make your millions and live anonymously?
  6. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    This is exactly the entitlement that makes it bad. Given the other 30 options, comparatively speaking, Edmonton is an undesirable place to live as a young rich person.
  7. Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    Pitlick scored 14 goals in 80 games. Cags scored 13 goals in 67 games. I don't recall anything about Pitlick's game, because he played so rarely for the Oilers. I do notice Caggiula throwing some good hits, and scoring at a higher clip.
  8. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    It's because you think that management is to blame for everything, despite evidence to the opposite. Pronger got traded about 2 weeks after losing game 7 of the Cup Final. Was it the losing? By all accounts that team was assembled by Oilers management, and they did OK. The 2016 Oilers were also assembled by the same management that signed Lucic. They did OK. So you tell me, why does Lucic want out?
  9. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    It's the city, and he's a millionaire with a choice to work and live in not-Edmonton Fans might show some gratitude for the guys they do have....or, maybe they won't and guys will keep leaving at the first opportunity
  10. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    It's not unknown at all
  11. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Exactly. At least it's a real destination city and people can't wait to work there in the winter..... Cogliano is still the one that really pisses me off. Couldn't get rid of him fast enough because he didn't score on his 2 breakaways a night, and we've got Omark so we're good...ffs
  12. Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    Did he have a piss poor year? 13 goals playing mostly bottom 6 What do you consider a contract that we have?
  13. NHL offseason 2018

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hope it works out for both. I think we haven't seen the best of either guy. Arizona quietly building something good there...nothing is ever quiet coming out of Montreal
  14. Trade proposals?

    I think Hoffman would be a good fit too, but he might need to be single to get that stink off of him. Karlsson is 28 and carrying a team for a decade can be tough on a guy's body. I'd take Hoff here, if the price is discounted