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  1. Unfortunately, I have no interest in either of these teams. Would be a cool story if St Louis won I guess. First in team history, and a team that was in dead last when the calendar turned this season. That is amazing on it's own, just that they're here.
  2. Watching this Guelph vs PA game. Sammy looks like he has some things to learn in his own end, but the offense runs through him when he's out there. Not outstanding skating, but good hands and very good vision. Setting up plays and getting shots through looks like it comes naturally
  3. Last time Woody was in the NHL he was in charge of the worst special teams in the league. Looks like he learned some valuable lessons, and is applying them. Helluva job. In 2-3 years I'd like to see a Oilers team, coached by Woodcroft, with a bunch of this year's Condors on it. That would be validating.
  4. I wonder if it's KH cleaning house, or just McT making the move on his own. Either way, I wish him luck but I'm happy to see the change.
  5. its Edmonton.Guys with options aren't coming.
  6. I think it's more likely that we use #8 as the lube to get a cap dump done, than your 'go big or go home' scenario. Colorado would be nuts to move Barrie, and I think Ehlers is more risky than Calvert. At least if Calvert isn't the scoring second line solution, he can still be an effective and affordable contributor. Ehlers is a scoring 6mil winger, and Oiler fans have proven that they hate those. Ebs 2.0! I know it's what we need, and I'm fine with it, but I don't think (A) we can clear enough cap to afford 6m (B) people will accept another undersized dangly forward at that price Looking forward to the season being over so we can actually see and discuss what really happens
  7. I hope they torch the East. He got dealt a bad hand here.
  8. Those aren't suggestions. Suggestions include things like, who do we replace them with? and for how much? It's going to be something like I suggested, or it's going to be nothing. You're going to be disappointed and angry either way.
  9. Carolina shoots the puck a lot. Maybe we should try that. 11 shots so far in about 6 minutes.
  10. Justin Schultz had Norris potential. Some teams pay to insulate their valuable prospects. Again, adding in the higher pick, which as you said is on the other side of the talent cut off. We're going to have to pay our way out of the mess we're in. The 8th pick down to 16th is our price that we pay to make it happen.
  11. Moving up from 16 to 8 in the first round. Saying Makar is ready for a full season of NHL defense is so so Oilers
  12. A team that needs a defensive dman, and can afford 4 mil for the next 2 years, and has spare parts that are forwards....ie; Calvert. We'll have to sweeten the pot to make any moves so lets make a move that makes a difference. Calvert isn't 3rd liner on our team. He might make us a 2nd line. And save us 1.2m
  13. But, you said Benning can't keep up. Why would anyone give us anything for him? If we want to solve our problems, it's not going to be from some team doing us a favor.
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