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  1. I think this road trip is exactly what the doctor ordered, after the collective freakout of a couple of home losses. Strange time for a start, but the good guys grind out a boring one. 3-2
  2. I'd love to get more for Nuge but, as always, the marketplace knows the spot we're in and the leverage they're going to have if they are going to help us out of that spot. In the current NHL it seems that picks and cap space are more valuable than players. Flexibility is a very tradeable asset.
  3. I'm sure we can keep it alive. Best wishes.
  4. Interesting. In a different conversation, about centers and contract values and whatnot, you told me that the Rangers had a #1 center in Zibanejad. How about Nuge for Rental Rick Nash? Fast winger for a short time, cap space in the long run. Nash isn't going to resign in Edmonton, so it could be a perfect scenario
  5. If we're trading Nuge, it's not for a center. We need a rw
  6.'ve seemed so negative since you've been here, but 50% of the teams in the West will make it over your bar. Thought it would be a higher standard
  7. Agreed about the Hawks What are you measuring the Oilers by? What will define success or failure?
  8. standing pat 5-1-1
  9. sure man. We could lose the next 14. 37. 75. Seriously though, October points are the same as March points so this thing needs to go in a different direction starting tonight.
  10. hey. we won. that's funner
  11. true hahahaaaha think alike
  12. The last 3 nights makes the match. Almost always end up closer than expected