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  1. Peter Chiarelli

    What are healthy scratches off a lottery team worth?
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    More in his corner than the Canadiens who waived him.
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    very complicated 3way Brassard deal yesterday as well, after the presser.
  4. Peter Chiarelli

    He's saying that we're not in on Karlsson.
  5. Ottawa Fire Sale

    From a solid playoff run last year, to this quagmire that Melnyk has made for himself....bizarre. Is there anything we can get of value out of their misery? The Ottawa Senators are still open for business but are losing business … John Rodenberg: Darren Dreger on TSN said that it’s conceivable that the Senators trade all of Erik Karlsson, Mike Hoffman, Zack Smith, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, and Johnny Oduya by Monday. Bob McKenzie said that the Vegas Golden Knights could be in on Karlsson. Pierre LeBrun: As soon as word leaked that Ian Cole was being traded to the Senators, teams started calling. The Senators plan on trading him before the deadline. Craig Custance: Have been hearing that third teams that have the salary cap space have been getting in on the Erik Karlsson trade discussion to a help facilitate a trade. If Bobby Ryan‘s and his salary is involved, Cup contenders may need a third team. Travis Yost: The Senators are not that happy with Bobby Ryan’s name being leaked as part of Karlsson trade talks. Ken Warren: A Ryan buyout this offseason would cost the Senators a $3.583 million cap hit for the next four years, and a $1.83 million hit for the last four years. Travis Yost: A source saying is that this has been the worst first week of ticket renewals in their history. “Payroll downgauging is going to be a common theme.” Travis Yost: Sources are saying that the Senators have been in serious Erik Karlsson trade talks that involve three and four teams. They are trying to involve Bobby Ryan. Travis Yost: Getting at least three teams involved has opened more doors. The Tampa Bay Lighting are really the only trade target to get Erik Karlsson at this time. Travis Yost: If the Senators are able to put together a trade by Monday, it could be absolutely massive. The Lightning and Senators have been working hard for three days on a deal. Travis Yost: “Sources indicate big piece of Karlsson’s frustration stems from the financial fallout from Alfredsson I, Alfredsson II, and Turris. They have severely discounted impact of damaged relationships there.”
  6. JP Development

    So, the coaches came up with a whole new system after going to round 2 game 7 last year? I blame the scouts for picking JP. How would Tkachuk look on this team? How has coaching affected Klefbom? Talbot? Letestu? Maroon? "Hey you know what Connor, we think you should look to pass." "Hey Leon, have you met....."
  7. So What IS the Solution?

    sure, it's possible. Believe it when I see it. If not, Darnell won't see much PP time
  8. So What IS the Solution?

    Need him on the ice in all other situations. Maybe the team will get to the point where we have other guys to do some heavy lifting, but we're not there now
  9. So What IS the Solution?

    What do you give up for Seth Jones? I think he'd be a great fit.
  10. Not getting shut out by 5 so this is is a fun upgrade
  11. hey! you learned something from reading!
  12. Halls comments

    If we get last year's version of Larsson for the next 3 seasons, then we won that deal. Tough year this year, so he needs to get back on track
  13. Peter Chiarelli

    Maybe it's just me, but it makes me question his competitiveness. I always saw Hall as a this driving reckless player, and assumed that meant he was totally committed. Even if I didn't love his game. If you're losing and losing and losing, and you are a top player on the team, don't you want to try something different? Try to find a way? I would think talking to the coaches about why you can't win would be a good place to start...