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  1. Fogolin2

    Oilers woes

    5-0 Flames. 3 minutes to go in the 1st.
  2. Fogolin2

    Oilers woes

    I might be just saying that because I want them to thump the Flames tonight
  3. Fogolin2

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    wrong thread
  4. Fogolin2

    Oilers woes

    This is a tough comparison. If you took the 9th or 10th best player off every NHL team, and got some of their picks plus your own picks...you'd have a team of second liners and 2nd pairing defense, payroll with Cap space, and a pipeline of young cheap talent. Not a comparable situation. I'm really surprised how poorly Vegas has done so far this year, but I think they're getting it going now. Oh yeah.To respond to the OP. Yup, we suck still. Lots of blame to around.
  5. Yeah. Nobody's talking about Talbot's play. I'll move on.
  6. Teams play different in front of different goalies.
  7. It's basically the same defense we had in 2016-2017. What's the difference?
  8. Every team gives up shots and chances. On the micro, you can look at each play and find a player making a mistake or getting beat by a great play. On the macro, you can look at big sample long-term stats and see things that are just as real.
  9. When goalie controversies come up, I've often heard that "the team plays differently in front of...." If a team feels like every mistake they make will end up in their net, they will tend to play more conservatively, and that can limit the offense they produce. If a goalie makes the team more confident, for reasons real or imagined, then that team will play better.
  10. The lineup is bad, but it might not matter for TMac's sake
  11. I'm interested to see the response.
  12. Does Sherwood Park still have the Crusaders?
  13. Fogolin2

    How Much Longer with Matt Benning ??

    This team looks quite a bit different with Sekera and JP playing productively on it. Not saying it's their fault, but a couple of guys that we thought we could count on for something (ANYTHING!) aren't providing us anything. It shows in where other guys are playing, which is the exact comparison that Nocchi is bringing to our current situation. Let me try to flip it for you. Benning is playing so that Jones, Bear, and Bouchard are not playing on this team. All of sudden he's got some value, right?
  14. Fogolin2

    How Much Longer with Matt Benning ??

    Been around this track a couple times.
  15. Just sucks to have laid out that kind of money, and this is the product you receive. They should link the Oilers save percentage to the beer price. #marketing