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  1. i found this chart about waiver eligibility. I think it confirms Bronco's view.... Jp was 18 when he signed his ELC, and has played 139 NHL games
  2. As an Oiler fan, I'd rather be 'Hammerhead' than 'Nail'...if i get to pick, that is.
  3. A big part of it is the significant other. "Ok Honey, what do you think about moving to Edmonton and I'm going to leave you there for half the winters?" Also, I look at the player movements and it doesn't seem to me that winning in the playoffs is as high on the list as you think. Guys just want to live and work where they want, and the league accommodates that. Sucks for us, but I think it really is that simple.
  4. Just making the point that Winnipeg is facing the same recruiting problems that we have.
  5. Yup, they got a fully stocked competitive team from Atlanta. Who have they added since that had a clause, or was a free agent?
  6. We'll be here to see who is right about it, and I hope it's you. I don't think it is, but I hope.
  7. Players with options aren't coming, so GO NEW GUY!!! YEAHHH!!!
  8. So, ZERO difference makers? Just like us, right? Any good players?...I mean, Trouba has been trying every move to get out of there for a couple years. Every FA that could leave this year, did leave. We can talk about management all we want, but if the guys we want won't take the jobs that we're offering....there's not much we can do. We can overpay, but folks hate that and it hasn't worked out so far.
  9. https://mynhltraderumors.com/nhl-rumors-edmonton-oilers-kris-russell-darnell-nurse-matt-benning/2019/07/15/
  10. Fogolin2


    5 points in 21 games, playing in the role he was in...I thought was pretty good. His energy seemed infectious too. The guys responded to him.
  11. They're the closest thing we have to NHL players for those spots, so why wouldn't they be listed there?
  12. Fogolin2


    Where's Currie? I thought he made a great impression last year.
  13. yeah... the weather....it has nothing to do with the weather. It's the life the players and their families experience. Can you give me a list of the free agents that Winnipeg has added since they moved back?
  14. I got torched for suggesting Armia previously, but I still think he'd be a good fit.
  15. Do we really want to start a comparison between the lives of NHL players in 1985 and their lives now in 2019?
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