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  1. I just watched the 2 goals he let in last night. Both short side, glove. Bad positioning. His game collapsed after our playoff year, a year before the equipment changes. He's just not good. He might get it back together, but I'm glad we're not relying on him
  2. Amazing what happened to his game. He was so good for those 50ish games. Crazy.
  3. Hopefully KH already is feeling out the situation.
  4. I'd rather have a 1st than a $7.5mil Nuge. I'd also hope to get him re-signed right at the 6mil he's at now, but if the contract trend continues and puts up 60+ points again, then I think he'll get significantly more than that.
  5. we will after we trade Nuge for a pick at the deadline.
  6. We don't win when he doesn't play. I actually don't think he's that great a player, but his value to this team is over $4.1m because we don't win when he doesn't play. I'm hoping this new idea of a defense specialist pairing of Nurse/Larsson will help Klef play more games.
  7. Clayton Keller. Mitch Marner. Provorov. Sam Girard. Colin White. Zach Werenski. Kids gettin' paid, y'all!!
  8. Konecny gets 6 years at $5.5m. As a 22yo RFA that's a big commitment. He does have back2back 24 goal seasons though. Good player, could end up being a great value.
  9. The Athletic @TheAthleticEDM · 6h "There’s only one thing we can say for certain: Bear, Jones and Lagesson enter camp bona fide and have earned a full opportunity to make the team." - @Lowetide
  10. Yup. He went dry when the team slumped, and we needed somebody to stay hot, and Chiasson did not. He's getting consideration for the PP. If he could be a effective 3rd liner and come up with 15 goals, I think he's a good value, and a great veteran presence. Hopefully his playoff experience will come in handy. Ryan Rishaug @TSNRyanRishaug · 11h Nurse and Neal now taking reps with top PP unit in place of Klefbom and Chiasson.
  11. I think it's going to be a true goalie-by-committee situation. The starts and minutes will be very even by the end of the year. That's my prediction. Your comment about Smith and Rittich pushing each other, got me thinking...one thing that we haven't seen, is Koskinen playing with somebody else challenging him for starts. Even when he was struggling, he wasn't really at risk of losing the net. If anything he played more than he should've because there was no alternative. Between his year of NHL experience, and his new running mate, we might see an improved Kostco.
  12. A guy could play himself out of the bottom 6 by scoring 22 goal and setting a career high in points. Especially when the wingers he's competing with haven't been NHL players up to this point. Having said that, we need production from at least 3 lines, so maybe Chiasson slots into the 3rd line and gets net front time on the PP. Also, Chiasson spent time on the 1st line when he was in Calgary. Not full time, but he wasn't bottom6 with the Flames.
  13. hahahaaa...Holy crap!! Rec league defense but still....that was sick!
  14. wow....i need a preseason to shake the rust off!!
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