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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  1. There was a long period where 4-93-14 was a heckuva line. Is there a measurable for "positive energy"? Something I could watch for and see. I think it's mostly just you cheering for him Likeable guy. Ineffective, but nice kid
  2. I was glad that we picked a goalie, but i don't follow closely enough to know anything about him. What's his weakness? Who would you have preferred? whoa...I didn't know that he was that highly ranked. Fingers crossed!!
  3. It sure is! The Dude abides
  4. Hamilton was top 10 in d scoring last year, and was good in his end in the few games i went to. Haven't seen Hamonic play much, but the media seems to think he was a good pickup and that Isles team is pretty dysfunctional so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt I do agree that the Gio thing could go downhill, but the other 3 are young and good
  5. Giordano had a slow start but, once he got going they were stout. I think their defense might be underrated because their goaltending was just horrific Gio-Brodie Hamilton-Hamonic I don't care what team...that's a good group
  6. Talbot, Benning, Kassian, Sekera, Lucic, Larsson are Chia pieces that will help this crippled roster too. I'm glad we didn't pay the price of picks for Hamonic. With the payroll that's about to go McD and Drai, we're going to need quality young players on ELC's to play big roles on the team for the next few years. It's the only way we'll be able to build teams around those guys. Kinda sucks that the Flames got him, they have a really good top4 now, but we need a pipeline of good young players and those come from 1st and 2nd round picks
  7. Or, it could be a simple as I think
  8. Didn't he just sign a FA defenseman to a clever flexible tradeable contract?
  9. He won 2 Cups. This isn't a keeper league. GM's of good teams are trying to win now....and, not out of "ego" or "job security", but because it's what they get paid to do. do. All of them get fired from all the teams they work for. Ever heard of an NHL gm resigning his position? How have the guys you listed faired since PC traded them? Any Cups? Changing out Ebs was an obvious need, even as a supporter. The player himself has embraced it, so it wasn't just cap
  10. The value of this contract is the first 6 months of next season. If Sekera is healthy at next year's deadline, and all is going to plan, Russell will be easy to trade. If Russell is playing well, great, he only gets cheaper and more moveable from there. This is not a 4 year deal
  11. Since he was a 56 point player, he has been a 43 point player on a good playoff team. In his two 56 point seasons, he had 34 out of 112 points on the powerplay. Better than 30%. Pretty high for a guy with "good" 5v5 numbers
  12. Strome was knowingly buying the yellow brand coffee for cheaper price, even though the Kicking Horse is right beside it....so you could buy the cookie dough Ben+Jerry's that you can't live without Not a gamble. A choice on how to spend money. Just like the Russell deal that we both agree with. Seems like pretty good management to me
  13. Yeah. Ebs will get 40 in the next 2 years, but your nameless-faceless guy on the wing could do pretty good too. Always poking holes and never offering an argument that you might lose
  14. #Omark
  15. What's the measure for "good"? Good for a 1st overall? Good for 6 mil? Good for a kid (26 year old professional athlete) built like my 14 year old sister? What numbers are good? He's got 175 even strength points in 395 games