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  1. Fogolin2


    Fair. I just hate the wasting of McDavid. It's criminal.
  2. Fogolin2


    I think Sekera should be on your list for a good move that turned out horrible. in 2016-17 when Sekera played 80 games and Lucic scored 50 points. Then Sekera fell apart, Lucic stopped producing, and we picked JP at #4. These 3 moves, IMO, are the 3 that have contributed more to our current situation, than anything else
  3. Fogolin2


    True, I certainly didn't mean to make it sound like none of this is PC's fault. My point is that he is trying to build with less tools than his competitors.
  4. And I think you're giving them too much credit for stepping in to something good.
  5. I still don't trust their goaltending, and they'll have to go through Nashville or Winnipeg, and probably Tampa....but, it's certainly possible. They're miles ahead of us.
  6. To pull off a coup like that, a team needs to have a 40-50 point defenseman that it can spare. And, for the record, lots of Flames fans were pissed when they traded those picks for Hamilton. Lindholm has never been close to this production, so it's not like they stole him. Carolina was trading a sub-50 point player, and he kicked the door in with the Flames top line. He's been a hand-glove fit for their team.
  7. Fogolin2


    Players with Clause aren't available to us...so that is pretty much every good player. Overpay trade for a guy that hadnt earned a clause. Rental. Overpay FA. Draft picks. Those are our options and that is not PCs fault.
  8. Fogolin2

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Best game I've seen JP play. Him and Kos played great.
  9. The coach can change 5 more times. We need players, and that's a bad spot for us to be in
  10. Tsk tsk...don't we promote these guts to imaginary positions?
  11. They're way better than us. That's the moral of the story today.
  12. Kosk is playing really well too. Waste of a good effort