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  1. i know he's an RFA but this is a pretty crazy quote Patrik Laine quotable quote Steve Psihogios of Yahoo Sports Canada: Patrik Laine staying with the Winnipeg Jets looks a little ominous.
  2. I have a feeling that Khaira is going to come on strong this year. He's been a fringe player and after trending up for 2 seasons, and struggling last year, he must realize that this is his chance to carve out another NHL contract. I predict he comes back to his previous form, but still not sure how this bottom 6 shakes out or where he fits in.
  3. I he can't stay healthy, do we want him to try to be more physical? He was very good in Bakersfield last year, so I want him to keep doing what he's doing until he can't be denied and NHL spot.
  4. Wow. That is a glowing review. Very interesting. I don't usually see a player with skating as his weakness, described as a elite PKer. Interested to see how it translates at the next level.
  5. Just need to see it. There's a lot about this story that I like, I just want to like how it turns out.
  6. I'm hoping for it, but not expecting it. Gotta remember that Calgary's defense was more offensive than ours will be, and Neal also had favorable matchups that we're expecting him to have here. I think he was a bit sulky, if I'm being honest. But, Tkachuk straight up took his spot away and never gave it back.
  7. Chiasson had a long dry spell last year, so I don't expect 20. But, if he can get us Toby's12 and we add Neal with 15+ then we're in a much improved position. I just hope that Neal is cocky. I want him to blame his lousy linemates last year for his production, and come out with Nuge and whoever, and just shoot it every time he touches it.
  8. If a team out there had a solid 3c, why would they trade him for Gagner and JP?
  9. I haven't seen Haas play but if we've got a couple of guys competing for that spot, it can't be a bad thing. I think Gagner is going to be really hard to move at his Cap so I'll hope he finds a partner somehwere. Maybe JJK? they both play at about the same speed....if we can call that 'speed'. With a bunch of unknowns, we should have a competitive camp and preseason to look forward to. Going to be very interesting how it shapes up.
  10. What do you think of the possibility of JJK as our 3c? I never considered it until I read this. I'm not sure about a lot of our new guys but that 3rd could be really interesting. Especially, if JJK returns to 2017-18 form.
  11. here's more of the same convo with Tippett. Very interesting stuff about Khaira, Gagner, and Russell https://thehockeywriters.com/edmonton-oilers-coach-dave-tippett-plan/
  12. New Oilers coach Dave Tippett spent about 20 minutes chatting with Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer and during that chat discussed a number of topics including his plans for James Neal. Edmonton Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports) Saying he was going to meet with Neal next week, his expectation for Neal is that with the opportunities and looks he’ll get at training camp and in the preseason, he’ll put last year behind him quickly. It sounds like Neal’s first real look will be alongside center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Tippett says he knows that from his time with Neal in Dallas, the winger needs to be with strong players who can get him the puck and Nugent-Hopkins is coming off his strongest season to date. This could be a pairing Tippett sticks with for a good chunk of the season if they can find early chemistry.
  13. I think Maroon has been public about his desire to only play in StLouis, or as clsoe as possible to his family.
  14. I didn't hear anything since he was drafted that Bouchard was anywhere near NHL ready. I expect at least one full season before he plays regularly in the NHL. I guess we'll see. quick hit with him from today https://thehockeynews.com/live/article/what-oilers-defenseman-evan-bouchard-learned-in-2018-19 I saw more good than bad from Benning in the 2nd half of last year, despite his whipping-boy-status. I think that him and Jones will see regular minutes this season. I think Russel will play less or get moved out, or both.
  15. I think it's way more common than we'd like to think. I just googled 2014 redraft and Ekblad went 1st, Drai was 3rd, but Sam Bennet went 4th, Michael DalColle 5th, and Haydn Fleury 7th I'm guessing there's very few drafts without a couple of wasted high picks
  16. I'm taking Lucic if I get 1st OA. #bounceback
  17. i wasn't so much thinking of an actual offer, but determining market value for the player. The question teams have is, how much would the Oilers not match? I don't think it's much more than the QO, and there is no compensation required for an offer sheet up to $1.3m...and no way he's getting an offer past that. So, in theory, a interested team could offer JP a $900,000 QO and we wouldn't match it, and they'd owe us nothing.....for a 4th OA pick. Just gross. Literally, his trade value is a can of black spray paint.
  18. Just checked in to an offer sheet situation on JP. If a team wanted to offer sheet for his QO+1$ they could, and the risk would be ZERO COMPENSATION. How's that trade market looking if they can sign him to a QO, just like we can, and they'd give up nothing?
  19. I'm very interested to see who pairs with who, and who the other top6 guys will be. I have a feeling we're in for a few surprises....hopefully they're the good kind, for once. RNH-McD-Kass (Fast-finish) Chiasson-Drai-Neal (possess-Cycle-finish) I'm really not sure that even makes sense, but I don't think any of us will really know until we start seeing it. 52 days. I have actually started to resent this offseason tradition of optimism......but, this time it's gonna be different. Charlie Brown gets to kick a field goal eventually, right? Right?
  20. I understand that too. He was then raked over the coals, endlessly. He moved to NYC where he made the same money, and 90% of the population has no idea who he is. Were the Oilers his 'favorite team' after the years of playing for us? I read his comments while he was here and after he left, and I don't think the Oilers were his favorite team https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/has-eberle-asked-for-a-trade-from-edmonton-clarification-in-op.2357497/ this line has a;ways echoed in my head..General manager Peter Chiarelli is hoping that the move for Strome will pay dividends, .like really? What would have made PC expect Strome to produce? Anything in Strome's career? No. He was a 50% off coupon for our damaged goods. Why would the Oilers trade a consistent 25g guy? I think its because he asked for it
  21. Ah...I get it. No offense taken, and I apologize for getting mine in a bunch. I thought it was Flames comment, and that will always grind my gears.
  22. Thanks Hap!! Some tough choices coming up again this season. Is Debrincat going to regress? Is Hedman worth keeping? Johnny Hockey? Will Marner be signed by the time I have to lock in my keepers? Barkov seems like the real deal, but can I keep him over Malkin?
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