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  1. Watching this Guelph vs PA game. Sammy looks like he has some things to learn in his own end, but the offense runs through him when he's out there. Not outstanding skating, but good hands and very good vision. Setting up plays and getting shots through looks like it comes naturally
  2. Last time Woody was in the NHL he was in charge of the worst special teams in the league. Looks like he learned some valuable lessons, and is applying them. Helluva job. In 2-3 years I'd like to see a Oilers team, coached by Woodcroft, with a bunch of this year's Condors on it. That would be validating.
  3. I wonder if it's KH cleaning house, or just McT making the move on his own. Either way, I wish him luck but I'm happy to see the change.
  4. its Edmonton.Guys with options aren't coming.
  5. I think it's more likely that we use #8 as the lube to get a cap dump done, than your 'go big or go home' scenario. Colorado would be nuts to move Barrie, and I think Ehlers is more risky than Calvert. At least if Calvert isn't the scoring second line solution, he can still be an effective and affordable contributor. Ehlers is a scoring 6mil winger, and Oiler fans have proven that they hate those. Ebs 2.0! I know it's what we need, and I'm fine with it, but I don't think (A) we can clear enough cap to afford 6m (B) people will accept another undersized dangly forward at that price Looking forward to the season being over so we can actually see and discuss what really happens
  6. I hope they torch the East. He got dealt a bad hand here.
  7. Those aren't suggestions. Suggestions include things like, who do we replace them with? and for how much? It's going to be something like I suggested, or it's going to be nothing. You're going to be disappointed and angry either way.
  8. Carolina shoots the puck a lot. Maybe we should try that. 11 shots so far in about 6 minutes.
  9. Justin Schultz had Norris potential. Some teams pay to insulate their valuable prospects. Again, adding in the higher pick, which as you said is on the other side of the talent cut off. We're going to have to pay our way out of the mess we're in. The 8th pick down to 16th is our price that we pay to make it happen.
  10. Moving up from 16 to 8 in the first round. Saying Makar is ready for a full season of NHL defense is so so Oilers
  11. A team that needs a defensive dman, and can afford 4 mil for the next 2 years, and has spare parts that are forwards....ie; Calvert. We'll have to sweeten the pot to make any moves so lets make a move that makes a difference. Calvert isn't 3rd liner on our team. He might make us a 2nd line. And save us 1.2m
  12. But, you said Benning can't keep up. Why would anyone give us anything for him? If we want to solve our problems, it's not going to be from some team doing us a favor.
  13. It's the 1.2m in cap space as well. Just trying to figure out how to get a bit of wiggle room, while only using parts that probably won't be contributing to the McDavid window.
  14. We're down one approaching the end of the first. Got em right where we want em!
  15. To Colorado---Kris Russell + 8th OA pick To Edmonton--Matt Calvert + 16th OA pick Saves us 1.2m in cap for the next 2 years while we get a 10-15 goal per year righty 2way forward that we really need.(Hello 2nd line!) Colorado picks at 4th and 8th, and gets a defensive specialist dman, which they lack. I don't mind spending that savings on Chiasson (C_H_I_A_S_S_O_N people!! Come on!!), but maybe he'll price himself off the Oilers.
  16. Looks like both coaches tightened it up after game 4, and the goalies were unreal in that double OT game. Great to see Currie get a big goal after being a bit snakebit. Really like that kid's approach and attitude. Infectious in a good way. Game 6 tonight. Lets Go Condors!! Keep the dream alive!!
  17. I don't think that we're getting an NHL ready player at #8. Both these guys sound good. I still defer to the bigger more 2way player, since it's a bit of a safety net that he can become an effective NHLer in some way. I feel like if Caufield's offense doesn't transfer to the NHL that there isn't a lot else there for him to be a difference maker. Both guys sound like excellent options. From Eliteprospects.com Trevor Zegras is an elite two-way forward that can play both wing and center. His pro-level mobility is the foundation of his game, supplementing an in-transition speed that shifts the pace of play. He knows how to get under the skin of opponents and will actively seek out opportunities to lay the body and create separation, all the while staying attentive to the unfolding play. This unique aspect of his game makes him difficult and frustrating to play against. His ability to finish and create plays is undoubtedly the hallmark of his game, as he is one of the major dynamos of his draft class. He is a dangerous scoring threat anywhere below the blue line and his vision matched with his net-drive propels him into positions that create high percentage opportunities. Defensively astute and proactive, he sees the lanes that his opponents do and will do his best to force the puck along the wall where he is at his best. All-in-all, Zegras is one of those special buzzsaw-type players that can excel in key roles and perform under pressure. (Curtis Joe, EP 2019) Caufield A game-breaking goal scorer that, despite his diminutive frame, thrives under pressure and is difficult to contain. He’s a silky smooth skater that traverses all three zones with jump and jam. Defensively, he’s uncomfortable having the puck in his own end for long and he’ll make the extra effort to pressure around the blue line and take away cross-ice options. Upon procuring puck possession, he’ll be the first to explode up ice in-transition. The hallmark of his game is his exceptional goal-scoring ability. He has a shot that absolutely leaps off his stick with pinpoint accuracy when he lets loose and a low centre of gravity that facilitates fast and flashy puckhandling at pace. He affords his linemates options by taking advantage of any allotted attention he garners, generating time and space by drawing guys in; he’s perpetually hard to play against. All-in-all, Cole Caufield is an electrifying goal-scoring machine that makes some of the most otherworldly plays look like child’s play. [EP 2019]
  18. Fogolin2


    That was unreal!!...hanging on the rim, and then, BOOM!! Loony tunes at Home&Away where I was at. Folks straight freaking out! Loved it! Bucks are really good, and I think that Greek kid they have is the best player in the league. Raps got away with somehitng in this series, but htye wo't get away with it against the Bucks Should be hella fun to watch! Go Raps!!
  19. After being down 2-0 in the series, and 2-0 in today's game, the Storm come back to close out the OHL Championship. Dmitri Samorukov's 2 goals and 2 assists gave them what they needed for the 8-3 win. They'd better figure out how to get better starts, but I'm looking forward to watching some their games in the Memorial Cup tourney.
  20. We were in a bubble playoff position and looking at 4 to forever weeks withnout Klefbom and Russell. Certainly wasn't a good trade, but we were working from the worst case scenario, and everyone knew it.
  21. Had a beer with my buddy tonight who's an Avs (Nordique) fan. I thought I'd be consoling him, but he's pumped..... game 7 round 2 8th youngest top20 roster in the league picking 4th and 16th in the upcoming draft Rantanen contract is his only concern, but they're fine capwise, and NateM making 6.3 should help keep the price reasonable. They're going to be really good for a while.
  22. Fogolin2


    I'm more in to the Raps game tonight than the eastern game. I've got a buddy who's a lifer so I've been learning lots watching the games with him. Sixers are going to be desperate tonight, Raps will have to weather the storm early. Leonard is worth the watch...guy is a beast in all aspects. Looks like giving him all those nights off through the season is paying off! #LoadManagement I'll take the Raps in a close one
  23. I'd like to see our defense prospects tighten it up, but they're all good teams left now. A win is a win.
  24. Just watching Button on his Canadian team mock draft. He's got us taking Trevor Zegras C-LW from the USA program
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