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  1. I think we finally have a good idea of what things will look like for the coming season. Yeah a big trade isn't impossible but we seem to have the core established for the next steps. Where do you see the lines settling?
  2. The Detroit Red Wings have placed Jordin Tootoo on waivers. Should the Edmonton Oilers claim him? In three words: not a chance. Yes, Tootoo would likely be a fan favourite, at least for the first handful of games, just like banger Mike Brown made a good first impression. Tootoo is a fast skater and a hard hitter. But here’s the downside: 1. For a grinder, he’s old. He’s 30 now, tons of hard miles. If we were talking about Jordin Tootoo at age 24 or 25, when he was younger and healthier and almost certainly keener to go through a brick wall to make a play, that’d be different. In eight games this year, Tootoo has zero points and just five minutes in penalties. He’s been trending down for two years now in terms of production. 2. There are easier fixes for the Oilers fourth line. Yes, the fourth line has been disappointing, getting badly outshot when the likes of Will Acton, Luke Gazdic, Mike Brown and Ben Eager have been on the ice. But why not fix that simply by going with better hockey players who are already on-hand, such as Anton Lander, Linus Omark and, when Taylor Hall and Jesse Joensuu get healthy, either Ryan Jones, Ryan Smyth or Joensuu? 3. The Oilers are already pressed up against the cap and Tootoo will make $1.9 million this year AND next year. That’s the real killer. He’s far too costly for what he might bring. There are cheaper and almost certainly better hockey players available. 4. Detroit would likely love to lose this contract, to free up cap space for their own use. Why help them unless the pay off for the Oilers is likely to be substantial? 5. Is he really any better than Ben Eager? I doubt it.
  3. I dont think MPS has a place in this. He is a very different player and seems to be willing to do what needs to be done. He looks like a great 3rd liner who might actually be able to move up into more of a scoring position as he matures. I've never heard of anything negative about his approach....he's also 4 years younger. If MPS hits 25 and nothing has changed then that will be different. Omark=Schremp
  4. Okay we've been through this before. The team was wallowing around in mediocrity so we were desperate to make something out of nothing. This time is different. We have lots to look forward to and we don't need this guy as a distraction. I REALLY was behind him but even if he does magically have the skills, he certainly has a poison personality. Refusing to play the OKC playoffs to selfishly play for Sweden....you'd think he would have put more effort to get to the big team. Gladly, he's been cut from Sweden, and completely deserves it. Karma is a ***** buddy. We need to get rid of this guy. He should not be in our system. We have success brewing all the way through the organization. Trade him for a bag of pucks, don't worry, he is not going to be the next NHL superstar. He may turn out okay but its simply NOT worth it. This dragged on and on with Schremp and we really don't need it again. If you have to just cut him, its no great loss. I am very sad to be posting this as I REALLY had high hopes but now I don't even care if he can learn to play pro hockey. Get lost primadonna.
  5. I don't think Hemsky will get any bigger than he already is (not even with helium), he's fully grown. I've heard he might be expendable though
  6. Just draft the kid........ Nail Tribute
  7. I cant imagine drafting based on "need" instead of BPA with the #1 overall in this draft if we got it...that would be crazy. Why? Simple, because EVERY list has Nail at #1. After that yeah sure draft based on need. When there is a consensus that one guy is clearly the best you DONT turn him down. Either you draft him, keep him or trade him (that could be at the draft or after) but it would be idiotic to pass him over. Whatever the preferred style you make the most of the pick...his perceived value is way too high. I cant even believe this is a discussion. Its just dumb.
  8. This is perfect and exactly what I want from the team. They are experimenting, teaching and generally screwing around. It will give them more information to work with, they'll learn things for the future and this experimentation probably wont help them screw themselves out of 2nd overall in the draft. Meaningless games, nothing sacrificed......this is smart. Perfect.
  9. Lol. The team is 2nd last in the league for a reason, winning the last 7 games for a barely useful motivational memory is not even slightly realistic. However, lets say they go 5-2? Pretty good, accomplishes nothing at all long term as good is not spectacular.....but we lose 3 draft spots. Your plan is short term fun yeah, but zero long term value. The season is over in a few games and its been a great one from a developmental standpoint. THAT IS GOOD. Take it for what it is, stop trying to scrounge something from fairy land out of it lol Next season will be a good one with eberle, hall and nuge basically breaking out...there will be more to follow and management has an idea what we have. We can actually really look forward to next season this time without fooling ourselves, lets add a big 2nd overall center to that
  10. All out would be extreme of course. I mean you experiment and push limits cause there nothing to lose and maaaybe you run the experiment a little longer than you should if its not going well to see if it could change....probably wouldnt help us catch montreal...
  11. You guys either didn't read my original posts starting this or just like to paint with a broad brush.... I never said "lose on purpose" like actually throwing a game actively. This is the time to try crazy new strategies, give guys minutes they've never seen in the NHL to see what they'll do with them, anyone with a hangnail should sit and heal instead of making it worse, even let players swap positions even lol if there is a chance there could be some value..... Have some fun, take crazy risks cause there is NOTHING to lose. Probably it wont turn out well BUT THATS NOT A BAD THING. And who knows, maybe there will be a revelation though the process..... The point is, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 5% chance learn something new......and it will probably keep us from screwing our draft position we've had FOR MONTHS. Stupid to lose it in the last few days. How do you figure that winning a couple of extra games at this point will have ANY benefit. Its not cheating to take an opportunity to have no repercussions for your attempts at having fun/learning......I never suggested letting in goals on purpose or missing on purpose or any direct intentional losing actions. Accidentally/on purpose by not irrationally pushing proven practices is another thing. Wake up the season is lost, the priority is the future.
  12. The first step is acceptance. Like I said, not the best idea with 20 games to go etc but we've played 75 games....sorry to tell you the team IS a bottom dweller. The difference in choice between 2nd and 3rd pick (and the better chance of getting 1st) is absolutely more valuable than the difference between 2nd last and 3rd last. Why? Cause that placement on its own has zero value on its own. Getting out of the lotto? lol, what? not even possible at this stage......seriously, there needs to be some acceptance of this season by now - its over. Its not just looking bad, he fat lady is singing.....
  13. Yes i know what a competitive team should be however.... Now is the time to screw around with every crazy gameplay idea ever imagined, be creative, have fun and if it results in a loss to a team playing textbook playoff prep hockey ... oh well. The season is what it is, only a few games left......there is absolutely nothing to prove.........keep the draft position accidentally on purpose........if it were 20 games out I wouldnt say it but cmon...at this point whi gives a %&^$. Get 2nd overall with the better odds of drawing a bump to 1st.... Seriously theyve been there all season, to pass montreal with a couple of games left is lame....
  14. INDESTRUCTIBLE! Here's to Disturbed firing us up! (I hope)

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