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    Random Oilers stuff

    Really hope we go back to the royal blues! I also heard that they are going to be doing some different game day presentation ideas. Myself along with every season seat holder i’ve Talked to hopes they get rid of the cringe worthy engineered chant led by the mascot and his drum. The chant sounds so bad when it is staged 10 times a period and all you hear is a couple kids led by Hunter the lynx. Everyone knows the chant sounds best when the fans in the upper bowl start it after some good effort by the team and excitement for the game and it filters down from there. I know the effort from the team will be better next year and I hope the pr people leave the mascot to handing out prizes etc .. and not controlling the chants for the entire building. It just doesn’t work well.
  2. moreaufan


    Have to agree. I knew we were in trouble with Todd m when earlier in the year we lost 4-0 at home to Nashville and Todd came out and said that hat the team should good discipline in the third. Give me a break. I was at that game and things were getting chippy at the end of the second and you had a feeling that the oilers had had enough and were going to send a message in the third that they wouldn’t be pushed around especially at home down 4-0. Then they come out in the third and nothing. Not even a body check thrown and the coach comes out in the presser and commends his team for good discipline and essentially going quietly into the night and letting Nashville have the 2 points. I have not trusted this coaching staff since then
  3. moreaufan

    Random Oilers stuff

    I agree. The home games have not been fun at all since we moved into the new barn. The playoffs were great as usual but both regular seasons the atmosphere has been terrible. Even last year when we were winning it was super quiet in there . A good start would be to get rid of the mascot and his lame chants and instead of giving away bags of chips in the stoppages play some pump up highlights and good tunes.
  4. moreaufan

    Random Oilers stuff

    Anybody else notice how the atmosphere at the home games this year has been terrible? And I am talking about even earlier in the year before we started losing so much. I have a theory and it has to do with the mascot believe it or not. from the minute the puck is dropped the mascot is in the lower bowl amongst the fans banging on his drum trying to get a forced engineered lets go oilers chant going. It usually results in two or three kids joining in and it just sounds terrible. so lame and fake sounding. Like you are at a minor hockey game. the chant only sounds good when the fans start it themselves organically usually in the upperbowl and it filters down and the whole arena gets involved. Not only that i myself sit in the upperbowl and start the chants from time to time and the mascot with his drum will usually wreck it by starting another chant offbeat in the lower bowl at the same time resulting in a clustered mess. I dont mind us having a mascot I just don't think he should be controlling the crowd the whole game with his drum. it creates a bad atmosphere in the rink and It just doesnt work and sounds terrible. I can even hear it on tv and it sounds ridiculous.
  5. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    Agreed. The chant sounds awesome when the fans start it. Manufactured , scripted noise does not.
  6. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    It will be electric this year, I am just really hoping that stupid drummer guy isn't back to ruin the atmosphere in the rink. We don't need to be told when to cheer by a guy whaling on a drum every 2 minutes each period that has no idea about hockey.
  7. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    Exactly! I have emailed the Oilers office many times, but got no response, or any response that made any sense at all.
  8. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    I agree totally Jordan. The guy at the top of the lrt is a game day fixture and deserves to stay. As for the drummer boy that the oilers employ, I just hate the idea of being told when to cheer, which essentially is what he is. I love a loud building and think that the building is way louder without the stupid drummer guy that has no idea anything about hockey.
  9. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    They both got to go. The atmosphere at rexall is actually worse with them there. Way to gimmicky and american for oil country. Cheerleaders and engineered noise works at football games but not hockey games.
  10. moreaufan

    Annoying drummer guy

    Anybody know if that annoying drummer guy is being employed by the Oilers again this year? Every season ticket holder i have talked to can't stand this guy. We are loud knowledge able fans and the chant always sounds best when the fans start it. Just look at 2006.
  11. I would like someone to give me one good reason why we traded mike brown. On a team starved for heart and guts and work ethic we trade a guy with all of these traits to a first place team. so stupid. mac t nothing has changed.

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    2. moreaufan


      if he is so bad why did san jose a first place team pick him up? brown can skate and hit and fight and kill penalties. a perfect fourth line player.

    3. flarwick


      He can NOT kill penalties and has zero puck skill. Even Sharks bloggers are having a tough time trying to figure out why the Sharks acquired him. http://www.fearthefin.com/2013/10/21/4864978/sharks-acquire-mike-brown-for-some-reason-oilers-fourth-rounder

    4. flarwick
  12. Oilers/rexall place staff please do not hire the annoying drummer guy again this year. THANK YOU.

    1. hockey4ever-1


      Sadly they already have... saw him at the only pre-seaspon game I went to, the one against the Canucks. Annoying as HECK sorry to say

  13. Really hoping the "drummerguy" is not hired back again this year to annoy the fans all game long. I was at the first preseason game this year and he was annoying as always. This is not minor hockey, we are a knowledgeabe fan base that knows when to cheer. At that game we started some good chants and then the drummer guy chimed in with his drum and ruined the chant. Hiring a guy to bang on the drum 100 times a game is really stupid. Everybody I have talked to doesn't not want...

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    2. flarwick


      IDK if that's true. There's two different guys if I remember right. I would bet they have a backup guy for when the first dude can't make it. He might get a free look at the game, but I still think he's there at the club's request. If I brought a drum in I feel like security wouldn't let it fly.

    3. M2C


      The NHL hires one of these guys for every NHL game. And yes, he's back and annoying as ever.

    4. moreaufan


      and no this is not a fan with season tickets, he is hired by the oilers believe it or not. I have called to complain many times. I thought by posting this they would maybe get rid of him and let us fans control the chants again like a few years ago when it was actually fun to come to the games and loud in the rink.

  14. absolute joke to have to pay another $100 just to have my season tickets printed off. Whoever signed off on this really didn't care what the season ticket holders wanted. Just wanted to make the team more money. Also they screwed up on my billing. Good to see the office staff is just about as organized and effective as management. 7 year rebuild keep up the good work Oilers!!!! We are right on schedule!

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    2. hockey4ever-1


      Hey where were you when I ranted about this very thing a few days ago? And it's more than $100 for the whole season... $1.95 per seat per game. Absolute joke. Phone your account rep and complain. I did, but I'm only one person.

    3. hockey4ever-1


      Last season they dressed it up as "o, we give you a digital card instead of printed tickets because the schedule is uncertain due to the strike". Well, what is your excuse this time??!! I know: $$$$!!

    4. Eirhead


      Gotta save that $3 printed tickets would cost and turn it into profits!!!