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  1. Ryan Strome etc.

    We can only hope that they grossly over perform next season . Wouldn't that be gross ? Let's see Chiarelli grossly over perform during the off season . GROSS ME OUT CHIA !!!
  2. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I think the major work of the off season is to rebuild their blue line . Hopefully the Swedes are invigorated to reassert their solid defensive play . While figuring out the RFA situation between Nurse & Benning isn't mind boggling . It's clear Nurse is the keeper , who will need to be paid and Benning could possibly be on the move . They have a pile of money invested in Sekera & Russell , one of them must be convinced to waive their NMC . Sekera is my choice with his 5.5 mil contract , plus he would fetch more value in a trade . Russell doesn't get any respect , though he is respected by his teammates . But don't play him on his off side and only on the third pair , careful contemplation for an inexpensive UFA RHD suited to play with Russell is in order . So now they are left with four defenders Larsson , Klefbom , Nurse & Russell for building blocks . It remains to be seen if Bear will be ready for prime time next season , or if he will ever be ready . If he isn't ready they will need two solid RHD to play with Nurse and another to play with Russell on the third pairing . They need to assume Bear won't be ready and get those two RH defenders by took or by crook . Carolina wants to get tougher . I wonder if they would like Lucic on their roster . Anyway that would be something to look into . If he would waive his NMC . Justin Faulk would have to be in that complicated equation . I'm just spit-balling here , as I like to do . This is the kind of thing I look forward to this off season . Plus a completely new coaching staff please .
  3. Rattie signs one year extension

    Is it a one-way contract or two way ?
  4. Welcome to Oil Town, Aberg

    Maybe we find out next season .
  5. Welcome to Oil Town, Aberg

    He shoots right but like to play on his off wing . What can you say . Maybe he replaces Lucic on the third line ? Or maybe he is a good fit with Leon & JP on the 2nd line . Maybe we find out next season .
  6. Year End reflection

    The thing about TM is , he has stated he likes his assistants and they have been with him a long time . It won't be easy for him to just hire new assistants and carry on . No worries though, his GM will find him some competent assistants . Everything is in Pete's hands . FOR PETE"S SAKE !!
  7. Peter Chiarelli

    What kills me is . That Peter Chiarelli is the GM & President of hockey operations . That's quite the title . But he isn't accountable . It just makes me wonder .
  8. Year End reflection

    Two blind men where walking down the street . One said to the other . Do you know what ? I THINK Peter has a plan to make the playoffs next season and I really like that plan . The other said . Do you know what ? That's just a whole lot of verbal diarrhea . They have no clue what they are doing . They're in evaluation mode ............AGAIN . I guess they didn't get it right the first time . But this time they're going to get it right . It really is the blind leading the blind .
  9. Year End reflection

    So we have Bob (Do you know What ?) Nicholson and Peter (Does not know What?) Chiarelli , looking at the team through a microscope . How comforting . With a plan ? This is quickly becoming a bad joke . They are making the Old boys club look good . When is Gretzky , Messier & Coffee going to come save this franchise from the toilet bowel . Because that's where they are headed . Kevin Lowe is probably waiting in the wings too . And right about now they are looking pretty damn good .
  10. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Just some UFA's the Oilers should be looking at . Leo Komarov C Micheal Grabner RW Cam Ward G Antti Raanta G John Carlson RHD Greg Pateryn RHD ------------------------------- Here's my team : Nuge-McDavid-Grabner Khaira-Leon-Puljujarvi Lucic-Strome-Yamamotto Cags / Aberg - Komarov-Kassian Pakarinen ------------------------- Klefbom-Larsson Nurse-Carlson Sekera-Pateryn / Russell -------------------- Talbot / Ward I doubt they would go that heavy signing UFA's . But apart from Carlson the others might be affordable . Signing John Carlson would be huge . Dare to dream . If they could fit that team under the cap that would be cool .
  11. He seems to get 3 points even if he doesn't play well . With 5 games left . He should get at least another 15 points . So I'll say he gets 120 points .
  12. Here's to an Oiler victory tonight . It's all about next year at this point . Continued success to end the season . Keep riding the wave . I expect to see Connor take over the scoring lead and not look back .
  13. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I'm with you Yuke . Kovy needs to salvage his reputation . Some NHL team will give him a chance , al least for a year . He needs to show well if he wants a big pay day and the chance to play for Lord Stanley's cup . Connor might be a big help . It would be a show me what you can do for a year type contract .
  14. They were fairly close to being matched up in the Stanley cup final this past season . Fairly being the operative word . They were that good . Must have been frightening for the league to possibly consider having two Canadian teams in the Stanley cup final . That would be scandalous . Interesting how both teams have struggled this year . Oiler should win , if they show up to play . I'd just like to add all Canadian teams , with exception of the Leafs & Jets , have been disappointing this season . Probably won't see them in the cup final . But Go Jets .