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  1. Awesome . I really enjoyed Ireland . Fun times .
  2. You really need to have fun & laugh more .
  3. They were there in body , but not mind .
  4. I think with the way Tippett is going to have the team playing five up and five back , the goaltending will improve . It was noticeable in last nights game . The team played much better in front of both goalies . It was only pre season . But you could see the effort the forwards were making to get back and help defensively .
  5. No actually they will use four lines …..
  6. That goal by Nuge looked like his muscle memory was in tact . Didn't even have to think , it all happened so quickly , forehand , backfand & in the net .
  7. Lagesson & Bouchard were partners . Lags was definitely more noticeable . You would have to expect Nuge & Neal to dominate in pre season . Persson & Klefbom looked good together . All the Swedish defensemen looked good .
  8. I'm sure noticing a lot of William Lagesson . I already like him better than Kris Russell .
  9. That one season Klefbom played full season , is the one season the Oilers made the playoffs . The blind squirrel actually did OK on the McDavid / Draisaitl contracts .
  10. Chiasson is a player that can be used up & down in the line up and that is a valuable player to have on the roster . Here's hoping they find a few more like that .
  11. I kinda see them playing Neal on his off wing with Nuge . Plus I don't see them splitting up that top line with Leon , Connor & Zack . So where does that leave Chiasson but somewhere in the bottom six . Tippett says they're looking for line mates for Chiasson , I suppose that still could be Nuge & Neal . However , that gives Nuge two slow wingers and I kind of think they might prefer two fast guy's with a slow guy . The competition is still on for the ideal winger for Nuge & Neal . Stay tuned . Personally I think we may see a wild card choice with those two , not Gagner or Chiasson . But what do I know ?
  12. Manning played six seasons in Philly , then Chicago signed him . He is obviously a veteran NHL defenseman . He certainly has had a level of success as an NHL defenseman and he could very well fill a role with the Oilers this season as a 7th defenseman whether you like it or not . It's up to him .
  13. The candidates for the bottom six centers are Sheahan , Cave , Khaira & Haas .
  14. Not if they play Neal on the RW . But he plays either wing so anything is possible . Nygard plays either wing , Granlund plays all three positions , apparently Gagner does too , Jurco can play either wing . So there are plenty of possibilities . Who knows , maybe Haas can play all three forward positions too ? We will see were Chiasson fits . He has always been a bottom six forward throughout his career . Why you think he's a top sixer I don't know ?
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