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  1. Special teams won this one . 2 PP & 1 SHG . And the team played well in front of Brossoit . That's all it takes . Well done .
  2. The game isn't over yet . It's not over until the fat lady sings . I don't want to say anything yet . But I sure like being wrong .
  3. That would be like getting a back up goaltender for nothing . Very nice .
  4. Maybe tomorrow ?
  5. Chiarelli needs to save face and bail out his coach at the same time . It's time for him to pull off something HIGHLY unlikely and EXTREMELY unreasonable . As long as it works out to be a reasonably good hockey trade for the teams involved , I'm all for it .
  6. By the way , Letestu doesn't have a no trade clause . The only players on the roster with NMC are Lucic , Sekera , Russell & Talbot . FYI .
  7. Well I suspect the posts & crossbars will get in the way again tonight . Why wouldn't they ?
  8. Ok I'll give it a shot . Here is my trade proposal . Leon Draisaitl & Matt Benning to Ottawa for Mark Stone & Jean-Gabriel Pageau .
  9. I can't believe for a second the Oilers will beat the Jackets . I'm sure they will put in a solid effort . But if they couldn't slip one past McElhinney . How are they going to get a goal on Bobrovsky ? Might be another 1-0 thriller . For the wrong team . Might even prompt a trade for some shooters .
  10. Gee... how about that Curtis McElhinney ? Nah . He was just lucky or the Oilers where just unlucky . I don't know which . I have to say the Leafs are way more lucky than the Oilers .
  11. I like it so far . Nice to see Khaira up with Leon & Strome .Walker has to be a fit with Letestu & Kass . That's the way I thought it should look . I'm happy and they're up 2-0 .
  12. They can't move Lucic , Russell , Talbot or Sekera . They probably shouldn't move McDavid , Larsson or Nurse . Davidson & Walker have only just arrived . It's a toss up between Leon & Nuge . But Nuge now has the more manageable contract though . Everyone else should be fair game on the trade market . After all it's just business .
  13. You are optimistic as usual , I see .
  14. From what I saw it's Strome & Walker with Leon . The other lines remain the same . Davey is in with Auvitu . Brossoit is in net . I'd like something different . But It is what it is .
  15. Their passes are telegraphed , the other team seems to have an answer for everything they try on the PP . And they just keep doing the same thing over and over .