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  1. Lucic-RNH-Strome are finding chemistry . I don't expect to see any chance in the forward ranks for next game .
  2. Leon is still out so Yamamotto lives another game on McD's RW . No doubt about it . Benning is the only guy of IR that TM has declared healthy . He will probably line up with Russell again , though it appears Nurse can anchor that second pair with Russell . I guess we will see how that turns out . Maybe some day we find out how fast Yamomotto really is too .
  3. Ok according to Gene , Gene the dancing machine (Principe) . Draisaitl isn't playing in Philadelphia . I guess his head is still cream cheese .
  4. I gotta disagree with that . Leon can keep up with McDavid so can Slepyshev & Caggiula . Yamo isn't the only guy . Besides you don't have to keep up with him , you just have to be in the right spot at the right time . Just ask Maroon . Granted you have to be smart to play with McDavid and Yamo is definitely a smart player .
  5. That's why they have to put Leon back on McDavid's RW .
  6. You have to look at Nuges line mates . Lucic & Strome aren't exactly speed demons . I suggest Nuge has another gear that he doesn't need to use playing with those two . The line looks good , They should stay together IMO . Which is why they don't necessarily need to insert Leon in Nuge's place .
  7. Gotta keep him around for this season anyway .
  8. Don't get me wrong . But young Kailer has been great . And I say , but again , he did have 8 shots last night , but wasn't able to bury one . He's played 5 NHL contests . If indeed he only plays 9 before going back to Spokane . But wouldn't it be wise to pick the opposition that he plays against ? What I'm trying to say is , sit him against Philly let him watch and learn , then put him in against the Pens . Leon will be looking to come back in a big way , on CMD's wing it could be an advantage in Philly . But then again Leon hasn't played in a while , maybe he should be brought in slowly as a 3c . But they can always make the adjustment , if they're losing . Then does Caggiula get back in the line up too ? Maybe , maybe not ? But Jokinen has been a tad slow . Maybe they'd like to inject some more speed into the line up ? Jokinen could sit in the press box and take a break with Yamamotto . The vet and the rookie checking things out sharing thoughts and preparing for Pittsburg . Those are my thoughts and here is my line up against Philadelphia . But what do I know ? I'm just a BUThead . Maroon-CMD-Leon Lucic-Nuge-Strome Slepyshev-Letestu-Kassian Caggiula-Malone-Pakarinen Benning should be back too . What to do ? Do they play two righties on the third pair ? Or do they sit Gryba . Another tough call . I play the two righties . Auvitu can get into the conversation with Jokinen , Yammo & Khaira , in the press box . Oh my that's another question . What to do with Khaira ? He's losing the battle with Malone , for now . Does he get waived ? Stay tuned .
  9. Draisaitl will be back next game . Does he go back with McDavid or does he bump RNH off the second line ? Tough call . I think he goes back with McDavid and Kailer sits out in Philly . But he definitely plays against the Pens .
  10. Brad Malone is starting to look like he belongs .
  11. Now that's the Oiler TEAM I know and love .
  12. The top pair is definitely Klefbom & Larsson . But I'm thinking they need to shake things up and try Nurse up there with Larsson . And when Benning is feeling better try him with Klefbom . Let the cream rise to the top . Or even reunite Nurse & Benning as the second pair . Russell & Gryba belong on the third pair IMO .
  13. Hawks will be looking to lay a licking on the Oilers after losing last game to the Blues . I expect a huge improvement with the Oilers top defensive pair , Nurse and Gryba will be solid . Not so sure about Russell & Auvitu , they shouldn't see a lot of ice time . But you never know they think the world of Kris Russell . Talbot will have a great game . Hawks will win . Oesterle gets game winner .
  14. Good game for his first of the season . Maybe the Canes are over confident for this one . Figure they can start the back up . Or maybe because the Oil are starting their back up .
  15. No . But what I'm saying is , it doesn't look good for them tonight . Benning is out , their D is disjointed and their forwards are slow , except for McDavid , of course . That could be why they aren't starting Talbot . Because they don't want to mess with his confidence any more than they have too . Sorry I'm so negative .