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  1. On this Oilers team , Eberle is no longer that top line guy , in fact he isn't even a second line guy . He is a guy that is slipping down the depth chart . Sure he has improved his all around game , he had to . This team is no longer about Hall , Eberle & Nugent-Hopkins . They are no longer the chosen ones .Times have changed , this is a new and improved team that wants to continue to improve . The last couple season has seen Eberle's stats decline , he has a changing role on this team . On another team though , he might be given the chance to be that top line guy and focus purely on his goal scoring , if that isn't too much of a stretch . So they probably could get a better player via FA for this Oiler team , more suited to the reduced role that Eberle is facing . Is Sam Gagner that guy ? I sure hope not . What they want is a shooter to play along side McDavid . Eberle was supposed to be that guy . But that didn't work out . Is it going to work out next year ? I wouldn't bet on it , It won't be getting any easier for Jordan in Edmonton , the bar has been raised . It's time to move along Jordan .
  2. Kris Russell is clearly the best NHL player to be had from the Oil's list of players available for the expansion draft . If Vegas is interested in a player like Russell , they have a 48 hour window before expansion draft to negotiate a deal with him . If the two parties agree , Vegas would pick Russell in expansion , and that would be the Oil's contribution . I could see that as a likely scenario ,
  3. I'd like to see Hall & Eberle reunited in New Jersey . Chiarelli wound be lucky to get their second round pick . If any team would be willing to give up a second for Eberle that would be fine .
  4. I'll second the motion . But it's still debatable .
  5. Yes RFA's can be lost in the expansion draft . The kicker though is that teams have to expose two forwards who are under contract in 2017-18 that have played 40 games the prior season , or 70 games in prior two seasons . So that's why there is no way around not protecting Letestu . The other forward is obviously Pouliot . If you ask me the Oilers are at risk of losing Letestu to LV . Which would really suck . The protect list has to be : Draisaitl , Kassian , Khaira ,Lucic , Maroon ,Nuge , Eberle , Klefbom , Larsson , Sekera & Talbot . Unless they decide to protect Letestu and leave Eberle unprotected ? Can't see that happening though . Yeah , the easiest way around it is to extend Pakarinen . Today ! If that is allowed ?
  6. Of course Chiarelli has to talk up Eberle , if he wants any chance of trading him . But is he really a Chiarelli type of player ? Eberle's biggest problem is between his ears . He needs to be built up and regain his confidence .
  7. Now they have a need to re-sign Russell with Sekera on the self , most likely until some time in the new year . It might be worth while to sign Gryba too . Could something like Nurse & Larsson , Klefbom & Benning work ? Then Russell & Gryba on a third pair . Somehow that doesn't seem to cut it . However that patchwork D gets a whole lot better when Sekera returns to form . Probably still not good enough though . They really need that SECOND PAIRING RHD now more than ever .
  8. Nick Bonino might be a good free agent center for Chiarelli to consider .
  9. Here is a list of players I want to see on next seasons roster in alphabetical order . With room for four more good men , one Dman , 2 forwards & a backup goaltender . Forwards Defence Goaltender Caggiula Benning Talbot Draisaitl Gryba Kassian Klefbom Khaira Larsson Letestu Nurse Lucic Sekera Maroon McDavid Nuge Pitlick Puljujarvi Slepyshev
  10. Give Nuge a couple good wingers . That might be the ticket . But unfortunately he is probably the guy that gets traded for that second pairing RHD . He certainly has more value on the trade market than Eberle or Pouliot . They also need a less costly alterative at 3 c . I expect that trio @ 16 mil to be gone . Connor & Leon deserve raises . They also may be looking at UFA's , even though I think they should stay away from that frame of thought . They will have to get creative to stay under the cap .
  11. Connor McDavid will be just fine . Don't fret . He will come back next season bigger , stronger, smarter and maybe even faster after another season of growth , along with the rest of the team . Plus no doubt Chiarelli will improve the cast of characters around him . Oilers lost that game seven because Eberle needed to get three points for the Oilers to win .
  12. I never mentioned trading Selera , you must have misunderstood . What I think they should be looking for is the perfect partner for Sekera . Sekera is a keeper & Russell isn't ideal . Catch my drift .Of course Nurse & Benning are exempt . I'm not sure Gryba will be back . Thank goodness Chiarelli is in charge .
  13. It's not difficult to see , from the playoff perspective , who should stay and who should go . That's the good news . That third line was created to prove themselves . They could have made all the difference . Game seven was their place to at least score one goal . That trio makes too much money to not come through in those type of situations . Pouliot seems to be on his last legs , Nuge has some value on the trade front and Eberle , there is the possibility he could be left unprotected , under the right circumstances . Those right circumstances would be if Chiarelli can find the perfect partner for Sekera before the expansion draft , making it necessary to protect 4 Dmen . Faulk or Hamonic are names that come to mind . But I'm sure there are other names out there . Maybe they need look no farther than Matt Benning . Who knows ? Will Ethan Bear or Ryan Mantha be ready to make the jump to the NHL and be partnered with Darnell Nurse on the third pair. Who knows ? That remains to be seen . What happens with Russell , Gryba & Reinhart ? I wonder if the Devils might be interested in Jordan Eberle ? Kinkaid and a draft pick ? What free agents will be drawn to Edmonton ? How will the Oilers do at the draft ? There are too many questions . But I'm comfortable Peter Chiarelli has some answers . He knows what he's doing . That's a big sigh of relief .
  14. No doubt , they woulda , coulda , shoulda won that series . It coulda , shoulda , woulda not gone to that seventh game . But it did and the Ducks were the better team on that day . The Oilers still have some warts . All things considered it's clear now that the Oilers are a playoff team , only playoff performers need apply . This season they just wanted to make the playoffs . They checked that box . Next season is a new challenge . There's a new attitude , they are hungry for Stanley . The bar is raised . The regular season is a breeze , come playoff time it's gut check time , where the men are separated from the boys . As usual the off season is going to be interesting . Pete Chiarelli will be looking for a few more good men .
  15. I was only able to see the final 7 minutes . Ducks certainly put up a superior effort . I was just glad there was no BS officiating , it was a hard fought game that the Oilers came up a goal short in game seven of the conference final . That in itself is a giant step forward for the organization as a whole . Well done Oilers and thanks for a fabulous season . Here's for many more of much the same .