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  1. Good luck to you. I don't know anything about your questions, but i do know that Edmonton has some of the top urologists in Canada, and a very fine renal clinic in the Hys Center.
  2. Could be Chia made a deal with Vegas already... something along the lines of " here's a list of centers and defensemen we're interested in and should be avialable... draft them, and we'll swap you Eberle for one of each".
  3. Great year, boys. Just too much ... to overcome
  4. Of course Hrudey hates the Oilers. We made his career a nightmare.
  5. I think we've found our new Fernando.
  6. This league is rapidly losing any sense of professional credibility. It's become Toilet Sport.
  7. We'll score in OT. They'll call it back.
  8. All Kesler did was grab Cam's right goal pad in the crease. Clearly fair play.
  9. Can somebody tell me what happened? I just threw a brick through the TV
  10. 2 minutes for playing hockey
  11. Just like the NHL. Ref's suddenly switch sides. Go figure.
  12. Anaheim gets a goal called back? Not likely.
  13. Ebs needs to miss the rest of the series. Sad to see, I've always had great hopes for him in the playoffs.
  14. Wow. Are we getting the raw end of the NHL tonight.
  15. We've gotten penalties for less.