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  1. Brandon Davidson is back

    PC keeps finding ways to lower my respect for him to the point that now respect is no longer the proper word.
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    Good question, but a better question is why move Davidson if all you can get is a 3rd round pick next year? I would have rather have kept him, a decent defender on a bad defensive team. So now we have a weaker defense and a 3rd round pick for next year, woopee! Wow, PC is sure showing us how you build a solid team around a generational player like McDavid!!
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    Agreed. Why not move Benning or Auvito? Davidson has the making of a good solid defenseman who is hard to get good value for. A 3rd round pick is not so hot, especially with this club doing the picking. I would rather of kept him unless he was used as a throw in for bigger fish. Chiarelli is losing my respect one trade cat a time, I have very little faith in him after this one move, one I was hoping he wouldn't make. What's he doing to my Oilers?!! He better have a hell of an off season or I'll be calling for his head.
  4. Peter Chiarelli

    I'm still a fan of Hall. PC traded him for magic beans without at least a conditional 1st or 2nd beanstalk coming back. I got over it last year because Larsson had a major effect on the team defense and looked like he had some offense growing, but that seems to be an illusion this season. Larsson looked better last game, but needs to bring his play up to where it was last season or better, for me to say it was a good trade. Hall is still a young man who has many years to mature his game and mentality. I know few people who live their lives mistake free, especially in their 20's with hormones running wild and fame and money thrown at them. For sure he should put more thought into his statements to the media, but it's too late now. I would take him back on the team in an instant, even if it was just to do a do-over on the trade again.
  5. Go Oilers GO!! I can't help myself, I'm an Oilers fan. For better or worse. It's been terrible for too many years, how much worse could it get? Now I wished I hadn't asked that! It's about time for better, but I guess I'll have to wait for next year. How many times have I said that ?!! Chiarelli had better make some trades and acquisitions that fill some holes we've had for too long by next season. The defense has to be addressed if we ever expect to compete for the cup, then we build around it and McDavid. Chiarelli just pissed away 1 season for nothing, and in my opinion that is too much. Anyway back to tonight's game, Oilers 5 Colorado 2. ( let me dream.)
  6. Which is why I've always been vocal about fixing our D. Of course Klefbom by himself would not get it done. I was talking about a trade scenario where the other team wants a younger D man coming back as part of the package.

    You are soooo right on the money! At least Lucic throws a hit once in a while, and he would never just skate by as McDavid was getting gooned like Horcoff would, Lucic would go over and give an attitude adjustment.
  8. I was going to say that we are due for a win, but with LB in net I'm not so sure. Maybe we won't get scored on the 1st shot this game, who knows?
  9. Klefbom is an enigma much of the time, I'm never sure what to make of him. Most of his professional career he has been injured early in the season to come back mediocre & then finish strong at the end of the season. Then it changes and he starts the season healthy and still is mediocre & then finishes the season strong. This year he was inconsistent much of the year to the point that I don't know what to make of him. At this point of his career he should be showing us more if he is to become the player we hoped for, yet we're still waiting. From one play to the next can give you different opinions on his future. I have always been vocal that in my opinion we need a real #1 D on the Oilers not only to settle the plays down more and get the puck up ice to the forwards where it belongs, but to also guide our young D men as they mature. I'm sure this would have helped Klefbom, Nurse, Larsson, Davidson, Benning and any other younger D men we have had. I'm getting tired of the Benning experiment and it drives me crazy when I see him on the ice in the last few minutes when we are holding onto a lead ( it's been a while since that has happened). Bottom line our D is average on a good day and we need better. If it takes Klefbom going to another team to help us acquire a top defenseman coming back, I'm all for it. Something has to be done by this off season to acquire a top D man so that we can surround McDavid with the quality players he deserves. The only untouchables are McDavid, Draisaitl & Nurse and I would consider trading Draisaitl if the return was worth it.
  10. Peter Chiarelli

    To be prepared for next season we need Chiarelli to somehow acquire a top defender. If there is not one available from free agency, then we should be prepared to trade our 1st overall pick, either Klefbom or Larsson and we should be open to moving Nuge and or Draisaitl. What ever it takes we need to build our defense first and then see what we can do about wingers. The point I am making is that we have to be willing to trade some of our best pieces to do it. Obviously McDavid is safe, but I would also include Nurse as untouchable because I feel he may become a top defender himself. Also I don't want all of the players I listed traded, but we need to get our defense up to par or forget about winning cups. Hopefully Chiarelli doesn't gut the team to get a top defender, but his track record is not looking that great right now. Last year I was a believer because Larsson was looking like he might have been worth it and was looking like he might have some offensive upside, This year Larsson has been very disappointing. Maybe he will turn it around but if it hinges on him leaving to acquire a true top defender, then so be it.
  11. Beat me to it. I was going to say, "please don't get scored on with the first shot!". For a change, a win sure would be nice, you know just to change things up. I want the Oilers to come out ready to work their butts off. Someone should go & mess up Lucic's hair, maybe insult his grandmothers army boots or something. Then stare down Kassian till he gets wound up & tell McDavid there's no way he could get a hat trick tonight. I don't know exactly how to go about it, but let's light a fire under our Oilers!!
  12. I laughed out loud when I read these inspired lineups. The refs would have a field day handing out penalties on all the off side humor alone! Well done Yuke, there would be no better time for a "slow clap".
  13. Darnell

    There it is again "blah, blah, blah". If that is all you have I'm going to watch tv. You sure are a winner! Maybe you should become a GM? You wouldn't have to do anything since according to you "it's all on the players".
  14. Darnell

    Foggie,did you forget how to read? After seeing how you interpreted my last statement, it is clear with your comprehension level how you came up with the belief that it is all on the players. I am just realizing how close my "blah, blah, blah" analogy was!!
  15. Darnell

    So you are now saying it is not all on the players? If you had just admitted that from the start we could have saved a lot of time.