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  1. mrtea

    GDT: Oilers @ Blues 6 PM (MT) Tues, Mar 19.18 SN1

    I've said it before too many times, I'll say it again I'm sure.....maybe next year.....man, am I ever getting tired of saying that!!!
  2. mrtea

    Sam Gagner

    Gagner has been putting points up, that can't be ignored with the situation the Oilers find themselves in at the moment. It appears he has put on some muscle and is not as easy to knock off the puck anymore. He is smart and has good offensive instincts and has earned a shot at a 1 year contract to see what he can bring next season.
  3. mrtea

    GDT: Oilers @ Blues 6 PM (MT) Tues, Mar 19.18 SN1

    Can you work at the same time as all the games next year? Then into the playoffs? I've been waiting on the Oilers to do it on their own, but if your way works better.....well then, I'm all for it.
  4. Not in our top 6, but Gagner would be good for our 3rd line and Kassian and Chiasson somewhere in the bottom 6 with the good option of them moving up and down the lineup as needed because of injuries or top lines needing a shakeup.
  5. mrtea

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    Those days should never have been in the first place. Bargain basement players are not bargains, they are other team cast offs. The next Gm needs to make trades that make a positive difference instead of just different for the sake of being different. If it doesn't make sense on paper it will never make sense on the ice.
  6. I'm looking forward to a GM who makes small or large deals that actually make the team better. Enough of the band aid deals meant to fill holes but only magnify the hole or create a new one. I want a GM that builds the Oilers into a true play off team by recognizing what needs to be replaced and actually replacing it.
  7. mrtea

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    I think you are under valuing Bouchard's abilities. That ranking means very little to me because watching him play showed me a player with poise, talent and the tools to succeed. There were some other very talented defensemen on team Canada there but he was not clearly out performed by them. There were two top players that were used more than he was in certain situations, but Bouchard was their top power play man and was used in some very important situations himself. Canada is no longer alone as the top hockey country, competition has closed the gap so that from year to year almost any team could upset a front runner. If you want to believe he's dropped from an A- to a B prospect, you go right on believing that. I still believe he is an A or an A+ prospect and it doesn't hurt that he has been ripping it up in junior lately. I feel you are doing him an injustice by comparing him to Reinhart, Belle and Teubert. We definitely see this player differently.
  8. mrtea

    Peter Chiarelli

    My vote on Chiarelli is a fail for the most part. He didn't recognize our biggest holes on the team, or at the very least he did nothing substantial to fix the problems. He did improve our AHL assets but the problem is he seemed to try similar players for the NHL instead of true impact players. He seemed to devalue all the Oiler players or assets because he seemed to lose every trade except for when he brought in Maroon. Maybe he just wasn't a good negotiator, I don't know but I'm glad he is gone. He wasted a couple of valuable years off of McDavid's window of opportunity.
  9. You obviously knew much more about him than me or researched him. I did not look at all the aspects and repercussions of signing him, I was just looking at it as trying to salvage some value. No I am not bullish on him, I honestly don't know anything about him other than watching him play for the Oilers as little as he has. It was only a suggestion, I wasn't trying to say that was the best option or anything like that. I don't have a lot of faith in Koskinen, but I was hoping that if he was worked with over the summer and we could actually add a solid D man along with 2 or 3 hungry rookies coming up, that an improved D might make Kos look better. Replacing our #1 goaltender could get expensive and that worries me, but luckily we will have a new GM that will make the changes or lack there of as he sees fit.
  10. mrtea

    Sekera assigned to Bakersfield

    Sekera is back looking very good, much better than I expected him to for how little he has played. We have not had Sekera all season until just recently and he is already one of our best D, if not our best. Now that he is back we are playing the best hockey we have played all season. Our defense is looking decent for the 1st time all season after Sekera has rejoined the team. Coincidence, I don't think so. You can lead a student to a book, but you can't make him read or learn. You can show a ref an infraction, but you can't make him call a penalty.
  11. mrtea


    It shows how important defense is. I was just posting that very theme in another thread. Our D is looking much better, just imagine the difference adding a top defender to our team would be. It would not have to be a league "elite", just an upgrade on our D so that the addition is clearly our top defender until one of our top prospects push them down the pecking order. Our D is finally maturing and with just one move could go to being one of the best in just a couple of years. We are close, getting closer. Obviously I'm talking about in the off season and later for adding to our team.
  12. mrtea

    Sekera assigned to Bakersfield

    Sekera has looked very good since his return, that is huge for the Oilers right now, and NO that is no coincidence! It is especially no coincidence that it is helping the team, it proves how important improving our defense is. I have been harping on improving the defense for just these reasons exactly, just think how much it could improve their performance each game. Our position in the standings would look much better right now if we had managed an upgrade at defense. Sekera regaining his health and his previous skill level looks very promising so far. I feel confident he is on track which I find is a huge relief. Klefbom is turning into a decent defender with some offense, too bad he has such bad luck with injuries. It is nice to see that he is developing to be a good top 4 D. Nurse is also developing nicely into a solid top 4 defender, here's hoping that he can add more offense in the next few years. Larsson is looking much improved also lately, but he disappoints me because I find he easily gets knocked off his "game" by tough opponents. Finally the core of our D is looking much better and with Bouchard, Bear, Jones and the rest of our prospects percolating into the NHL we are poised to enjoy a much improved D in the near future. This is why it is important to upgrade our top pairing, our core is fine and our prospects are developing very nicely. With 1 big move in the next season or two we could go from one of the worst to D's to one of the best. We need to upgrade our top pairing for offense, team stability and also for the mentoring of our prospects coming up.
  13. Fog you are manipulating his words to change how he was using them. He was saying he believed he would probably not win because of the extremely high chances against it. while he acknowledged the possibility he did not believe it was very likely. It's in the difference in the amount of possibility.
  14. Since he is a RFA and we run the risk of losing him for nothing because we don't meet the requirements to retain his rights, why don't we explore signing him for 1 year at a contract both sides are happy with while we still have his rights? He looked shaky at times but over all not terrible and he looks like he might be worth developing. WE have his rights and can explore signing him at any time we choose so why not before the end of the season? It beats letting him walk for nothing, that would mean we didn't get anything for Talbot except a very small salary dump.
  15. I agree with you about our chances of making the play offs. Obviously being a die hard Oiler fan I will drink the kool aid and cheer for them to make it. Believing they will do it is another matter, gotta drink a lot of kool aid to be a believer or the kool aid was spiked.