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  1. If Lucic could score 15-20 goals and chip in around 40 pts total I'd have no problem keeping him either, especially if we made the play offs. Like someone was saying earlier his hands have turned to stone. That's not bad in a fight, but he's fighting the puck instead. Maybe it's just timing, but I think it's because the league is so fast now. Some plays happen so fast that without video playback your not sure how the puck went in sometimes.
  2. There is where I agree with you. Regular season and play offs are officiated differently so they are played differently. Players like Lucic are perfect for the play offs I agree completely. Unfortunately the Oilers are not built in a way to carry him till we get in the play offs.
  3. I'm only trying to point out that you go to great lengths to criticize Nuge, yet you seem to be in denial of this tendency. Over all Mess I find I find I agree with many of posts, just not all of them. Sometimes I respond to your posts with agreement, other times I do not agree. Many times whether I agree or not I don't bother to respond. The Nuge thing is just something that I noticed and decided to respond to. You have not offended me and I don't mean to offend you. Sometimes I do tend to be sarcastic, but that's the way I am.
  4. You're on to me. I alone am the only one who wants to see Lucic traded because I alone think he doesn't earn his contract and that money could be used to help fix our roster problems. Yes you got me again, because I alone think Nuge earns his six million and should get a free pass. Help me out here for a second, what am I giving him a free pass on? I've stated he is most likely to be traded and I'm fine with that as long as we get something back worthwhile. If not, what is the sense in trading him other than pleasing you and your obsession?
  5. When you run your comparisons, how do they stack up across the board? Who earns his contract and who doesn't? Their contract value is the only comparable that matches up.
  6. It's quite conceivable that Nuge will be traded to help fix one of our many roster spots that need upgrading. Nuge will be most likely to be traded because of the fact that he has good value to his contract and he is one of the few that can actually bring us back something useful. He should not be traded unless the return helps our team because Nuge is a good player on a good contract and we need all the good players we can get. We are not going to trade Nuge just to get rid of him, even though it seems that would please you immensely. Why do you dislike him so strongly that you have find a way to criticize him in a post about Lucic's skating ability? Nuge has absolutely nothing to do with Lucic's skating, yet there you are taking shots at Nuge that are so off base it borders on the comical or just outright absurd. Your fixation on Nuge borders on obsession.
  7. I didn't realize Neal's production has dropped off so badly, just like Lucic. He's not the James Neal I remember, I should have looked up his stats before I gave my seal of approval. I guess we're all getting older, damn I hate when that happens. Mrtea no longer approves this deal!
  8. I don't know if they would go for it, but I love it! James Neal is tough and he can score. Mrtea approves this deal.
  9. It's voodoo to everyone, even the goalies themselves are probably shocked at the ups and downs from year to year.
  10. I've defended him because of his potential, if he wants to be traded then so be it. I'm done defending him, like you say Mess his attitude and effort make it an easy decision to say "see ya, don't let the door hit you on the way out". Hope we can get something useful from trading him.
  11. mrtea


    I didn't mind Hitch, he brought some stability to a terrible situation. Let's face it, when Hitch took over as coach the Oilers were a mess. It appears to me that he had a hugely positive impact on Benning's development. Benning used to chase the puck too much in the corners leaving the net exposed and Hitch had Benning stapled to the net a couple of games where it appeared he had to have been told not to be caught chasing the puck. It was around this time I was noticing for the first time some real strides in Benning's game. I don't remember swearing at Benning once the rest of the season, where the last two years before that I probably swore at him every game at least once. Hitch at least left us a little better off than we were, I was thinking Benning was a lost cause before Hitch.
  12. I'm not sure what to think about his situation. On one hand there was the promise of a future top 6 player and maybe even top line, but that zeppelin has crashed and burned. On the other hand there are many fans that are done with him and want to move on. The news of his needing surgery and having had a successful operation opens the possibility up that he could be a tip 6 player after all. At this point I'm not counting on him being a contributor to the Oilers having a successful season, but if he did pan out it would be a huge boost to our chances of turning this ship around. It would be one less player we would need to acquire.
  13. The first thing I would do would be to enquire around the league to the teams that are under the cap floor and need to bring on a couple of large contracts. There might be some of those teams in the east that need a physical presence and remember playing against Lucic. They might like to have him on their team rather than against them. Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, but if it worked it would give us some wiggle room to move. It might be a wasted effort, but if you don't try you won't pull it off. If you could pull it off for a serviceable player or prospect coming back it would be an automatic home run and Holland would look like a genius.
  14. Going by what his agent said I would have to agree. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the KHL did try to get him though, his agent may have listened to offers. That possibly is what started the rumors.
  15. That's what was said at the time, but it was PC throwing a med. size salary dart at a (defenseman coming into his prime) balloon hoping to win a prize(#1 or #2 Dman). The dart missed the balloon, but at least we do have a solid defensive vet.
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