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  1. I know what you mean, I'm waiting also. I think the problem is that we see he has the physical tools, but it's putting all the X's & O's in the right place at the right time. I believe the experience factor is what he needs to reach the next level. At the moment he still has to process the plays he's in as he's on the fly. Someday ( I hope) he'll just react from experience without having to figure the variables. In the Canucks loss he could have saved a Canuck PP goal by recognizing and clearing the net. He was one of three Oilers in front of the net and should have recognized the threat at Talbot's post and cleared it before watching the puck go in. I do believe that he will get it, the question is how soon? We shouldn't give up on him anytime soon since he has all the tools to be one of the best....some day.
  2. I really like McLellan as a coach, but why doesn't he want to try Nuge on Conner's right side. It's preseason, just try it, who knows it might work? We've been trying Strome, Puljujarvi, Yamamoto and now Leon. Why Leon when we already know it will work? Why not try Nuge and keep Leon as 2nd line center with Lucic. This way we get to see what will happen on the top line. Leon & Lucic keep developing chemistry and Yamamoto can play on their wing giving him big bodies to help create space for him. We get to see Strome at center on the 3rd line for more evaluation. The way the lines were set in today's practice you have Nuge and Yamamoto on the same line who are both lightweights and we already know that Leon is very capable as Conner's RW. These are just thoughts and maybe there is a reason McLellan doesn't want to try Nuge there, but they mentioned it in the off season that they might try Nuge there, SO TRY IT ALREADY! (sorry for shouting.)
  3. Excuse me for not looking up his recent stats. The Wheeler I was referring to was indeed Blake Wheeler. To my memory he was always a player who produced points at or near the top of his team but was never a "media darling". Had he played in another Market or have better pedigree he might have received a lot more attention. To my memory he was always consistent at around 60 some points but as you point out he has upped his point totals the last couple of years. That is why I called him underrated which I thought you were doing. The thing is if you were putting Purcell at the same level as Wheeler that helps explain your confusion to me.
  4. When they took Maroon off McDavid's line for a short time last year he still produced. Then he was back on McDavid's line again.
  5. Speaking only of contracts, Nurse is the only one you listed that might get a big raise and that's still to be debated over how well he plays this year. You did miss Talbot and he will need a big raise when the time comes. Strome has not proved he will stay let alone deserve an increase yet, Cagguila and Benning may deserve raises but may not need excessive raises. Letestu and Jokinen are aging and looking at short term salaries for probably not that a big of raises. Nurse and Talbot are the next big contracts and if we are lucky the cap goes up each year.
  6. And clearly he is working on his deficits. You could see at times he is still figuring it out, but at other times you can see he is getting more accustomed to the NHL style, flow and different ice size. While he is clearly figuring it all out, you can see his offensive instincts are certainly there. For you to predict he only has a ceiling of a Wheeler or Purcell is very premature and short sighted. I don't care if he starts the season in the AHL or the NHL, but I do care that he keeps showing the passion and explosiveness he showed last night. The physicality will come along with his confidence. You could see last night how he batted in the corner and held his own and you could see he was a bit surprised at his own strength, this reminded me of how Draisaitl didn't realize his own strength and power at first either. Look how he turned out. I don't know if he'll ever be that good, but I'm pretty sure his ceiling is higher than Wheeler or Purcell. Keep in mind that Wheeler has been underrated his whole career and really has been a pretty decent player who is on the downward slope the last couple of years.
  7. That is really good news, I heard it on TSN last night and was happy and relieved. Not as relieved as I will be when we sign him. I prefer a 2 year term, but if PC goes longer I won't have a problem with that. A big body that has good hands and good offensive instincts is very good to have, especially if that big body is a passionate Oiler who won't hesitate to get physical and generally acts as an enforcer. This guy was a steal and I still can't believe how perfect of a fit he has been for what we needed.
  8. It's on TSN, but in my region it's blacked out. It's also on Center Ice and that's not blacked out! I watched the 1st period. I'm in N.B.
  9. Right now we are dealing with the team we have on the roster. We will try different combinations to get the best possible results from the group we have. We have no idea what the areas are that we will need to improve on the following year until we see what we have this season. For all we know Puljujarvi and Strome work out in spades and then there is no problem with RW the following year. There is absolutely nothing to gain by arguing what might take place the following season, let's just focus on this season for starters. We'll worry about our cap problems when cap problems arise. Why worry about a problem that might not even happen?
  10. It's no secret that the NHL is a tough league to play in. If a player doesn't earn his letter, then he runs the risk of losing it. It sends a message that if the player's feelings are hurt and he really wants a letter, then he will have to work harder to earn it. In the NHL feelings are secondary, save them for the shrink's couch when you retire.
  11. In that scenario, I'm sure you are right. Hopefully that is an "option" and not a "necessity". I'm hoping we find RW's internally that create chemistry & put up points so that we only use Leon as McDavid's RW as a weapon occasionally. To throw off tougher competition if the lines are struggling.
  12. I like the idea of Lucic keeping a "A" and I think Draisaitl deserves a "A". Klefbom or Larsson are also players who put me in mind of deserving an "A". Someday Nurse looks like he would be a good candidate. I like the idea of a defenseman with an "A" because of how much some of them are on the ice. We have options, I like options.
  13. To me, one of the main focuses for the team is for Leon to successfully center the 2nd line, a job I think he will shine at. So then the real question or problem is getting RW's that compliment our centers. To me this is the biggest question mark, I am very hopeful that either Puljujarvi, Strome,Slepy,Cags,Jokinen or even Nuge can provide us with RW's that can actually produce consistently. If we can balance out our forward lines finding that elusive "chemistry" then we should be smiling. Our defense looks very prepared this season and the way they are still maturing and improving is another sign of very good things to come. I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself, but there are signs that they've been training hard that can only lead to good things, it's a good way to start anyway.
  14. You lost me at "JUST A GAME".....until then I was hooked,
  15. Thanks good catch. I should have answered the other day, but I was lazy that day. With all the centers we sure do have options. I like options.