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  1. Of course they get some right and I thought the last couple of games were much better, but the zebras are not perfect by a long shot. You may be fine with the way things are called but to argue that improvements could not be made is a bit inflexible. Refs facing consequences for bad calls is also not that bad of an idea, unless you happen to be a ref who thinks he is above question. I noticed the officiating got quite a bit better after Draisaitl's incident, could it be because the NHL was watching the officiating a bit closer after that? Whatever the case I think improvements could be made. Maybe, maybe not. Both sides have valid arguments and should not be easily dismissed.
  2. Getting laughs at yourself in the mirror is not the same thing, but I can see how that might happen.
  3. Great pic. I just hope it's not Elmer Fudd under that hat.
  4. Honestly, I don't know the answer to the problem, but I hope the league takes a look at this problem. I remember seeing the stat that McDavid does draw the most penalties, but how sad is that when you look at how much doesn't get called. It shows just how much the zebras are missing across the league with regards to the skilled players. Treating the most skilled players this way cannot be good for the game, especially when everyone is paying to see these skilled players do their thing. The league better smarten up before injuries start piling up.
  5. Don't feed him, maybe he will go away. All he wants is to pretend he is a fan. He is hoping the Oilers lose and he can be here to rub it in. First he calls McDavid a cheap player, then later says McDavid is great. Calls Draisaitl overrated, then changes his tune. Constantly saying the team isn't good enough unless McDavid gets enough points to win it for us. Ragging on our 2nd line about how overpaid they are(even though playoffs pay differently), all he wants is to get under our skins while acting like he is a fan. When he goes over the line, stomp him Bronco, like you've never stomped before.
  6. It really is bad, hard to believe bad. This ruins the flow to the game when a player like McDavid is treated like that by the officials. I saw holds and trips right in front of the refs with no reaction from them, unacceptable. I don't see why the rules change in the playoffs, the rules should be the rules, period. There is no good reason why the rules should change in the post season. It's bad enough the non calls in the regular season, and then to get even worse in the playoffs makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I'd like to fine the refs for their bad calls the way players get fined for bad plays. Especially if you could point out repeat offenders.
  7. Tough, superfun and maybe just what we need. I see real growth as a team, especially our 2nd line. No matter what, win or lose we will leave this next series as a better more experienced team. If we lose we go into next season with a much more seasoned veteran team than we have had in years. Any players we trade going into next season will have this playoff run added to their credentials for more of a substantial return. If we win (the scenario I'm siding with) it adds even more experience to help us advance even further. Facing tough teams and still prevailing is what we need to sharpen our instincts and reflexes that we will need as we go deeper. St. Louis and Nashville, either one will have their own problems for us to face, but they too are beatable. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think Anaheim is beatable. I'm not saying it will be easy, but the Oilers can do it.
  8. Regarding suparmon If it looks like a troll....sounds like a troll....walks like a troll.....chances are...IT'S A TROLL!
  9. It's only over once one team has lost 4 games in a series. Until that point I don't see any reason not to keep cheering for my team, you can do what you want.
  10. I believe they will give us reason to be proud of them tonight, but for sure they've already earned it!
  11. There are a few stats that I do pay attention to track performance, but the thing to keep in mind is that stats cannot tell the future, only the past. If a team or a player are about to have a breakout game, there is no accurate way to predict it because it has not happened yet. Some trends will continue, others will not and this is why you have to be careful with stats. They are a good tool for figuring what aspects of the game need to be worked on, but not what that result may be. This is where coaches use their own judgement after viewing the stats.
  12. I remember a couple of posters saying no one in the west is that scary of a matchup for us. I think you have to respect any team you play in the post season, but I can see where they are coming from. I don't remember anyone saying it would be easy.
  13. I think the Oilers will have a bounce back game led by McDavid. I'm sure they all know they have to be better and they will. When this team is dialed in they can do some great things on the ice and it sure is fun to watch when they do! No one knows more than McDavid that they have to be better and I'm betting he delivers. I'm expecting when the game is over that the analysts will be saying how great players rise to the occasion and that's just what McDavid did. Also he has gone 2 games with no points, he should be due according to his track record.
  14. I was going to reply to this a while ago, but got sidetracked. Yes I did notice it, and I wasn't impressed and actually thought "nothing good is going to come from this" and it didn't. My take is that Kassian impressed the whole team especially in game 2 & 3 and McDavid is trying to incorporate this into his game. We have a team toughness that McDavid respects and wants to reflect it also. It is distracting him from what makes him such a special player. I'm hoping McLellan has taken McDavid aside and explained to him that no one thinks he is not tough, in fact you have to be tough to put up with the abuse he gets from opponents and the non calls on him by the zebras. I hope he explains that it's best to leave the rough, physical abuse and fighting to the guys who are paid to do just that and that McDavid should focus on what he does best. I hope the team goes back to keeping it simple. Go out and play a physical game, hit when the opportunity presents itself, stay focused and in position. Keep chipping away at their forwards and defensemen and drive the play into their end and don't stop till you're in the blue paint. Rinse and repeat until we have more goals than they do for a full 60 minutes. Then go back into their barn and win another in the Sharktank in front of their fans, that'll teach 'em.
  15. Just Made a fresh tea, Putting my McDavid jersey on. Ready for the game! Go Oilers, Play a tough smart game, kick some butt. Oilers win 4-2