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  1. Hey Bronco, won't you miss not having him around so you could use his picture as your avatar again for old time sake? Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself.
  2. I agree Mess, if I were looking to have a competitive team I would have picked the best D I could have. The thing is that was not what Vegas was trying to do, they were only interested in acquiring draft picks for the next 3 years. It looks like they want to finish in the basement until they are ready to put a competitive team together in 2020-21 or maybe later. A good defense would be counterproductive to their aims at this time. Their problem will be to acquire good D when they feel the time is right and there may not be any to acquire then. They will be depending on their draft picks to mature into solid players. I would have taken as many of the players you listed as possible, but that's because we want to see our D improve as much as we possibly can. I'm hoping Chiarelli makes some moves this off season to improve our RW situation and our D. On our D I would love to see a right shot puck mover with a cannon, but maybe I'm hoping for too much.
  3. I don't know if you guys watched the NHL awards show last night but Vegas got a lot of assets in picks from the Islanders. I'm assuming this was to leave certain players alone. They were looking to stockpile as many draft picks as possible and it appears that is exactly what they did.
  4. The only hole in your theory is that Montreal gave up Sergachev who I've heard by some is predicted to have the potential of a #2 D. If you think Sergachev is just an AHL player and has no value you are sorely mistaken. We should know how hard it is to get a young top ranked D and how precious they can be.
  5. I don't even respond to the troll. subparmon has all the social class and grace of a rabid, leprous Hyena. ( I apologize to all the hyenas and anyone that has ever suffered from rabies or leprosy for comparing them to subparmon. )
  6. I wish you all the best Matt Hendricks! I hope you can find another team for the next couple of years. Hendricks brought accountability and a hard work ethic that took root with the younger Oilers, he will be missed.
  7. Nuge did not have a great year, that is not in question. Though it does seem that you guys are blind to anything that he did do. Nuge was saddled with Pouliot and Eberle most of the year except when Lucic was not producing and then he was put on the second line for a while. The second line did quite decent the last 20 games of the season and when in the playoffs they were faced with some very heavy lifting. Nuge was facing off against Thornton's line and keeping them off the score sheet for the most part. Then they were faced with Getzlaf's line and his zebras. I still think if it wasn't for the zebras letting Getzlaf get away with murder that we would have won that series. Nuge did win some very important face offs at times, but I have not heard anyone mention that. I would be willing to bet that Nuge learned a lot about winning face offs from the opposition he faced in the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, if we trade him for an asset that helps the team I'll be fine with that. The point I am trying to make is that with Nuge it is not only negative aspects to his game that should be constantly brought up, there were some positives.
  8. The thing is JT, is that Maroon actually has good hands, he's not just a net crasher. If we could replace Eberle with a Maroon type player that is a right shot or just good on RW then I would be all over that. Maroon brings a lot more that just size and toughness. I can't see 2 of him being a bad thing.
  9. I like the trade that TSN was speculating about. Hamonic for Eberle, now that would be value! But I agree that trading with Vegas may be the way to go.
  10. When referring to a player as a "bust", there is no later. "Bust" means broken, not repairable. So when you use "bust" to describe Puljujarvi it could easily be seen as a "stupid" comment. I too, expected more from him but he is far from being a "bust".
  11. "Right now he's a bust." Wow, such a bold statement that is grounded in nothing more than your opinion. You truly must be bored and just want to argue with someone. That statement is wrong on so many levels that it isn't funny, but kind of pathetic. I have one question for your "expert" opinion, did you watch him at all in the world's tournament? If you had, you would not make such a bold statement, at least not this early in his development. Maybe in a year or two you could be right, that is then, this is now. On this subject I may argue you on a few points, but don't expect me to go to the lengths that some posters do. I don't need the last word as badly as some do.
  12. Why do you doubt it, and why would it shorten his career as a GM? Eberle does have some value as an NHL player, but his time in Edmonton is coming to an end. It's not like PC is going to lie to someone to make the deal, he's just pumping Eberle's tires. I don't get you Yuke, on one hand you defend Eberle and then on the other think if PC trades Eberle he is ripping off another GM. Which is it, Eberle has value or PC is ripping someone off? Personally I think the way the Oilers are built leaves Eberle on the outside looking in, but could rebuild his career in a city that doesn't analyze every little play like in Edmonton. It could even benefit RNH to have a RW with a little more size who crashes the net once in a while. The off season deals will be here soon enough and there could be a lot of moves or very few, time will tell. It's in PC's hands and I'll still cheer for the Oilers either way.
  13. PC is trying to be a good salesman. The best salesmen believe in the product that they are selling. If a good salesman believes in his product it will basically sell itself. Another aspect is a good leader will defend his charges. I believe in this case it is mostly salesspeek and a little protective banter thrown in. Good for PC, he's doing his job and if he's lucky he'll find a sucker....I mean buyer.
  14. I listened to the interview and agree will McLellan that Eberle should not be the whipping boy for the elimination of the Oilers. It is a team game and the team as a whole had to play better if they expected to advance. You should remember JT that just because a coach or GM publicly defend a player has absolutely nothing to do with whether they intend to trade them or not. JT you've been around, how many times have you seen a coach or GM say point blank that a certain player is not on the market, only to have them traded the next day or week? This happens all the time. So for McLellan to defend Eberle against being a scapegoat ( which I agree Eberle should not be a sacapegoat ) means absolutely nothing about if the team plans on trading him or not.
  15. Don't worry Deutch, I'm quite sure PC will try to trade Eberle for the best deal he can get. After listening to PC's end of season presser, I'm pretty sure he alluded to it. He was asked about Eberle and he responded that Eberle has been trying to round out his game to be more of an all around player. He then stressed that Eberle needs to produce more and he talked to Eberle about the areas he needed to improve on. I believe you have to read between the lines here. What I interpreted was that he was trying to bump up Eberle's value as a more complete player and that is why his production is down. I believe he will be telling this story to interested GM's if there are any. I also interpreted that the things Eberle has to improve on are the reasons PC will be trying to trade him. I also felt that he worded things this way so that if there are no takers, Eberle will hopefully actually work on these things and PC will try to trade him again later in the season. I think PC is trying to cover the bases for both scenarios, but is actually leaning towards the type of player we all know he likes, big, tough and skilled.