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  1. Ryan Strome etc.

    It is managements fault that nothing was done to improve the team in the off season. Once the season started and it was obvious that something was rotten in Oiltown . Nothing was done to kick start the Oilers into improved play even though PC made a statement that he was watching to see how things were going. I find it strange that he decided to do nothing....again. Another player that had a terrible year was Benning. Nobody has mentioned him yet, but I found he was terrible and I swore at him more than once over the season for terrible defensive play.
  2. Ryan Strome etc.

    Actually you don't know what the cost might have been and neither do I but like I said we do have options. If the UFA won't just sign one year, great sign two or three if he's as good or better than Sekera. I don't understand why you are so concerned about the future picks when we need help NOW. WE have McDavid NOW. If we had done some team building in the off season we might have actually made the play offs and be in them NOW. As you point out our prospect pool isn't great, more reason to acquire help now or even last off season since we can't expect too much help from the minors (Benson is looking like a good forward prospect right now).
  3. Ryan Strome etc.

    Why would it be limited to just one year? Why not get an upgrade and keep him pushing players down the depth chart for longer than just one year? I hope you are right and we do get that puck moving D man, but if we had tried to replace the hole Sekera left last off season, why not keep both or use sekera's replacement to trade for a winger. Using PC's thinking process Sekera's replacement D man would get us a pretty decent winger coming back.
  4. Ethan Bear - Is he ready?

    I've been impressed with Bear's positioning and hockey IQ once he got himself settled down after his first few games. If we were to get a #1/2, that might help mentor Bear and increase his chances of becoming one himself. Quality vets do not hurt teams, they help teams not just play the game but also help teaching how to play better. A couple of older quality vets would not hurt the Oilers one bit.
  5. Ryan Strome etc.

    To me it boils down to even if every player you mentioned was playing well, we still needed that defense upgrade because that's what it takes if you want to compete at a higher level. Even then we will still need to look at how we can improve the team. This years Stanley Cup Champs will be looking to improve if they can. That is why I'm not a happy camper, Chiarelli did next to nothing to improve this team in the off season. McDavid deserves better. Then we add the fact that the players you mention fall on their faces, just one more reason to have added quality defense. I know the next question is how. I believe there are ways. 1st off the top is our draft picks, I'd be willing to trade our 1st and if the other team was into picks I would look at later rounds also or next years too. If they want young defenders going back I'd offer Benning, Klefbom or even Larsson if we absolutely had to as long as we are getting a true upgrade. Larsson played himself off of my untouchable list even though I do believe he will regain form like he did near the end of the season. Nurse is my untouchable on defense. We also could offer Cags, Sleppy, Paks or even prospects. If we were desperate we could offer Draisaitl and drop a massive salary at the same time. I'm not saying I want to trade Draisaitl, but I am saying we do have options.
  6. This is a perfect example of why it is so important to upgrade our D. When Russel is one of your top 2 D men on any given night that is sure sign that you need to improve your defense.
  7. The scenario I envisioned is that Draisaitl's agent saw the money being flashed and tried to show some sort of % comparables to justify demanding full term at more than 8.5. mil. His agent being essentially his equal to his lawyer in court handled all the communication while the defendant let his lawyer do all the talking. Not interested in a short term or bridge deal, full term at big bucks or he holds out to be traded. He might have been bluffing, but the bluff looks to have paid off. The agent scored a pretty good payday at 10-20%, whatever his actual amount was.
  8. 1. I hope we finally bolster the back end, but please not Nurse. Stupid cap space! 2. I just feel too many people would know to keep it a secret regardless of what Lowe wanted. My Spidey senses are tingling in that direction, but who knows, you may be right.
  9. Welcome to Oil Town, Aberg

    Aberg is worth looking at, but I just haven't seen enough to be able to form a soild opinion. Yes he has looked good, but it's been "where did that come from"? If he can keep on popping out of the woodwork to score and contribute great, but what if we pass up a waiver wire of free agent acquisition and he was just another fringe player we wasted another contract on? Tough call, if we get an opportunity to sign or trade a clear upgrade I say we go for the sure bet route and use Aberg as depth on the farm team for call ups.
  10. You nailed it Yuke. This is the basic ballpark of what I'm hoping for. PC hinted that type of D was what he was looking for when he said it doesn't necessarily have to be a right handed D man. I agree with that, I just pray he doesn't trade Nurse. Our 1st and Klefbom, maybe another pick or a prospect. Our1st and Larsson if we absolutely had to, but it had better be a good D man coming back! Also, not Nurse!! I've got to agree with Oily here, it would have been leaked somehow. Especially by one of our blabbermouths. The Old Blabbermouths Club would have so many people knowing that it would be nearly impossible to keep quiet.
  11. Ryan Strome etc.

    My ill feelings are directed only towards Chiarelli for the missed opportunity and time not gained in team building while we have a player like McDavid. I keep hearing there is a window of opportunity for the best chances of acquiring the cup and we are watching them slip away. I still have a great deal of respect for you Yuke, but you seem to be supporting PC's moves and I feel a need to help you see the other side. If he can land us a highly skilled defenseman to push our players down the depth chart closer to where they belong, then I will hail that as a good move and back off . Until then I'm spitting vineagar, sorry if it splashes your way. I showed your quote that I was referring to as would have been hailed a master.
  12. Rattie signs one year extension

    The Rattie signing is a good one, but we need to see more team building moves before he is "masterful" or we are anywhere near ready to compete for a cup. Although it is true if you can save 50k, then save that 50k.
  13. It was clear from the start of the season there were major problems. PC even made a statement that he was evaluating the team before he made any moves at the start of the season. I remember waiting for him to make a move to try and do something, anything to improve the team. What did we get.....crickets. Don't you think when the team loses all those battles, hit all those posts and waffled goals against because the players were crap and the result is losses that maybe it's the responsibility of the GM to improve on some of those players?
  14. Ryan Strome etc.

    So to sum it up, you still hail him as a master? Trading Eberle for Strome was masterful?!! It appears we may differ a little on that assessment.
  15. Oilers Coaching

    You mentioning Hall and then Eberle hitting his potential got me thinking. Remembering when we had them in our stable I did like them very much and thought they had good value as assets, either as players or trade bait. I was OK with the idea of possibly trading one of them (even though Hall in my mind was close to untouchable), but that was with the thought of a valuable asset coming back. In Hall's case Larsson does have value but I expected a much more highly regarded defender coming back. To a lesser extent the same can be said for Eberle. I expected a better asset coming back. It is my belief that Chiarelli did not have a very high opinion of either of our star players. This is propped up by Chiarelli's trading of Seguin. Chiarelli has quite a bit of fence mending to do to fill the holes that the Oilers have had since before he took over and that was a huge hole in defence, it look s even worse now because we don't have the trading power we had when we had Hall and Eberle. Chiarelli did make a good trade when he traded for Maroon, but now he traded him away too. This off season is critical to make the proper moves and the more I think of it the worse I feel about Chiarelli making those moves.