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  1. Everything is good Deutch. I wasn't sure how sincere you were so I kept my guard up. I hope the chops and all aren't hurt too bad but yeah, kind of a reflex action. I'd say I won't do it again, but we both know I'd be lying. It wasn't really clear to me what the 1st lesson was so I'll just say "Cheers!" to the couple of beers at the end.
  2. That's just it though Deutch, all NHL teams develop their players in some way, not just some teams. All the teams have skills coaches that work with the players for improved performance. You seem to be saying only NHL teams that rush their players into the league too early are developmental teams. Actually it's just the opposite, if a team rushes a player before they are ready they are not a developmental team for that player. They are hurting that players development. You're not doing your debating team reputation much good when you totally misrepresent my whole post and basically lecture me like I'm some misguided stooge. Then the best you can do is apologize by saying you misrepresented my comments? How big of you. Oh well, I accept your apology. I wonder if they have coaches to help posters focus properly when they are responding to other posters?
  3. No where do I mistake improvement for development so I am not sure why you need to explain any differences between the 2 words. Yes a player will improve physically as he matures but I use development for a specific reason, because they get developed. Players of all ages are coached in the NHL and develop into better players than they would have without coaching. Players are coached on improving their skating, stick handling, face offs, power play, PK, shooting, passing, checking and the list goes on. Centers are routinely moved to wing, some wingers get moved to center, some minor league offensive stars are turned to good defensive 2 way players in the NHL. Some coaches and players don't get along because of the way the player is being developed. Other players respect their coaches because of the results of being developed whether they love or hate their coaches. This is called development whether you agree with the term or not. It's obvious that just because a player improves in the NHL by being developed does not negate the fact they were developed to play in the NHL. Again, why are you pointing this out when nowhere did I say players development is negated in the minor leagues? You next sentence makes even less sense, where do I call the NHL a development league? if you reread you will see I say it is NOT a development league. Here again you explain to me what a development league is, where do you think I meant when I said "if they aren't good enough they get sent down to the developmental leagues?" Don't you think I know the minor systems are the ECHL, AHL, junior and the Euro leagues are developmental for some NHL players? So what's going on Deutch, is your reading comprehension failing you today so badly that you have to go back and reread my earlier post? You made numerous errors reading my post, yet you talk down to me as if I'm not quite swift enough to comprehend what the ECHL, AHL and other leagues are and how they are used. If you have not made a mistake in reading the post then you must be insulting my intelligence. That doesn't usually sit too well with me, today is no different!
  4. The semantics you guys are debating are fuzzy and need a little clarifying. The NHL is not a developmental league, yet young players do develop into better players in the NHL all the time. I think you need to look at what type of development is being done in the NHL. I think it boils down to, can the young player help his team even though he will develop more as he ages? All the greats that played in the NHL when they were 18 or 19 developed into better players as time went on, that cannot be denied. The ones that make it young have enough talent and tools to help their teams even though they are young and inexperienced. If they have all the talent in the world, but still can't help their teams win games then they need to go to an actual developmental league to work on ways to improve their game.
  5. Recently I was reading how one of his flaws is that he is not physical enough. It just dawned on me that maybe he can add some physicality to his game if and when he starts to actually have a career in the NHL. He was ranked very high until he had two straight seasons of injuries in junior that dropped him to a 2nd round pick. To actually get into the NHL he has to stay healthy and prove he has value as an NHL player. He very well may have been ultra conscious of avoiding situations where he could get hurt considering his history.
  6. It depends how hard he works at getting stronger and faster with his skating coaches. From all reports he is very focused and driven to get better and he is known for his hard work. Will power and determination can drive a player a long way and I think we finally got a lucky and found diamond in the rough. Very exciting indeed and it's about time it's our turn to find a gem.
  7. One big difference would have been us giving him chances on the top 2 lines over and over to get in game shape where the Flames coach took a dislike to him and kept him in the bottom 6 with little ice time to get in game shape. He may well have come around on the Oilers team and been a welcome piece of our offence as I expect he will this season.
  8. I like that idea! This idea was approved by Mr.Tea!
  9. You can see the lack of confidence in front of the camera and it shows his youth. Seeing that it's hard to imagine how poised his is with the puck, I can't wait to see him as he continues to develop. As he gains strength and agility to add to his well rounded skill set it will be a joy to watch. I was teasing with Benning because I know there are a lot who still doubt him. I saw a huge difference in Benning from the half way point of last season also. Actually just the fact that I wasn't cursing at him for another blown defensive play from the start of the season was a huge improvement itself. I have mentioned it a few times on here that I thought he looked much better. You have to give him credit for a good shot and he gets it on the net with fair consistency. He can hit really well too. I don't know how good he might get but he's one of the few Oiler D with a good shot on net.
  10. Yeah, cause I just read a quote from Holland saying that Bouchard has a lot of competition to beat out and unless he's totally ready he will be sent down. This is exactly how Holland is known to operate and comes as no surprise. I'm sure Bouchard will make a good case for himself, but Holland is gonna do what Holland is gonna do. And I'm fine with it, I'm certainly looking forward to when Bouchard makes his debut, but a guy like Bouchard you want to make sure he's developed properly. If that means an extra year, so be it. It gives our D time to improve on it's own and you never know maybe Holland will find another way to upgrade our D in the meantime. I would love for Bouchard to start with a D that is capable of giving him good veteran guidance and leadership. I'm very excited about our D next season, but this season is going to be another shaky one that I hope gets a boost from our farm system or Holland can improve it along the way or both. No matter what additions we get added to our D, I fully expect our core Dmen of Nurse, Larsson, Klefbom and Benning to improve this season just because of their ages and experience levels. These guys are vets now and their games should start to round out nicely, yes maybe even Benning.
  11. Even if it was a practice jersey it would still be ugly. Who picks these things??!! They've got to be able to do better than that!
  12. I could be wrong but I thought he resigned with the Blues a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Deutch, you seem to be over reacting just a bit. Where do you see Johnny defending anyone especially for the last 13 years? All I read was Johnny saying that the Koskinen signing at the end was PC's parting shot at the Oilers and Nicholson made an attempt to cover both that fact that and that the Oilers didn't like the signing. The same question is posed to you, why the sudden desire to defend Chiarelli? I don't think he deserves it.
  14. Which is why I worded it that way. The ironic thing about this is what team is going to guarantee him top 6 NHL ice time other than the Oilers? All the other teams have better options for their top 6 than what Jesse has shown he's capable of. When you look at the situation he's already on the best fit for what he brings, yet he and his agent are saying the Oilers are not a good fit and they are looking for a team that is the right fit!?!? It's looking like the best fit for him and his agent is to play in Europe or a pair of straight jackets ( you know with the long arms and the ties behind the back). I would not be happy guaranteeing him top 6 NHL ice time unless he earned it, and if he earned it there is no need for the guarantee. What's funny is they are in a viscous circle and they still managed to back themselves into a corner, you gotta love irony.
  15. I like your scenario because it means either the AHL guys such as Benson or Marody,etc. or the new European players are pushing for and making the team. It's actually optimistic and leaves Gagner as a depth player in case of injury or benchings or trades. Should some secenario happen that the Oilers actually need to use a depth player such as Gagner or Gagner actually plays well enough to earn a spot over all the competition then I shall hope he does well for the Oilers. I bet Holland is hoping Gagner finds some kind of spark because it sure would make packaging him and other assets in a trade easier.That could clear cap space and / or bring back good value to the team. Should Our AHL or European players fail to play at a level worthy enough to make the team, it is nice to know we have depth in a guy that has offensive instincts and talents and who has a few years of NHL experience.
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