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  1. Hey Bronco, hope you're enjoying the good weather. I'm surprised you responded to this...character. You did raise some very good points, there is only one aspect I think important enough to bring up. That is that Crosby is in his prime playing years soon to start the downward slope. Crosby was continuing to improve his game by improving his physical condition very publicly for the first few seasons. I remember I think it was his 3rd or 4th season when the news made a big story on the size of Crosby's legs over the off season. He is now at the point that he has to keep his fitness in check and he plays with years of quality experience. On the flip side we have McDavid who is just coming off his 1st play off run after a year and a half regular season experience. He has much more growing and physical development ahead of him. How good will McDavid be when he is in his prime years? My money is on him being more of a standout compared to his closest competitors, although the Leafs boy wonder might give him some competition.
  2. After I asked if people were overreacting, you responded with "is it just watching the scoresheet?". That is one response that I responded to. If you are talking about your earlier post you were seeing a red flag. Red flags in my memory refer to signs of trouble, usually big trouble. Excuse me, but how else am I supposed to interpret that as anything but a very negative comment on a kid 19-20 years old entering his second year of pro hockey in a different culture, language and rink size? So tell me how was I supposed to interpret that, tell me where I went wrong?
  3. Your score sheet must have told you that he was tied for most shots on net with 3 for his team? You can judge him by watching the stats, that's fine. I look at the stats too, as an indicator, but I prefer to judge by watching the player on the ice. I will grant you, by my own admission I did not see that much, but I can tell you from what I saw he looked very good. He was in good position, he fought and won puck battles, he cycled the puck and set up shots. Way too early to be to be throwing in your cards and folding on a 19-20 year old prospect who by our own observations struggled fitting in to a new culture, language and rink size. I don't expect you to be swayed by my observations, just like I'm not swayed by your score sheet.
  4. As I was channel surfing I found the last 2 minutes of the Sweden/Finland game and Puljujarvi was on the ice for most of it. The Finns cycled the puck for most of it getting shots and regaining possession until the last 15 seconds. He again looked very good, so where is this terrible World Hockey tournament coming from? He may have started out with little ice time but the last 2 games he certainly must have gained the coach's confidence or he would not have been on the ice for the last 2 minutes. Do you think maybe people are overreacting without really knowing the full story? Personally I'm going to wait and see how he looks at camp before I decide one way or another. From what I saw, there is no need to panic yet.
  5. Sorry Oily, I was not talking about you. As a matter of fact I only disagree with you occasionally or on small differences of the same idea. Usually we are of like minds. This happens with Deutch and I quite a bit. Because Deutch and I used to be of opposing view points a lot in the past, sometimes he'll interpret my posts as attacking him, when I was not expressing my point quite clear enough. I don't blame him for this as I have done the same thing with him. I guess it boils down to we are not used to agreeing with each other and are maybe still cautious with each other. I don't always come right back on to clarify because I am still having log on troubles that make it a pain to log in so I don't always bother. That and busy schedules have reduced my OMB participation, probably to the pleasure of some posters. The main thing is it sure is nice to see things going our way and I eagerly look forward the improvements coming for the start of next season. As fun as this season was, next season should bring new pleasures for us to discuss in the future.
  6. I was one of the fans that did not like the trade at first glance. The problem I had at the time was not that we traded Hall, but that we should have got more in return. This view was backed by the player evaluations that I read about Larsson. Once I saw how well Larsson fit with the Oilers I got over it. Larsson was not only a very good D, but he is continuing to improve his game. He is adding in some offense as he matures and he still can grow as a player for a few years yet to come. I have changed my view of the trade. I believe it was a good trade, a trade that in my mind that we won. This does not change the fact for me that I am against needless Hall bashing in an attempt to make the trade look better. In my mind there is no glory in " I told you so" or "Na Na Na Na Na" type posts. This only drags things down to a lower level, we should be above such immature behavior. The trade was done, we have a player we desperately needed and we did not lose the trade but probably won. That should be enough on it's own. Time to move on and wish Hall the best and be done with it.
  7. I watched about 10 minutes of the 2nd period and at first did not see much of him. Later he had a couple of solid shifts where he and his teammates cycled the puck in the American zone. I can actually say he looked pretty good and I'll admit I found it to be quite a relief to see him looking decent at the very least. He is still young and a long way from a wasted pick. He very well could still be the RW we need him to be. He talked about his struggles and admitted NHL rinks are much faster and hard to get accustomed to. He also admitted the language factor was a huge obstacle to overcome. He commented on his last meeting with the Oilers saying he needed to come back faster and stronger and better in every aspect. He did not seem to shy away from the criticism, but embrace it as his goal. He commented that he wants to earn a spot on the Oilers roster for next season. Personally I hope for the very best for this kid in the future because the better for him, the better for the Oilers.
  8. No takers? I'll start off, but in my defense I have not read any scouting reports. It seems we will pick somewhere in the 22-26th positions so I looked at a few names from Button's list and came up with a few names in that area. I was looking for RW or D prospects and came up with a few names. At the 20th ranking there is a kid named Owen Tippett who plays RW, he's listed at 6'1-2" and weighs 202. At 23rd spot is Jusso Valimaki, a D at 6'1-2" weighing 204. In the 26th spot is Mathew Strome, LW 6'3-4" weighing 206. 28th spot has Isaac Ratcliffe, LW 6'5-6" weighing 196. These are a few, like I said, without any scouting reports.
  9. I'm not sure how hard the Oilers are going to push to resign Russell, but one article mentioned there was a brief discussion. If the Oilers are actually interested they can sign him before he goes to free agency. I don't believe they will break the bank so it depends on how badly Russell wants to stay an Oiler. He says he wants to stay an Oiler so we will see. When he first played for us I was really impressed, then around the half way mark he seemed to take a step back, maybe injury, maybe wearing down, who knows? In the playoffs he again looked very solid. I would like to see him back, but I'm also not against an upgrade, so we'll see how it all turns out. Our defense was finally an NHL defense and he was one of the reasons, so no matter what I am thankful that he was an Oiler this season.
  10. Drafting is not a true science with a formula that works everytime, the Oilers have proven that over and over. On the flip side there have been many late round or not drafted at all players that are actually very good. If we could draft prospects that actually become valuable assets, then we have hit a homerun. We are picking from a spot that does not guarantee anything, but it should be treated as vitally important on the off chance we are successful. Whatever the outcome of the draft, it has become a very enjoyable experience for me to watch come Friday night Draft night. There are trades that pop out of thin air that are if not exciting, at least interesting. There are also player profiles doing their best to predict what kind of player the prospect may develop into. All in all I enjoy draft night and look forward to see who we get in the 1st round.
  11. Now that we're out, does anyone foresee any possible draft acquisitions we could make, or moves on draft day?
  12. The Oilers had a great run. This was a building year like no other in recent memory. Am I proud of my Oilers? Damn right I am!!
  13. What happened? We need to get a sports psychologist to evaluate and see where the problem is, probably a confidence issue. If his confidence is shot, we need to build it back up ....quickly. It's news like that we don't need.
  14. Believe it or not, his contract may not be that hard to move. There are teams not spending to the cap that could actually use his contract to get to the floor. On top of that many people around the league are intrigued by Eberle's potential and may want to take a crack at reutilizing him. There are other Oiler drafted underachievers who have turned things around in different scenarios, so it is possible. It's Chiarelli's problem and I'm sure he will find a solution that makes sense at least for the short term.
  15. Bingo! I think we have a winner!