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  1. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    I know you have an opinion, so do I. Some people may even value our opinions, you never know?
  2. Draisaitl has also priced himself into this discussion, a lot can be done with an extra 8.5 a year.
  3. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Does the Edmonton Journal Cult of Hockey count as media because they accurately criticized Nuge's faceoff % and overall toughness quite a bit. Look how he turned out, what a bum, hope Puljujarvi doesn't turn out like that guy!
  4. Fog, you are definitely right about us wasting years of McDavid's "window of cup contender years", I've been vocal about that myself. I believe we've wasted too much time and assets trying to get some perceived "extra value" from reclamation projects and band aids. Instead we should have been looking at trades that will help us both now and for years to come. We can't keep hoping we are going to take someone's garbage and turn it into a homerun type of trade and player we need. We should have made trades by now that strengthen the team and not keep "kissing frogs" and hope they turn into "princes". The point I am trying to make is that the next trade or two we make have to be trades that clearly help our team's chemistry. We will have to give to get, but our first priority is we need to make a trade that helps now and in the future, a long term fix. We will run out of assets to trade if Chiarelli continues to make the same type of "hope and a prayer" trades. As long as we have McDavid, whether it is a winning season or losing season we should be trying to improve the personnel on the team. We should have a long term goal and make our trades according to those needs. I also believe D is one of the first major moves we should make considering that adding quality defense not only add to our team defense (total backend including goalie), but also our offense by getting possession of the puck and distributing it to our forwards. Another aspect to our next trade should be a name coming back that we all instantly recognize as a player that will help us, not someone we have to look up his stats to assess the trade. Not unless that someone is an actual "homerun", but I've learned not to hold my breath for that one. Nor do I recommend that type of trade as our next move. It won't be easy and I don't envy Chiarelli's position at the moment.
  5. mrtea


    Yes, it is all true. Add to that, many times when he came back after injury his game suffered because I think he is the type that needs to play a lot to elevate his game. His history of injuries has slowed his progression in the NHL to the point where we were not sure exactly how good he would get (or how bad) because of the timing of many of his injuries. Finally he has reached a level of experience where we know he can be at least be a serviceable top pairing D for the Oilers ( Oilers only, any other team he would be 2nd pairing tops). Deutch, you are not biased any more than anyone of us is. If anything, you might be a bit of a pessimist but the Oilers have not given us much to be optimistic about. I'm pretty sure we've had similar discussions in the past. Don't worry Deutch, I know you bleed copper, blue and gold just like the rest of us die hard Oiler fans. Keep the faith, Bud.
  6. mrtea

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    Yes it is. I read you asked for a compromise where "you see what you see", which is no compromise. I read Nuge's points of our team page. I don't always read what I want to read, sometimes I read your posts. (drum roll) You get what he's saying? What, that I can read?
  7. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    It's a lot better than it used to be. He used to skate not really knowing where he was going, that's what everyone complained about. Now that he's putting a little structure to his game I thought you as one of his critics would appreciate his effort in doing what you wanted him to do. Hitch is using him in different situations and I'll defer to Hitch's expertise. As far as him making mistakes, yes he does and I expect he'll make more, that's what young players do.
  8. mrtea


    I agree with you that it did almost seem like he was trying to bring attention to the subject, that did cross my mind. My problem is that is a slippery slope and I want Leon to be better than that. Also getting labeled is not good either. I think the answer is for him to fight a little harder and draw the penalty that had to be taken to stop him from a scoring chance. Best of both worlds.
  9. mrtea

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    42 points in 46 games, respectfully close to a point a game. 6 points in the last 5 games. That's what I see. You see how bad you thought he used to be over the last 8 years, I see what he does for the team now.
  10. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Watch him a couple of games without the puck and his positioning and his work ethic, then get back to me. I think he looks better, but I seem to be a minority. Don't abuse my minority rites. (sorry I couldn't resist)
  11. mrtea

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    When another poster praises a player and you throw water on it for no good reason, then ya you don't "fan" well. Saying you know what Nuge brings sounds eerily similar too "I know a couple of things about winning."
  12. mrtea


    Draisaitl is a unique story. Very similar to the position Nuge was in a couple of years ago. At his 8.5 mil salary fans expect more than he is a good player, they want a game changer for that money. I believe that in a couple of years Leon's contract will also look much better as the cap rises after Marner and Mathews drive the salaries skyward again. For the time being Leon is going to face a lot of criticism if he does not show he is trying to give his all. Personally I think Draisatl is a very talented player, but I also think he can be lazy and he does seem to pout when he is away from McDavid for any length of time. Leon is young and needs to learn a few lessons in humility but I think he can do it. There is one problem I have noted the last couple of games that really bothers me though. It appears to me he is going down too easy when tripped, diving is the word and I hope I don't see any more. It started a couple of games ago when I saw Leon get tripped without moving his legs. I was mad at the refs until I saw the replay, it looked more like a dive and then I thought lucky he wasn't called on it. After that I noticed it a few times over the next couple of games. This has got to stop, no good will come of it. I think Leon will be fine, but he does have to realize he can only worry about his own play and not who he is playing with. With maturity he is going to work through these things, I just hope it is sooner not later.
  13. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    At this stage of the game he has shown he is trying by working hard and he has the coaches' support. I say that we give him some more time to prove himself. Watch his play without the puck, his positioning and puck tracking like I have the last few games and see what you think. You might actually be surprised. I don't want us wasting time on a "bust", but it would be worse to give up on a top 6 player that takes a little longer to develop. If the Oilers system had a better "D" Puljujarvi and the rest of the forwards might have benefited offensively across the board. Another thing to keep in mind is the Oilers have much bigger problems at the moment than Puljujarvi, who may actually have a future in the NHL, compared to some of the plugs on the roster at the moment that we just need to distance ourselves from.
  14. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    This is more what I'm talking about even though I know you didn't have a chance to read my other one.
  15. mrtea

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Fog, you're doing it again! The biggest knock on Puljujarvi was his inability to know where to go and what to do when he doesn't have the puck. Hitch has shown interest in developing Puljujarvi so he can turn into what we hoped he might be from his draft potential. By my eye he is taking steps to working on his game and trying to improve his weaknesses and it is starting to show. I have heard a lot of complaining about him but I don't see many posters recognizing his efforts, you included. Yet here you are complaining that he is progressing towards being a 3rd line pk guy. Tell me Fogolin, how is he supposed to go from not knowing what to do without the puck to being a top 6 player if he doesn't learn good responsible hockey like 3rd line pk'er duties first before moving up the roster? Fog, you seem like decent poster and Oiler fan, why do you feel the need to join the crap fest of negativity on here at times? Puljujarvi is working on bettering himself, don't pile on and dump on him, support him while he is an Oiler and hope for better times for all..