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  1. JP needs some more time up in the bigs now. Last season was his "adjust to the North American game" year. Now he needs some time with some top players like McDavid and Draisaitl. Learn their styles and adjust his game to that level of play. Preferably I'd like to see him start the year with McDavid. Bag him until he realises his fitness isn't on the same level. Then swap a veteran player onto that line and downgrade him to the 2nd line. He'll have a taste of being elite and hopefully dominate on the 2nd line with Draisaitl. JP is still a prospect. I wouldn't put too much stock into his play last year. To me, he's got top-tier NHL size with a set of NHL legs, and the skills to be a scoring line player in the NHL. I'm sure he'll have success. Whether his success tops out at Franchise level winger, or 3rd line scoring winger... who knows. But I'm still high on him. He had a few chances last year, but not enough to constitute being "given a fair shot by coaching". The kid looked a little confused out there at times, yet he still had some of the best WOWYs with McDavid out of everybody on our team. He just needs time to acclimatise, just like Draisaitl did.
  2. 83 points, and he won't play with McDavid very much. Puljujarvi will have a breakout year... arguably he should win the Calder, except that he disqualified himself last year by playing 3 too many games - oh well, the Calder Trophy will continue to elude the Oilers.
  3. I'm going to go with 97 points for McDavid. Not really a regression, just another solid performance and another Art Ross trophy on his mantle. Draisaitl on the other hand will up his game and break the PPG barrier with an 83 point performance... what will make it more impressive is that he will play the majority of the season centring line #2. Next year's top centre ratings will go something like 97, 87, 29, 71 Oh and Oilers win the cup this year. I'm thinking Talbot will take the Conn Smythe after recording 5 playoff shutouts.
  4. I don't really believe the whole "he gave us a huge deal" hocus pocus. They just leaked a fake slightly higher number ahead of time to control the fan reaction. That said, he's the best player in the world and should be paid as such. His impact is worth it.
  5. Completely agree. It's why we did so well in the 2006 playoffs. We matched up very well against all of our conference opponents during the season.
  6. I think I'm going to try an get Away Game Tickets if one of our away games happens on a Saturday. I got points to fly to California, and a road-trip down to Calgary could be a lot of fun too.
  7. Do we still get to maintain his rights if he tries to come back to the NHL at a later date?
  8. McDavid is going to get better and better. The only thing that's going to keep him away from triple digit seasons after this year is injury methinks. Knock on wood
  9. we might clinch by this Saturday if we rack up 6 points and LA goes on a skid.
  10. Ya I do think Hall was a bit of a liability defensively, but I think in the right situation he could make an NHL team better. But I don't think he was the issue so much, I think the issue is defence. This is a defence first league, if you don't have solid defence, you end up like the Colorado Avalanche or New Jersey Devils (or the last 7-8 years of Oilers before this season). I watched a bunch of game footage of the Devils during last off-season, and outside of Greene and Larsson, their defence was REALLY thin. That pairing was pretty much the only thing that made that team competitive. So IMO, trading away Larsson was a major mistake, they didn't really have the depth to suffer that loss like say the Nashville Predators did when they traded away Seth Jones. That said, stylistically Larsson and Hall are complete opposites. Hall is a prototypical run and gun forward, while Larsson is a corner stone. McDavid is such a smart player, he can thrive in any situation, but I think his talents are best served playing on a defensively well rounded team. Just shut the door for him and let him own the game. IMO Hall would work best as either secondary scoring, or the primary scorer on a team obscenely loaded defensively. A team like Columbus or Minnesota. He might have even worked really well on New Jersey if New Jersey didn't have to give up Larsson to get him. All said and done, the trade has worked out very well for us, and I'm happy we're back in the win column and destined for the playoffs. Chiarelli is proving to be a smart hockey guy, and I'm glad that Mr. Katz finally got some real professional help to fix his hockey team, because the old boys club just didn't have the chops for it.
  11. He reminds me a lot of Chris Pronger in his own zone. He doesn't have Pronger's offensive prowess, but defensively he's solid, mean and composed. I remember 3 or 4 years ago I'd be watching our defensive corp, and the other team would dump a puck in on us, and Corey Potter or Martin Marincin or Anton Belov would be skating back to retrieve a puck... and it would be like a hand grenade being thrown. The other team would forecheck and all bets were off. Before you knew it we were hemmed in our own zone for 2 full minutes and just praying that Doobie would be able to make the next save and get a faceoff. Not anymore, we can actually transition out of our own zone and get the puck to those talented forwards who are paid to score. Larsson has brought a calming presence to the team, usually whenever we're scrambling in our own zone, it's because Benning or Russel is being caught on a long shift, the moment we're able to get Larsson back out there, problem solved! Chill like a cucumber he regains possession and let's McJesus work his magic.
  12. I don't think the playoff line is going to be any higher than about 85 points... we're already in LA probably only wins 4 games down the stretch.
  13. I think a big thing for Jesse is just getting acclimatised to pro-hockey and life in North America in general. I think when he gets comfortable with everything, you'll really see the player we drafted emerge, and I think the easiest way to make him feel comfortable is to get him on the score sheet as much as possible. So I'm really hoping to see a very positive weekend from him in Bakersfield. I'm glad we're in a situation where we can get him minutes in the minors rather than forcing him to fill a role on the NHL team. Hopefully his play eventually dictates that we can't keep him off the team. That's the way young guys are supposed to come in.
  14. Maroon is a perfect plug and play NHLer. You can easily fit him anywhere in the lineup. Throw him on the top line and he'll produce. Throw him on the shut down line and he'll end the game an even +/-, throw him in the wagon line and he'll crash and bang and cycle the puck. He can do it all. Jack of all trades and master of my heart. If we could have like 4 or 5 maroons we'd be ripping up the league right now. He's everything I wish Pouliot was.
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years all! Just wondering who was good boys and girls this year and how did Santa reward you? I got a Oculus Touch controllers to go with my Oculus Rift. So the first thing I did was play the Accounting VR game which was made by the Rick & Morty guys. Fun stuff. I got a 12' X 12' space set up for VR now, so it's pretty sweet. Spent this morning playing VR hockey in VR Sports Challenge - pretty slick... the only issue was I kept trying to make kick saves and the VR system doesn't detect your legs or anything. I also got a new SLR camera, and we have a baby Tortoise arriving to our family today. Hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas
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