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  1. Kid's definitely got some wheels and some serious skill. Welcome aboard!
  2. Can we at least wait until training camp begins before we start waving around the torches and pitchforks? The guy's contract doesn't even kick in until July 1st. Good grief.
  3. The more I look into it, the more I like the idea of drafting Caufield if he's still available. How can you not draft a kid who shattered Auston Matthews USA National Development Program scoring record by 17 goals, and scored a whopping 14 goals in just 7 games at the U18s? He's committed to the University of Wisconsin for next season, and they have a great record of developing NHL players. One thing I never see Holland messing up is player development. He'll give the kid time to prepare for the NHL, and put him in the best possible position to succeed when he gets there.
  4. NYR get Trouba and Winnipeg get RD Neal Pionk and the 20th overall pick in this year's draft. Jets regain the pick they lost in the Kevin Hayes trade, and get a good young puck-moving RFA RD who played 21+ mins a night. Wow! June's already starting to get interesting. Source: TSN
  5. I could see him getting a camp invite somewhere this summer, I just very much doubt that somewhere is Edmonton. Good luck to him, regardless.
  6. Nuge I'd expect the low end to be $6m and high end to be $8m, depending on how well he performs. Hall will be one of the top 10 best paid players when he hits free agency next summer. $10m+, easy. You don't win a Hart trophy and not get paid.
  7. The worst kept secret in hockey has finally been revealed: Dallas Eakins has been named the next head coach of the Anaheim Ducks. As poorly as his run in Edmonton went, I will give the guy credit for eating a healthy serving of humble pie with a four year run in the AHL to earn another opportunity. He's been pretty blunt and honest about his mistakes and the lessons he's learned. Hopefully those experiences help him for his second big opportunity to coach in the NHL. Best of luck to him.
  8. I think the only way the Ducks consider a move like this is if both teams retain a considerable chunk of money, which makes it much less appealing. Lucic has a $2.5m-3m signing bonus in each of his remaining seasons. Lucic's salary isn't the problem, it's the signing bonuses in each of his remaining 4 seasons. Signing bonuses have to be paid in full in a buyout. So let's say Lucic with 50% retained for Perry with 50% retained, to make up for Lucic's higher cap hit in years 3 & 4. Keep in mind, if Anaheim retains salary, they're on the hook for a percentage of Perry's buyout, which is why you have to retain salary on Lucic for the deal to make any sense for the Ducks. Here's what it costs the Oilers: 2019-2020 $3m for Lucic + $4.3125m for Perry = $7.3125m cap hit Savings: -$1.3125m 2020-2021 $3m for Lucic + $2.98m for Perry (buyout) = $5.98m cap hit Savings: $20k 2021-22 $3m for Lucic + $667k for Perry (buyout) = $3.667m cap hit Savings: $2,333m 2022-23 $3m for Lucic = $3m cap hit Savings: $3m Alternatively, if you just bought Lucic out today, the cap hit for the Oilers would be: 2019-20 $3.625m ($3.6875m cheaper than trading for Perry) 2020-21 $5.625m ($355k cheaper than trading/buying out Perry) 2021-22 $4.125m ($458k more expensive than trading/buying out Perry) 2022-23 $5.625m ($2.625m more expensive than trading for Perry) 2023-27 $625k x 4 years You wouldn't see a significant cap saving until the final year of Lucic's contract if you traded the two players one for one. It's not a trade that makes any sense for either team. Honestly, I don't see Lucic going anywhere for the foreseeable future. His contract with all of the bonuses is a trade killer.
  9. Judging by Holland's recent comments, he seems eager to re-sign Puljujarvi and get the kid's development back on track, which I think is the right direction to take. I think they get it done, but things can change a lot between now and the first week of July.
  10. I know some Oiler fans were hopeful the team would sign him as a free agent this summer, and others dreaded the possibility. Don't need to worry about it either way, since he re-signed in NYI. 5 years with a $5.5m cap hit. Source: TSN
  11. Hull is one of two team ambassadors (like Gretzky in Edmonton). Tkachuk and Picard are scouts. MacInnis is a senior advisor to the GM (like MacTavish). Van Ryn and Ott are assistant coaches (Manson is an assistant in Bakersfield). Sound familiar?
  12. During the Chiarelli years, and even today, I think Gretzky, Anderson, Lowe, etc had about as much to do with the day-to-day operations of the Oilers as Chris Pronger and Keith Tkachuk did with the Blues this spring. As alumni, they root for the team they played for. Thousands of former NHL players do the same. They have their opinions, they may voice them behind the scenes, but it's still the guy in the GM's seat who makes the decisions on what direction the team goes in. Why the heck would you hire Chiarelli at the salary and term Katz gave him if he wasn't going to have full autonomy to do whatever he wanted? Katz runs his own Hollywood production studio. If he wanted to hire a puppet to say the lines Lowe fed him, he could have just hired the Muppets instead. It's so silly.
  13. Congrats to the Blues. It was looking like they were going to have a massive sell-off in January, and their turnaround was nothing short of remarkable. It was nice to see Maroon and Perron hoist the cup, I enjoyed watching both of them play in Oiler silks. Also nice to see Bouwmeester and Steen finally get rewarded with a cup after long careers without much playoff success.
  14. Lucic has a stated preference of going to California or Vancouver. Seattle is right in the middle. Considering how close it is to his two preferred destinations, and the success the Knights had in their first season, there's a good chance he'd be willing to waive his NMC to go to Seattle in the expansion draft. Fleury waived his NMC to be selected by Vegas, afterall. The problem with trading Lucic is you'll have to add a sweetener. Then you'll need to add a bigger sweetener to get Seattle to take Eriksson. Why waste picks/prospects trading Looch now if you're going to try to get rid of the new guy 12 months from now? You could buy Eriksson out after the season, but it'll be a $5.67m cap penalty in year one and $3.67m in year two, plus two more years at $667k. If you keep Eriksson for two seasons, then the buyout cap penalty is $4m in year one, $1m in year 2. There are no real savings until year 3. For now, you can still count on Looch to be a physical presence on the ice for the foreseeable future. Eriksson's game has severely fallen off and he isn't more helpful in any given area other than the PK. You're basically trading Looch for a Brodziak who doesn't play center, makes $5m more per season, and has 3 years remaining. I wouldn't be surprised if Holland makes the trade regardless, but I don't think it's a good idea at all. Time will tell.
  15. I didn't think they had anything to do with hockey ops for years either, but it was nice for someone in a position of power to actually say so. Hopefully, people can finally shut up about the OBC already. It's dead.
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