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  1. Good. He earned it. It's nice to see a kid get rewarded for his hard work and good play.
  2. The Oilers signing/trade track record when Sutter ran the pro scouting group speaks for itself. It had to be done.
  3. His teams topped 90 points 4 times, missed the playoffs by 2 points in 2001-02 & 2003-04 and 3 points in 2007-08. 4 of his seasons were pre-cap where the Oilers had a payroll of $25m in 2000-01, $24m in 01-02, $27.9m in 02-03, and $33m in 03-04. The Stars, whom the Oilers faced in the playoffs in 2 of those 4 seasons, had payrolls of $50m, $48m, $69.5m & $68.7m. Their roster included Hull, Modano, Nieuwendyk, Zubov & Belfour. MacTavish's best players pre-cap were Weight (1 season), Smyth, Smith, Comrie, Marchant, Carter, York, Salo and Brewer. He had superstar players in only 2 seasons (Weight in 00-01, Pronger in 05-06). Other than those names, the most skilled player he coached throughout the decade was Hemsky. The vast majority of the players he coached were meat and potato grinders. Despite this, his teams had a record above .500 in 7 of 8 seasons, and made the playoffs or were within 3 points, in 6 of 8 seasons. That's pretty darn impressive.
  4. I think it was mutual. He's obviously been seriously thinking about getting back into coaching for a while, and with the team's change in direction with Holland in charge, he likely felt this was the best time to move on. It makes Holland look good, makes fans happy, and he gets to go back to doing something he loves. It's a win for all involved.
  5. I'm not saying they're moves I'd personally make, I'm just pointing out more realistic types of trades if you're moving down in the draft. You give up something of value to get something of value. Trading down 8 spots for a $1.2m cap dump is bad business. Personally, I think Holland uses the pick, buys out a player, trades a core player for a piece of equal value at a different position, uses a later pick/prospect to move one of the team's worst contracts, moves out a dead weight contract for a late pick to free up a roster spot for an AHLer or two and uses whatever cap space remains to sign a goalie and some low cost wingers. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the summer.
  6. His management record is deeply flawed, but there's no denying MacTavish was a tremendous coach. Hopefully, he's able to find enough success in Russia to earn a head coaching gig somewhere on this side of the pond in 2021. Best of luck to him and his family.
  7. That's... optimistic. He has comparable regular & fancy stats as Kassian, with a lower offensive ceiling, a less physical game, and a cap hit $1m higher. Tobias Rieder was younger, faster, cheaper, a better offensive and defensive player, yet he failed miserably as a 2nd line option in Edmonton. If you're trying to fix the 2nd line, you don't do it by adding a career 3rd/4th line forward who has never scored more than 13 goals and 26 points in 9 seasons. It's just not realistic. Both players are $1m overpaid. If you're going to trade the two of them, it's a straight up deal, 1-for-1. Maybe retain salary or toss in a late round pick to make up for the difference in cap hit. Worst case with Russell is you can trade him easily by retaining $2m in salary. He only has 2 years left so it won't cripple the team long-term to do so and saves $2m this year and next. #8 pick isn't required as a sweetener to move him at all. If you're trading #8, go big or go home. Try something like Nurse + Puljujarvi + #8 for Barrie + Jost + #16. Barrie is a 1st/2nd pairing puck-moving RD who has the most value in a trade and is a UFA next summer. Nurse is a 1st/2nd pairing shutdown LD who put up 41 points this season and is an RFA next summer. Both will need significant pay raises after the season. Puljujarvi & Jost are 2016 first round picks who have struggled in an offensive role with their current teams and might do better with a change of scenery. Add or subtract picks/players/prospects from either side if needed to even out the value. Alternatively, Larsson + 8th for Ehlers + 2020 1st (likely in the #20-30 range). Winnipeg will probably be losing out on Myers this summer and/or Trouba next summer, and Larsson would be a cheaper replacement and better suited for a 2nd pairing role. Ehlers is the type of winger that could excel on McDavid or Draisaitl's (or both) wing and is signed long-term at a cap-friendly deal, should he regain his scoring touch. Winnipeg also needs to shed salary to make room for Laine's next deal. This would save them $2m towards that. #8 for 2020 1st offsets the difference in value between the two players since Winnipeg will likely be another serious cup contender next year. It does add to the Oilers' payroll and opens a hole at RD, but Holland has plenty of moves he could make to free up the required space to remain under the cap and plug some holes. Again, add/subtract as needed. I'm not saying either trade would be perfect for either team, there's plenty to argue on both sides of each deal, but if you're moving #8, it has to be in a significant move to improve the team, not a cap dump, unless it's required as a sweetener to move Lucic's contract. Lucic + 8th for a cheaper player + later 1st. He seems to want to go back to LA or go to Vancouver. LA has the #22 pick and Vancouver has #10. There are various trades options with both. LA is rebuilding, so they'd happily take on another top 10 1st. They have plenty of tradable assets without trade restrictions (Carter, Toffoli, Lewis, Clifford, Martinez, Forbort, Quick), so taking on a big contract won't be a deal breaker since they can easily move money out. Vancouver has Sutter & Eriksson who are both overpaid but with less term. Could make a move with either team with 1st round picks being swapped.
  8. I'm happy for him. I always felt he got hosed by the Oilers brain trust. I wish him great success in Buffalo.
  9. Agreed. Holland was able to move Datsyuk + 16th for Vitale + 20th + 53rd. That's a 4 place drop to move $7.5m of dead cap space for a player who retired. You don't drop 8 spots in the first round for a 29-year-old 3rd line forward who put up 26 points this year so you can save $1.2m in cap space.
  10. I don't think Bylsma was the problem in Buffalo. In his first season, Bylsma was able to get 50 more goals out of the offense, while putting together a defensive system that gave up 52 fewer goals against. That's a huge improvement. The problem is the roster was just as flawed as the Oilers, even more-so offensively. They've gone through 5 coaches in 8 seasons and none of them could squeeze enough offense out of the unbalanced line-up. I'm not saying Bylsma would be the right or wrong choice for the Oilers head coaching position, but his lack of success in Buffalo had more to do with a horribly constructed team than his coaching ability. As far as Nelson goes, he'd definitely be worth interviewing. He had a surprising amount of success with a horribly flawed Barons line-up and won a Calder Cup in Grand Rapids. Players love playing for him. Bob Hartley is an interesting candidate. He's coached championship teams in the QMJHL, AHL, NHL & the Swiss league, and led Avangard Omsk to the Gagarin Cup finals in the KHL this season. His run in Calgary didn't end on a great note, but he got more out of the team than most people expected. Patrick Roy is another guy I'd at least call to see if he's interested in an interview. He's had a regular season winning record above .650 in 7 of his 12 years as a head coach (11 of 12 seasons with a record of .500 or better). If anyone could help Koskinen with his glove hand, it's Roy.
  11. I certainly never expected Holland to choose the Oiler gig, but I'm glad to be proven wrong. He's a GM renown for surrounding himself with good people, letting them do their jobs, and taking their advice. I don't know how much roster turnover there will be, but he has made 68 trades over his career, so he's not afraid to make moves. He's traded with every team in the league except Boston, Colorado, Edmonton, Minnesota & NYI. His most common trade partners are NYR, Arizona, San Jose, Tampa, Nashville, and Calgary. He's not afraid to trade within the division, which opens up some interesting possibilities, especially as Lucic has indicated a preference to play on the West Coast. Holland has known the OBC since his playing days. He's a grown man, welcome to be friendly with whoever he wants. If people don't like it, don't hang out with him or his friends. Simple as that.
  12. For a minute I thought he hired Mickey Rourke as his stand-in for the day. New nose. New GM. New coach. Hopefully, things work out.
  13. Most of the Red Wings worst contracts are easily moveable back-diving contracts that can be sent to budget-conscious cap floor teams. Holland has actually set the team up pretty well in terms of talent acquisition and cap flexibility. They're in the middle of the rebuild cycle, but the only players with signed contracts for the 2020-21 season are Larkin, Nielsen, Abdelkader, Dekeyser, Bernier & Zetterberg. Zetterberg's actual salary for the next 2 years is $1m per. Someone will take the cap hit if he doesn't retire. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident in his ability to get the Oilers turned around as I look more into his recent body of work. His trade history is solid. No major red flags in his 20+ years in Detroit. No Eberle for Strome or Hall for Larsson-type lunacy that I can spot: http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Ken_Holland/138/1
  14. I'm starting to like him already, hahaha...
  15. It's certainly looking that way. I'll admit I thought there was absolutely no chance he leaves Detroit, but $25m and full autonomy is an offer no sane person would pass up. And yes, 5-years and big bucks are what you have to spend to get an exec like Holland to jump ship and move after 30+ years with an organization and city.
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