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  1. t This guy plays a Pronger style game.Yes,its an early comparison but check out his play at the world juniors.I think the scouts soured on him when he fired his stick in the crowd after a OT lose.To me it showed the "@#$% I hate losing" side of him.Great late round pick...Glad he had a good year..Hell be front and centre at the prospect camp..Good post Mess..!!
  2. This is the WRONG place to try and find anything positive about the Flames...Love it..,the rivalry is alive and well..The most important thing is both hockey smart fan bases like the direction their clubs are going and are behind their teams...Im actually finding a soft spot for the Flames because they are ALBERTA based..It has to do with the insane political landscape of our country..Its time for Stanley to make his way back to our province and stay for a long stretch..Itll help us maintain our "most popular province "status within Canada..
  3. Cracknell,Kassian,Marron,Kharia,Hendricks....Yipes..dont skate around with your head down against the Oilers for the rest of the year.
  4. And this guys and girls is how you can spend 1-2 million dollars in 2 seconds.
  5. This guy played some solid hockey for the USA in international events like the under 18(winning gold} and the WJC.He was a stand out in their developement program leading all Dmen in points.23 yrs old,his age fits right in with the core.The Oilers might of found something in this guy..Welcome Adam Clendening to OIler Country..!!
  6. So lets see...The guy played with Hall in Winsor, winning it all at least once. Taylor vouched for the guy or there wouldn't of been a deal..This is a HUGE opportunity for Kassian.Contract year as well as a chance to earn a roster spot on a team with an exciting future. So you've got a 24 yr, old power forward,thats has had some success in the NHL,giving it his all to give his career a boost..BIG TIME..This has got the makings of a storyline with a happy ending..And to this I say.."WELCOME TO OILER COUNTRY ZACK"..!!!.
  7. Froliks goal..at the 8 second mark....that was the Austin Matthews goal..Yes...Itll cost them big time.Fluck now...pay HUGE later.
  8. As of today...would any Oiler fan trade Hamilton for Reinhart.? Even straight up, never mind being locked in to Hamiltons contract for eternity..Yipes.!!
  9. This team must of set a record for one goal loses last year under a total crap coach.Just another year of age on a young team like this could make the difference of a winning or losing season.With the new additions,a new coach,and a new mentality this IS a way better club right now..The hay days were the hay days,there was NEVER a more exciting club to pull for in the history of the NHL.This team has a shot to be just as good or a close second.Either way they are both OIler teams..Just drop the puck already and let the naysayers and haters weep.
  10. The Oilers are always hated.They were hated more when the Stanley Cup lived here pretty well full time and will continue to be as the wins start getting chalked up.The best answer to a hater is "Get in Line." Looking forward to the 3 on 3 overtimes in the future...decisions decisions....McDavid,Hall,Nuge,could create a few scoring chances..
  11. Im all for giving him a shot with the new coaching regime.The guys got something to prove and has shown some incredible talent in the past.You don't lead the AHL in points ,as a defenceman to boot, without some amazing offensive skill..Lets not forget a college career that had 30 teams courting him as a UFA.The past is the past,its the future that counts...Congrats on the signing Justin !!!
  12. For the 1st time in a long time both fan bases are liking where their teams are and whos representing the teams logo.the rivalry is officially back on.I like the fact that Alberta is going to be a way tougher place to get out of with any points.
  13. Congrats Dougie...Welcome to "The Land of The Giants"....pretty well 6mill for 6 years. Now THATS a good raise.Sets the bar for other players.I wonder what Bouma and Ferland will want later today.Those guys both impressed me last year..Mohahan,Gaudreau,and Gio next year.....
  14. Tks Flyers Fan on the General Fanager tip...check it out boyz...It on the favorite page as of now.
  15. Cave Flames.Cave...Youd look pretty stupid bringing this to arbitration....7 million for 7 years.And the keys to the worlds biggest maxi pad of course.
  16. Face it Flyer Fan...the Flyers love the Oilers...Van Veld,Stortini,Nick Schultz,and now Sam....Just take a deep breath and say it,,,,OILERS FOREVER....Thjere you go dude....how much better do you feel..?
  17. So whats the deal if they dont sign him by July 1st.? This looks like classic case of hardball.The Flames have no choice but to cave in to his demands.Glad its their problem.
  18. I don't know the details of that so I never brought it up.But its a slippery slope that more than one guy has been done wrong by.Rosses dream of playing in the NHL got a boost yesterday.Make no mistake,youll be seeing him at an Oilers training camp.If hes committed to Germany this year,than next year.Besides,weve got GRYBA to replace MARTY.In my mind,the time is NOW.The Oilers are way harder to play against today. I was a big Marty fan BTW,was hoping him and Gernat would be the twin towers together.
  19. One of my favorite PC moves yesterday was this..it goes back to the 2008 draft.So Burke finds out the Oilers were going to take Brad Ross.He trades highly touted prospect Jimmy Hayes to Chicago for their pick to cut in front of the Oilers and snag him.Yes that Jimmy Hayes,the 6ft 6 monster that just scored 19 goals in 72 games for Florida this season.Just another smooth move Burke made for the Leaf organization.Ross is an Alberta guy that plays HARD...His career was coming to a hault in the Toronto graveyard of hockey careers.Brad is 23 now and will be SUPER MOTIVATED.You just don't teach TOUGH,your either tough or your not.He will hitting everything that moves come training camp.Brad Ross is a welcome addition to the Oilers organization.Lets see what he brings..This guy will come to camp looking for a bottom 6 position and will do everything in his power to get one.This year or down the road.Plus PC got Torontos 107th pick which he used to wheel in another deal..And Burkes face gets a little redder..lol.
  20. Without question give the kid a shot.Like last year,hes got something to prove.Someone will anyway,why not the Oilers.
  21. Hamilton played his career so far with Chara for a partner..This is the big bad west out here,his toughness will be tested.Plus the Flames still have to sign him..IF he gets 7 million per,what is GIO going to want.?. The jury is still out on this one..But Boston sure went off the beaten path with their picks .Not sure what their line of thinking was there.
  22. Sure miss Cap Geek...Anyone know when GIO needs to be signed by.? And an alternative site to Cap Geek.? lol
  23. Boston didn't want nothing to do with signing him long term for a reason.And hes not going to have Chara taking up three quarters of the ice surface in Calgary.I think the big guy was his partner for the majority of his NHL career Lets see how it plays out .But Calgary is going for it right now. Nothing wrong with that..Guesses on the cap hit.?.6.25 million for 6 years is mine.
  24. This guy was in the running for 1st overall in 2012.A big tough Dman,that can distribute the puck,.Hes going to a organization, in a city he had success in.His confidence will be in a different level with the Oilers.And confidence is everything.This trades growing on me more and more.
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