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  1. we were in the final playoff spot at the trade deadline that year but yea so exciting to watch finally got me back in to watching games regularly lost interest after all the losing
  2. I'm here, by that I mean on my computer, in front of the television set
  3. What the title says, if anyone wants to do this, let me know and I'll set it up sometime soon, it will be an ESPN league
  4. 1. Ekblad 2. Reinhart 3. Draisaitl 4. Bennett 5. Dal Colle 6. Virtanen 7. Ritchie 8. Fleury 9. Demko 10. Nylander
  5. Kane for Yak, maybe Yak and a little bit makes sense. Both former top picks with perceived "attitude problems" (someone tell me if I'm wrong, I'm just going to say you're wrong) and lots of potential.
  6. Would he be a Top 4 Dman on a playoff team's Defensive group?
  7. Honestly, you make some good points, but to say their is just one way to do something in a business like hockey isn't agreeable.
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