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  1. Maybe they can use the jersey sales to pay for their new barn?!
  2. Crude humour is the highest form of humour. It's the penguins that can't take a joke.
  3. Congratz. It was a tough decision for me to bow out. You are going to love this group. I have something in the works for you guys.
  4. Nice call Fogs. It seems melting polar ice caps will lead to penguin sightings far north of their usual habitat.
  5. nah, that's just a haze from the forest fires. 420
  6. You guys should give my slot to HappyHappy. I had a hard time last year, and this year I'll be even busier. I really enjoyed getting my tail whupped, but I think it would be unfair for me to hold onto the slot when someone else will be able to better make use of it, and be able to put more effort into it. I wasn't even able to attend the draft the last 2 years, and auto drafted.
  7. On consideration... I think I should let my spot go. I don't think I'll be able to devote enough time to this, It would be better for someone who can be more involved to take the spot.
  8. I think he'll be in the KHL like Marchenko within 2 seasons.
  9. Haha I tried getting everyone to call him that a year ago, but no one bit.
  10. Pretty sure it was possum fat. And he was being checked out by Don Drysdale and Leo Durocher. Edit--- Found the clip:
  11. I am correct.He had a good rookie season. Then he has been decidedly blah. he does not provide "tons of scoring" he isn't great at defense, he doesn't win draws, he can't win a physical battle he is mediocre but paid a premium I get that you are a fanboy, but at this point he is too old to get by on unrealized potential, (which is vastly overstated,) he needs to actually produce. TM said what he did because he is good at managing media. RNH doesn't score much, doesn't bring any other skills to the table, tries to play a defensive role but doesn't excel. he has small spurts of good play, but that is it.
  12. No...he's had 3 decent seasons, none that showed any real offensive acumen. He has only scored 20 or more once. He's had every chance to put up offense, and hasn't. Now he is behind 2 other centres with way more offensive upside, so it is up to him to earn a role. He has only been forced to try fill a shutdown role because he doesn't provide any scoring.
  13. Putting anyone into a position to "up his value" should be very very low on a team/coach's list of priorities. We should be icing the most competitive version of our line up/ roster every night. This year he either - raises his level of play enough to solidify an ongoing roster slot; -tries to raise his level of play, but only enough to bolster his trade value; or fails and is moved for whatever return we can take. It is in the team's best interest for this to happen naturally. We have other players competing for that roster spot, it hurts us more if they are artificially held back to raise Nuge's trade value. Whomever ups their game and earns it should get it. Nuge is the incumbent, so it is his to lose, but he had better bring another dimension or two to his game if he wants to hold it. IMO, over the last few years you can get everything Nuge has brought to this team for a lot cheaper, and the cheaper player will likely have more size and strength, and probably even be better on the dot. he has a lot of work cut out for him if he wants to be a major contributor on this or any other team.
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