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  1. oillio

    Peter Chiarelli

    Group hug!
  2. oillio

    Peter Chiarelli

    He definitely left his mark.
  3. oillio

    2015 rookie camp and tournament

    The oilers roster was released today ! http://oilers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=107369&navid=DL|EDM|home
  4. oillio

    Penticton Tournament streamed or televised?

    It will be streamed on oilers.nhl.com
  5. Everything starts this week.
  6. oillio


    Nice read.Although I'm a little lost on the opening line "One of the more unexpected moves of Peter Chiarelli’s busy summer occurred in early July when the new Oilers GM went goalie-shopping..." I think goalie shopping was one of the more EXPECTED moves IMO. Even after the acquisition of Talbot. I think they just meant it was an off the radar acquisition. Had everything to do with player. Nothing to do with position.
  7. oillio

    YES OR NO: to Ads on NHL Jerseys?

    I know I won't be purchasing any jerseys with advertisement's
  8. Why is the omb so dead? Hockey is right around the corner!

    1. bronco73


      says the guy who hasn't been here in a year ;)

  9. oillio

    Okay now, the lineups!

    this really has nothing to do with your lineup specifically but I just can't stand the idea of Taylor Hall of any of the other "core" still getting sheltered minutes and I don't believe for a minute that McDavid won't get sheltered minutes so by default anyone playing with him will also get sheltered minutes. I really don't think they will shelter mcD as much as they did with the previous #1's, who knows, 25 games in he very well could have earned his way to the top line.
  10. oillio

    Guess The Next Poster

    Correct sir I'm looking for brinco37
  11. oillio

    Guess The Next Poster

    I have risen. F2
  12. oillio

    Okay now, the lineups!

    Pouliot - RNH - Eberle Hall - McDavid - Purcell Hendricks - Lander - Yakupov Klinkhammer - Letestu - Korpikoski Klefbom - Sekera Fayne - Schultz Nikitin - Ference/Gryba Talbot Scrivens
  13. oillio

    League-wide message boards

    http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com Aren't you banned there, oillio? Yes. I don't play nicely with fans of other teams.
  14. oillio


    Watched a replay of Sweden vs Russia from the 2015 world's quarter finals, Nilsson came in to replace Jonas Enroth after Russia scored 3 unanswered. He did well against a STACKED Russian team with the likes of ovechkin, tarasenko, Malkin ect., the swedes rallied back to tie it 3-3 in the 3rd but then fell behind 4-3 on a very lucky deflection off of Ekman-Larsson's skate. I'm not sure what nilsson's final numbers for the game except for the 1 goal against.
  15. oillio

    Mascot - Why don't the Oilers have one?

    Kids love balls #lotteryball