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    My point being is you mentioned them in the same sentence having the same issues. #4, yes but not from the same type of hockey. Wondering how anyone of us would turn out without proper guidance. Maturity has a lot to do with environment, do you not think?
  2. You put it that way, I would rather trade Klefbom. 1 good year, often injured, will get more for him, Nurse can easily fill his role, Sekera is top 4 and make his partners better (Russell and Benning).
  3. Love it when fans create holes by filling others. Next years thread, let's trade for a Dman who can control the puck
  4. Let him sit. Won't get anything of substance anyway unless he gets better
  5. Yuke


    Yup. Doubt he would sign anywhere else for the discount he gave the Blues
  6. Yuke


    I see you left Yammy out of your post.
  7. Yuke


    Sounds like fans want to be spoiled by having the exception to the average.
  8. Yuke


    Hmm. Have you checked how many 1st round players in those drafts are full time NHL players. My bet is you have not. Now you can expect a little more from a 4th over all but not every player matures at the same pace.
  9. He is 21!! Slim chance you will find anyone with more raw talent after pick 35, highly doubtful he gets that return. Oilers can get an affordable 3-4 line guy as a free agent. There is nothing to lose by retaining him.
  10. Yuke


    I'm glad he is staying on board. I hope it is a one year contract with a team option. Having been in management myself, I know the assistant manager usually does /cleans up what the manager requests. Doubt we will ever know the true story so I will give him the benefit of the doubt, sleep with one eye open and see his worth after the year. Spooner for Gagner, good deal Talbot, I know it could have been worse, wish it was better but glad we fit Sekera back onto the team.
  11. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/report-canucks-remain-on-the-trail-of-milan-lucic/wcm/5d5df7df-04df-4f7d-bd45-a695c0c3447b/amp
  12. Our team already have the stars, we need good role players that can pop in a few when needed. If we can trade down while acquiring a good 2nd line winger or 3rd line center I say do it. There is a caveat to this though. That new player must not need protection in the expansion draft. - tough ask.
  13. If you trade Russell and do not improve the team you would be call Peter Chiarelli
  14. I would take either one of these if it was a one year deal. I want a couple guys in the minors to have a shot the following year.
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