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  1. Yuke

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    Can you provide the Cags info? I think there may be a little exaggeration with the word " chaotic ".
  2. Yuke

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    If Lucic was scoring at his previous regular pace, few on the OMB would be complaining about that trade
  3. Yuke

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    And Koskinen
  4. Yuke

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    Doesn't matter what the talent level could be. With zero prep and zero effort the Oil Kings would be up 3 nothing right now. Excuses excuses excuses. There is enough talent to put up a fight.
  5. Yuke

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Guy plays the body and gets a questionable call. Hope Hitch gave him a hug and told him to keep it up.
  6. Yuke

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    So did part of his pay
  7. Yuke

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Your reasoning doesn't fly. Arnott's issue didn't go away in Jersey. He was booed out of town. No doubt about it
  8. Yuke

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    No disrespect back but nobody knew about the personal issues from Arnott until the Media spoke out ( even though I am sure his production was the issue). Petry would still be the right D offensive player we desire (traded for 3rd I believe. Lol). Schultz played better without the expected pressure and 1st line D minutes ( still would be the #1 RD offensive player we need). And Dubnyk was crap here after a decent year. He had no backup support (Lababarra, Fasth, Bachman) but patience and coaching was obviously needed.
  9. C2G, your GDTs are top notch.
  10. Yuke

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Let's spin this a little. Now I am not saying fans and media are the sole reason these players have been traded but they were harshly criticized and then they proved they were players Arnott, Dubnyk, Petry, Schultz, Cogliano, Satan, Brossoit etc
  11. I believe we could get another 2 guys from PTOs that can contribute as well (probably better) than a couple players we have now.
  12. Don't like your reasoning. Panarin is not going to win us a cup. You do not trade assets or even hope for a one chance of making the playoffs. Maybe for an established player with term.
  13. Yuke

    Where's this train headed..?

    It is like buying a lottery ticket, you know you won't win but dream of doing it.
  14. I think " dressing room leadership" should have been added to the title. CM is a force on the ice, he leads by action but who is leading the team in the dressing room? Has there even been a players only team meeting this year?
  15. We miss the puck carrying D man. No threat from back there. Wingers need to hold up waiting for a pass instead of getting a pass on the fly from this missing Dman