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  1. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    Didn't work
  2. Way to early to make that prediction. Leafs made a huge jump in one year. I suspect the same will happen here once the boys get some seasoning in the minors ( see Leafs ).
  3. I would.bet the house that Drai and Connor were in touch through out the contract talks. Wouldn't have matter who signed first.
  4. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    Why bother. Only articles that say it was a dirty hit by Leon is from Calgary. The city that promotes turtling (as stated by this Calgary dude himself).
  5. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    That is from February, 2017
  6. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    So the Flames brass told Tkurtle to be a coward. not surprising. This is an attempted slew foot. Go look at Leons hit. He basically hits TKurtle back over his thigh https://flamesnation.ca/2018/11/17/should-leon-draisaitl-face-discipline-for-hit-on-matthew-tkachuk/
  7. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    It's the things after a whistle where TKurtle waits fro the ref to get in the way then he face washes and punches. Little Johnny turned his back to russell at the last second, looking for a hitting from behind penalty. Drai was preparing for TKurtle to run him and was going to put his shoulder into him (see the Bennet hit) when TKurtle turned away at the last second. One of the guys on TV said he wouldn't call that a slew foot. But you Flamer fans will.
  8. Yuke

    Future of the Flames

    Challenge Lucic to a fight and see if he turtles
  9. Yuke

    Jujhar Khaira

    At $650,000 a year, I am good with that
  10. You don't think McD deserves a penalty there?
  11. Yuke

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    Corrected Sharp
  12. Yuke

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    No offense but that last set of winners are not even close. Winners because they are not the worst losers. Lol Not liking what I am seeing. Our division games are going to be a ride through hell. 1-1-3 = 3 points
  13. I thought Gravel and Russel played well, Spooner was at least -2. Missed Brodziak and that intact 4th line.
  14. Don't be surprised if Dria has a phone call from the league. Kass could have gotten a 5 major for fighting. I agree about the blinders
  15. Which penalties that we got were not penalties. Yup. Flames got away with many