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  1. Agreed. I was thinking of Modano as an example. Always an offensive player, Hitch helped him develop into a 2 way player
  2. I like these jerseys also. Clean lines, no stupid splash. The gloves, pants and helmet colors could turn these uniforms into classy or gaudy.
  3. You need to think of the play him to trade him effect. You would think a team like CBJ are waiting to see how their rookies perform prior to making a move.
  4. My comment had nothing to do with the Flames, never even thought of that until you said it. I left the comment open ended so you could take it anyway you wanted. Growing up in Edmonton, buddies and I always threw jabs at Calgarians, people I knew there would throw jabs back at us Edmontonians, it was something we just did. I just considered you as one of my buddies. I apologize if you think I was calling you a Flames fan, nobody deserves that. P's, Flames suck, and so does every other Calgary sports team. Beautiful city, the people.
  5. True and this agent has been caught lying which tarnishes his own reputation.
  6. You may very well be correct but as I tried to show Foggy with the Calgary example, everything is as you perceive it. Now if you were a successful agent and your client told you to pull this crappy move, why would you? Your reputation is on the line. The percentage of JPs next contract is a pittance compared to your other clientele. Team GM's will take note and negotiations sometimes become tougher when you are known as an unethical agent. So it is possible JP wants out and told his agent to find a way to make it happen. This agent has never been down this road before and doesn't know the proper way to do it. Therefore, a big cluster xxxx.
  7. Why? You read what you wanted to believe.
  8. Did you even notice that I said nothing about you being a Flames fan. I just mentioned you live in Calgary. Prime example of assuming and we speak the same language.
  9. Because the guy who owns the team hired him. Owners can do that you know
  10. 17000 posts, that's a lot. You do know there is life away from the keyboard don't you?
  11. Our team would be better if JP came around. Crapping on him does not provide cheering. It does promote hate on an Oilers player. But then again you do live in Calgary.
  12. Is your purpose on here to slay a 21 year old immature young man?
  13. Nothing in the article that isn't obvious.
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