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  1. Grrrrrrrrr........ Somebody lost their check .....
  2. More than most. Philly is playing a very tough D game.
  3. I agree with Yuke.
  4. Wow ... the referees are calling some interference for once. Who saw that coming?
  5. Fresh year. Fresh start. Last year and the year before are irrelevant, unless he shows that they aren't. So far, he has been a lot stronger and a lot more gritty. I don't think its fair to evaluate him on the last two pansy years, unless that type of play returns.
  6. I think you are being a bit hard on him. Has he been spectacular? or dominant? .... NO. But he has been far better than last year, at any point.
  7. I was hoping he would provide some veteran intelligent play. So much for both of our hopes.
  8. Oilers really struggling to hit the back of the net this year ...... need more of those type of goals.
  9. Good deals don't tend to just "come along". They are more often than not the culmination of a lot of talking over a lot of time. No one comes to you and just throws "an offer you can't refuse". No one gives value for value as a starting point of negotiations. It's wishful thinking .... at least in my opinion it is.
  10. Can't see this even being considered in Management circles right now. Come trade deadline? maybe. End of season? No matter what, More than likely (Cap dictated) The one intangible would be if the Oilers were to go on an extended losing spiral right through November. .... but at that point, the Oilers would likely be uninterested in trading him as the return would be too low, and the season would be mostly wasted already anyway. Nuge is here now. Better to cheer for him than be aggravated against him.
  11. This all said .... Yam keeps looking better each and every game .... He had a tonne of shot attempts in the 3rd period of the Chicago game, right after being criticized for deferring too much to McDavid. This is a very, very coachable kid. He keeps surprising me. Will not at all be surprised if he keeps on surprising all season long. Should he go down? Yes. He doesn't seem to agree with that assessment however.
  12. Thanks Sharpe for setting this up and for running it so well last season. I'm sure the board here has your back. Next 7: @ Pittsburgh (vs. Schultz) Dallas Caps Pittsburgh again NJD (vs. Hall) Detroit @ NYI (vs. Eberle) and I'll go 7-0 (why not) .....
  13. Yep. Concussions are a result of the brain violently colliding with the skull, not a foreign object colliding with the head. Sure, the foreign object colliding with the head is the most common cause for the brain to violently collide with the skull, but even a shoulder to shoulder hit can cause the brain to smash into the skull, if the head has a sudden acceleration and stop. And blackened eyes can also be caused by a whole variety of things that aren't impact to the eye related. But, if you don't know these things, it makes for far more fun to speculate based on the huge sum of information all the cartoons you have ever watched gives you.
  14. I have liked Nuge's game so far this season. Would like to see him and Draisaitl reunited when Drai returns.
  15. And, we're back in business. What a lot of angst for nothing spewed by a couple guys without a clue.