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  1. This is just it. If he is a top 10 player still then (like he was this year), he will be underpaid. ...... In 2 years all of Windsor's arguments will be moot ... because Drai will not be even close to having a top 10 salary.
  2. Your team is only as good as the excuses given by your best players for not winning. The team would have been a lot better had its best players played up to the contracts they were given. They played better before they were given contracts, and the team played up to the level of its best players ...... McDavid and Drai ...... vs. ........ Hall and Ebs. Not sure this is even remotely a fair comparison, no matter what the supporting cast is.
  3. Leon Draisaitl is lead by a Captain of the ilk of Connor McDavid ... and calls him "friend" ..... THAT changes everything. The two of them are BOTH as serious about winning as Jonathan Toews (Captain Serious) .... that was never true of any of our last disappointments, and you don't give enough credit to "character" (and neither did the old management group).
  4. It is only an "overpay" if he doesn't live up to the contract during the next 8 years. You are clearly in the camp that believes that he won't. You are in the minority on this board.
  5. This result was almost ..... inevitable. This is the BEST the Oilers could do .... EIGHT years ...... that was important. And the ONLY way to do that was to PAY for it. Anyone who can't see this, simply doesn't have much faith in Drai (which, to be fair, is fair .... young players are a risk, and nobody knows that better than Oiler fans). I think we win this. This year will be GOOD ... with Cup potential. Next year will be tough, and likely the year after too. But the next 5 after that, we will be laughing .... a LOT.
  6. Imagine ... if you will .... last year's playoffs without Draisaitl. And ask yourself "Would running with RNH at 2C have been better?"
  7. 8+ isn't pushing it even close to as much as <6 is. (especially if 8+ means 8.5) I've said it a hundred times 7.8-8.5 on a 7 to 8 year ..... 6.8 - 7.5 on 3 to 5 years .... less on a 2 year bridge .... BUT then expect to pay BIG after that. Never expect less than 6 .... that is just plain ridiculous.
  8. I've addressed most of these arguments already. Summary: 1. Scheifele .... negotiated based on 61 points (NOT 82) for the 3rd time 2. Hall extended his contract a year before it expired .... 3. Age DOES matter 4. If we don't want to risk Drai tanking (like the 6x6 club - who ALL were extended at 19 or 20 before they had shown trajectory) .... then Bridge .... but lose Drai to un-affordability if/when he DOES hit projections when his bridge expires (not smart)
  9. Whining and Whining about how we are ever going to get that important 2nd Star player we need to help McDavid push us over the top. ..... and trying to figure out who we can trade to acquire someone else's Star, who we always seem to think is better than the guy we already had in the fold.
  10. Windsor .... you are comparing contracts that were signed years ago ... some, many years ago ... when the Cap was far lower. Seriously? You can't see the problem with that? In contract negotiations .... its not about the past ... its about future projections. And those future projects are based not only on performance, but on where salaries are projected to go. Again ... Scheifele negotiated based on 61 points ... not on the 82 he got the season AFTER he negotiated ..... his contract has maybe become a value in that he outperformed projections, but it doesn't change the fact that he negotiated based on a 61 point season, followed by a 1 point in 4 playoff game postseason. Your "narrative" doesn't get any closer to reality simply by spewing more unrelated numbers. I think part of the reason you are so reactionary is you are afraid the 6x6 club here in Edmonton underperformed projections .... but you also have to remember, they were not signed while being "out of contract" .... they were extended while in the second year of their ELCs. Had management just waited to see the direction those bums would take, the picture would have been painted, and we wouldn't be talking about having to move RNH because his contract is so bad.
  11. Scheifele negotiated his contract at 23 ..... after a 61 point season. 1 point in 4 playoff games ..... the year before. Scheifele's 82 points last season were in year 1 of the contract, that he is now on (an 8 year deal), which he negotiated after that 61 point season, which followed the 49 points in 82 game season he had the year before (as opposed to Leon's 51 in 72 games last year). Draisaitl had 77 points last year (at 21) .... and 16 in 14 playoff games ... not just against the Ducks ..... after coming off of a serious flu (that he played through) for the first 4 games of the San Jose series (which you seem to choose to pretend was due to his ineptitude against everyone not named "The Ducks") Sheary is a LW. Sheary is 5'7", 175 lbs. He is 25. He was in the AHL a season ago. He is undrafted. His contract is a 3 year bridge .... ????? ...... You can argue ALL you like .... but they are NOT comparable .... unless YOU want them to be to fit your own narrative. Amen to this ..... hopefully the end of ALL the criticism he has been receiving, by a select few "fans".
  12. Scheifelle is RNH's age ..... He will be long past his prime by the time his contract runs out, and his contract reflects an expectation of decline, not growth. Not really a good comparable. The ONLY good comparable would be a 21 year old, 6'3", 210 lb, Center, who just finished in top 10 NHL scoring, in just his 3rd NHL season (showing growth and improvement every year), and just finished top 10 in playoff scoring, in spite of only playing 2 rounds, getting it done on both ends of the ice (dominating performance). There are NO real comparables to that ... he stands alone in those accomplishments this year, under the current inflationary economic conditions and current NHL salary Cap. Our attempts, as fans, to justify our own feelings about what we would like to see in his contract, down play who Draisaitl IS.
  13. I'm not with you on this one. Pasternak is a slender, light, winger. Drai is a Power Center. They may have similar point totals (marginally .... but not really), but their role is completely different. Pasternak has zero defensive responsibility. And Drai has dominated in the playoffs .... Pasternak, hasn't. Drai is worth more than Pasternak in every way .... Pasternak will be very well paid to get Johnny Gaudreau money (Boston is unlikely to give him that, they are already whining about how much PC has destroyed the salary structure of the NHL with McDavid's contract). There is a situation where the GM has gone to the media to force negotiations with a player. Drai will get more .... and it will be cordial and quiet.
  14. Hoping, or relying, on RNH to increase his offensive output IS a bit of a wish and a prayer at this point. He hasn't just been deployed in a defensive role the last few years. He HAS received an ample amount of PP time (including being on the #1PP unit until last year), as well as being given almost exclusively offensively talented wingers his whole career. That he hasn't produced is more than just that he has been focussing on defence. It is true that he had to focus on learning defence because he, and the brat pack, were just that bad at it ... and had to learn it the hard way. But that should not have been as much a detriment to his production as the down slide he has been on has been. I want for him to live up to his billing .... but at this point, the ridiculous standpoint of the Oilers, over the pre-PC years trying to "UP" a players trade value to the detriment of the team, has to stop. Whatever his deployment this year .... it needs to be done in order to help the team win .... like when he, Ebs, and Pou became our 4th line in the last 2 games of the playoffs because they weren't helping the team with all the wasted minutes that were being given to them before that. He is old enough now to be forced to earn the minutes and line mates and playing situations he is given .... like everybody else. If he works hard this off season, and doesn't take nights off like he has been prone to do in the past, he could still be very valuable to the team ..... for this last season of his stay here.
  15. I sure hope that's the plan. If it isn't ....we are a lot farther away from the Stanley Cup than we think. .... and there isn't another player anywhere in the organization that can play that position, and almost no likelihood of drafting one that would rise into that position any time soon.