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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  1. It's hard to calm down ... when you were never riled up .... but, I hear you SD. I couldn't respond to the last post if I wanted to ... I can't understand any of it. Summertime at the Lake .... and a few wobblies ... good times.
  2. Seriously Yuke? You are the one who said he was "asking for guarantees" with NO proof..... while "wondering why he hadn't signed" anywhere. ... I answered your question .... no 'busting your balls' ..... (re read my original post ... it was just providing info ... no commentary) Your response was snarky, and demanding where I got my information, while calling me out as "his agent" ... I give you a number of sources that I've been reading all week, with a bit of ... "back at you" ... and you call me out with some back handed "history" comment, while admitting you haven't read anything ..... You did that. You need to consider sometimes that it is YOU who are reading into things, based on YOUR preconceptions and bitterness, and responding inappropriately.
  3. I agree .... at this point the UFAs should be coming to the Oilers looking for a last kick at trying their hand at Lord Stanley .... and without having Cap Friendly demands, they should expect to be laughed at as the phone line goes to dial tone.
  4. I never said "he has any demands" only that he had "a tonne of options"..... re-read my post .... . If you don't like reading ... don't shoot off half-baked responses, spewing half truths and venom (your history) ... while asking questions you don't intend to read the answers to.
  5. http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers/college-free-agent-spencer-foo-will-decide-if-he-wants-to-sign-with-hometown-edmonton-oilers-next-week http://oilonwhyte.com/2017/06/20/edmonton-oilers-spencer-foo-make-nhl-decision-soon/ http://www.tsn.ca/oilers-flames-in-the-mix-for-prospect-foo-1.785060 https://theathletic.com/68620/2017/06/19/source-red-wings-on-short-list-for-top-college-free-agent-spencer-foo/ http://thehockeywriters.com/will-spencer-foo-sign-with-edmonton-oilers/ plus half a dozen others. It's called the internet Yuke .... you should try it. It's got all kinds of information.
  6. He hasn't signed because he has a tonne of options (probably 31) ... and he's likely waiting to see who has the best team, while still having a viable competition for a starting job on RW. No point in signing with a team that has ZERO chance of advancement. His camp has said all along that Monday or Tuesday they will decide.
  7. Oilers have tons of money under the Cap. Russell's contract is only .9 higher than last year. Strome is 3.5 less than Ebs. Seks will be on IR for half the season, and not counted against the Cap until he returns. Cap is almost 2 million higher than last year. And the Oilers had room under the Cap for Drai's new contract already last year. I Got to say WTG Chiarelli !!!!! Woot! We are VERY cap healthy.
  8. Yamamoto isn't making the big club for at least 3 years .... maybe 4. He'll be back in Junior this year for sure. He won't even be on an ELC until next year at the earliest. It is good to have a constant stream of players ready to rise into that RW position, as our top two Centers, both shoot left ... and as those RW ELC guys graduate into real contracts, at dollars too rich for the Cap, they can easily be replaced by the next guy ready to take over.
  9. There goaltending was definitely an issue .... but their defensive help (lack there of) from their forwards virtually guaranteed that if their goaltender didn't stand on his head, the chances they gave up would likely end up in quite a few goals against. Same will be true this year ..... there is only so much the two defenders can do ... especially when your team offence is very dependant upon your defenders stepping up, while your forwards rarely cover.
  10. meh ...... I still think we need a defender ... but I think we will get that through trade. A RW veteran ..... just to make competition in camp tight. And .... Foo.
  11. I like our chances.
  12. Read my post again. "if Foo is signed..." Sorry .... I didn't mean to get hopes up ....
  13. Cags will compete ... I have no doubt. Pitt (if brought back) has proven that he knows how to work for it (although I don't trust his health in the least). Strome knows he is on the way out of the NHL if he doesn't show up. And if Foo is signed, he is reportedly in the same mold as Cags.... where competition is where he thrives. Puljujarvi ...... he is the one that i am nervous about. I am hoping that he shows up wanting to prove that last year is behind him.
  14. I'm convinced that Sekera was a huge steal for PC in Free Agency. He is the real deal, but will never be given the respect he deserves, because he will never be more than middle of the pack on offence, and will never be in the high-light real with his hitting. (He was by far the best defender in the NHL World Championship tournament last summer .... one of very few players that completely elevated the World team to a position of almost winning the thing) When he comes back .... he will come back exactly as he left us ... hungry to prove everybody who underestimates him wrong.
  15. Hope you are right .... again, I prefer to over-respect the worst of the competition ..... than allow them to surprise me.