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  1. Peter Chiarelli

    Team just got worse. Organization has a really negative track record in turning draft picks into improvements. NO evidence that THAT is going to change any time soon. Trade Deadline for a lottery team ..... to be expected I guess. But it would be preferable to trade away players who are healthy scratches more often, especially when there are clearly worse defenders than Davidson in the current 23 man roster. Hopefully ALL the chaff is moved. It will have to be to see any improvement next Summer.
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    That can be fixed. Skating? Not when speed, quickness AND mobility are the issue for a mid 20s athlete.
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    Problem with Matthew Benning is ..... he can't skate at the current NHL trend level. At 24 next year, he won't be improving his skating any more. Perhaps he bounces back to last year's form, but there really isn't going to be a massive increase in his performance any more. You could say, he is "who he is" as well. He is in line for a raise (just to qualify him) from his current 925K. He will be OVER 1mill next year. He hasn't earned it. The league is moving toward skating as key (its already there). And the Oilers are, ONCE AGAIN, finding themselves behind the times. What gets most of the fans down on the players having bad years is .... they are ALL in contract years. This is them trying to earn a raise. Not very promising.
  4. Brandon Davidson is back

    Perhaps the current Management Committee has decided, before the NEXT coming of the 80s Oilers is possible, the Islanders have to win 4 cups in a row again?
  5. Peter Chiarelli

    I'm taking a "Wait and See" attitude on anything coming from anyone associated with Oilers management. Until they actually do anything to ADD talent, I will hold to your previous observations of how they do nothing but deplete talent through trades.
  6. Peter Chiarelli

    RFA with arbitration rights. Chances of him being simply let go by the Islanders without qualifying him are slim. Stranger things have happened, I guess (look at the Oilers team building model for examples).
  7. Peter Chiarelli

    RFA .... no we can't
  8. Peter Chiarelli

    Then PC goes back to his regular bag of tricks, and trades our 1st round pick, just before we win the lottery, for a bag of hockey pucks and to re-acquire Griffen Reinhart from Vegas ... who is marketed as being NOW ready to be a #1D, future Norris trophy winner.
  9. Peter Chiarelli

    But that wouldn't have helped build the Islanders. Building the Islanders is the priority.
  10. Brandon Davidson is back

    And He's Gone .... Again. 2019 third round pick. 2019? Not 2018. 2019. And the building of the Islanders continues. Wish we had a Management Committee more interested in building the Oilers. Whatevs ....
  11. Peter Chiarelli

    Preach it. Oh No. Remember we have nepotism on our side. Lowe and Simpson are ahead of those two .... because they are NHL ready, just like Will Acton before them. (sarcasm alert).
  12. Peter Chiarelli

    Except he has. And will ..... until he completes the destruction of the Oilers like EACH of his 3 predecessors.
  13. Peter Chiarelli

    P.O.'d. #1. There should be a BAN on dealing with the Islanders after the TWO absolute Rape jobs they have done on PC. PC is definitely doing a better job of building the Islanders than he is the OIlers. Is he on THEIR payroll? #2. Keeping Auvitu over Davidson? (too early to know if this is true ... I know ... but Davidson HAS ability). #3. A third? Can't do anything with a 3rd rounder ... its a useless pick. And the systematic downgrading of the Oilers to save face and job security has begun. FIRE PC already!!!!! Before he brings another decade like the last!!!!
  14. Peter Chiarelli

    Until he leaves in the off season to sunnier shores .... and we don't have him or the draft picks .... or anything of winning quality to look forward to. But we sure will have those 15 games at the end of a lottery year to look at and say ... "Wow! Karlsson was an Oiler then." Sorry. I'm not feeling overly optimistic just now.
  15. Peter Chiarelli

    Not in on Karlsson ... who cares. But not in on Building? .... I know you support sitting on hands and waiting (the Detroit model), but it hasn't worked once here. What makes you think it will now? Yeah ... then his contract runs out for whoever is stupid enough to trade for him .... And he hits the open market for everyone.