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  1. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    No ... I can see we're stuck with this crap for 3 more years ..... .or more, if in those 3 more years the same type of team building and finding of talented goalies/defenders/wingers continues.
  2. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    You guys think that last goal by Vegas was questionable ........ watch Elias Peterrsson's penalty shot verses Dallas ...... The NHL keeps surprising me with new ways to ignore rules and embarrass themselves with video evidence.
  3. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    Vegas was winning .... before the goal. Either way, the Oilers were losing .... the call didn't lose the game for the OIlers ... the Oilers lost the game for themselves.
  4. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    .... Or that they were stupid enough to decide to fire him behind his back ...... and still allow him to make moves unchecked. Koskinen was "found" by one of the assistants ... part of me wonders if the Original deal to bring Kosk over at an inflated amount was done without PC, so PC locked him up at Talbot dollars on his way out as a "You wanted him ... Now you got him ..... Go F yourselves!" move.
  5. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    Except Nicholson said that the decision to relieve PC of his duties was already made before the deal, and that the deal was a collective/joint move by the whole management team. So many mixed up messages and contradictory statements by the Organization that weekend .... no way to know what the truth is. But go ahead ... blame PC.
  6. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    Yeah .... at 4.5 million per year .... I still don't feel like this move has proven itself to be a good one. Right after the deal, Talbot took back the #1 role. INCONSISTENT.
  7. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    I disagree. Just like Winnipeg, the city would have gotten another team by now. If anything, sooner .... the Oil money and guarantee of about 18000 season ticket holders at TOP dollar, with a tax base willing to fork out like a Billion of their own dollars to build whatever any team making Edmonton home wanted. The NHL couldn't afford NOT to put a team in Edmonton.
  8. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Knights 8 PM (MT) Sun, Mar 17.19 SNW

    During this last stretch of games, we're back to a place where McDavid is in on about 75% of ALL the offence produced by the team in regards to goals scored ..... This makes us competitive ...... but it sure isn't the way to get into the playoffs.
  9. DeutchOil

    Who should be the next GM?

    Not impossible ... It took 50 something years in Toronto from the Harold Ballard days .... but now they have it going in a positive direction. I'm hoping that it won't be 50 years in Edmonton. But the fans of Toronto made that possible by constantly allowing their team to lie to them, believing ALL the same false promises year after year, blaming the players, the coaches, even the token face the media GM, all in response to whatever media controlled message the club put out ...... gang slapping any fan that spoke out against it with rhetoric and continual negative attacking (preferring to attack each other), letting their dysfunctional organization off the hook with "What else can we do as fans?" BS ..... Unlikely ...... until the fans change ..... its the fans' team after all. It belongs to the city of Edmonton and its citizens. Carries the name and reputation of the community ... the current lot that financially own it, and run it are NOT it. Winnipeg proved that the Jets weren't the franchise ... it was them, the fans.
  10. DeutchOil

    Who should be the next GM?

    Could happen. And then Ken Holland would go and join the group that sits around pool side in Palm Springs with ambiguous job descriptions, running the team from Sunnier Climates ....
  11. DeutchOil

    Who should be the next GM?

    BINGO ... rubber stamped at the PC firing .... the rest is just a means to disguise the "process" as due diligence .......
  12. I agree. Buy Outs are just plain stupid, Cap wise. They do nothing but hurt, when the player is easily gotten rid of. If you really want him gone and completely away from your organization, like the Oilers did with Souray or the Canucks did with Gagner, you lone him out to an Eastern based AHL or ECHL squad, and suck up the fact that you have to pay him MILLIONS of dollars to play hockey for some development team of a different organization.
  13. Manning Sucked ..... he would have been buried even IF PC was here .... Chicago buried him and made it clear they were willing to take on Cap to get rid of him. Manning earned his demotion, and would have been demoted to make him disappear from the fans view as a constant reminder of how bad he sucked ... PC had NO problem with burying players he acquired in the minors. That PC acquired him, is a HUGE failure on PC, regardless of the process involved ..... but make no mistake, the whole management machine was likely involved in the the machinations that brought him to Edmonton at the expense of Cagguila + prospect.
  14. DeutchOil

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    He traded away Eberle's contract to get Cap space .... and never used it. Finished that year with 8.5 million of unused Cap. This year, we are currently paying 4 defenders a total of 4.1 million to NOT play for the OIlers .... it would be closer to 5.5 if Manning wasn't buryied ..... 4.1 million is what Klef gets paid. Imagine another Klefbom in the lineup, and we could have afforded it under the Cap BOTH years. This year we would simply have had to dump Talbot at the deadline (like we did) or one of Strome/Caggiula during the season before Sekera returned to make it work ...... A kick in the nads for not replacing Sek is the least he deserves. He acknowledged the failure at the end of last season, and still did NOTHING about it this season (unless you count Jerebek or Garrison and buying out Gryba as doing something).
  15. Brandon Manning's Cap hit would be 1.175 million next season ..... his actual salary is in the 2.5 million range, minus the 1.26 that you are allowed to bury ..... otherwise Montoya is only making 37 thousand this year, which we know is below league minimum by about 625 thousand (Montoya's actual contract is about 1.3 million)