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  1. The improvements to Eberle's game during this last season (and only after he was put onto the "Salvage your Careers" line at about game 27 of the regular season), Nuge had already improved upon in the two previous seasons ..... Nuge is much younger and was by far the superior player in the playoffs, and though neither carried the letter on their jersey's very well all season, at least Nuge was putting his nose in, and his should down. It was clear that Eberle was the boat anchor on that line in the playoffs, and that it was him that was holding Nuge back. Nuge doubled Eberle's point totals in the playoffs, and would have done even better without Eberle or Pouliot ... the two worst players on the Oilers.
  2. 2 points in 13 games against playoff teams to finish the year .... zero goals. Worst forward on the team ... by far. That is what Eberle is. His last 7 games showed that he is not a player capable of going to that next level .... he doesn't help the Oilers get to that next level. If the Oilers want to get to that next level (which they do) they will need 23 men who can help get there. What do you want? a) 50 points (mostly in soft games) from a player that contributes nothing else while costing the team 6 million in Cap hit? ..... or b ) 50 points (many in hard games and hard minutes) from a player that brings all kinds of other intangibles, while costing the team less Cap dollars? .... I take choice b ) every day of the week .... and so would every GM trying to build a champion. The team is getting better. Eberle plays worse on teams with expectations. Whether or not he is gone this year, those facts will always be there. Maybe we should have traded him 2 years ago when his value was higher?
  3. Hey .... not a bad idea ..... Sam shoots right ... he's now reconciled himself to being a winger. He CAN one time the puck ... and his last years' numbers are pretty comparable with better shooting percentage, better PP numbers, in less overall ice time (having been a 4th line guy all year for CLB). https://www.nhl.com/player/sam-gagner-8474040 https://www.nhl.com/player/jordan-eberle-8474586 He could probably be signed for about 1/3 of what Eberle gets ..... He plays harder (now), and goes to the front of the net (now) ..... and I bet that Sam CAN play with McDavid. And we would have between 3-4 million left over to sign Russell, or some other #4 d-man to boot. .... what kind of draft pick do you think we could get for Jordan? (Just kidding ...... but the point is clear).
  4. It's too funny ..... the rhetoric about "Save Eberle" is exactly the same as it has been for the last 2 off seasons ..... except: 2 summers ago it was, "Blah, Blah, Blah, He's so valuable ...He's a 30+ goal scorer, 70+ point producer ... yadda, yadda travisty to let him go if we don't get a top guy back ... waah, waah .. " Last summer it was, "Blah, Blah, Blah, He's so valuable ...He's a 25+ goal scorer, 60+ point producer ... yadda, yadda travisty to let him go if we don't get a top guy back ... waah, waah .. " And now it is, "Blah, Blah, Blah, He's so valuable ...He's a 20+ goal scorer 50+ point producer ... yadda, yadda travisty to let him go if we don't get a top guy back ... waah, waah .. " Otherwise ... every argument exactly the same. My argument .... Also the same ... "He's a guy who's value is diminishing. His production is trending downward."
  5. Yakimov, Khaira and Reinhart are three. But similar things were said of Musil, Kellesy (sp), Teubert, and a ship load of others over the years .... that never made it into the NHL. Most of which were either given up on by the Oilers after 4-5 years ... or wound up down in the ECHL. (Bottom Line ... you know exactly who those players have been over the last decade). There were others who were brought in after other teams gave up on them after about 3 years of development elsewhere ... where the Oilers gave them another 2 years ... and then moved on. Most with names that no one remembers, because they never amounted to anything. There are undrafted players that break into the NHL 6-8 years after their draft years and become house hold names .... but very few drafted players ever amount to much if they haven't cracked their parent club's 23 man roster within 5 years. Most of those get moved at least once before they become regulars on 4th lines and bottom pairings. Goal tenders are the exception here.
  6. We've got some that have been developing for 4-5 years, both with the Oilers and elsewhere .... that many on this board say, "Just wait another 2-3 years, and this kid is gonna break out!"
  7. Agreed. Easily half of Ebs points came playing with McDavid for more than 1/3 of the year (about 33ish games, 20 something at the beginning plus a 10 game stretch after the half way point) .... his shooting percentage was crap ... and he showed no sign of getting that back with how he was shooting the puck. Got no problem with him going on to reclaim himself somewhere else .... but its about making the Oilers better now. And Eberle doesn't do that ... not on the ice ... likely not in trade .... but we should be able to get some useful part or other for him.
  8. This is just it. Regardless of revisionist histories ... Ebs had an absolutely abysmal season, buoyed by a lot more total ice time and PP time than he deserved, had numerous 20 game droughts, while scoring most of his points in multi-point outings against the league's lottery teams ... was dumped onto the "Salvage your Careers" line with Pou and Nuge to "Get themselves out" of the mess they themselves climbed into. And then showed the world just how irrelevant he was when everybody started watching the Oilers in the second round of the playoffs ... being Edmonton's worst player, and finding himself with 4th line minutes to finish the year. Yep .. this last year was supposed to "Up his trade value" ... and it only diminished it .... can't wait to let him continue to decrease in value. Nope ... PC has got this ... Ebs'll be gone in deal that sends him away for spare parts while PC goes and finds something with some back bone at low cost to replace him, like a Cags or such. A lesser talented point getter ..... playing with McDavid or Drai .... will likely score just as many goals, and get just as many points, as Eberle did last year.
  9. Yep .... moving a contract for a useful player .... while signing someone with some of the dollars freed up by that contract no longer being an albatross around the team's cap. Net result .... better team. .... while hold out Eberle fanatics cry in their beer about how PC is ruining the team.
  10. I'm also sure that PC will want their replacements to start playing and building into the chemistry here ASAP .... and not burn another season and playoff with players who clearly aren't doing much more than biding time to be replaced .... with NO guarantee that that will somehow miraculously improve their trade value, when their trade value has done nothing but go down season after season for the last 2- 2 1/2 years. What evidence does he have that that trend will somehow reverse if he just waits a little longer?
  11. Yep .... MrTea's got it ... Nothing to be intense about right now .... the team is headed in the right direction, and the moves made by PC usually prove to be exactly what the team needs. It's about the future now .... not the past.
  12. Ebs and Nuge don't make this team any better than a couple of 1/2 priced replacements for them would. Letestu and Cags already showed they have more value than the 12 million dollar pair ... at about 1/3 of the cost. The amount of improvement that could be bought for the 12 million in cap dollars that Ebs and RNH tie up uselessly, guarantees that ONE of them is gone this summer ... for whatever the best return PC can get for either of them. PC won't be holding onto them with a wishful thought of trying to increase their value because he bought a bag full of magic beans that is supposed to ensure that they will be better than they currently are. He will start to make cap room for their replacements to start becoming part of the chemistry that is developing here as soon as possible.
  13. Ebs terrible season this year (a big 50 points, in spite of being given nothing but offensive opportunity, where a 4th line Letestu, and a raw rookie Caggiula out performed him on the PP in every possible way), culminating in his absolutely terrible playoff, finishing with an absolutely, mind bogglingly horrible 7 games against Anaheim ... where he was dumped onto the "Salvage you Careers" 4th line with Pou and Nuge ... shows how little value he has to this team moving forward. (2 assists ... both in wins where the Oilers were already winning going away ... in 13 games is about equivalent to 15 points over 82 games ... that is who he finished the year as). IMO .. one of Ebs or Nuge will be gone before next season's training camp begins. The 6 bills contract that will be moved will be completely determined by which one of those two PC can get the most useful, immediate return for (even if that return is no better than a draft pick).... It will have Nothing to do with who PC thinks can help the team most next year ..... because it is clear that neither of them will make this team better than the much cheaper replacements PC will easily be able to find. The gap between the Oilers top few players and the rest of the team is far bigger than the teams that are still in the show .... part of the reason for that gap is that they have 16 million tied up in that "Salvage your Career" line that has played far too many insignificant games together this year at a level that shows they are crippling our ability to improve. That mess needs to be swept out the door before the team can move forward .... and it will be. Two pieces this summer .... the third at the deadline ... or next summer at the latest. Bank on it. Hockey is a business of "What have you done for us lately?" ... and the answer to that question for Eberle is .... "Well ... I got benched and dumped onto the 4th line for being the worst player on the team in the playoffs. Getting worse and worse with each game of experience I got."
  14. Who knows is right .... fun to talk though.
  15. I believe that they should develop. And that development doesn't just miraculously happen all of a sudden. If the development curve is shallow .... it remains shallow ....meaning that the top potential caliber of that player is lower. Reinhart has done nothing to show me that he is developing at anything beyond a minimal progression .... and will likely never progress beyond a Gryba #7 platoon player ..... and I don't think that Las Vegas will concern themselves with taking him, when they could easily take a player that they could trade for a draft pick that they could develop properly themselves .... without the potential baggage. Again ... if Reinhart is taken ... I'll give you props for calling it ..... but it won't hurt the Oilers one tiny little bit. He is easy enough to replace. Letestu is not easy to replace. Nor is Broissoit. If Letestu is exposed ... he is gone. If he isn't ..... I suspect Las Vegas will take an NHL player .... not an AHLer.