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  1. DeutchOil


    ..... I agree .... less tools .... far less tools .... between the ears kind of tools .... his competitors have them. PC doesn't. Agreed ...... i need a beer ....
  2. DeutchOil

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    Nah ...... some old timer will be brought in to do a "Core Review" that will take a year and a half to conduct ..... then they'll Skype fire PC just as he's about to give a eulogy at a family member's funeral, and re-hire McTavish, cuz he bought a business degree from a Central American mail order university.
  3. DeutchOil

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    Can't wait to see us blow over the salary cap, and have a penalty put towards our next year's cap .... and end up in the same hell again.
  4. DeutchOil

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    I'm worried our first rounder is going to be gone before all this is said and done ..... for a 34 year old, once was.
  5. DeutchOil

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    I can't wait to see the frenzied player transactions PC makes now ....... who is the next to go for a downgrade in skill and ability?
  6. DeutchOil

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    That "Decade of Darkness" is very quickly becoming a "Baker's Dozen of Darkness"
  7. DeutchOil

    Rebuild v4.0

    Accountability. Someone steps up and publicly OWNS the Nikita Nikitin signing. The Griffen Reinhart trade. Yakupov pick, putting their NAME to the information, or push, that lead to the mistaken acquisition....... rather than always allowing the "Fall Guy" to Fall on absolutely every decision, whether he made it or not, while people in the media and fans point fingers every which way, but SQUARELY at the one who deserves it. Committees allow underperforming members to hide in anonymity while the guy in front of the camera, who may very well be the ONLY member who is doing a good job, gets roasted. Won't happen ... the Oiler Red Wine Summit was created by the Owner to protect those the Owner wants protected, and shelter the those the Owner wants sheltered. ONE guy should be given the power to FIRE anyone who provides errant information ... .or at least kick them out of managerial decisions. Right now, the GM can't even pick his own assistant GMs ....
  8. DeutchOil

    Ethan Bear - Is he ready?

    Shouldn't this thread be in the "Prospects" section?
  9. DeutchOil

    Rebuild v4.0

    Management by Committee .... it doesn't work. Not anywhere quick, decisive, singular vision decisions need to be made. Until that changes, the Oilers will continue to fire their hired "Fall Guy" GMs, while they continue to flounder on building anything that has value.
  10. DeutchOil

    Save yourself 97

    Picasso spending his talent painting houses. That says it all.
  11. DeutchOil


    Say I were to agree with you ... "It's not PC's fault" How would you feel if PC used Jones to bring in one of those Dumpster Ringers? That is what he does .... gives up future assets (draft picks or players that may just have an NHL future like Caggiula) for players who are either done (Petrovich) or have been sitting in the stands, healthy, for good parts of the season (Manning). Not easy to get players to play FOR each other (Hitch's goal), when you bring in players NO one on your roster wants to play WITH. That IS PC's fault ..... Lack of legitimate Pro Scouting, and over evaluation of each and every player acquired. He hasn't added ONE long standing, permanent FIXture in the lineup in FOUR seasons. That's NOT good managing .... It IS, however, his job, no matter of the sad, sack, violin playing, sob story you want to create to add to his own excuses.
  12. DeutchOil

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    I love Hitch. He wants to stay .... I'm in.
  13. DeutchOil

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Ha. Ha. Ha .... l.o.l. .... helping the Edmonton Economy for the rest of his playing days ....
  14. DeutchOil

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    This. The refs didn't give the puck away on our blue line with 3 minutes left. The refs didn't leave Gaudreau and Monohan all alone in front of the net to bang away at rebounds until they went in. Those things were ALL done by Oilers ..... oh and look at that .... a 3 goal victory for the Flames.
  15. DeutchOil

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    "THEY" stayed in Edmonton ... all of the wee little ones that he left here .... l.o.l.