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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  1. Why didn't RNH pass to the wide open Ebs?
  2. I hate waiting for these games to start ..... lots of nervous energy, uselessly spent checking the clock .... far too often.
  3. Drai is sick. The Post Game interview, game 5 showed that clearly .... he couldn't get 5 words out of his mouth without coughing 4 or 5 times. You could also see it on his face. He's past the worst of it now ... in recovery. It will be fun to watch .... the last time he came back from sickness, he got points in 11 or 12 straight games ... a total of something like 17 points.
  4. Gotta agree. Nurse is still developing. He has gotten better every year so far, and has far from plateaued. Currently, he is the stabilizing influence on his pairing .... and this is huge in his growth. Game 5 Nurse was all that stood between Benning and a Gong Show night (I like Benning, but he is playing like a rookie .... oh wait, he is one, and Nurse is being trusted to fix Benning's jitters ... says a lot about what the coaching staff thinks about converting him to forward). My mind is permanently closed on this one .....
  5. I feel good about my prediction .... Just need 20 goals scored in the next game .... "Old School", like I said. 11-9 Oilers, 13-7, 20-0 ... whatevs .. its all good.
  6. Loved how animated he became in the post game celebratory team scrum .... love to see that level of excitement for the game.
  7. Man ..... I love to see Drai that excited ...... he's so Deutsch stoic .... and BOOM, out comes the animal .....
  8. I picked DD ... I did .... i did ..... really i did ....
  9. Buddy ... no one says it .... shussshhh......
  10. Nurse is left doing 90% of the work for that pair ... Benning keeps giving it right back to SJ. My stomach feels like i ate some bad sushi
  11. Benning scares me in the defensive zone ....
  12. I'm going with .... "No" ....