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  1. okay. now we need to do it again next game.
  2. That's the Jesse we drafted. Money.
  3. The bigger question is, is this the team we will see for the next 50 games?
  4. And that is why Letestu is on the Shootout Short List .... for those who keep arguing that he doesn't deserve to be.
  5. I know we scored on the PP there, but until the broken play, the PP just looked broken. We desperately need some new ideas.
  6. I prefer Gryba to Auvitu. Gryba doesn't get lost in the offensive zone, and forget his defensive coverage, flying the zone like a winger. I don't see any of that offensive impetus of Auvitu leading to anything meaningful either. Bottom line is, I would prefer another option of a legitimate, proven NHL regular on the back end to either of them. Davidson gives us that, once Larsson is back .... but we still need someone else, to fill in for the next injury.
  7. No idea how this will go. That is why I will watch this one. Even the best goalies have bad games. The Oil have a habit of making back ups look like World beaters, and starters look average. Hope this continues.
  8. Nothing to lose, but pride of the coaches involved.
  9. I'm all for trying anything at this point. The season is barely hanging by threads and the threads are frayed and either beyond recovery, or close to it. Nothing to lose anymore.
  10. I think the team knows what the issue is, but that they have agreed with Leon to put a cone of silence on it, rather than to let him do a public mea culpa, get catharsis, and move on. The secrecy around this issue is what is killing the cohesiveness and focus of the team. But what do I know. It has all been buried in a "no see, no tell" moritorium on honesty.
  11. I think Leon has other things on his mind. He looks like a man on an island. Like a guy defeated before he begins.
  12. What caused them to turn on the coach they played so hard for last year? Without a catalyst, it makes zero sense that en masse, essentially the exact same team that was so unified in playing for their coach just 6 months ago, would ALL rebel at the same time and do what you say they are here. Unless there is a reason for mass quitting on their coach, there is no reason for them to, in a unified group, ALL quit.
  13. 18% is ranked 22nd in the league. 72.7% PK is the worst in the league (league mean 82%) Our Special Teams were terrible under terrible coaching in the decade of despair. Krueger was brought in to fix them, and did (though it didn't impact the standings much). When he became Head Coach he handed back the reigns to the assistants that did it before him, and they were terrible again for the first part of that year, then Krueger took control of them and they improved dramatically again, leading to an improvement in the standings. Eakins took over, and handed them back to the same assistants that predated Krueger, and back to suck-age. Assistants fired, new assistants hired, marginal improvement. TM hired. Under Woodcroft, special teams highly inconsistent, mostly bad, bad for LOOOOOONnnnnnnnngggggg stretches each year, with some good to finish last year. Special Teams ARE a coaching issue. The systems (break-outs and entries) lead to zone time; The systems (set up, movement, positioning) lead to passing lanes opening and looks at the net being created, as well as goalie's difficulty with tracking the puck and/or needing to make saves while moving or not set. The systems (players anticipation and understanding) lead to claiming rebounds, and getting second and third chances without the puck being cleared. All of that in reverse (systems) disrupt what the other team is doing when you are on the PK. No, or ineffective systems = bad special teams - no matter what the player's skill levels are. Better skilled players, with better systems, generally lead to upper echelon results. Time for the Oilers to effect change. They need either to change the systems, or more likely, change the voice teaching them entirely.
  14. Here are the % for all the teams in the NHL:,gte,1&sort=points,wins Adding up PK% and PP%, as OJF has done: Bottom 5 teams: NYI - 93%; Ott - 93%; Buff - 93%; Carolina 91%; Edmonton 90% Top 5 teams: Winnipeg/LAK - 105%; San Jose - 106%; Pitts - 107%; Nash - 109%; TBay - 111% Most of the top 16 teams (11 of 16) are above 100% - others are close(96% or above); The only outliers are NYI @ 93% (horrible PK, decent PP), CBJ @ 95% (horrible PP, decent PK) Most of the bottom 10 teams (8 of 10) are below 96%; Anaheim(101) and Det (103) are the outliers.