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  1. The only reason Benning is the top plus/minus guy is that he plays a lot of his ice time with Draisaitl/McDavid who keep the puck at the other end of the ice about 80% of their shifts .... oh, and score a whole bunch. Benning is put in the neutral zone and offensive zone to defend from there, rather than in his own end. But that is no different than anyone else's #6/7 D. But wingers - that is where the ugly is - and bottom six forwards as a whole. And Goal.
  2. Sekera was a better player than Russel at the end of last year, and that was far from Sekera's "best". His health is the issue. But because "mobility" has always been his game, and his TWO major injuries are both going to rob him mobility, not sure he is going to ever be much more than what he was at the end of last season, healthy or not. You won't be able to trade him until other teams get a chance to have the questions of where his mobility is at, and how his health will hold up answered. Oilers are stuck with him for the time being. If he does return to his under-valued TOP pairing form, Oilers are sitting pretty. If he doesn't, at least they have a dependable, predictable veteran under contract.
  3. This. The time to move him was last off season. This offseason is too late.
  4. There is no where to "throw him away" to. You hold his rights, until you can't hold them any more. You hope that in the future you might be able to redeem something, but you don't sit around clenching your butt cheeks together wishing it will happen. You move on and start planning on how to build a team without holding on to past hopes, and failures, because those are no longer your concern. JP has almost ZERO trade value. Trading him gets you nothing. Holding him costs you next to nothing. Let him run to the KHL if he wants, he can't play in the NHL until he finishes his obligations to the OIlers.
  5. At this point, you can't count of JP for anything, neither on ice or trade value. He is no more than a long shot prospect that the Oilers happen to own the NHL rights for, no more than a Lennert Petrell, Iro Pakarinen, or any of the other myriad of Finnish long shots that the team has taken flyers on over the last decade and a half. The Oilers have to plan to work without him and let him struggle for himself to be or not be an NHLer. Expect the worst. If it turns out better than that, its a bonus. Forget the Past. Work for the Future.
  6. We will see. For the time being, for sure. They hide when stuff is looking or going bad. If we get to the playoffs? At that point we will know for sure. (Remember, it was during the 48 game, Ralf Kruger season - when the Oilers were in playoff position - that MacT came back, and took the Oilers right back down to the bottom). But for now? I am happy with the cuts. Just Scott Howson left. Get rid of him, and this team will be headed up. I think that cut will happen at some point in the next 12 months.
  7. You just compared what the Oilers are doing with the Stanley Cup champions. Yep .... exactly the same. Clearly. Last I looked neither Pronger or Tkachuk had suit/titles like MacTavish, or Lowe, or Gretz that put them in position to be the voices in the owner's ear. It has already been verified that Katz interferes/interjects in the day to day running of the team. Who he listens to, to get his opinions, that is a problem.
  8. DeutchOil


    Yes ... and his last name is part of that reason (thinking it isn't is somewhat naive). We will see how it goes. Right now, it is completely up in the air. Even Howard, with how the last 10 years have gone in Detroit, is a HUGE question mark. Everything Oiler management related needs to be put under a cynical lens. The last 13 years have earned the Oiler suits that cynicism, until they prove otherwise.
  9. Klinkhammer? Yeah ... .much storied carrier that one .... not. Blame the Oilers for turning something of value to dross. Chiarelli, MacTavish before him, Tambellini .... ALL Oiler GMs did the same with different decisions or the last 13 years would not have happened (FOUR first overall picks in SIX years, with a third and seventh sandwiched in between ... how do you screw that up?)
  10. Yep. But I don't blame Tobias Reider for the Oilers not making the playoffs either. Or for the ridiculous expectation that a career 3rd/4th line checker/pker for cellar dweller teams, with long noted bad hands, wasn't a top 6 winger with the Oilers this year. Those expectations were completely the fans doing, and didn't help the team or the player one tiny little bit. It really wasn't surprising that Gambardella and Currie (two guys no one talked about or hyped or over sold) actually made a convincing push into the NHL late last season doing what they did exceptionally well in the AHL, and guys like JP and Yam weren't even close, having never been even noteworthy AHL players to this point in their careers. Time for realistic expectations. Time to stop dumping on the players for the team's managerial flaws and failings.
  11. Perron? Depends on who you ask. He got upset when he was dumped onto the 3rd line, not for lack of production, but because of .... Eakins. Then the Oilers, after dealing him away for bottle caps and pocket lint made a BIG deal of him wanting out. It's NEVER the Oilers fault after all. Couldn't be .... Blame Toby. Or Hitch. Or whoever is on the way out and can no longer defend themselves. But yeah ..... do you blame players still that want away from the Edmonton "water"?
  12. Pretty Happy for Patty Maroon and David Perron. Rejected by the Oilers, win the Stanley Cup. Excellent for the NHL that a new team wins again, and it doesn't come on the strength of "Tank to Win".
  13. It would help if fans, who put their excessively unwarranted HIGH expectations on junior or declining players to BE something they have never been or clearly aren't capable of being anymore, booing and criticizing those players, accusing them of laziness and bad character only because the team that is badly built is doing poorly, making their spouses and children hate living in Edmonton, it would help if those fans went away until the product improved .... no matter what the price. I used to argue against the thinking that the fans have a part in the responsibility. But either through complicit defending or DUMB decisions, or constantly feeding on the strongest of media HYPE about players and then intensifying it, only to get disappointed when that HYPE turns out to be the clear BS that it was in the first place, and turning their anger against players rather than the dumb decisions used to over HYPE them to begin with, those fans contribute to the "water" problems in Edmonton.
  14. Not sure I buy this either. When the team is successful, all of a sudden the Ole' Boys seem to all be gathered in the owners booth and circling around, cigars in one hand and snifters of brandy in the other. They can't help but want to be around when things are going well .... just not so much when the pitchforks and torches are out.
  15. I'm not worried so much as just wondering ... wasn't their a candidate available who had attendance and excitement increase while he was doing the job? Maybe decreased attendance and interest is what the Oilers are going for. I don't know. If so, this guy has done it in two different Canadian hubs. That is special talent.
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