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  1. Year End reflection

    This lineup - the MOST Current Oiler Roster - is what bums me out. There are 3 forwards in the top 6 that are very likely punching outside of their weight class in there. Cross fingers and pray for real. After that, there are very few players we can really count on to BE what we need them to be, with NO ONE pushing from behind or to fall back on if these players don't ALL play at the level we need them to. If absolutely EVERYTHING goes right, and some things go more than just right (some very optimistic projections, with little substance to really base the projections on), we may challenge for a playoff position. EVERYTHING. It looks like a major gamble .... almost a HUGE risk/NO reward ... just like the decade of despair. But we roll the dice anyway. Got to.
  2. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I'm just pessimistic. It's exactly what we were all hoping for throughout the entire decade of despair. Expecting everyone to get better (a lot) simultaneously. It never happened. Some got better. Some worse. Some stayed the same. Every year. And every year we finished in the Lottery. Then the high expectations with no real rationale began anew. This feels exactly like that. The roster we have now, isn't the same roster that made the playoffs in 2017. Not even close. Too much has been dealt away, or just lost, nothing of quality has been added. For every loss, another bubble player, with nothing but our hopes and dreams to argue that they will actually even look like NHL players. 16 contracts. 7 to go. Nothing to deal that we won't feel the loss. Likely to add 7 AHL, College, SEL, FEL, plugs to fill the gaps .... with tons of sales and marketing. Or we deal our #10 and a roster player, for a long shot prayer .... and sell our future for a 10-15 point shift in the standings, that won't even get us to the postseason.
  3. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    It's not that I disagree with you per se. I agree that making BIG flashy moves right now, when the OIlers have literally very little to work with, would be selling the future away. But, just who are these massively underperforming difference makers that you expect to ALL simultaneously pick UP their game? I'll give you Talbot. But even if he plays better, it doesn't fix the defence that is at least 50% to blame for his underperformance. McDavid, Draisaitl, and RNH didn't underperform. They did most of what they could to be difference makers already. Sekera is a long shot to return to form at this point in his career, with the injury he sustained. Klefbom is an even longer shot, as the form he showed this last year is exactly what he has generally been when played with too high expectations. Larsson may be better, but he WAS our best defender last year already, and there is NO offensive upside we can wait for. Beyond the 3 Forwards listed above, WHO else in the forward core is going to do it? Lucic? He's the only one that is left that "underperformed". The rest of the forwards have been swapped out, or did exactly as they could be expected to do already. Some, like JJK, overperformed. Can we really "expect" that the group we have will do more ...... rationally, not emotionally? ALL of them would have to improve (a lot) simultaneously for the team to make the playoffs. That's a bit of an improbable ask, IMO.
  4. Joel Persson

    It does seem odd to sign a guy to a ONE year deal and loan him out for that ONE year. Looks like a desperation move, where Perrson gets paid extra by the Oilers to play for his Sweedish team of choice, while thinking there is little real risk of being "recalled" and inconvenienced with a North American move. Oilers may recall him. They may already be planning on doing it no matter what, offering the loan with "right of recall" as a means to get his signature on a contract that he wasn't really interested in beyond the extra money. They retain his NHL rights (RFA) after this year, and get to try and convince him to move again next year. It's a loss of one of 50 contracts. But 50 contracts are a lot to have. Taking a couple risks is expected. But will likely end up being a great big nothing.
  5. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Let us be clear, when we are saying "Management is in panic mode", we are saying "Peter Chiarelli" is in panic mode. The rest of the Red Wine Management committee (with the exception of maybe Nicholson) has guaranteed positions for life. PC, like Tambelini, is in position to be the fall guy. The guy in the public eye that takes the blame. PC's less than equitable trades dealing away past Oiler talent, for lesser return (which IS his modas operandi from his whole career record as GM) has fairly put him on that hot seat. But the dithering last season on shoring up the defence, trusting a 5 foot nothing 135 lb rookie would jump right into the roster, expecting ALL the young players to go from bubble to consistent performer overnight, with NO realistic view that many might actually struggle, or simply be exactly what they have always been, ..... ALL that is the modas operandi of the people behind the scenes drinking Red Wine up in the owners box, inputting the same advice and leading to the same decisions that have marked the Katz era of Oiler hockey. PC has to save his job. So he WILL make knee jerk risky moves in order to do everything he can to salvage both his reputation and his career. The types of trades that are on the chatter and rumour mills (Risto/Faulk for too much and the future) are exactly the types of trades PC has made in the past. I just hope that he has learned from his past and can find some way of pulling a miracle out of his butt and finally WIN a major trade, rather than just the piddling small ones that he seems to be okay at.
  6. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I'm not seeing "Pronger type upside" with Nurse. Generally that type of potential is already clearly on display by this point in a career. Nurse hasn't topped out yet, but that ceiling, IMO, won't be as an all star, all World, Team Canada #1. But you are right, the problem on the Oilers Defence right now is all that uncertainty. Within that uncertainty, Nurse, is one of the few that stands out as being dependable, both at where he is, and in the improvement that is certain to still be coming. Other teams will want him, but it would be wrong to trade him.
  7. Yamamoto

    Thinking about these things makes my head hurt. Very sad that after 11 non-playoff years with ALL the tremendous draft positioning and extra first and second rounders we acquired through trades, we have one defender to look forward to (maybe), and a microscopic sized winger that "might" be something, if we are lucky. Oh ... and McDavid, Nurse, and Draisaitl.
  8. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Even if he was "lighting it up", there would be nothing wrong with sending a player as small as him down. I would expect it. He was a draft for the future (or should have been). Claiming that he (at his minuscule size) doesn't have to learn to play against bigger, stronger, faster, players, than the usual lot in Junior is silly. Building confidence without the microscope of fandom in the NHL is vital. Yam should be doing this. Regardless of how he performs in training camp. Lack of depth on the NHL roster shouldn't ever be a reason to ruin the proper development of talented young players, by rushing them into the NHL to appease the whining fans. That whining isn't appeased by it. And the overall development of the club is held back. Lose/Lose.
  9. Trade proposals?

    With the Chemistry emerging between RNH and McD, by far the bigger priority for me is a winger, any winger, that can play with Draisaitl. It is clear from watching the Worlds that Draisaitl IS capable on his own, but he is NOT in any way equivalent to McDavid, and expecting Drai to perform in the NHL with nothing on his line to help, and then being critical of him when he doesn't, is perverse. It is beyond ridiculous to expect Draisaitl to put up anything beyond middling numbers, without giving him 'talented' players to play with.
  10. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I agree with everything you said there .... especially the last part. Even PC (only now) acknowledges that HE had a bad year this last year. Can't say that it is possible to have abundant confidence in his next move at present with that track record .... If he wants that confidence back, he has to do something that isn't stupid, and is a clear win. Your proposal has merit in my mind, and I rarely say that about a trade proposal. Both teams get something of value, Both teams give something of value up.
  11. Half Full or Half Empty?

    Connor McDavid Glass is never less than 1/2 full with a player like that. Probably closer to 2/3 full. Problem is, beyond RNH, we still don't know what the rest of our pillars/core really are (Nurse, Larsson, Draisaitl, Talbot) or will be. And we have dead weight on the roster in regards to NMCs with BIG salaries, that are only getting older and more "dead weightier" every year. We also have far too many completely unproven talents. Young guys who are "bubble" at best, some of those "bubbles" already bursting for more European waters, only to be replaced, thus far, with even more unproven wannabes. Nothing you can point to and confidently say, "This guy will be ..." or "will do ..." to help get us there. It's going to take time to get that glass more full than it currently is. .... lots of time. Or a miraculous, trophy worthy, effort from the powers that build ...
  12. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    As i said ... "No worries everyone." .... "We are saved." irony 101
  13. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    No worries everyone. PC signed another no name, insignificant, unknown College guy, to an "Oiler" contract. We are saved.
  14. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I foresee another flier taken on a mid twenties unqualified/unsigned RFA (possibly a FEL or SEL signing). ... with a big marketing P.R. push. Or a converted LW, like Aberg, sliding into the right side next season. Then a lot of finger crossing and prayer. Chiarelli isn't even his own man anymore. This team is committee run.
  15. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    This last bit is just it. "This team is in big trouble. We are so messed up." Bottom line on that is ...... Management is control of it ALL. They make the mess, but yet we have to trust they will fix it. Just like the decade of despair. As it sits, the roster we have right, right now (including losing Slep and Pak for Malone? and Russel? - the next two AHL forwards on the depth charts), is a 90 point team at absolute best. And that is with everyone, including the coaches, firing up career years. Work needs to be done. Diamonds need to be found in the Slag heap. I don't like our chances - not for next season anyways.