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  1. cactusface

    Coyotes done in Arizona again?

    I think the NHL would rather have Arizona move to Seattle. They really want the expansion money from Las Vegas which would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of a hundred million gazillion dollars muahahahaha.
  2. cactusface

    Todd McLellan

    I don't really mind losing the 2 third round draft choices for 2 men with a proven track record. The past 6 years our scouting staff had no idea who to draft after the second round. For the Oilers the second round was like 1A when you are drafting 31 or 32 or 33 or 35. If they were scouts for the Sioux or the Cheyenne, General Custer would have won the Battle of Little Bighorn because they never would have seen him coming.
  3. cactusface

    Doesn't this team need continuity?

    Forget continuity. This team needs a pre-frontal lobotomy. The brain trust is completely nuts. I hear there is a nice room with a very good view at AHP.
  4. cactusface

    I love us really striving for that top lottery pick

    Too bad that the NHL instituted the "Lindros Rule" for potential draftees. I was actually hoping one of these top draft picks balk at going down to put on the Oiler jersey and just walk out of the arena.
  5. cactusface

    Justin Schultz:

    Total bum. Let him walk. Do not even tender him an offer. Let him work at mucho burrito.
  6. cactusface

    Rebuild emulates...

    We are officially the laughing stock of the NHL and AHL. Until there is complete overhaul of upper management we will continue wallow in the filth. I feel like puking every time I watch this fiasco. I honestly can say I haven't watched a full game in 3 months or more. I have even left Rexall halfway through a game. This is beyond being a joke.