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  1. remember the lackluster start Dry had last season as TM tried to make him a 1b? Turned out to be a 2 F and I am hoping he doesn't go down that road if Tippet wants it that way. After last year, I think forget Dry on his own line and avoid all the turbulence. Give him and McD and Neal and Nuge gets Chainsaw and lets not forget about Benson getting a shot up there.
  2. Looch no longer was interested in being engaged as an enforcer/protector presence. No loss there. He was happy to run into guys whenever he could and did a reasonable job at it (top 6 hits in the league if I recall). That we will miss. As a scrapper, he didn't do all that great in the tilts (what, maybe two last year? see first comment above.) and again we won't miss that part of his game as it was non-exisitent. Handled the puck like a grenade most nights and brain farted his way through most of the season. Definitely won't miss that. Neal; bounced around on a lot of teams. Must have complained himself off the Flames. That wouldn't usually be a good thing to pick up a guy like that, but in our situation he will be a top 6 guy and I have no doubt that he will score 20+ goals (more if he is with McD). Therefore, I classifiy this trade as a potentially huge win for our team. I don't care what Looch does for Calgary, and wish him no ill will. It will be interesting if he disturbs against our guys. I'd be surprised if he does, as when he played LA last year he hardly hit or mucked at all against his recently former teammates.
  3. You pick offense if its available, because while a mobile, puck moving Dman is hard to find, how about finding a goal scorer? Seems pretty tough to do if you are an Oiler brasshat. Zegras would have been my pick, hands down. That said, Broberg sounds like he could be a real good Dman, so i Hope he becomes one within the next few (I'd say 3 before he contends for a big boys spot) years.
  4. Keefe from the Marlies; I read somewhere that he was considered around the league as a top prospect for a head coaching job in the league sometime soon and the Leafs are resigning him to some pretty coin for the AHL. He is in his late 30s. Would Holland take a chance on a rising star in lieu of a respected vet like Tippet? KH doesn't want to make a mistake, so I am guessing he would go with the safer choice. No love out there for Gulutzan? He showed some fire in his belly w the Flames; I think our squad could use more than a little of that, because what they've had recently hasn't inspired them much.
  5. When I think of Eakin's coaching I have swarm and fuzzy thoughts ...
  6. So you're saying there's a chance .... one thing i liked about McT; the day before he got fired, and i never found out if he said this because he knew he was getting fired, or because he didn't care if he got fired and this news bite did the trick, but I will paraphrase him here: We used to not have the skill to control the center of the ice; but we played big and tough and controlled the boards and when teams played us they paid a price for every point they got. Now, we no longer are big and tough, we still don't have the skill to control the centre of the ice, and when teams come in here they come in lickin their chops. Boom, gone the next day. I alwatys admired McT for finally calling it like it was. There was lots of spec whether or not he would be back and why the Oilers had gone downhlll so badly, etc, and he had the cohones to tell the damn truth. Obviously that didn't , and still doesn't fit into Oiler m.o. Anyways, good on McT to accept that he was on the way out or else frozen out, and to take on a new challenge. Maybe he'll take Eakins along as as assistant and they can take the K by swarm
  7. Hunter and Holland have something in common. Their former NHL teams didn't want them as GMs. That's what concerns me a bit about even a storied guy like KH. 4 cups and in it's the past. Remember some other guy won 6 and knew something about winning (yes as a player but i like to use that line whenever I can :) Can't deny KHs success; yes he got lucky but you're right, maybe it was 'the more i practice, the luckier i get' syndrome. However, as I pen this response, KH 2.0 has already pleasantly surprised me. Firdst, Hitch not coming back and now McT off to the Gulag. That convo I refered to KH and McT having must have been relocation focussed. I wonder to what heights / depths he'll carry the housecleaning ?
  8. Ken Holland: built a winning team a couple of decades ago and rode that pony until it died from exhastion. He had the luck to acquire some of the best NHL players ever, and built around them until they retired. Then, dead pony. I would prefer we have the guy who will build a legacy with our team rather than be recycled from another 'glory decade' where all the tumblers clicked into place. Hmmm, sounds somewhat familiar ... Saw him on the interview posted after the Condors OT win; he is talking to everyone around the team, spent some time w Craig McT whom he says he has known forever ... I doubt if any of those OBCs will be removed. And you know what, other than this message board and perhaps a couple of independent ones and the scribblings of some local media types, does Katz even know about people's aversion to the OBC? I doubt it, so why would he hire someone to tear apart his Toy Story? Holland has probably heard enough chirping about himself and his staff over the decades that he doesn't listen to us boo birds or those in the media; he no doubt closes the blinds and goes about his business. Good luck to Holland, and we'll see. Seems like an honest dude and his experiece should have helped him develop the stones to make his own decisions, OBC coffee and drinks (hey, he has to hang / talk w someone) or not. Hopefully Holland has more success than Hitch; I thought that if Hitch couldn't get the Oil to play better defence, then they were beyond hope, which they ultimately proved to be. Here's Hoping KH 2.0 has more initial (pun intended) success than 1.0 ...
  9. holland has said he will gather information from people around the team to complete his understanding of the current roster . If not the OBC, then who? I would bet the farm that kh will make whatever move he thinks will best suit his vision of a good foundation team. That might include the OBC, but at least I feel that they will not be making decisions any more. it will be interesting to see this all play out. Reality TV, folks.
  10. for whatever the reason, and maybe he has some good ones other than he is getting too old for that type of role, the result is the same. Disengagement. Not what he was hired for. Looch isn't 30 ? I checked, he;ll be 31 in June.
  11. agreed. he should have done that a lot more this year. i think he's getting past that age-wise and believing that getting lots of hits instead of engaging specific rabble rousers is good enough.
  12. I think that Looch has not been very responsive when McD is hound dogged / hog tied out there. He has hardly responded. Now, as a deterrent, just by being there, he might be effective , but he hasn't been very active out there.
  13. wow our gals were knocked out by the Finns, who lost in OT to USA in the finals. Move aside North American women, there are some new kids on the top seat.
  14. Ebs is as good this round as he was bad a couple of years ago. Go figure.
  15. Damn; looks like McD won't be playing at the WCs. He is rehabbing and not physically up to it. Well, that is a kick in the interest level for me.
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