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  1. hemer83

    Line combinations based on +-

    This thread isn't worth anyone's time, and neither is anything else Parture posts. If you understand hockey even a little, accept that you are correct and stop responding to him. There is nothing to be gained from talking to someone who just screams "BUT PLUS MINUS" every 4 seconds. It's embarrassing.
  2. hemer83

    Video Games

    The lack of mons in some areas can be frustrating. It feels like it has a lot of potential that was missed out on. I hope some stuff gets patched in
  3. hemer83

    Line combinations based on +-

    and that's not even including that he used +/- as his defining stat. +/- is the least valuable stat in hockey. Goals are not frequent enough to be a good proxy for possession or anything else, and it is almost entirely a team stat. It tells you almost nothing about an individual player, especially on as bad a team as the oilers. The fact that +/- has convinced the op that klefbom is terrible is proof of this. This thread and board is full of absolute insanity right now.
  4. hemer83

    Puljujarvi 2016-17

    We still have Eberle, who as of now is our 3rd best forward at absolute worst. Remember when Gags, cogs, and Nilsson were the future?
  5. hemer83

    David Savard

    Based on the Hall trade, McDavid plus a pick should be enough for savard. Maybe we'll need to retain salary
  6. hemer83

    Video Games

    Anyone else feeling salty about Pokemon Go being rolled out in the same way that the oilers rebuild? So slow that sometimes it seems like it isn't moving at all
  7. hemer83

    Line combinations based on +-

    yak is many things. A smart hockey player is not one of them. He quite possibly has the least hockey sense of any NHL player, include Jultz in that. At least when Jultz made dumb mistakes it still looked like hockey. Yak periodically does things that make it look like he's never watched a hockey game, much less played one
  8. hemer83

    My Next Trade Proposal for Chairelli....

    I expect Richard will be a PTO training camp situation. Nobody will want to give him a pile of cash over the summer and have him go back to boozing and then be stuck with the deal. They'll see how he comes into the season
  9. hemer83

    My Next Trade Proposal for Chairelli....

    I'm not sure of his status, he doesn't seem to be getting much attention, although it's hard to know with the insiders on vacation. I agree, 1 year at 1.5 would be tops for a guy with an addiction history and whose offence may never return. He's always been a defensive monster since his days in Philly. He always got Crosby and Ovi in the playoffs and did a good job on both, and he always lead the league in shorthanded goals. It's such a shame his prime years were taken away by a string of bad decisions and addiction. I hope it's behind him, always one of my favourites
  10. hemer83

    My Next Trade Proposal for Chairelli....

    he did not lay an egg. Tell me, how many of our Cs would you trust to kill 5-on-3s in crucial playoff games and to shut down the best players in the game? I'm asking cause that's what trotz had Richards doing. He isn't going to put up numbers anymore but he is an elite defensive C.
  11. hemer83

    Welcome to the team Adam Larsson!

    ^ just because Taylor Hall and Ference don't agree on that point doesn't mean hall was a problem. Everyone has a different approach to the game and I'm sure players disagree on stuff like that all the time. If Ference didn't like hall, I don't really care cause Ference is never going to play for this team again and hasn't been good here for even 1 game since he was signed.
  12. hemer83

    justin schultz

    wouldn't take him for free as a practice shooter for the AHL team used only to warm up the backup goalie on non-game days
  13. I don't think we rushed hall. Pouliot was never gonna be good anyway. Otherwise a good list
  14. hemer83

    Leafs already screwed up the #1 pick

    With PJ signed today the pressure must go up even more. Player who hasn't skated in months gets a max deal before the #1, that's gotta grind Matthews' gears a bit
  15. hemer83

    Welcome to the team Adam Larsson!

    good post Standard issue post-trade character assassination has been a resounding success I see. That must be page 1 of the GM handbook for defending trades the know they got smoked on