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  1. Looks like he isn’t budging on his trade request. Terrible career move IMO. He’s going to be stuck in Europe for years now unless he really lights it up there and can increase his value enough to satisfy Holland.
  2. We have a shot. It’s a long shot but a shot none the less. The yotes are on fire. Need them to slow down.
  3. Every game is big at this point. Win another 4 in a row and we’re truly in the mix.
  4. Apparantly they may shut him down till after Christmas. He could probably go vs Tampa but might not be worth the risk for one game when there’s a nice break coming up.
  5. I think Jesse has been better of late. He’s only 20. Albeit I don’t think he will ever be a star there is a good player there.
  6. I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake and we should have the tie breaker. I thought after ROW it goes to season series which we are 1-0 vs the sharks. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Yeah that’s my understanding as well.
  7. Missing Sekera, Klefbom and Russell is going to make for a tough finish to this month. Hopefully some guys step up and we can hold it down.
  8. Big win for the B’s keeping them behind us. Yotes can frig off. Oil started taking that game over after the sloppy start. I like seeing brodz pot one. God that line of theirs scares me though.
  9. Calgary is really rolling right now on a 5 game tear. Hopefully the preds took a toll on them.
  10. Yeah Florida has no state tax so players take the biggest % of their money there. That’s why they get guys on good deals consistently.
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