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  1. Welcome back Doc. Looking forward to your prescriptions...er predictions for the season ahead. Nice work btw!
  2. looks good. Give him some time and we will have a solid backend.
  3. I've really lost track of where I'm at. Just put me in for 3-2-0 for the next one
  4. Not sure which set this is for anymore. 3-2-0 as always.
  5. Not sure what happened but I'll stay with 3-2-0 . even though I know it's wrong
  6. 3-2-0 Not sure what to think anymore. If I keep it the same one day I'll be right.... right?
  7. coming back to earth. 3-2-0 = 6pts next set
  8. No one is going extreme this time. guess I'll do it. Next set after the flames will be bold. 4-1-0 = 8pts
  9. Stayin in my groove. 3-2-0 For the next lot Sharpie.
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