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  1. Is it fair to say... most Oiler fans have dealt with this crap for awhile? NHL is a tough league. imo Katz is the biggest problem... Anyone who thinks he doesnt call the shots is literally drinking the koolaid.
  2. When I look at expiring contracts imo the 21-22 season is the turnaround. and yea based on the new gm. Development looks decent for those seasons. ei, Bouchard.
  3. I think Hitch has been solid... hes handled the media well. Called out players and sheltered some... imo Oilers have a 2 year transition period to ride through and Hitch can be a guy to carry them through that.
  4. Hockey has changed.
  5. I didnt say his moves this year wrecked the team. I understood his moves until this year. the team was already failing when he made moves this year. I said the players are responsible... it was on them to show up for more games.
  6. I dont mind the team. I dont think PC did a bad job however I do think he crumbled under pressure and and made too many panic moves this season. On top of that, some of his bigger trades have been a let down, but not his fault. The problem for many years has been the players playing on the ice. Its a result of the pressure of playing in Edmonton imo. At the end of the day I think the team has gotten better under PC than previous years... Obviously winning the McDavid lottery was huge, but it is a better team than pre PC. Up until this season every move made sense, this season not so much. The team was capable of making the playoffs this year. It was on the players for me. They didnt show up for too many games and look how close they got.
  7. in different systems wingers can have a bigger skillset. dump and chase on the boards hockey requires more from the wingers. But even then its a physical thing. JJK kassian Lucic are better wingers at board gind em hockey. Many centerman cant play that game, its a different skillset beyond IQ. right shot left shot is a big deal for wingers as well.
  8. they played a complete game... if they played like that every night theyd prolly win the cup. Every leaf fan I know are terrified of the bruins. the team isnt that good but they played well. give them credit, they played an awesome game... Overall and without any fanship. it was a really good hockey game to watch.
  9. I shouldnt ever open my mouth... sad. Oilers have played a solid game. But so have the leafs.
  10. if Oilers keep playiing this game is wide open.
  11. I thought the Oilers played well. both teams are playing well, this is what hockey should look like. Anderson stood on his head a few times.
  12. both teams flying... good 1st period. bad luck on the goal against. Dont mind Draisaitls penalty, hes just playing hockey.
  13. hopefully Kass stays on his line and gives Kadri a nice welcome back.
  14. Sounds like Kadri is back in for the leafs.
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