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  1. threetimes

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    feels like something is amiss.. I hate to speculate but a trade involving both wouldnt surprise me.
  2. threetimes

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    I heard his agent is throwing a tantrum... a buddy told me but I havent seen anything on the internet, not sure where he read that.
  3. threetimes


    I argued the majority of the NHL players dont make millions... Median would be the middle between the highest and lowest paid, mean would be the average... neither value would reflect the number of >1mill to <1mill players. `as I understand it` depending on what we say is equal to millions, or how they are taxed, or to include prospects or not. I still say the majority of NHLers dont make `millions`. Ill agree they are well payed, and they deserve it. I think the core of the argument is that pro athletes have to endure fan and media abuse because they make millions of dollars as pro athletes. Its part of the job. edit... Ill put this link in for kicks. Some of you might like it. https://hockey-graphs.com/2019/01/08/how-much-do-nhl-players-really-make-part-2-taxes/
  4. threetimes

    Positive Thoughts

    imo its a bigger positive than it gets credit for. The prospect pool is looking decent and the Condors are feeling that winning culture.
  5. threetimes

    Anthony Stolarz Will BE Our NEW #1 GOALIE

    From what I read Philly really liked him. Another big goalie... overall goalie prospect pool is deep for the Oilers. I really hope management addresses the development of Oiler goalies.
  6. threetimes

    Oilers resign koskinen

    dont forget Scrivens.
  7. threetimes

    GDT Oilers vs NYI

    Sadly I cant watch this one and I like the Isles. Oilers have to play a solid physical checking game to beat the isles. They can skate and move the puck. Oilers have been playing some decent hockey this road trip, they deserve a win.
  8. threetimes

    Oilers Acquire Stolarz

    me too... I like the trade. Oilers now have more flexibility to resolve some other contracts without being forced by cap space.
  9. threetimes

    Jujhar Khaira

    Cant argue with that. I agree... I just wanna defend the guy abit... he plays some solid hockey.
  10. threetimes

    Peter Chiarelli

    Apparently if JP goes down (no waiver required) they could bring up another prospect to free up the difference.
  11. threetimes

    Jujhar Khaira

    JJ is a solid bottom 6 guy. Im a big fan... imo he plays well above his contract.
  12. threetimes

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    look at the volume of his defensive minutes while putting points up.
  13. his goal at juniors will always be enough for me. hes a good hockey player, not sure why anyone wouldnt like him.
  14. threetimes

    Talbot trade talk

    on top of that Id hope the oilers could get a 3rd pick +...