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  1. I'll go bold and say 98! Less points than last year but more goals. 55 goals - 43 Assists
  2. 2-1-2 Let's hope Benson has a good pre-season. He doesn't have to make the team but I'm really intrigued to see him play a few games.
  3. So the rumors were true. Would have been better if they used this logo except ditch the cheesy Loilty slogan underneath. At least it would have been completely original. That newly colored crest on the actual jersey just doesn't look right. Are we playing at Roger's Place on Halloween? Cause they have to wear them if they are! lol
  4. Not counting on it. I've been far too busy to think about hockey over the summer anyway. I have a wedding to plan this fall among other things so unfortunately, I won't be able to see many games that's for sure.
  5. I don't hate it... but I don't like it. Somehow the orange makes the navy look almost purple and I say that as a paint salesman so I ain't colorblind! It just looks wrong to me somehow. They should have exchanged the orange for copper or gold. I also really don't like the stripes though the numerals help it look more complete. That booty stripe needs to be more thicc. Maybe these strange things will grow on me with time. McDavid will look fast in one of those and it is a very "modern" design.
  6. No kidding. As if playing with Lucic wasn't bad enough. Why not just tie a small boat to each of Drai's skates' instead? JP is not playing this year anyway and that's fine by me. He can take a hike! I'd rather see Leon play with Chaisson and Benson (if he's ready.) RNH and Neal can go with McDavid.
  7. That's just part of Hall's personality I guess. He's talented and competitive but also proud and NOT in a good way. Someone I know who used to work at Rexall told me he wasn't exactly the nicest dude on the block. It's human weakness... doesn't mean it's ok or acceptable. It just is what it is and Hall is what he is.
  8. Did we just win a trade or did hell freeze over? If this is a dream, it's a good one. Holland essentially just removed a handcuff from his wrist with that one. I find it odd that Lucic got sent to Calgary but Neal is as good of a return as we will get. I'd love to see a second line of RHN-Leon-Neal but this is only providing we find another scoring winger for McDavid. Many have suggested that Kassian should flank him and I agree. Also we should bring Maroon back. He would sign cheap and he would add the bite we lost from Lucic at 1/6 the price! I'm not convinced that Lucic will bounce back. Calgary is a better team than we are right now and are therefore "deeper" too. He will probably only get worse. Don't get me wrong, Lucic has been one of my favorite players in the league for a long while but he just isn't what he used to be. It's a shame we couldn't get 3 more good years out of him. It's just the way things are and it's time to move on... I know that Neal had a bad year but I'm pretty sure him and our best centers will work well together. If he works really hard, it's possible that he could score 30! I wasn't really aware of this but it also seems he has a bit of a nasty edge in his game. Even if he doesn't work out for us we can move him easily. This doesn't convince me we'll make the playoffs. Still, slowly but surely PC's dark, ugly scorch marks are being removed by our new leadership. Way to go Holland! Boy oh boy, The Battle of Alberta will be intriguing this coming year. So many players from both battalions swapping sides. This rivalry is about to look very different indeed.
  9. Yes, when it comes to non hockey things. It's actually a nice break from experience the anguish of being an Oilers fan. lol! I just can't get excited for it unless a BIG move happens. Something to make us more competitive.
  10. Let's be honest here... we are going to be in trouble again this coming year given the amount other teams have improved especially in the west. Colorado is going to be extremely competitive and what ever you think of those damn Canucks, you can not call them pushovers. They have added Barry, Ferlund, JT Miller, and Hughes will likely be NHL ready come October. They are becoming extremely dangerous especially with Petersson who is only going to get even better. It will come as no surprise if we finish worse than last season actually in my opinion. Our goalie situation has improved but nothing else has so far... For the sake of every last fan and player involved with this team, I hope that Holland makes a trade or two before the fall...
  11. If Bouchard does make the team and play the entire season, it is most certainly not a good thing... The kid needs at least one season in the AHL. He was dreadful in the WJC and WILL NOT be good enough to play in the NHL next year. I am still sold he can be a top pairing defender IF he is developed properly however. I'm not expecting the team to do anything this year except fail to make the playoffs. I absolutely do not want us rushing our prospects and pooching their careers which would also set our 4th rebuild back another several years. If Holland is smart (which I know he his,) he will likely only play Benson and Jones in the big league.
  12. I'm ok with having Smith. He's very good at handling the puck. Gives us a long arm in our own end and that should help us breakout the puck... or maybe one of our D will screw him over by giving up the puck allowing an opposing forward to fire it into an empty net. Our D has depth for the future but currently, it isn't very good. If Smith and Kosk split the season and play 41 games a piece, that could help us a lot. In my mind, there's no chance Kosk can be a stable starter and I think Holland knows this. I do think Mzarak would have been a better choice though.
  13. Wouldn't mind that. I like Rust. I'd even toss in a little extra.
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