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  1. Yes, when it comes to non hockey things. It's actually a nice break from experience the anguish of being an Oilers fan. lol! I just can't get excited for it unless a BIG move happens. Something to make us more competitive.
  2. Let's be honest here... we are going to be in trouble again this coming year given the amount other teams have improved especially in the west. Colorado is going to be extremely competitive and what ever you think of those damn Canucks, you can not call them pushovers. They have added Barry, Ferlund, JT Miller, and Hughes will likely be NHL ready come October. They are becoming extremely dangerous especially with Petersson who is only going to get even better. It will come as no surprise if we finish worse than last season actually in my opinion. Our goalie situation has improved but nothing else has so far... For the sake of every last fan and player involved with this team, I hope that Holland makes a trade or two before the fall...
  3. If Bouchard does make the team and play the entire season, it is most certainly not a good thing... The kid needs at least one season in the AHL. He was dreadful in the WJC and WILL NOT be good enough to play in the NHL next year. I am still sold he can be a top pairing defender IF he is developed properly however. I'm not expecting the team to do anything this year except fail to make the playoffs. I absolutely do not want us rushing our prospects and pooching their careers which would also set our 4th rebuild back another several years. If Holland is smart (which I know he his,) he will likely only play Benson and Jones in the big league.
  4. I'm ok with having Smith. He's very good at handling the puck. Gives us a long arm in our own end and that should help us breakout the puck... or maybe one of our D will screw him over by giving up the puck allowing an opposing forward to fire it into an empty net. Our D has depth for the future but currently, it isn't very good. If Smith and Kosk split the season and play 41 games a piece, that could help us a lot. In my mind, there's no chance Kosk can be a stable starter and I think Holland knows this. I do think Mzarak would have been a better choice though.
  5. Wouldn't mind that. I like Rust. I'd even toss in a little extra.
  6. I really like the Lavoie pick. Makes me feel better about the fact that we got Broberg who the more I look into looks better than I thought..
  7. (Dr.) Telly old buddy!! It's great to see you! You were my favorite poster back in the day. Congrats on everything and hope you're having a good summer cause we may all be unhappy again when October starts.
  8. I hate the guy but he might give us a scoring boost. Could be a good option if we can get 65-70 games out of him.
  9. Whatever man. A lot of Canucks fans were angry when Petterson was drafted and... look how that turned out. You never know.
  10. I've payed almost 0 attention to this draft but why didn't draft a winger? Guess we're trying to become next decade's current Nashville Predators... Hopefully we'll win a cup though... cause they have not.
  11. It's comforting to know that we actually have leverage in trade negotiations now that Holland is in charge instead of some buffoon like PC. Holland is very well respected by many in this league and I can't see us getting ripped off in a trade this draft.
  12. Yeah... But who plays goal? I don't want Starrett to be our starter next year. That kid will be good but rushing him would be a serious mistake that reeks of PC stupidity.
  13. https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.a6994d81dcb4bbce7c79418117458f31&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fl49FqlUguNsGDNCGk%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=L8MQCw1THp9WcRmjedCxUA
  14. Buying him out now would sure make us look goofy... Kinda like how JJ Abrams is trying to clean up the fallout of The Last Jedi while making Episode 9. It won't happen but I agree with Deutsch that it may in summer 2020 if he sucks this year.
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