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  1. Not saying that. I am as frustrated as anyone but watching McD and LD is truly a treat which should give more motivation to Holland to fix the team and quick.
  2. Nothing to watch with McD and LD working their magic. Sure the team is nothing to watch but boy I would buy a ticket just to see those two.
  3. I will say that having the young defense that will be sure to make a difference is exciting. Maybe I'm just overly excited about the defense (not so sure about the offense). If we could only match the future defense with LD and McD, the Oilers would be a team to be proud of. Until then (and I hope it won't be too long) we will just have to admit to missing the playoffs again before the season starts.
  4. No arguments when it comes to development. It has to be done and done correctly. Hopefully with KH there will be just that. It's just tiring to be out of the playoffs in July each and every year. Eventually, there should be some fundamental change to the product on the ice. Again, it's tiring.
  5. The difficulty with waiting for the youngsters to develop is that we've been doing that for more than a decade with limited success. Granted, things might be different now with the changes made but it's a hard sell to give up on a season in July.
  6. Don't me wrong. He needs a chance. I like his game.
  7. It's just that there are similarities. A little tongue in cheek. Both had agents that were trying to leverage and both were highly underwhelming.
  8. meh I thought he was good too but if he could have made a few points that would have been in his favor.
  9. Before falling asleep the other night, I was think the same lines and pairings except, I would rather see Gamb on the fourth line with Lucic and Khaira. Gamb showed energy when he had a chance last year.
  10. You make sense, Super. How long a leash will Ken have before the fans start to rebel? Honestly, I can't see it being very long. Many, including myself, are short on patience and want to evidence of effective work, even if it doesn't result in a playoff run. Also, didn't a lot like the pick of JP by PC? In other words, until Broberg or Lavoie show some worth, it isn't a feather in Ken's hat . . . yet.
  11. Point is that we won't know so all that we can do is trust him unless we see bonehead moves that we saw PC perpetrate.
  12. So once again (MacT, Tambi, PC) we have to trust KH. I sure hope he is trustworthy.
  13. The main concern then is not our frustration but McD's.
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